[I]n regards to my departure from the band as tactfully as I can put it: FUCK THE MUSIC INDUSTRY! FUCK RECORD LABELS! FUCK MANAGERS! FUCK BOOKING AGENTS! FUCK ALL THE DIPSHITS WHO WILL SUCK THE COCK OF ANYONE IN A MORE NOTABLE BAND TO TRY AND GET THEIR BAND BIGGER! FUCK ALL YOU FAKE FUCKERS! All you bands who claim to “love your fans” and say you do it for them and then talk shit on them the second they turn around and say things like “oh, we had a talker”. Fuck you. A million times fuck you. You’re all so full of shit and it’s a game that has nothing to do with music. All the friends I made through this band you know who you are. Everyone else can fuck themselves.
—  Bryce Sipes (Ex-Decoder bassist), on why he left the band.