bryce zimmerman

the true nats highlights of this season
  • rendon, after going 6-for-6 with 10 rbi and 3 homers, refusing to talk about himself, and instead talking about the pitching
  • that one presidents race when they were absolutely clobbered by the easter bunny
  • anthony/trea is my favorite player shirts
  • cold trea
  • actually that whole series in colorado when all the pitchers had to wear jackets while running the bases
  • the trea turner bobblehead causing absolute mayhem and making the news
  • the one time joe ross was put in to pinch hit and got a double
  • trea eating a sandwich in the dugout
  • dan kolko getting constantly pooped on by pigeons
  • the one time bob and fp were talking about the “see you tater” stand and saying if someone brought them some tots from there they’d make a special home run call - cue later, when they were brought some tots, murph hit a dinger, and bob called “see you tater!”
  • lind and difo being the surprise bromance of the year
  • rufus the rally pigeon
  • the 90s night commerical
  • the dugout freaking the fuck out after hitting 4 homers in a row
  • the harper-strickland fight
    • subsequently, zim pulling bryce away and hugging him in a prom pose
  • difo rounding third and faceplanting (and then getting right back up and scoring)
    • murph: “i thought he was dead”
  • in an interview, max both called jayson “grandpa” and said that he was “feeling sexy about himself”
  • rendon interrupting doolittle’s interview, saying “hey you’re really good,” and making doolittle blush
  • the kolko/werth bobblehead paying homage to the greatest interview of all time
  • sean doolittle not watching what he thought was a walk off homer
  • difo and werth doing a strange weekend at bernie’s dance in the dugout
  • difo splashing water on his face
  • scherzer hitting a dinger; he and his teammates freak the fuck out before his teammates realize they’re never going to hear the end of this
  • trea and co. stealing so many bases they got a catcher released
  • zim coming in from scoring and just straightup running down the tunnel into the clubhouse
The Nats as the first thing that comes up when I type their names in the gif search

Ryan Zimmerman

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Bryce Harper

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Jayson Werth

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Anthony Rendon

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Max Scherzer

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Stephen Strasburg

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Trea Turner

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Daniel Murphy

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Tanner Roark

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Gio Gonzalez

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Jose Lobaton

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Joe Ross

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Matt Wieters

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Michael A. Taylor

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Adam Eaton

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Chris Heisey

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Sammy Solis

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Blake Treinen

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Portrait of the Artist Having Given Up.

Mamiya RZ67 on Kodak Portra 400.

Bryce Zimmerman.

About the piece:
“Striving toward a future full of hope and expectation but tempered by reality, the artist occupies a tenuous position. Driven by a desire, a compulsion even, to create and exist while grubbing for validation, the artist toes the balance between will-powered progress and admitting defeat.This self-portrait is a reflection of the active role I seek to take in my artistic endeavours. Not to give up. By relegating my ‘giving up’ to an artifact, I have both carthartically enacted the process of giving up, and created an object to signify that I have not given up.”