bryce zimmerman

There’s so much positive to talk about! De Nile is just a river near the Potomac! The Ryanaissance is real (and we all can spell it), Jayson Werth is himself but stronger, and Max Scherzer continues to exemplify our starting pitching. Couple that with some strong feelings about playing through injury and some Things Observed at Fenway and you’ve got yourselves the making of a #classic Resting Pitchface episode.

Let’s just not look at that bullpen behind the curtain…..

Episode 17: Run A Bunch of Stairs

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Portrait of the Artist Having Given Up.

Mamiya RZ67 on Kodak Portra 400.

Bryce Zimmerman.

About the piece:
“Striving toward a future full of hope and expectation but tempered by reality, the artist occupies a tenuous position. Driven by a desire, a compulsion even, to create and exist while grubbing for validation, the artist toes the balance between will-powered progress and admitting defeat.This self-portrait is a reflection of the active role I seek to take in my artistic endeavours. Not to give up. By relegating my ‘giving up’ to an artifact, I have both carthartically enacted the process of giving up, and created an object to signify that I have not given up.”