bryce varley


Bryce: I’m gonna be okay.  I’ve got something to live for.

Tari’s Top Ten Epic Shipper Moments: 

2. Bryce/Keiko, “Star-Crossed Romance”

Just… Bryce/Keiko in general really.

The Scene: Bryce Varley, suffering from terminal cancer, goes to a seaside pier on the fateful Flash Forward day (the day everyone in the world blacks out at the same time for two minutes, seventeen seconds, and sees a glimpse of their future six months from then) to commit suicide.  He’s just about to do it when BAM! the blackout happens, fragments of visions flash before his eyes… and he sees himself meeting a beautiful Japanese girl at a sushi restaurant.  Half a world away, Keiko Arahida sees herself running through the streets, fireworks and sparklers going off, entering a restaurant and meeting Bryce in turn.  Both of them find new meaning and purpose in their lives from this glimpse of their future together.  They search for each other, dancing around each other in constant near-misses until finally, on Fate Date, they’re able to meet in person.  They’re still together, holding hands, when the second global blackout hits.

Why I love it: Come on.  As if you need any more reason than what I just said.  Bryce gains newfound hope and a will to live, something to live for, just from meeting Keiko.  He sketches her face in his notebooks constantly.  He goes to Japan to try and find her.  Keiko quits her high-powered but ultimately unfulfilling job and goes to L.A. to find him.  Across cultural boundaries, across oceans, across time itself, they fall in love.  It is literally Destiny for them to be together.  The show may not have handled their romance as well as it should have (choosing to introduce completely random love triangle drama and romance with Bryce and an American co-worker blech), but for what it was, it was pretty darn epic.


 asked: flashforward? :)

  • my otp: Bryce/nicole. idk, I loved them together, Nicole was always so caring and nice. I was soo heartbroken (you know why)
  • least favorite ship: Lloyd/Olivia. surprise! they seemed dull and awkward to me, no chemistry, nothing. and I never liked Lloud much:P
  • favorite character: Demetri! Loooove him! he’s just awesome and, omg, I was sooo stressed during the episodes when he was about to be killed, my poor bb
  • favorite episode: 1x22 Future Shock. Since FF came from winter hiatus all the episodes were absolutely amazing (and ratings got lower. tell me, where’s justice in the world?). This final episode was perfect - very intense, etc etc. I was about to cry when it ended because I knew FF had been cancelled D’: ABC, I hate you forever
  • unpopular opinion: I think I already mentioned at least two: that I like Nicole/Bryce and don’t like Lloyd/Olivia. I also was happy when Janis got pregnant even though Demetri was the father:P

Been archive binging on Flash Forward all this week.  We got the DVD boxset and Monday just randomly sat down and started watching from the beginning.  Can’t tell you how many memories it brings back.  Memories of epic Bryce/Keiko OTP and douchey Mark being douchey and Dominic Monaghan earning my eternal loyalty with his performance as Simon Campos and many many pointless love triangle drama frustrations.  Those were the days.

Anyway, a few stream-of-conscious reactions to what we’ve watched so far:

  • Man, this show started out really strong.  What the heck happened?
  • Mark is douchier than I remembered.
  • That being said, he and Olivia are so adorably married ahslafha and them being precious and domestic with Charlie and their little “I hate you” code talk.
  • I adore them together.  So much.
  • Lloyd and Olivia aren’t even interesting together come on.
  • Stupid love triangle drama.
  • Nicole had a boyfriend?  That she was having sex with the day of the blackout?  When she was supposed to be watching Charlie?  I… I did not know this.
  • Where the heck did that guy go?
  • No seriously, I need an answer for this.  Did the writers just… forget he existed?
  • The blackout aftermath is still terrifying.  Nightmares forever.
  • Demetri is also a little douchier than I remembered.
  • Can’t really blame him though, what with thinking he’s going to die inevitably.
  • Every time Bryce is all happy flaily about his flash forward I squee a little inside.
  • And make jokes about him seeing Keiko.
  • And then weep profusely when I remember how the show screwed me over and randomly threw Bryce and Nicole together.
  • And made Bryce look like a total douche to both Keiko and Nicole because they’d totally written themselves into a corner on that one.
  • See, if you’d just focused on developing the epic awesome ship you already had, you wouldn’t have needed to make Bryce break up with Nicole in a remarkably soap opera-y douchey way.
  • Aaron Stark is amazing.  I don’t know why I ever thought he was a boring character.
  • Demetri and Zoey my precious bbs.  Be a little more cute together would you.
  • Hottest couple on this show.  Hands down.
  • And yet another couple the show screwed over with pointless love triangle drama.
  • This show could not really do love triangles.  Like, at all.
  • I’d forgotten how terrifying and creepy these first few episodes were.
  • Either I didn’t see them or I’d blocked the scary out.
  • I like lists. <3
  • SIMON!  Dominic Monaghan my love let me listen to your sexy British voice all day long!
  • No seriously, I don’t think I can properly express how much I ridiculously love Simon.
  • It makes no sense because he’s a creepy cruel vengeful murdering asshole and yet he’s so brilliant and calculating and hilariously bitingly sarcastic and eats distilled awesome for breakfast.  I can’t help but love him.
  • It helps that he’s Dominic Monaghan and therefore excessively hot.
  • Simon and Janis’s Foe Yay chemistry is also mind-meltingly hot.  I still kinda sorta ship them even though it would never happen.  I’m a terrible person.
  • I love how the show feels the need to end every episode with a big dramatic plot twist.
  • And so forth.
  • Tracy is my woobie forever.
  • Mark is an awesome dad forever.  It breaks my heart watching him interact with Charlie, knowing what the show does to my married couple.
  • Speaking of, I keep wanting to shoo Lloyd away from Olivia.
  • Go away Lloyd.  Leave my married couple alone.
  • I keep wanting to shoo Nicole away from Bryce too.  You have a boyfriend hon, stop making goo goo eyes at the male half of my OTP for this show.
  • Y'all can still be friends though.  You make cute friends.
  • Nicole started out as a Bryce/Keiko Shipper On Deck.  I wish they’d kept that characterization for her instead of throwing her and Bryce together for no reason.
  • I have lingering bitter shipper feelings I’m sorry.
  • (Oddly enough, my sister harps on her more than I do.  Mostly for the Having Nookie While Babysitting thing.  She tells me she’s never going to get over that.)
  • The heck happened to Olivia’s brain between episode 8 and episode 10?
  • One minute she’s throwing away the lingerie she was wearing in her flash forward in order to avoid it coming true.
  • And the next she’s being super-nice to Lloyd after he comes forward and makes the announcement that their experiment caused the blackout.  And helps him get Dylan transferred to a safer hospital.
  • Do you not understand that interacting with Lloyd brings you one step closer to the future in your flash forward?
  • Mark, Mark, why must you make me yell at you for being a moron so constantly?
  • I want fic of Demetri and Zoey’s pre-flash forward in-laws drama.  Why did Dem’s parents not like Zoey?  Is it because she’s a black woman or because she’s a lawyer or do they not like her family or what?
  • This show needs more fic in general really.
  • I should get on that.