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@l-tay said: Okay, so remember when Zach said he was disappointed he didn’t have any compliments in his bag? May I request one where Y/N overheard that and noticed he actually seemed Down about it so she decided to slip meaningful compliments into his bag and he goes out of his way to figure out who it was?

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Peer Communications class was a bit of a nerve wracking class. No topic was off limits and anything said was allowed, as long as you weren’t bullying a fellow student or just being plain hateful. But then there was the Compliment Bag rack. Every student had a bag where others could drop anonymous notes in them to brighten one’s day. And while it was meant to be a kind gesture, it also gave others a bit of anxiety when no compliments were dropped in theirs.

Take Zach, for example. Cute, tall and adorable Zach Dempsey. One would think he would have numerous compliments in his bag given his jock status, but after overhearing a brief conversation with another student you find out the popular boy doesn’t get a single one. Which is a shame, really, so you decide to take matters into your own hands.

“Dempsey? Really?” Tony chuckles. “I did not think he was your type.”

Laughing nervously, you shrug. “He’s.. cute. And nice. He’s nothing like Monty or Justin or even Bryce.” You shiver, Walker’s name leaving your lips with such distaste. “And honestly, you don’t see him after he checks his compliment’s bag only to find it empty. It’s such a heartbreaking expression.”

“I’ll take your word for it.”

“So you’ll do it?”

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Camboy AU

Bryce liked to have his social life and his midnight activities separated. No one needed to know that he was a camboy at night and barista at day. He really doubts that anyone would recognized him and hopefully no one does.

Sadly,things never did went his way. It started when a drop-dead gorgeous brunette entered the coffee shop that he was working in. Bryce swore that he’d willingly drown in those dreamy eyes of his. Especially when the cutie came sliding up to the counter to him with that smug smirk. 

“ Hey cutie. “ He has the confidence to back it up too.
“ Hey yourself. “ Smooth,Bryce. Smooth.

“ So,what’s gonna quench your thirst? “ Bryce shivered as the man’s eyes raked up and down his body. Ah fuck. This is not good for his health. 

“ I’d say you but I don’t think that’s an option. “ Well he’s not wrong there. Bryce gave him his own smirk before leaning toward slightly, “ Not right now,no. Maybe later,handsome. “ The older male laughed but gave his order nonetheless. His name was Ryan. Huh. Rolls off his tongue very nicely.

After getting his drink,the man left. Just like that. Well,maybe Bryce will see him again. 

Low and behold,not 3 days later,the man came back looking.. scared? Huh. He came up to the counter and Bryce gave him a smile, “ You’re back so soon. “ 
“ Yeah uhh..things came up. “ 

Wasn’t really his business but okay.  “ So,what’ll it be now? “ 
“ Uhh.. The usual… Bry69. “ 

Bryce’s hands froze over the cash register. His heart stopped for a moment but he quickly looked up at the man. So that’s why he’s so bothered. “ Alright then. “ The man– Ryan –paid for his drink and sat down. Two can play it that game,Bryce hummed. He made Ryan’s drink and wrote his name on the cup but he also wrote an addition on the cup. When he called out Ryan’s name,he handed the cup over to him with a wink and flirty smile. 

Ryan left the building,staring at his cup with bewilderment. It had Bryce’s number on it. Fuck. Oh fuck fuck fuck. Did he just get lucky or what?

Hope you enjoyed this drabble! <3 The au was thought of by @immatureturd ! and we kinda made up some ideas for the au :D brohm was one of the ship so yeah

It’s A Package Deal - Thirteen

“I need to make a phone call real quick.”

The words tasted like poison on his lips as he exploited the man’s kindness and toed the limits of his freedom. “Mine was stolen from me at a bar a few days back and I need to give my mother a call. Do you mind?” he asked with the sweetest voice he could manage.

As expected Michael complied, fishing the device from his pocket and typing out the password. Bryce shivered as he took it into both of his hands and formed a smile, a small “thank you” dripping off his tongue. He clutched it between his fingers, and moved to the side of the building out of sight, keeping his eyes on the ground.

The phone would change everything. The call he made would change everything. He had a chance. A chance to get out, to get away, to get back to his safe little apartment. Install a better security system, maybe move in with Ralph so they could watch over each other.

He had a chance.

But there was little time.

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“What do you expect me to do all by myself?”

Delirious threw him an incredulous look. “We’re at a club, Ohm. Get drunk!”

Ohm scowled as his friend disappeared into the crowd, probably off to score free drinks or find a fuckbuddy for the night. He looked around, crinkling his nose at his surroundings. Clubs were definitely not his thing…

Ohm eventually found himself a relatively quiet corner of the bar to sulk in.

However, the quiet corner  gained another member after not too long. Ohm groaned under his breath as a man sat a seat away from him. The guy didn’t look like he couldn’t been over 20, but Ohm just shrugged it off.

The two began to make small talk, and found that they had quite a bit in common. They both played video games and were often ditched in clubs by their friends. A match made in heaven, wouldn’t you say?

“Are you sure you’re allowed to be here dude? You look a bit young to be in a place like this.” Ohm asked with a slight teasing lit to his voice. Bryce rolled his eyes.

“I turned 21 not too long ago. So my friends decided to take me out for the first time, then immeditely left me. Which is fine with me honestly, all they did is tease me about my drink choices.”

“Yeah, I think there’s a joke or two about girly drinks…” Ohm smiled and looked down at the bright pink liquid in Bryce’s glass. Bryce turned roughly the same color as his drink and elbowed Ohm.

“Oh whatever.”

Ohm chuckled and the two continuted talking about this and that. Ohm noticed throughout the conversation that Bryce’s speech was slowly getting more and more slurred.

“Hey, how many of those drinks have you had?”

“…ffffffive? No! Six! Wait, no, definetly five… or maybe-”

“I think you’ve had enough.”

Ohm tried gently taking the glass away from Bryce, who chugged the rest of it in response. Bryce smuggly put the glass on the bar and smiled. Ohm sighed.

“I think it’s time you go home. Do you know where any of your friends are?”

Bryce poked at a cherry at the bottom of his glass. Without even looking around he said. “They left. They always leave without me…”

Ohm decided that MAYBE now wasn’t a good time to question things. He bit his lip and scanned the room, not seeing Jonathan anywhere. He would hate to leave without Jon, but he couldn’t exactly leave Bryce like this.

Ohm sighed and sent Jon a quick message explaining the situation, although he was pretty sure Jon was off fucking some dude in a bathroom somewhere, so it didn’t matter too much.

Ohm stood and Bryce went to follow but tripped over his own feet, falling into Ohm and knocking his stool over in the process. Ohm caught Bryce by his arms and smiled nervously at the people who had turned to stare. He set the stool right-side up and led Bryce outside. Ohm groaned when he realized that he’d be a bit to drunk to actually drive his car back home. He pulled his phone out and worked on getting an Uber.

Bryce shivered and hugged his arms, mumbling something about the wind. Ohm sighed, a small smile tugging at the corners of his mouth as he slipped off his hoodie and tossed it at Bryce.

“You can wear it, if you wanna..” Ohm rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. Bryce smiled brightly and pulled the grey fabric over his head.

“Thank yooouu!”

“No problem buddy. Can you tell me where you live, Bryce?”

“I live… it’s a, it’s a house…”

“My place it is.”

Ohm stared at Bryce for a moment, before reaching a sly hand over and snatching his phone from his back pocket. Bryce didn’t seem to notice since he was much too occupied with playing with the bunny ears on Ohm’s hoodie, which he somehow managed to put on backwards.

Ohm playfully tossed the hood over Bryce’s face, who made a startled noise.

“Hey…! Who turned off the lights?” Bryce struggled in the hoodie while Ohm sat by, watching and laughing. Ohm went into Bryce’s phone while the other was distracted. He didn’t wanna worry any of Bryce’s friends, after all. Even if they did leave without him.

Ohm eventually found a contact that seemed right and sent a message explaining everything. The only response was; ‘good. its about time u got some dick bryce.’

Ohm figured that was the best the he was going to get and watched the uber pull up to the curb. He then turned to Bryce, who had finally gotten the hoodie on right and led him to the car.

“Alright, let’s get you home, yeah?”

Bryce crossed his arms and pouted. “What if I dun wanna go home?”

“Get in the car Bryce.”

Bryce huffed while Ohm pushed him into the back. Ohm gave the driver his address and got him buckled in despite Bryce’s hands flailing every which way, insisting that he didn’t need help.

Ohm walked over to the other side of the car to help Bryce up, although as soon as the door opened, Bryce fell out and almost faceplanted onto the concrete. He probably would’ve gotten hurt if Ohm hadn’t dove to catch him. And people say chiverly’s dead.

Ohm gently picked up Bryce, rolling his eyes Bryce went limp in his arms.

“You are such a child, Bryce. I hope you know that.” Bryce grinned at the mention of his name.

“I’m not a child, I’m 21!”

“Yeah, yeah..” Ohm chuckled and started walking up his driveway. He stuggled with the lock for a minute. Ever tried unlocking a door with a drunk dude in your arms? It’s not easy.

Ohm shut the door with his foot and went up to his bedroom. He figured he could just sleep on his couch for tonight.

Ohm tried dropping Bryce on the bed only to find that Bryce had his arms wrapped tightly around his neck.

“Bryce, let go of me dude.” Bryce didn’t respond with anything but a soft snore.

“Seriously? I don’t even think it’s possible for someone to fall asleep that fast…”

Ohm sighed and pushed Bryce over so he could lay down too. He felt a bit awkward, but Bryce didn’t exactly seem to mind.

Bryce changed position at least 12 times before finally settling down. He nuzzled himself into Ohm’s side, his head on his chest and his arms wrapped tightly around Ohm’s torso.

Ohm slipped his free hand into Bryce’s hair, smoothing down the unruly locks. This wasn’t exactly what he expected from going to a club, but he couldn’t complain.


Bryce woke up in a room he didn’t recognise with a pounding headache. And if that didn’t scream ‘red alert’ he didn’t know what did. He tried thinking back to last night. He remembered going to the club with some friends…

Oh right, Ohm. Was he at Ohm’s house? Hopefully he was.

He pushed himself out of bed, immediately regretting it when the movement caused his headache to increase tenfold. He sat still for a few seconds, before forcing himself to leave the room.

“Good morning sleeping beauty. I made breakfast.”

Bryce stared with a bewildered expression as a large plate of food was set down at the table for him. Bryce glanced at Ohm, then sat down. After all, he wasn’t one to pass up free breakfast.

“Sorry, but- I don’t really remember a whole lot from last night?”

“That’s fine. We can just start over.” Ohm smiled and held out his hand. “Hello, my name is Ryan. It’s nice to meet you.”

Bryce smiled and took Ryan’s hand. “Hi, I’m Bryce Mcquaid. It’s nice to meet you too.”

Title: Spoopy

Pairing: Brohm

Word Count: 3404

Rating: Boi, I rate like, all of them as T

A/N: It’s October. It’s sp00py time. I couldn’t help but turn this into a Halloween oneshot, forgive my sins. Also, I know it’s not a super cute date, but I’m a super sp00py person, so I wanted to get some fear in there:/ But there are many cuddles and kisses, so I hope those make up for the funny/scary date part:3 I hope you like it, my fellow Brohm Hoe:p


“Come on Ryan! You’re so slow!” Bryce pulled the older male along, breath slightly visible in the autumn air, eyes gleaming and smile wide.

Ryan groaned, letting himself be dragged along as Bryce got in line for the haunted hay ride, his boots crunching dead leaves below him.

He wasn’t really one for stuff like this, he’d rather stay home and watch a ton of movies and eat popcorn than sit on a stack of itchy hay and try not to cringe at feeble attempts to scare him.

But, as he had recently learned, Bryce was all for anything that had to do with Halloween: he liked the hay rides, ghost trails, haunted houses, you name it. The smile that graced his features when he got in line was the only thing that kept Ryan from leaving.

That smile did wicked things to him, including making him do what Bryce wanted.

Because Ryan would go anywhere just to see that smile.

And that was why he was there, one hand shoved in his jacket pocket, nose red from the cold, teeth chattering ever so slightly.

Bryce turned to look at him, smile wide and sweet as he squeezed Ryan’s hand, his own nose red from the low temperatures.

They moved forward slightly as the next group of people got on the ride, leaving them now at the front. Once this tractor returned with its bundle of people, it would be their turn.

Bryce looked around, eyes widening in excitement as he heard the screams and snarls coming from the woods in front of them.

“Sounds like it’s gonna be scary, Ryan. Are you sure you can handle this?” He teased, nudging Ryan’s shoulder and huddling close next to him, searching for body warmth from his boyfriend.

Ryan rolled his eyes, nudging him a bit roughly before responding, his sarcastic voice making Bryce laugh.

“Yes, because underpaid teenagers with shitty Halloween makeup sounds extremely frightening.”

Bryce pouted slightly, taking his hand from Ryan’s and crossing his arms over his chest, staring down at Ryan.

“C'mon Ryan. There’s no need to be such a downer.”

The older male just huffed, shoving his hands in his pockets and shaking a bit. He stomped his boots on the ground, trying to gain some type of warmth.

Bryce noticed his shivering and did what any good boyfriend would do: he wrapped his arms around the smaller male, hands interlocking at his front, practically bear hugging him.

Ryan mumbled something under his breath about PDA and how he didn’t like it, but Bryce ignored him and squeezed slightly, smushing Ryan’s back against his chest and placing his chin on the top of the shorter male’s head, thumbs rubbing random patterns on his stomach.

Ryan cleared his throat, his hands against his sides, pinned down by Bryce’s warm embrace.

“This is so gay, Bryce.” He tried to stay annoyed with the bubbly blonde, but a small smile bloomed onto his face when Bryce spoke, his words causing him to chuckle.

“That’s kinda what we are, Ryan. Unless there is something you would like to share with me?”

Ryan leaned into Bryce’s embrace, warmth spreading through his body as he spoke.

“I guess you’re right, we are pretty gay.” Ryan said, watching the tractor pull up slowly, a mixture of terrified and laughing people hopping off the back. “And I wouldn’t change it for a thing.”

Bryce nodded in agreement, letting Ryan out of the hug, but keeping his hand in the brunette’s, urging him onto the ride, looking for a good place to sit.

Ryan grimaced at the bales of hay that he would have to sit on. The dried grass didn’t at all look pleasing, and he made a face at Bryce, but the blue eyed boy just rolled his eyes and motioned for him to sit.

Ryan didn’t protest, instead staring around for a second before plopping himself down, his hand brushing against the golden straws. He pulled his fingers away quickly, opting for keeping his hands in his lap.

Bryce sat himself down next to Ryan, smiling at the people who were getting on after him, waving at a little girl who was telling him how she wasn’t scared at all.

He thought it was cute, and her mother apologized for the child bothering him, but Bryce laughed, and told her it was no bother to him at all.

He had made Ryan sit on the very end, on the last part of the hay, where the trailer was open and sometimes monsters would reach for people. He wanted nothing more than to see his boyfriend get scared, especially after all the times he had scared Bryce.

Ryan scooted forward a little in his spot, jerking a bit when the tractor set into motion, making him lose his balance for a second.

Bryce giggled at his slip up, and Ryan shot him a half hearted glare. He looked out the sides of the trailer, not seeing anything scary or goosebumps worthy, but keeping his eyes trained on the area.

Bryce watched him, looking for any type of fear that might cross his face, but he saw nothing. Ryan was as focused as he was when playing games, and it made Bryce slightly upset, borderline angry.

He knew that look. Ryan was scoping out the area, preparing himself for a jump scare. And it didn’t sit all that well with Bryce, especially because he wanted the shorter male to get scared. He bit his lip, a flash of disappointment crossing his features for a second.

This was supposed to be fun, scary, but Ryan was turning it into a strategic game that only he understood. He was trying to “win”. There was no winning on a haunted hay ride. But Ryan would always come up with something to achieve.

Bryce sighed, looking away, staring out at the trees and creepy props set about to make the ride scarier, listening to the growls and screams of the actors and actresses.

A zombie jumped up into the trailer, and Bryce jumped a tiny bit, but smiled from the scare. He watched Ryan just shrug, not affected at all by the man.

He noticed the little girl begin to cry to his left as the zombie closed in on her, but the employee knew his limits, and hopped off the ride, sneaking back into the woods.

How he wished Ryan would cry from fear.

Bryce’s eyes widened at the mean thought. His anger had gotten the best of him for a second, apparently. He shook it off, rubbing his nose against his sleeve and sitting back.

Chains rattled against the ride, but Ryan yawned, looking out at the area, predicting where the next employee would come from and bracing himself for a scare that wouldn’t affect him.

A girl in blood covered hockey mask banged a hammer against the side of the ride, and Ryan looked down at her, looking as unaffected and bored as a librarian.

The girl jumped up and clung to the side, getting close to Ryan’s face. Bryce waited for something to happen, but the girl just stayed there, looking at Ryan through the holes in her mask.

The brunette stared right back, and the girl tore her eyes away, laughing at some guy who was currently huddled against his girlfriend in fear.

She looked to Bryce, putting two and two together as Bryce’s hand took a hold of Ryan’s own, a protective thing he did to show the shorter male was his.

She giggled in a high voice, her speaking voice lower but very feminine. She pointed to Ryan with her hammer, wiggling it in the air.

“Your boyfriend is no fun!”

Ryan looked down at their hands and his brows furrowed when he looked back up at Bryce, but he turned his attention to the actress.

“Delirious is scarier.”

The girl looked a bit confused, like she didn’t know how to answer, and instead of responding, she ended up hopping off, skipping into the woods and disappearing.

Bryce removed his hand, noticing how Ryan had squeezed his hand a bit tighter than he would have liked while talking to the girl.

Three more incidents and Ryan was sighing, the ride as boring as he had thought it to be. He looked towards Bryce for a second, who was giving him a glare, but Ryan waved it off. It wasn’t his fault this thing was predictable and boring.

He looked around at the trees in front of him, eyes focusing on the area, once again doing his little search for monsters.

Bryce frowned towards his boyfriend, who was now focused on the woods. The blonde looked away, staring out towards the back for a few moments before he raised a brow, eyes coming to rest on the face of a mutilated clown who was behind them.

His breath caught in his throat, but the clown pointed at Ryan, and Bryce began to concoct a plan.

His sullen face was quickly replaced with a smile as he realized Ryan didn’t see the clown.

His boyfriend was so focused in front of him that he had forgot about watching his back. Bryce motioned for the clown to scare Ryan, and the guy in the costume gave Bryce a thumbs up.

Bryce chuckled to himself, thinking about how he was asking a clown for a favor.

This was the only time Bryce would ever negotiate with a creepy clown, the media lately had made him more terrified than ever. And he was sure Ryan felt the same way.

He watched as the painted man climbed up the side of the trailer, directly behind Ryan, one hand hovering above Ryan’s shoulder, a wide, bloody smile plastered into his face.

Bryce pulled out his phone, clicking the record button and making sure that both the clown and Ryan were visible.

Ryan was still oblivious, his eyes squinting, obviously looking for something in the distance.

The clown looked towards Bryce, counting down from three on his fingers, his drawn on smile wide and unforgiving.


Bryce leaned back, making sure he was extremely quiet, keeping his movements mostly soundless, his phone positioned perfectly.


Ryan cleared his throat, hands in his lap, eyes searching for something in front of him that was actually behind him, waiting to scare him in just a second.


The clown latched his hand onto Ryan’s shoulder, laughing manically, and the brunette turned, eyes wide with fear, a small scream escaping his throat, his self defense instincts kicking in.

Bryce watched in embarrassment as Ryan’s elbow flew back and connected with the poor worker’s jaw, a crack echoing throughout the woods and the force knocking him off the ride.

Ryan let out a loud scream as he watched the man fall, and he stared at the downed actor, a million thoughts running through his head.

Bryce sat there, wide eyed and jaw hanging open, unable to process what had happened.

Ryan leaned forward to get away from the edge, holding himself tightly and breathing unevenly, looking like he was about to throw up. He ran a hand through his hair and gulped, completely and utterly terrified at the moment.

Bryce’s phone fell from his hands as his protective boyfriend instincts took over. He took a hold of Ryan, who was shaking uncontrollably from the fear and adrenaline pumping through him.

Ryan was mumbling curses as he tried to calm himself, catching his breath and swallowing harshly.

The other people in the trailer paid no attention to them, much too busy getting scared themselves, and Bryce was thankful for that. It was the one time he agreed with Ryan about PDA.

He held the quivering male in his warm embrace, arms wrapped around his body, rubbing soothing circles on the shorter man’s jacket clad biceps, whispering in his ear, trying to calm him down as quickly as possible.

“You’re alright, Ryan. It was just an actor. He wasn’t actually a clown, he’s gone now.”

Ryan inhaled deeply, his head in his hands as he spoke, voice trembling slightly.

“He-he came up out of nowhere and I got scared. Bryce, I just fucking elbowed an employee in the fucking face.”

Bryce held him tightly, completely forgetting about the phone that was still recording on the floor, hearing Bryce’s soothing words and Ryan’s scared cussing.

“Jesus Christ, Bryce.”

Bryce’s heart dropped at Ryan’s voice, realizing that he had went overboard with this. He didn’t mean to scare him so badly. He would have to make it up to him somehow.

He pulled Ryan into his lap, holding him in his arms while rubbing his back, trying to calm him until the ride was over. He had never seen Ryan so scared in his entire life, and it made him feel like an asshole.

He watched as hazel eyes began to close and his breathing started to go back to normal, much to Bryce’s relief.

Ryan sat in Bryce’s arms for the rest of the ride, not daring to open his eyes, afraid of another jump scare. He ended up almost falling asleep in the warmth that was Bryce’s hug, but before he could, the tractor pulled to a stop and they were once again at the beginning of the woods.

Bryce nudged Ryan, removing his hands from the brunette’s body and willing him to open his eyes.

“Ryan, we’re back. You can open your eyes, now.”

The older male cracked open his eyes and scooted off of Bryce, and he watched Bryce pick up his discarded phone, which now had a crack in the corner of the screen, but Bryce didn’t seem to care, as he just shoved into his pocket and put his focus on Ryan.

The hazel eyed man exhaled slowly, removing himself stiffly from the hay. He followed Bryce off the ride, deciding to get out of there as soon as possible, not wanting to explain to the manager why one of his employees was lying on the ground in pain.

His heart was still beating incredibly fast and he was still terrified. Of course, he had never had such a bad jump scare in his entire life.

He let Bryce lead him to the car, and was put into the passenger seat with a small kiss to his cheek and a reassuring squeeze of his hand.

Bryce ended up driving, deciding Ryan was too shaken up to do so. The ride home was quiet, and when he looked over, Ryan was staring out the window, the distant look on his face made Bryce feel worse than he already did.

He drove in silence, relieved when they finally pulled up to the apartment, but his relief turned to concern when Ryan became jumpy from the darkness that filled the apartment.

Bryce felt so bad for doing this. It was supposed to be a little revenge prank, but it ended up hurting two people.

He watched Ryan move around the apartment with searching eyes, as if the clown was going to be here.

Bryce sighed, letting Ryan use the shared bathroom first, using his waiting time to find something good on tv.

He settled for The Impractical Jokers, listening to Ryan shower in the other room.

About ten minutes later, Ryan emerged, clad in a pair of gray pajamas, the sleeves a little bit too long, his hands disappearing beneath them.

He crawled into the bed, staring at the tv and yawning, and Bryce made his way toward the bathroom, working quickly as to not keep Ryan alone for long.

By the time Bryce was done with his nightly routines, his worry had peaked. Ryan was on the bed, knees up, covered in blankets and surrounded by pillows, holding a pillow in his arms, clutching it tightly.

In any other circumstance, it would’ve been extremely cute, but right now it made Bryce feel guilty.

He crawled into the bed with Ryan, scooting down a bit so he could lay his head on the older’s shoulder, his hand resting on top of Ryan’s lazily.

They sat there in silence, watching tv, and Bryce waited for Ryan to say something, but he was mute.

Bryce sighed, his fingers tracing Ryan’s veins in his hand, his guilt practically eating him up.

He took things too far, and now Ryan probably wouldn’t get any sleep, and if he did, he would surely have nightmares.

Bryce was about to fall asleep in defeat when the soft voice cut through the silence, making his eyes pop open.

“That one definitely makes my ‘Top Ten Worst Dates’ list.” Ryan said, and Bryce could still hear the slight fear in his voice.

Bryce nodded, laying on his back and stretching his arms out, surprised when Ryan moved, changing his position so that he could lay on top of Bryce, legs tangling together with the blonde’s, hands on Bryce’s chest, underneath Ryan’s head.

“It was pretty bad for you, Ryan. But do you think some kisses and cuddles can turn things around?”

Ryan made a noise of content, and he spoke, his voice slightly muffled as he spoke against Bryce’s chest.

“I think they could make me feel a little better.”

Bryce could feel the smile tugging at his lips as he heard the calmness in Ryan’s voice. It made him feel a lot better.

He didn’t want to tell Ryan that his scare had been planned, by him of all people, so he kept that to himself, opting for making Ryan feel better.

He wrapped his arms around his boyfriend, hands clasping at the hazel eyed male’s back. He planted a soft kiss on Ryan’s forehead, and could feel him smiling against his chest.

Ryan lifted his head up to look at Bryce, and he smiled contentedly, all past remnants of fear out the window when Bryce touched him.

He leaned forward so Bryce could peck him on the lips, and his hands trailed lazily up Bryce’s chest, stopping at his heart. He laid his palm flat against Bryce’s chest, feeling for the heart beat that he knew so well.

Bryce used a hand to fix Ryan’s hair, some of it out of place from moving around so much.

Ryan smiled lazily, sighing against him and rolling off of Bryce, keeping his hand over his heart, fingers light on his chest.

He nuzzled his head into Bryce’s side,  legs curling up a bit, knees against the blonde’s legs as he got comfortable.

Bryce smiled at the contact, his boyfriend looking extremely cute in the current position, looking s bit like a cat snuggling into a blanket.

Ryan closed his eyes, leaning into Bryce’s touch, who was rubbing small circles onto his back with a finger, a soothing gesture he had used often when Ryan was upset or angry.

Ryan’s tired voice cut through the air, his hand gripping at the fabric of Bryce’s shirt over his heart.

“This is mine,” he paused, taking Bryce’s free hand and planting a kiss on his palm before placing it over his own heart, smiling. “And this is yours.”

Bryce chuckled at the sudden words, bringing Ryan up to plant a small kiss on his lips, letting Ryan wrap an arm around him and pull him close, much like what he had done with the pillow earlier.

Ryan found himself burying his head in The crook of Bryce’s neck, where he placed a couple of his own kisses, hearing Bryce sigh in pleasure.

When he pulled away, he rested his head on Bryce’s chest, grasping one of Bryce’s hands possessively, speaking into the air, voice tired but filled with emotion. More specifically, love.

“You have my heart, and I have yours. No shitty date is ever gonna change that.”

Bryce smiled tiredly, squeezing Ryan’s hand in his own to let him know he was listening. He pulled the blanket over them, making sure to keep it a little bit below his shoulders, so it wouldn’t go over Ryan’s head.

He cuddled into Ryan, his own voice tinted with love and happiness as he spoke, staring up at the ceiling and holding Ryan against his body.

“That was so gay, Ryan.”

He felt more than heard Ryan chuckle against him, and Bryce couldn’t help the smile that grew onto his face when Ryan answered.

“That’s kinda what we are, Bryce.”

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Prompt for brohm since I just read some gta and mob aus or thief aus how about one where the crew ohm is in has to recruit Bryce (mostly I'm inspired by his using meg and being quite a runner) and ohm is just so ???? Cause Bryce is sunshine and innocence and adorable and how can he be this amazing thief they need. Actually Bryce is good at what he does and finds ohm thinking he's all sugar and sunshine adorable. Flirting ensues.

Title: Beautiful Sinner
Pairing: Brohm
Word count: 1969
Rating: T

A/N: Sorry for the wait dear! Also, a shoutout to @brohm-hell for helping me finish. Love you!!


Ohm saw a few people whisper to each other as he sipped his drink from the bar near the back. The club was mostly lively and people were drunkenly dancing to the upbeat music. It was so loud that it thumped all over the room and in his veins. He let his eyes scan over the area, trying to find their next target to rob. He spotted a man in his mid-thirties, a pose of confidence that could challenge his own. Ohm let out a small smirk and noted where he sat before texting Delirious the details of Target #5 of the night. The text read sent as he locked his phone.

The smirk on his face immediately went into one of stunned surprise as a blonde moved his way. The bartender left another drink next to his empty cup, he eyed the blonde, and rolled his eyes. The blonde took a seat next Ohm and order a drink for himself. He turned towards Ohm before giving him a small, flirty smile. Ohm knew who the blonde was, or rather, hoped he knew. Ohm was shocked when he heard a soft voice tell him, “Staring is rude you know, or, am I just that interesting?”

Ohm snapped out of his trance-like thoughts with the question. He put on his signature smile and let out a chuckle. “I don’t know…maybe you really are interesting?” The blonde laughed at the response and scooted closer to Ohm as he gently stretched his arms out. He let his fingers lazily rest on Ohm’s resting hand. The touch that the fingers delivered was soft and gentle. Ohm tried to suppress a shiver as the fingers slowly moved up and down, never lifting away. His heart started beating a little bit faster and he could feel a red tint start to cover his cheeks. Ohm tried very hard to stare everywhere, anywhere but those long, pale fingers that gently caressed the back of his hand.

The blonde took a mental note of this reaction and found it useful for future reference. His vision was getting a bit blurry the longer he stayed seated; he felt suffocated with the pounding music in the background and all he wanted was fresh air. Bryce knew that the man in front of him was very attractive, but he also knew that he could be very persuasive when getting what he wants. Carefully calculating his moves, Bryce leaned over and whispered into the older’s ear, “I hope that I am, Mr. Wrecker, because we will be seeing each other again, very soon.” Those words being said, the blonde leaned back and stood up, leaving behind a very flustered Ryan.

Ohm’s phone vibrated in his pocket, pulling away the veil of charm that once held him. He blinked twice, trying to get his thoughts in order before taking out his phone from his pocket and reading the new notification he had gotten. It was a message from Luke.

Cartoonz: Hey man, keep your eyes on the mission. Btw, was that who I thought it was?

Ohm pinched the bridge of his nose out of frustration and slipped into deep thought. He tried remembering the description of “Deadly Beauty”, aka Bryce McQuaid. Tall, blonde, stormy blues that capture the attention of anyone… Another vibration caught his attention, pulling him out of his trance for a second time that hour. He checked his messages and saw a new one from Delirious.

Delirious: I’m done here man, let’s just take the money and get out of here.

Delirious: I don’t want to spend anymore time here anyways.

Ohm pressed his lips into a thin line and sent a confirmation text back. He payed for the drinks he had at the bar before standing up, directing himself towards the bouncer. He left the club and stepped out into the chilly night air. To his right, Ohm could hear a set of clothes rustling and he rolled his hazel eyes before he let out a disgusted noise. He lightly tapped his foot on the pavement to try and block the noises that came from the shadows. His mouth moved into different ways to try and distract himself when he heard it.

He turned to where the noises were coming from when he spotted dirty blonde hair shining slightly in the moonlight. A pained groan could be heard and a body came tumbling out, a panicked expression masking a lean man’s face. To Ohm, it appeared like nothing was wrong, but that soon changed when he spotted dark red spots on on said man’s clothes. The random stranger tried to limp away only to be denied by none other than the Deadly Beauty himself. He witnessed as Bryce made the other fall roughly onto the pavement and the way Bryce secured his footing on the man’s back, crushing that man with his own weight.

The man fell unconscious on the dirty, warm pavement as Bryce stepped off and fixed his hair so it would get out of his face. Ohm stared at the younger man with a shocked expression, his hazel eyes wide and mouth left partially ajar. He never knew someone so…so beautiful could be so ruthless, but precise. Ohm barely managed to catch the quick glance thrown his way before he turned back around. He wasn’t surprised when he heard Bryce’s footsteps coming up to him due to the fact that he just witnessed Bryce down a man. A few moments later, Ohm felt a slick, sticky hand on his shoulder and a sweet voice ask him, “Hey! You’re the guy from the bar, right? Well, would you be so kind as to walk me home? I’m afraid that someone could jump me or even hurt me as I walk back.”

Ohm’s nerves shot up in an instant as he heard that sweet voice talk to him slowly. He held his breath, waiting for anything to happen, but all that surrounded him was silence. He was itching for a distraction at this point, whether it was from his partners or from Bryce himself. He let out a small breath of relief when his phone went off a second later, but his nerves rose up again as the hand on his shoulder tightened its grip. Ohm slowly turned around to face Bryce, the hand on his shoulder falling off before it claimed its previous place. Taking a step back, Ohm pulled his phone out of his pocket and checked the message. There they were, the two little words he expected from his partners when they caught him with such a beautiful sinner.

Delirious: Ask him.

Cartoonz: Ask him, now’s our chance.

A sigh of frustration and a growl left the older’s lips, managing to make Bryce hesitate with confusion, but Ohm simply looked up from his phone. Intense hazel eyes stared directly into Bryce’s own deep, blue eyes and panic began to rise from within the pit of Bryce’s stomach. A deep, gentle voice came from Ohm as he took the cold, pale hand into his own. “If the offer is still up, I would love to walk you home. It’s not everyday I get to walk such a beauty back home, especially at night.” Bryce was struck in awe and fear as he noted how fast Ohm could change his mood if the situation needed.

A light pink shade covered Bryce’s face from ear to ear, “Why, Mr. Wrecker, that’s very chivalrous of you to do and of course the offer still up for debate.” Bryce gently tightened his grip on the hand that held his and he stepped forward to get closer to the brunette, heart beating a little faster. Bryce tugged at the hand in order to signal their direction and began walking in the opposite direction to where his previous target lay. Paying no mind to the body anymore, Ohm let himself be led by the blonde towards their destination. He let go of the hand holding him and let out a soft chuckle as he heard a slight sound of disappointment.

Ohm decided that he would have to use every single shred of flirtatious advances on the other in order to soften them up enough to get through to him. Knowing this, he slowly wrapped his arm around the Bryce’s waist, pulling him closer to his warmth. Ohm tensed a little with shock as he felt Bryce lean into his embrace, Bryce had laid his head against his shoulder. Every once in awhile, Bryce would tell him where to turn and Ohm obeyed without hesitation. They walked in a comfortable silence, only the sound of their breathing was heard in the spell of the night.

Although Ohm wished he had more time, their alone time was cut short as they arrived at Bryce’s house. Bryce hesitantly unwrapped himself from the warm embrace those soft hands delivered and stepped closer to his door, a sudden breeze making him shiver. Ohm’s gaze softened at the sight of Bryce shivering and he gave the blonde a soft smile before he replied, “Maybe you should get inside before you get sick.” Bryce looked at Ohm for a moment before letting his defenses down for a moment, he did it knowing the risks. “I was planning to after my knight in shining armor bid me good night.”

They both stayed quiet before bursting out with laughter at the joke. Ohm managed to quiet them down again as he pulled a piece of paper from his pocket, it contained his phone number and name. “Here’s my number, give me a call or shoot me a text when you’re bored. I also wanted to ask you, I’m sorry if it’s a little too soon, but, Bryce McQuaid, will you do me the honors of going out with me?” Bryce tensed up again at the sound of his name and immediately brought up the defenses that were down. “I don’t know…” Ohm sighed and decided to ask the second question, hoping to get an answer, “Alright, it’s okay, my fault on your defense. I have another question by behalf of my friends.”

It was then that Ohm went into full on try hard mode as he tried to think of the words he needed to put together in order to convince the other. “Look, Bryce, I–we’ve been thinking, searching and trying to find someone to help us out with our missions and we stumbled across your profile.” Ohm looked up to those confused, stormy blue hues and only got more nervous , his flirtatious aura gone. “I’m trying to—what I mean—what I’m trying to say is that I think it would be nice if you join our group and help out, b-but it’s okay if you don’t.” Bryce let out a small giggle as he saw Ohm–no Ryan for who he was, an awkward person.

“Well Mr. Wrecker, I am still confused as to what I would be able to do in a group of thieves seeing as I am a contracted hitman. Hmm…but seeing as you are genuinely asking, I’d be glad to accept.” Bryce couldn’t help the butterflies in his stomach as a wide smile decorated Ohm’s face. It was a weird feeling, to say the least. Bryce didn’t get butterflies in his stomach for anyone. Yet here he was, feeling this way for the man smiling before him. It was slightly unsettling, having some thief be the source of his emotions, but for some reason, Bryce was okay with that. For he had a good feeling about Mr. Wrecker, one that he didn’t dare bury away as the man waved goodbye and sent a wink his way. One that he didn’t dare bury away as blue eyes landed on hazel ones, a silent promise glistening between them.