bryce grates

untitled brohm ficlet

Bryce, by nature, does not get irritated often or easily. He likes to take things in stride, roll with the punches, that sort of thing – because it never does anyone any good in the long run to get angry over silly things. So, Bryce kinda has the patience of a saint.

Delirious, however, is kinda testing this.

“Bryce, stop coming for me!” Cartoonz screeches as he hops a window with Bryce barely missing the hit.

Bryce starts laughing, just as Delirious says, “yeah, don’t come for Cartoonz, you’re supposed to come for your boyfriend, Ohm!”

Cartoonz cracks up as Bryce cuts off with a groan, trying to count down from ten in his head to keep from saying something legitimately angry. Ohm, the asshole, is definitely not helping.

“Oh, yeah, come for me Brycey~” Ohm says into the mic, low and up-close, causing Delirious and Cartoonz’s laughter to spark anew and Bryce to lean into his own mic with a frown.

“Stop encouraging them, boyfriend,” Bryce quips, trying to keep it light as he smacks Cartoonz. This causes a high-pitched yelp from the man, making Bryce smile (only a bit) evilly. Then a thought crosses Bryce’s mind, giving him pause – what if Ohm had told Delirious they were dating? He makes a mental note to ask Ohm about it after the game is finished.

“Stop pissing him off Delirious, it’s making him better!” Cartoonz cries, screeching again as he once more barely escapes getting hit, stunning Bryce’s character by pulling down a pallet.

“It’s fine,” Delirious says, and Bryce preemptively sucks in a breath, preparing for the worst. “Ohm can just calm him down with a blow job or something.”

Bryce lets out the breath he was holding as the others burst out laughing. He rolls his eyes at Ohm’s prominent, obnoxious laughter and opens his mouth, starting to lose his cool.

“Y'know, Ohm, you could help me out,” Bryce says, words clipped and annoyed as he wanders around looking for a survivor (he had lost Cartoonz).

“Yeah, but this is way funnier,” Ohm answers through his giggles, and Bryce valiantly resists another eye roll.

Before today, Bryce could count on one hand the amount of times Delirious had jokingly referred to Ohm as his boyfriend. And now he would need both hands, just from the start of this recording session.

It had started actually before they’d even started recording, when Ohm was taking way longer than normal to get on and Delirious, laughing, asked Bryce where his boyfriend was. Bryce had snorted and answered that he had no idea who Delirious could be talking about, and Delirious only laughed harder. Then Ohm joined and Bryce forgot about it (as he does most of the weird things Delirious says) in light of making fun of Ohm for sounding winded while apologizing for being late (apparently Buddy had gotten out and Ohm had to chase him down).

Then, about ten minutes into their first game where Cartoonz was the killer, Delirious got hooked and Ohm and Bryce were trying to coordinate an organized rescue, since Cartoonz was the trapper. Then Delirious barked out, “will you quit jerking off your boyfriend and come save me, Bryce!”

Cartoonz and Ohm laughed, and Bryce struggled to keep the smile on his face.

“Yeah, definitely not saving you now,” Bryce said, causing more laughter, even as he and Ohm crept closer. “Also, definitely still single.”

“Yeah, tell that to Ohm’s dick,” Delirious responded, and this time Bryce actually did stop walking and considered abandoning him.

“Wait, me?!” Ohm shrieked, incredulous, yet still undeniably amused, and this just served to grate on Bryce’s nerves even further. “Why am I the boyfriend?”

Bryce reluctantly started trailing Ohm again, and they finally reached Delirious’ hook as he was commenting, “don’t pretend like you don’t want his booty, Ohm!”


Whatever Ohm would have said was cut off when Bryce got Delirious down from the hook after Ohm disarmed the bear trap. Cartoonz screamed, “you little shits!” and they all took off in different directions running and giggling.

Then later, during the same round, Ohm was attempting to get Cartoonz off of Bryce by popping a generator multiple times. Which Bryce normally would be grateful for (even if it never worked), but then Delirious made a comment.

“You would try to save your boyfriend, you didn’t do jack shit when I was being chased!”

Ohm spluttered something unintelligible while Bryce bit out a “not my boyfriend!”

Cartoonz, meanwhile, cackled as he struck Bryce. “Are we confirming Bryce and Ohm being in a relationship today?”

“No!” Bryce and Ohm chorused simultaneously with Delirious’ “YES! Bless their little gay hearts!”

Cartoonz laughed, Bryce got downed, and really that was the first true test of his patience and will to stay calm and professional. He barely succeeded, and he hoped that with the new round where Ohm was the killer, everyone would forget about the whole ‘boyfriend’ thing and move their banter towards less innuendo.

Of course, that was just wishful thinking, given how gay Ohm is wont to be at any given moment.

“Oh Brycey~” Ohm called, while Bryce did everything in his power to avoid getting hit again, and if that meant cheesing the heck out of cheat spots, then by gosh he’d be shameless. “Let me have just one more taste of that booty~ Just one more~?”

“Nope! My booty is not for sampling!” Bryce yelled back, earning him a high-pitched laugh from Ohm.

“Aww, aren’t they so cute, Cartoonz?” Delirious cut in, and Bryce’s smile slipped. “Boyfriend and boyfriend!”

“Adorable~!” Cartoonz cooed, and Bryce was about to return with a sassy remark when Ohm let out a very loud grunt as he struck Bryce, downing him.

“Noooo!” Bryce was instantly distracted, rushing to wiggle free after Ohm picked him up.

That is, until Delirious made the comment, “aww, look Cartoonz! He’s carrying him over the threshold!”

Cartoonz started to say something, but Bryce yelled over him, “will you two shut up and help me!

Shockingly, that was the last instance during Ohm’s killer round, but then Delirious’ came around. Arguably, the worst of all three. There wasn’t a time in that round where Delirious didn’t refer to them as boyfriends or lovers or something of a similar caliber. Even if it was Bryce and Cartoonz together or Cartoonz and Ohm, if Delirious found two of them together he’d still make jokes about Bryce and Ohm being stuck together like glue. Ohm’s propensity to encourage him by making benign comments in response about Bryce being clingy or something or laughing in response was not helping.

If Ohm was on Bryce’s side in this, then maybe Delirious would stop, but instead Ohm was arguably making it worse. Like when Bryce got hooked, and Delirious immediately called for his 'boyfriend’ to come save him. Ohm had just laughed and said he was busy on a generator – no denials, no nothing, as he crept closer to rescue Bryce. This left a low-key irate Bryce to do damage control alone.

The trend obviously continued to their fourth round, where Bryce is the killer. Leading them to now, with Bryce barely keeping himself from snapping at his friends (mostly Delirious, but also Ohm) and channeling all his rage into killing them all.

He is deadly quiet as he trails after Delirious, who isn’t taking too kindly to his silence.

aaaand that is it folks! let me know if you want to read more and i’ll try to write more for this~! ^^

I Get It

Justlex Fic

Based on the prompt: ‘Stay the fuck away from him’

Word Count: 3,161

Cross posted: Ao3


Justin sits quietly in his spot on Bryce’s sofa. A half empty bottle is sitting between his legs, held loosely in one hand. Some type of alcohol, he knows, although he can’t quite remember which. It’s not in the original bottle, just a plastic one; one that can easily be stashed in a school bag, taken out in public and go unacknowledged.

He’s barely drank any of it. His mind is blurry enough, his thoughts swirling in a whirlwind and he can tell the alcohol won’t quiet it. If anything, getting drunk right now seems almost worse. His mind will trail to things he can’t control, things he’s not ready to think about. Like why the hell he’s still in this house, and why the hell he isn’t high.

Like bleach blonde hair and septum piercings, a steak dinner and a bedroom where he felt like he could sleep without losing his mind.

He takes another swig from the bottle in his hand, letting the liquid burn as it slips down his still aching throat. The hood of his letterman jacket tucked up around his neck and the drunkenness level of the other boys have prevented any of them from noticing the bruises; or at least, prevented them from mentioning it.

The absence of the one boy who would probably notice and say something about it both calms and frustrates Justin. He knows he’d rather not talk about it, urges himself to believe he’s glad no one else has.

But another part of his mind is telling him otherwise. If one of them mentioned it, maybe he could think they actually cared.

His eyes trail over to Zach, sprawled on the ground next to one of his basketball teammates. The only person in here he’d still consider his friend enough to hope he’d care.

But the tall boy has avoided him the entire night. Averting his gaze every time Justin looked at him, not uttering a word to him once since they came in. 

Zach hadn’t spoken to him much, lately. He certainly no longer responds to his texts. 

Justin’s eyes burn and he shakes his head, forcing his gaze—and those thoughts—away. A familiar name mentioned next to him drags him back into his surroundings and his ears perk, listening to Monty and Bryce speak next to him. 

“You know what Standall said to me the other day? I’m not ‘man enough’. What the fuck?”

Monty’s words are slurred slightly, probably due to the three beers he’s consumed in all of the fifteen minutes he’s been here; and when Justin thinks, he’s sure he can recall a bong being introduced at some point, can recall passing up the offer himself. 

Which means he’s drunk and high, and probably so is Bryce. And now, they’re talking about Alex.

Justin feels himself agreeing with some of Monty’s words because, what the fuck? 

Bryce gives a laugh and tips back his own beer, and Justin’s hands tighten around the bottle. “How can you not be man enough for fucking Standall? Girliest fucking dude I know.” 

And Monty throws his hands up in agreement, voice coming out exasperated. “I know, right? I don’t get it.” He pouts, and Justin is certain at that moment. He’s definitely drunk, and I definitely didn’t imagine that bong, either.

Justin takes another sip of his drink, expecting that to be the end of the conversation, when Bryce speaks again.

“Hey, if he wants man enough I’ll show it to him. I bet Standall gets fucking loud.”

Monty just shakes his head and downs the rest of beer, laughing slightly at the words, but Justin feels his blood start to boil. 

His vision goes red, and the next thing he knows he’s on his feet. His hands find Bryce’s collar and drag him up with him, shoving him against the pool house windows. 

“Jesus, Foley, what the hell is your pr-”

“Stay the fuck away from him,” Justin spits at him, shoving him against the wall again. 

Realization dawns on Bryce’s face. Slowly, his lips pull up into a smirk. “Don’t worry, Justy. I can share. In fact, you can have him first. Then whenever you’re ready I’ll show him what a real man is.” He reaches up to grip Justin’s shoulder, eyes bright. “What’s yours is mine, right?”

That’s when Justin snaps. 

He swings at Bryce’s jaw, satisfied at the slight pain that explodes in his knuckles as his fist makes contact. He finds himself throwing the larger boy to the floor, and lets his fists find purchase again and again, his hands turning red with both the other boys blood and his own. 

Arms wrap around his shoulders and he fights against them, still throwing punches before jabbing his elbow into whoever’s holding him. Monty’s voice rings in his ear, telling him to calm down and his heart beats faster.

The image of a similar scene flashes through his mind, but it’s Monty throwing the punches as a boy bleeds underneath him. A boy with bleached hair whose face grows bruised and bloody under Monty’s hands, while all Justin can do is watch. 


He twists around and this time it’s Monty he swings at, but the angle makes it awkward, leaving the punch weak as it hits the boy’s chin.

It’s enough to make him release Justin and stumble back, giving him a worried look as his hand reaches up to touch his face. Justin fumes, his chest heaving and fists clenching at his sides as he whirls back to Bryce. He’s managed to drag himself to his feet but Justin moves to descend on him again, until hands land on his shoulders. 

“Justin, stop.” 

Zach stands in front of him, his eyes understanding but pleading with Justin to calm down. Ever the peacemaker.

“Why the fuck should I?” He explodes. He flings his arm out, pointing to Bryce as he screams at them. “He deserves everything he gets now. Why the fuck shouldn’t I hit him? I should fucking kill you!” 

He directs the last part at Bryce as he lunges for him again. Zach stops him, pulling him back and wrapping his hands around his biceps. 

“Let me fucking go, Dempsey! Why the fuck are you still here?” 

Zach glares at him. “Me? Why are you?” 

Justin’s jaw clenches, and he looks him in the eye. “Maybe if you answered my texts, I wouldn’t have to be.” He sees Zach falter slightly and he shakes his head, taking a step closer and shoving the taller boy’s chest. “Alex is supposed to be your friend.” He shoves him again. “You’re the one who should be hitting that asshole.” And again. “You should fucking help me, not them!” 

He takes a step back, still breathing heavily. “I get why you wouldn’t do it for me. But not Alex. He deserves better than all of this. All of us. Just like Jess.” 

He turns away from all of them, walking straight for the door. “All of you just stay the fuck away.” 


He collects his bag from the porch on the way out, and starts walking. He doesn’t think about where he’s going, doesn’t need to; he knows where his feet will carry him. 

It’s late, he knows, and when he reaches the house, all the lights are off. Except for one. 

He sets the strap of his bag firmly over his shoulder as he stands in front of the tree at the side of the house. With the adrenaline still running through him, he starts to climb. 

He’s three quarters of the way there when the pain in his hands finally registers. His knuckles are raw and open from the fight, and now his palms are scratched and cut. Fuck Standall and his second storey bedroom.

He makes it to the window and he leans forward on the branch, bracing himself against the ledge. The curtains aren’t pulled, and he finds the boy easily. His back is towards him as he sits slouched on his bed, head hung forward.

Justin’s heart gives a pained squeeze at the sight, but also lifts slightly, in time with his hand that moves to knock lightly on the window. 

The blonde looks over his shoulder, and his eyes catch Justin’s. They widen slightly, but other than that, his expression gives away no other thoughts he has at the sight of the brunette hanging outside his window.

He opens the window and Justin slides through, lifting his bag off his shoulder. Alex is wrapped up in his arms before it even hits the floor. 

Justin holds the other boy to his chest, dropping his head to his shoulder and pressing his face against his skin before allowing himself to let out a sob. 

Alex stands frozen against him, but the gut wrenching sound brings him back to his senses, and his arms immediately come around the crying jock. He wraps an arm around his back, lifting the other to cradle the head still buried in his shoulder. 

Justin relaxes, leaning into him and tightening his hold. The tension from before bleeds out of him, along with the adrenaline, leaving him shaking in the smaller boy’s arms. Alex doesn’t say anything, doesn’t ask any questions, just holds him silently and Justin has never been more grateful. 

“Bryce is a dick,” he mutters it to the blonde’s shoulder, voice muffled against his shirt. 

Alex holds him tighter. 

“I’m so sorry,” he speaks again after a moment, voice quiet and thick from crying. Alex cards his hands through his hair, shushing him, but he shakes his head vigorously. “Everything’s so fucked up, and you shouldn’t have to be a part of it. I’m so sorry, Alex.” 

“Don’t be,” the blonde says softly. “I’m on the tapes. It’s my fault I’m a part of this.” 

But Justin’s shaking his head, hands twisting in the back of the boy’s shirt. “You know that’s not what I mean.” 

There’s silence for a second. Then, “I know. Don’t be. I get it.”

This time Justin pulls himself away, but he only gets so far with Alex’s hand still cradling his head. His own have dropped to his sides, and he looks down at them, brushing his thumb over the dried blood on his busted knuckles. 

“I should’ve done something,” he whispers. “Anything. I should’ve done something, I could have stopped it, or-” he chokes, feels more tears streaming down his face. Alex brushes them away softly. “It’s my fault. I didn’t do anything. I didn’t stop it.” 

He looks back up again, expecting to find disgust and anger in Alex’s eyes, but the younger boy just nods. “I know.” His hand trails down Justin’s face until his fingertips rest lightly on his neck. His eyes follow, and his gaze hardens slightly. Then he murmurs again, softly, “I get it.”

His eyes fall to the jock’s hands and he lifts them in his own, examining them. “What happened?”

The memory of not even an hour ago rushes back into Justin’s mind and he has to resist the urge to wrap Alex back up in his arms—to remind himself Alex is here, he’s safe, he’s fine. To tell himself it’ll stay that way, that he won’t let Alex get hurt. He won’t let him down, not like he let down the others. Not like Jessica, or Hannah. 

Instead, he shrugs. “Bryce is a dick,” he repeats his earlier words.

Alex raises a brow at him. “Well, yeah.” 

He knows the younger boy’s waiting for more of the story. Waiting for an explanation as to why Bryce being a dick this time led to his blood and tears.

He can’t bring himself to give one. 

Alex starts to walk away after a quiet ‘wait here’, and he grabs onto his wrist. Blue eyes look back at him, and a soft hand comes to rest over his. “I’m just getting stuff for your hands. I’ll be right back.” 

He pauses for a moment, then nods, peeling his fingers away from the boy’s wrist. Alex slips out the door quietly as the brunette seats himself on the edge of the bed, hands gripping the covers. He lets himself sink into the mattress, his muscles going lax with relief at just being back in this room.

Alex is back in only a minute, a white first aid box in his hand. He sets it down on the bed next to Justin, opening it and picking out a few objects. Justin can’t help but roll his eyes, because of course Alex has a fucking first aid box in his bathroom, and of course he’s going to sit here and bandage up Justin’s busted knuckles. 

Of course Alex is going to take care of him, even after him coming here planning for it to be the other way around.

He’s so lost in his own thoughts that he doesn’t realise Alex has started cleaning his cuts until he feels the sting of rubbing alcohol, and he flinches. 

“Sorry,” Alex says immediately, voice still soft. But he’s smiling slightly, gaze fixated on his task of wiping every inch of Justin’s hands. 

The brunette scoffs, kicking his ankle slightly with the toe of his shoe. “Yeah, you sure sound it, Standall.” 

Alex’s eyes flick up to him and away again, smile widening slightly. “What were you thinking about?” He asks quietly.

Justin allows himself to stare at him, then. He’s still standing, crouched down in front of him, turning his hands over carefully in one of his, holding the cotton wipe in the other. His stance gives Justin a clear view of his side profile. The way his hair stands up on his head, the bleached colour almost white, a few strands curled over his forehead. His eyebrows furrowed in concentration over his blue eyes. Down over the curve of his nose, to his soft lips, still curled up at the corners. Just then, he bites the bottom one, tugging it gently between his teeth, and Justin tears his gaze away. 

He clears his throat, looking to the side before looking at him again, to find Alex now staring back at him.

He realises he didn’t answer the question, then thinks about how long he was just looking at Alex, and considers that maybe he did. He pushes the thought away and ignores the strange feeling in his stomach when he notices Alex is still watching him, deciding to turn the questions to the blonde. 

“Why were you still awake?”

Alex rose a dark brow at him. “Shouldn’t you just be glad I was?” 

He’s joking, Justin knows, just trying to avoid the question. Still, his gaze softens again. “I am.” 

The younger boy looks at him for another moment, then his eyes are gone, focused on the bandage he’s started to unroll. He reaches to lift the athlete’s hand again, and gently starts to wrap the bandage around it. Justin watches in slight awe as the blonde folds the bandage perfectly, wrapping and twisting it across his knuckles before taping it in place. (He tries to ignore the fact Alex decided to tear the tape with his teeth. And the fact that he watched in slightly more awe as he did.) 

Alex repeats the actions for his other hand and Justin lets himself think of the event that led him here. The fear and anger that consumed him at the thought of Bryce anywhere near Alex was enough to make him sick to his stomach, and he had never been so glad to have the boy close. 

Then, the only thing he wants is to have him closer.

So when Alex drops his hand then proceeds to drop the tape back into the box, Justin sets his hands on his thin waist. 

He planned to wrap them around him, to pull him back into a hug but he wasn’t sure that’s what Alex wanted, wasn’t sure he was welcome too. But the blue eyed boy seems to get the message, and he droops his arms around the brunettes shoulder. 

Justin wraps his arms around his waist fully then, pressing his face into his stomach. He lets out a sigh when the younger boy starts to comb his hand through his hair, hugging him closer until he’s stood between his thighs.

“You don’t have to go back,” Alex says, quietly, almost wary, wondering what effect the words will have.

Justin holds him tighter, his voice coming out at a whisper. “I don’t have anywhere else to go.” 

“Here,” Alex argues, immediately. “Stay here.” 

He feels Justin’s shoulders tense. “Your dad-” 

“Loves you,” Alex cuts him off. “Or, he doesn’t have to know.” 

A thrill runs through Justin at the thought. At the fact Alex thought it. That Alex would do that, for him. He grins slightly, but then forces the feelings down, shaking his head. “He’d find out. Hate to break it to you, Standall, but he’s a cop—and as great as I am, I can’t turn invisible.” 

Alex scoffs, flicking the side of his head. “Are you actually trying to make me change my mind?” 

Justin wants to look up at him, but he really doesn’t want to let him go until Alex does—and for the moment, the other boy seems just as content right where he is. So he tilts his head back with his arms still wrapped around his hips, and presses his chin against the blonde’s stomach. 

“No,” he tells him seriously, although he thinks Alex is a little amused at his new position, “I’d really like to stay here. Thank you.” 

Alex nods, his cheeks flushing lightly. He brushes his hands through Justin’s hair again, watches as the senior closes his eyes and leans into the touch, and feels himself flush more. He pulls away, saying, “You can just sleep on the bed. I don’t have any blankets in here, and I don’t wanna risk making anymore noise.”

Justin scratches the back of his neck, and mutters his agreement. Alex turns the lights out, and he hopes that’s enough to hide the flush that’s started to creep into his own cheeks. 

He can only make out the other’s outline now, but he can tell he’s taking off his jeans before he slips under the covers. He mimics the action, kicking out of his own jeans and shrugging off his jacket, deciding to keep his own shirt as well.

He slides in on the other side, curling up under the warmth of the blankets. He can’t help but smirk as he head sinks into the pillow. 

“What, no more cuddles, Standall?” 

He just catches the roll of shining blue eyes and the hint of a smile before the other boy rolls away from him, facing the wall with a muttered, “Night, Justin.” 

His smirk slips into a grin, and he stays where he is, facing the boy’s back.

“Goodnight, Alex.”

The Punk And The Nerd 3! (BrOhm)(OhmBryce)

((another school au and also base on another art-work by alien–stranger on tumblr. so enjoy :3 ))

“i don’t know about this” Jonathan stated out of nowhere while he and Bryce were eating lunch. Bryce looks up at his friend, confused. “about Ohm, about the date” Jon told after the look of confusion he got. Bryce blushes but he frowns. “but Jon, you know i’ll be alright” Jon nods. “i know, but i’m just trying to protect your feelings, i mean the fucker’s a bad son of a bitch, punk addict and i just don’t want your heart broken by him”

Bryce was grateful for a friend like Jon, he was like a older brother to the freshman in a way. whenever some bullies or people hurt or flirt with him, Jon would send them straight to hell. he was quite protective over Bryce. so was Evan and all their other friends. “i know, but Jon, i’ve never this deep of feelings for anyone before, i just…i don’t know how to explain it” Bryce blushes, looking at his food. Jon signs. “all i am saying is be careful”

Jon held onto his arm, looking at his friend. “be careful with that boy, he looks like he’s no good is all” Bryce opens his mouth to speak but a voice spoke out to them. “hey Bryce!” he turn and saw Ryan waving, walking over. “hey Ohm” Bryce spoke, letting out a nervous laugh to Jon glaring at Ryan with a hiss, hugging his younger friend close. Ohm also gave a nervous laugh. “am i interrupting something?” the senior asked.

“yes you are” Jon stated. “but what is it?” he asked. Ryan looks at Jon then looks at Bryce, smiles. “i was wanting to say see you Saturday Bryce” he winks before walking off. Luke was watching also, walking off with his friend to class. Bryce blushes deeply to the wink. he was smiling so big. Jon saw how his friend was acting and what this did to him. he signs, knowing it was going to happen sooner or later. “i guess maybe Saturday won’t be so bad”

“and maybe you can hang with Evan” Bryce giggles, seeing Jon’s face go red and he waves his arms, fluster. “s-s-shut the fuck up!” the two freshman just laugh. then the bell rings and they got to class. then after school, Bryce walks home with Jon and Mix. once he got inside, he smiles, going to his room and lays on his bed, hugging his pillow close with a big smile on his face. tomorrow was Saturday, his date with Ryan

meanwhile, “for fuck sake Ohm you look fine” Luke signs, having came over to his friend’s house to assist him with getting a outfit ready for the date tomorrow. “come on Toonz, i want to look nice for Bryce” Ryan stated, walking in wearing his jeans only, slipping on a t-shirt. “then wear what you normally wear man, he doesn’t care” Luke rubs his forehead. “but i want to be different, maybe something clean” Ryan sits, runs his fingers through his hair.

“Ohm, relax, deep breaths, its fine, also Bryce doesn’t care what you wear” Luke chuckles, seeing his friend like this. Ryan signs, pouting. “you make it sound so easy” Luke then grins. “if you want to really hear my advice….” Ryan raise a eyebrow, curious. “then maybe wear something fancy, that is, if you have a good hair brush and nice clothes for a fancy place” Luke grins as Ryan’s eyes widen, then he also grins. “go fucking get him tiger!”

then came Saturday, Bryce was already awake. he was looking through his closet of clothes. he got out a nice shirt, pants and shoes. he brushes his hair as he blushes. his heart wouldn’t stop pounding. he was so happy for this. after Bryce got clean and ready, he saw it was 9:50 am. just ten minutes. he couldn’t stop smiling. he texted Jon about how happy he was right now, a response came through of be good. he chuckles to himself. “thanks mom”

then he heard a knock on his door. Bryce rushes over and opens the door, his eyes widen and jaws dropped at the sight. “hey Bryce” Ryan blushes, his hair was nicely brushed, wearing a nice shirt with a tie and nice pants and shoes. Bryce was still shocked. “i-is it bad?” Ryan asked, noticing the silent. “w-what? n-no no no, it just you took me by surprised is all” Bryce blushes, smiling as the other male also smiles. “shall we get going?” he offer a hand.

he giggles, taking the other’s hand. “sure” he shut the door, locking it. they walked to Ohm’s car which was very nice. Ryan open the passenger side. “such a gentleman” Bryce got in, giggling. Ryan then got into the driver side and started the car. the car slowly drove down the sheet to a local cafe. they got out of the car and went inside, holding hands. Ryan got them a table and they both sat down. “this is really nice” Bryce smiles as Ryan nods. “true”

then a waitress came over and order them some drinks. as Bryce and Ryan were talking to each other, Jon was spying on them. he didn’t want Ryan to break his Bryce’s heart. he was like a mother hen, ready to fight. Jon watches the couple, he felt someone next to him and looks over. “you too?” Luke chuckles. “i wanted to see how nervous Ryan is” Jon raise a eyebrow. “him? nervous?” Luke chuckles. “i know right? took me a surprise as well” he signs.

“look, i get it, wanting to protect your friend from a painful heart break, hell i was doing the same for Ohm. but Ohm really likes Bryce, there is something about that freshman he really likes that is special to him” Luke stated. Jon watches, listening to this. he looks back at the couple who were talking. Bryce was giggling with a big smile to something Ryan said and Ryan looking nervous with a smile, seeing he didn’t want to fuck it up. he signs.

after they finished their drinks and such, Ryan and Bryce left the cafe. Bryce holding Ryan’s arm as the senior blushes to his freshman’s cuteness. Jon watches them go and he pretend to wipe a tear. “my Bryce is growing up” Luke rolls his eyes. “he’s growing up? fuck, Ohm is so different now, but still a cheeky son of a bitch” Jon smirks. “he’s your friend” Luke chuckles. “true, hell somebody has to look out for his sorry ass” Jon laughs. “i see”

hour after hour, Bryce and Ryan had a lot of fun. they went walking. they talked. Ryan relaxed more as Bryce nuzzles him. after it was getting dark, Bryce saw they’ve been out for hours. Ryan also notice. “want me to take your home?” he asked. the freshman looks at him. then he notice something and points. “what’s that?” he asked, seeing a movie theater. the senior looks over and smirks. “want to watch a movie?” the smaller male grins. “sure”

they went into the movie theater. “why am i here?” Evan asked his boyfriend, who was still watching the couple on their date. “shhhhh, i want to see what movie they pick’ Jon stated, watching. "also why is he here?” he nudge to Luke. “i want to make sure Ohm doesn’t fuck up anything” Luke chuckles. they continue watching as they went to see a horror movie. Jon rushes over but Evan held him back. “but Bryce hates horror movies!” he whines.

Bryce and Ryan were sitting in their seats as the movie slowly began to play after a minute. everything started out normal. then after half way, a jumpscare came up. Bryce jumps and held the nearest thing to him which happened to be Ryan. Ryan blushes and smiles, holding his boyfriend close to him. Bryce snuggles close, forgetting the movie as he whispers, blushes. “you smell really nice” the other blushes, whispers. “Luke let me borrow some of his cologne”

after the movie was ending, Bryce lets out a yawn and stretches. he had almost fell asleep on Ryan’s shoulder. they went outside and to his car. they drove back to Bryce’s place. Bryce saw Evan’s car there and signs. “Evan and Jon must be there” Ryan put the car in park, looks over at Bryce. “did you-” “i had a lot of fun” Bryce stepped in, smiling brightly. he leans over, kissing him on the lips. Ryan kisses him back. slowly his hands from the freshman’s hair.

Bryce’s hands found his shoulders, kissing his tall boyfriend. slowly they broke the kiss, looking at each other, looking dazed. they lean in to kiss again, but then a knock on the passenger side window startle the couple, seeing Jon standing there, grinning. “hey fuckers” Bryce blushes deeply as Ryan signs, blushing. “come on bitches i want to go home” Luke whined. Evan signs. “i tried to stop them Bryce” Bryce blushes and nods. “i-i see”

“i guess i’ll head in” Bryce smiles to Ryan. “thanks for a really amazing date Ryan” Ryan blushes and smiles. “anytime Brycey” Bryce giggles, lean over and kiss his cheek before getting out of the car and walks into his house, giggling. Evan nudges Jon. “i’ll be inside” Jon nods, as Evan went inside. Ryan was very shocked, then he did a victory cheer. Luke chuckles, rolling his eyes. Jon signs. “thank you Ohm” Ryan stops and looks. “for what?” “not hurting Bryce”

“why would i do such a thing? look i may be a punk and may not be doing very well in school, but i love Bryce with all my heart. if i hurt him, then i won’t stop you to hurt me” Ryan spoke, serious. Jon saw he was serious about loving Bryce. he looks at Luke who nods. “maybe keep your hair like that, Bryce likes it i see” Ryan raise a eyebrow. “you think so?” Jon nods. “keep it in mind, goodnight Luke” Luke nods. “same to you Jon” Jon went inside to Evan and Bryce to do some videogames.

Ryan was sitting, thinking. “can we go home now man?” Luke asked, getting in. Ryan snapped out of it and nods. “sorry man” Luke chuckles as Ryan starts the car, starting to drive home. both Bryce and Ryan couldn’t stop smiling for the reminder of the night. but Jon’s advice got him thinking as he went home.