bryce clyde jenkins


28 Day Black Character Challenge
Day Twenty-Five: Favorite parent/child and/or sibling relationship - Kenny and Byron Watson from The Watsons Go To Birmingham - 1963 by Christopher Paul Curtis
These two are not of the loving brothers variety, but what’s great is that they ARE brothers. Even with the most antagonistic sibling relationships, there’s still an element of care and affection. You can tell while Kenny isn’t his brother’s biggest fan, he still looks up to the guy. And on more than one occasion, By sticks for the kid or tries to help him. Like when Kenny’s getting picked on by this douchey kid, By gives the little shithead hell, and tries to let Kenny do the same. If you haven’t read the book, look it up! It’s great stuff!

Easy A: This one was great for the big screen. And, although I watched it at home, I still enjoyed some of it. I have to say, the cliched story of teen angst is getting a little old for me, but the spin that this movie put on it, really kept me intrested through out. Patricia Clarkson, Stanley Tucci, Emma Stone, and Bryce Clyde Jenkins all really clicked in the familly scenes, which were coincidently by far the best.