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anonymous asked:

How did you come about this project?

In this case, Jay’s book was my reference book for a film called Asad that we had done back in 2012 about Somalia. Jay’s book was the only book available that would give us reference for the movie. That movie went on to get award nom. We bought the rights to the book, sat down and interviewed Jay, we looked for a tall actor… - Bryan

Yeah i tried to work on my height - Evan

i knew Evan was the guy - Bryan

Bryan sold it too. He talked about the Somali culture and the film Asad. It was really a chance to get to work with a different culture and get to see who they were and Bryan really made that a key thing and that’s what made me want to do it. - Evan

Challenging role. Challenging piece of work - Bryan

And the beard. 3 different beards. - Evan


Bryan is a sweet, sensitive kid with an immense love for Doctor Who and will be turning 13 on the 12th of September. Recently, he has been diagnosed with Autism (Aspergers). Because of this he has difficulty socializing with others. He’s targeted and bullied on a regular basis simply for being different.

The bullying has impacted Bryan greatly. He is left with no friends and, when the subject of his birthday came up, has decided to go without a celebration because he believes that no one would come to see him on his special day.

No child should ever feel so alone and friendless. That is why I am here, reaching out to all of you. I want to do something special for Bryan. I want to give him an extraordinary birthday.


Let me start off by stating that I am not looking for money. I’m not looking for gifts to be sent. This isn’t about that. All I would like is for you to take some time out of your day and send Bryan a birthday card.

If purchasing a card isn’t possible, for whatever reason, then something homemade or a simple letter wishing him well on his birthday would be more than welcome.

Please, take the time to consider helping me. I want to be able to present Bryan with these cards and show him that people, even strangers, believed him to be special enough to have taken the time to send him something. I want him to know that despite the rough time he is going through now, there is hope and there are people who will accept him for who he is.


Any small gesture would be greatly appreciated and if you could, please, reblog this to help me spread the word and, hopefully, get more people involved I will be forever grateful.

John Barrowman [see his contribution here] and Simon Fisher-Becker [see his video here], actors in Doctor Who, have already lent a hand for my cause. Will you?

By clicking [here] you will find the P.O. box where you can send any cards.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and help me with my project!