Sometimes, I sit around and just think about all the things Bryan and I have gone through together and I never thought that we’d end up dating each other and now on the 3rd it’ll be 11 months together. I’ve slowly realized that he has started saying things I say and I listen to country music a lot more know because he loves it. He’s slowly given up cigarettes because he knows the smell of them can give me headaches some days and he just makes me feel safe. I would have been fine with him in my life as just a best-friend, but know I’m happier than I’ve been in a number of years. He’s showed me how to be happy again and I just love him so much. I don’t care what my family says about him or what ignorant, close-minded people have to say about him either. 

I’ve been back from Bryan’s for one day and fuck I wish I never came home. This house and these people are too much. Bryan’s family doesn’t fucking scream and make people feel like shit and my family makes everything horrible. But, one day I will no longer have to deal with these people.