In my playthrough of Fallout 3 I had the Children of the Wasteland mod where you can play as a child, I also installed a mod allowing you to “adopt” Bryan Wilks after rescuing him from the ants, and have him follow you around as a companion, helping you in fights.

So now I have them going on adventures together as best friends, sharing a house in Megaton which they fill up with toy cars, bottles, costumes, bb guns, and junkfood. I went back to Bryan’s house and rescued his lawn gnome and teddy bear and all of his dad’s personal belongings so he can have stuff to fill his own room with.

I imagine they stay up all night sharing stories about how Bryan grew up in the wasteland, how Cole grew up in a vault, what they want to do after they’ve gotten rid of all the bad guys and become grown ups.

Two lonely kids who miss their dads.


“Yes, you were rather annoying, weren’t you.”


So, this time around I’m playing a real bag of dicks, just to see what consequences it has.

While the impact on gameplay is minimal, being evil in Fallout feels a lot more evil than in Skyrim, where you pay a meaningless sum or go to sleep in a jail.

Also, Three-Dog will change his announcements of messianic praise to ones of condemnation, even if they’re followed up by “something good”, which is pretty annoying. So you’ll get something like “this dude is a murderous psycho, please help him find his dad“ or “hey, this one dude totally blew up a town, you definitely should read his book”.


I made this and re-voiced some of my lines from Bryan Wilks in Fallout 3 because clearly I have nothing better to do with my life

“Oh, no, oh no oh–”

Bryan leaps into a ditch, rolls, comes up on his feet and keeps running without wasting time on checking his scrapes and bruises. He can still run, that’s what’s important, obviously his legs aren’t broken, and the faster he runs (out of sight, oh thank God they can’t see him they’re getting quieter they aren’t following him closely), the faster he’ll get to safety.

He has no idea where he’s running to. He doesn’t know much outside of Grayditch… Didn’t his dad mention a settlement to the north-west? Mega-something? Maybe– maybe if he heads towards there, he’ll run into his dad, yeah, maybe his dad escaped and headed for the Mega-place!

Or maybe…

He almost stumbles as he sobs at the thought: maybe his dad didn’t, and maybe at Mega-place he’ll just have to find someone to– to avenge Grayditch. To kill those fuckin ants and maybe make everything okay–

No. No, nothing’s gonna be okay again if his dad is gone.

But maybe…

Bryan slows, realising he can’t hear the click-click-clicking of antennae anymore, realising he’s out of serious danger. He cautiously climbs up the steep slope, poking his head above to see where he is and if anyone’s nearby. Seeing no giant insects or Raiders or Super Mutants, he scrambles up completely and starts walking in the direction of some tall buildings. Is that Mega-place?

Maybe there he’ll find someone who can at least help.