‘Hannibal’ Season 4: Bryan Fuller Reveals The Show Is Back On The Table, Hugh Dancy And Mads Mikkelsen Are In
Bryan Fuller gives the Hannibal fans an early Christmas present—the show is back on the table, and Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy are on board, reported TV Guide. Since the show’s ...

“It looks like Bryan has been talking about the series with former executive producer, Martha De Laurentiis, who produced two of the Hannibal movies, Hanibal and Red Dragon.

“Fuller explained that given the fact that in just a few months Laurentiis will regain the rights to the series, returning for Season 4 finally feels like a real possibility. If Hannibal were to come back, they would have to work with Gaumont Television production company if they wanted to use the same characters, but Fuller didn’t think that would be a real issue.

“De Laurentiis and Fuller now work together on American Gods on Starz. Bryan added that given the nature of Hannibal, he felt maybe it would be a better fit for Starz.“

The sex scene in tonight’s episode of ‘American Gods’ between two Middle Eastern men actually made me more emotional than horny.

The fact that we’re finally seeing so many gay men of color on screen is extremely uplifting. ‘Sense 8’, and ‘Moonlight’. Yeah I know there are other shows/movies out there as well. These works of art are going to mean a lot for gay men of color who have yet to feel validated in the LGBT community.

We’re here.

You know what’s the best part about American Gods? 

Shadow’s constant state of fucking done. Like every time Wednesday does something his level of “done” just becomes more and more so at some point Wednesday is gonna say something insane to him and Shadow’s just gonna be like, “Sure! Why the fuck not!”

Does anyone find like SUPER irony in the fact that Bilquis’ entire story in the season finale was told by Mr. Nancy, and she says NOT ONE WORD THE ENTIRE SCENE except to her sexual conquests, when the entire POINT of the story was how men silence women and reinterpret their stories for their purposes?

I am wondering if that was intentional or if the (dude) writers just didn’t see the heavy irony in that.