Dear Westlife,

I was 6 years old. I was sitting in my granny’s kitchen with my 18-year-old uncle. We were really poor those days and I remember basically nothing from that age. He had got his first CD and it was called “Westlife”, simple but catchy. We even didn’t have a CD-player, my uncle had to borrow it from our neighbours. When the CD finally began playing, I fell in love for the first time in my life - it was the first time I heard Shane’s, Mark’s, Nicky’s, Bryan’s and Kian’s amazing and just perfect voices. And there we sat, my uncle and me, listening to a little bit mumbling songs. But I didn’t care. We listened to the CD over and over again and we sang along and danced and we were so happy. Nothing else mattered. I never thought that music can make me smile that much. I never thought that music can bring hope. I never thought that a band can make me laugh. I never thought that Westlife can save me. Save me from misery, sadness and hopelessness. But also be with me in my success and happy days. 

Now I am 18. My uncle is 30. He has a wonderful 6-year-old daughter who I really love. She loves to sit in my granny’s kitchen listening to Westlife CD - the same mumbling CD I used to listen with my uncle. And it is the best time ever. I have filled her life with music, with Westlife. And she admires them - they are her idols. 

And now my heroes will split. I have never been on their concert, I have never seen them alive, but I will love them forever. I love them, their music and the memories they gave me. And I want to thank them for everything they have given to me - they have given the whole world to me. I know that probably no one will read this, the boys neither, but I just had to wrote this down. I love you, guys, and I will always love you. Thank you! 


“Bryan can you get out of bed .. ‘cos Mark won’t get out of bed until you get out of bed!”

Brilliant… this is one of my fave Westlife vids cos it is just so silly…. 

Happy 14th Birthday Westlife xx