Adjust me pls thank you sir may I have another

I am still in the game.  Today I did some 90’s looking Yoga workout by a guy named Bryan Kest.  Bryan Kest kicked my ass.  Then I did Tiffany Rothe’s lower ab workout.  I am spent harder than a crack addicts last dollar.  

I so, so do not want to be one of those people who breaks their resolutions.  "Resolutions" has just become a buzzword for people who want things to get better, but laugh it off when they fuck it up… I’ve been one of them many times!  A resolution is “The state or quality of being resolute; firm determination.”  I try to keep that in my head.  I have resolved to do several things this year!

However, the first of the year came, and while my eating has been on point, I had gotten lazy.  I couldn’t really get off of my ass the way I wanted to, and not much motivates me when I am in no mood to be motivated.  Ok, goals should be done for YOU, but sometimes a girl needs a kick in the ass.

I am already sore (which is good) and I feel like I did my best today.  Plus, cantaloupes were on sale, so I am going to have one of those lovelies tomorrow.