Adjust me pls thank you sir may I have another

Pertaining to the physical practice “asana.”

The body talks to us in the language of sensation! It says, “that feels good” and “that does not.” The reason for this is to keep us safe. Why would we not listen to what we are feeling? How far we go in a pose should be directly related to how it feels and whether we can breathe free, not holding the breath and straining. Remember there is no proof that looser people are healthier or happier people. So we are not trying to get loose, we are trying to get well or maintain wellness. That will not happen if we do not honor what we are feeling. This is not a sport. There is no proof that athletes are healthier or happier people. In my experience, health is a state of balance brought about by moderation among other things. Moderation is the opposite of being extreme. And happiness is a state of mental balance. Not craving and clinging, but accepting who we are and where we are at, instead of rejecting where we are at in a constant pursuit to get somewhere. Most people bring their craving and clinging mentality into the yoga class, and then the practice is polluted. In yoga class and maybe in life, let the practice be, “I am not trying to get anywhere, I am trying to make it OK to be where I am at” because I love myself and value my process!!


Bryan Kest

He is truly a wonderful guidance. I am so happy I discovered him and his dvds five years ago.

I am still in the game.  Today I did some 90’s looking Yoga workout by a guy named Bryan Kest.  Bryan Kest kicked my ass.  Then I did Tiffany Rothe’s lower ab workout.  I am spent harder than a crack addicts last dollar.  

I so, so do not want to be one of those people who breaks their resolutions.  "Resolutions" has just become a buzzword for people who want things to get better, but laugh it off when they fuck it up… I’ve been one of them many times!  A resolution is “The state or quality of being resolute; firm determination.”  I try to keep that in my head.  I have resolved to do several things this year!

However, the first of the year came, and while my eating has been on point, I had gotten lazy.  I couldn’t really get off of my ass the way I wanted to, and not much motivates me when I am in no mood to be motivated.  Ok, goals should be done for YOU, but sometimes a girl needs a kick in the ass.

I am already sore (which is good) and I feel like I did my best today.  Plus, cantaloupes were on sale, so I am going to have one of those lovelies tomorrow.