Their coffee is disgusting, but the fortune will have you licking your lips.  

I lost count of the nights I’ve spent internet stalking my imaginary celebrity husband and the regretful mornings when I wake up feeling like a sore tit.

NBC was always incredibly supportive of Hannibal. They allowed us to get away with murder [chuckles] on their network. Their broadcast standards and practices executive was an amazing asset and ally to accomplish what we did in terms of violence, blood, and stylization. I’d call and say, “We need this character to cut off his face and feed it to some dogs, how best can we prepare that to get on the air?” She’d say, “Make the blood darker, hide what you can in shadow, and I’ll do everything I can to help you get that through the process.” Their investment in [Hannibal] was smaller than Starz’s on American Gods, yeah, but [NBC Entertainment president] Jennifer Salke promised me that if we did Hannibal on the network, we’d be allowed to do the show we wanted to do. And she kept her promise.
—  Bryan Fuller in answer to Charles Bramesco’s question Was this a tough sell for Starz? What was your relationship with the network like overall? Bryan, Hannibal almost seemed to continue in spite of NBC. (Bryan Fuller And Michael Green Discuss The Ups And Down Of Making ‘American Gods’, 27 April 2017,

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