Broken Dad” - A Walter White Portrait by Brian Lasan

I’ve been wanting to do a Breaking Bad illustration for a while now. I’m a huge fan of the show (can’t wait for season 5B). I finally got around to it. I wanted to do a piece that showed a more sad and remorseful Walter because, even “the danger” gets bummed out every once in a while.

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5.13 (To'hajilee)

Todd has trouble with the cook
only 76 percent pure
He asks Heisenberg to take a look
but it will cost him more

There’s a job for Uncle Jack
so he sets a meeting
Walt doesn’t want a harsh attack,
and any pain should be fleeting

His former partner is the mark
Jesse’s threat did not misgive
He promised Walt with his remark:
to get him where he really lives

He says he loves him like a son,
but their pact can’t be rekindled
He called upon a hired gun
unaware he’ll soon be swindled

To draw Walt to Hank’s handcuffs
Jesse must act quick, and brash
He hooks him with a risky bluff
claiming he located the cash

But Walt’s alone when he arrives,
realizing he’s been deceived
In the haste of his surprise
calls Uncle Jack to be retrieved

He tried to nab him using Brock,
a plan that didn’t get too far
Filled with horror and with shock
he spots Jesse in Hank’s car

Cuffed and in the truck’s backseat,
they’ve got him where they need,
when around the bend, capped with conceit
approach the hit men, gaining speed

All set plans have come undone
Walt begs Jack to concede
but every soul’s got a brandished gun
and someone’s got to bleed


Oh my god the new Godzilla film looks amazing.

Now say it with me: AHHH IT’S GODZILLA!!

The Mosley Review: Godzilla

In 1954, the king of all monsters was born on screen and years later he went away. In 1998, hollywood tried to give him a new look and style but what we got was a fake and poor re-imagining. Now, in 2014, the king has returned and has been reborn for the new generation and man he’s never looked better. What this film did right was not show too much of Godzilla and saved his best moments for the finale. Also, the human story was surprisingly compelling as well and moved the film along for the most part. The only problem I had with the film was that it dragged a little bit in the middle but it quickly gets back on track.

On the human side, Bryan Cranston proves yet again that he is a power house and can chew up the scenery with any dialogue you give him. Even if he’s screaming at you most of the time. Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen were great as well but I found myself snickering at the fact that next year they’ll be playing brother and sister in Avengers: Age of Ultron and yet they play husband and wife in this film. It’s always great seeing Ken Watanabe in any film and he was good as the main scientist and he spoke the king of monsters’s name in such dramatic fashion that the audience cheered and snickered at the same time. Speaking of the king himself, Godzilla of course stole the show with his performance and that witty and chewy dialogue between him and the other creatures was nothing short of amazing. Sorry I cracked myself up there.

I’m so glad that I avidly kept away from other trailers and tv spots because when Godzilla shows up on screen, he’s everything you hoped for him to look like and more. And his classic roar, ear shattering! Now I know this film was not filmed in 3D and I usually don’t see films in 3D that weren’t filmed in the format but I didn’t care. I wanted to here his roar, every earth shaking foot step and every single building he walked into crumble in IMAX sound and it was worth every penny. The other creatures he fought in the film were very impressive and put up quite a challenge. The visual effects were top notch and like I said before I’m glad that they saved Godzilla for the most part for the final 45 minutes of the film because when you see him fight its like watching a classic monster film and you feel the love for those films in every frame. The score by Alexandre Desplat was on point and really made you feel the suspense and drama of each scene.

I can’t really further describe my joy in seeing this film but I will say go see this film in IMAX 3D or which ever theater has the best sound system because my seat shook and my ears rang. Director Gareth Edwards has captured the essence of the Godzilla franchise and has made a Godzilla film that is a staple in visual effects and is an instant classic for this generation and is a must go see film! Also, in the opening scene after the title, when you see the helicopter fly by, let me know if I wasn’t the only one hearing the Jurassic Park theme for a second.