Broken Dad” - A Walter White Portrait by Brian Lasan

I’ve been wanting to do a Breaking Bad illustration for a while now. I’m a huge fan of the show (can’t wait for season 5B). I finally got around to it. I wanted to do a piece that showed a more sad and remorseful Walter because, even “the danger” gets bummed out every once in a while.

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5.13 (To'hajilee)

Todd has trouble with the cook
only 76 percent pure
He asks Heisenberg to take a look
but it will cost him more

There’s a job for Uncle Jack
so he sets a meeting
Walt doesn’t want a harsh attack,
and any pain should be fleeting

His former partner is the mark
Jesse’s threat did not misgive
He promised Walt with his remark:
to get him where he really lives

He says he loves him like a son,
but their pact can’t be rekindled
He called upon a hired gun
unaware he’ll soon be swindled

To draw Walt to Hank’s handcuffs
Jesse must act quick, and brash
He hooks him with a risky bluff
claiming he located the cash

But Walt’s alone when he arrives,
realizing he’s been deceived
In the haste of his surprise
calls Uncle Jack to be retrieved

He tried to nab him using Brock,
a plan that didn’t get too far
Filled with horror and with shock
he spots Jesse in Hank’s car

Cuffed and in the truck’s backseat,
they’ve got him where they need,
when around the bend, capped with conceit
approach the hit men, gaining speed

All set plans have come undone
Walt begs Jack to concede
but every soul’s got a brandished gun
and someone’s got to bleed


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