Will(on the prison phone): Beverly, listen, the WORST thing you could do is take matters into your own hands.
Beverly: Got it. I totally understand, Will! (hangs up) I am going to have to take matters into our own hands. (Leaves for Hannibals house)

Bryan Fuller’s response to being let go from the show Star Trek: Discovery was basically just him saying, yeah, it sucks ass and I really liked the project but I ensured a woman of color was the lead in a franchise that is dominated by white men so fuck it, I'm doing good. And honestly, when I think about that all I can think is that that is exactly the sort of person that I want to be.


Hi fannibals and welcome to a new Will Graham and Dr. Hannibal Lecter’s drawing. I know I already posted this drawing some time ago, but not as part of “Hannibal S1: How it really was” series. Today’s episode is Fromage (Season 1, Episode 8) when Will drives for like two hours in the middle of the night just to tell Hannibal that he kissed Alana Bloom. Seriously, don’t you find Will a bit cruel??? This is what Hanni actually thought about that kiss. ❤️ 😭🔪

If you liked the drawing or it made you laugh, drop a comment please! 💕💕

Traducción al castellano
Buenos días y bienvenid@s a un nuevo dibujo de Hanni y Will. El episodio del dibu de hoy es Fromage (temporada 1, episodio 8), en el que Will conduce 2 HORAS! bajo la nieve para contarle a Hanni que ha besado a Alana. Esto es lo que Hanni pensó sobre el tema. Si te gustó el dibujo o te hizo reír, deja un comentario! ❤️ 😭🔪

Si te gustó el dibujo o te hizo reír, no seas tímid@ y deja un comentario! 💕

anonymous asked:

You seem like the person who would know anything to know about this, so, any news on the tv show I heard being mentioned awhile ago ? Thank you :3c

Hello! I’m flattered that you think so, but I don’t have behind-the-scenes access on the VC TV series, much as I’d like to have it! But I try to be the person who would know at least something about it. I can’t be watching for the news 24/7 so I rely on ppl to shoot links at me of posts from the Official VC FB pagetweets from Anne or Christopher Rice, news articles, etc., something that seems relevant and not just teasing! They do alot of teasing.  VC casting crowdsourcing requests.

There was a video posted to the OVCFB (this one from 5/4/17, I think? I can’t watch it now) where AR discussed the state of things, @firelight-fading was good enough to make a recap of the pertinent points!

The most recent thing, which I didn’t post about, oddly, I’ll make a post for it after this, is that the Rices met with Bryan Fuller about the project. He’s been a VC fan for a looooong time:

Was so enamored with Anne Rice’s Interview With a Vampire that, at age 15, he tracked down her phone number and called her, asking to do the screenplay adaptation. When she informed him that producer Julia Phillips owned the rights to the novel, he then called her; she was kind, but firm, in rebuffing him.

Chris gave him homemade shortbread cookies when they met. We all know Bryan’s chomping at the bit for Hannibal, but maybe he can hook the Rices up with someone who’s as passionate about VC as he is, or he can serve in some kind of advisory role? Idk!

OTHER THAN ALL THAT… Currently, to my knowledge, there’s no *new* news. Check my #VC News tag to see some of the past news, and watch the tag for any updates!

AR did post this yesterday (9/19/17), nothing concrete, just that it’s still in the works:

'Hannibal' Writer Says Bryan Fuller Has 'Great Idea' for Another Season
“We’re hoping we get to do it.”

“I’ve heard there are talks,” he says. “I know Bryan Fuller has a great idea for what the fourth season would be and Bryan, Don Mancini (writer-producer), Steve Lightfoot (writer-executive producer), all those people — and me of course — are hoping that we get to do it. I know what the idea is — I mean, unless he’s changed it. He had a very cool idea that we would have done had he gotten another season.”