Red Dragon con 3 recap part 4

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Hugh and Bryan Q&A panel summary (part 2)

Now with Hugh AND Bryan! Hugh sure looked relieved when he arrived, he thought we were holding back asking questions (what, he didn’t feel he was getting difficult enough questions? ;P)…anyway, as you surely already have heard, Bryan pretty much arrived at the panel announcing how the answer to who is the bottom and who is the top is: “THEY FLIP!”


Hugh of course was flustered because: “here I was dealing with ambiguity for an hour, and then Bryan comes and says this…! Well, when I say platonic, I mean…flip.” (nice save, Hugh :’D)

-Immediately after that, Bryan got a question about Will’s role in SOTL, and how people have been worrying he wouldn’t have a role in it, in which Bryan answered something like “I think you’re reading between the lines. I don’t think we should ever lose Will Graham”. Hugh is his crutch, and they wrote the final scene of TWOTL together. They will never Abigail him. The thing is, that two studios own the rights, and well, different studios don’t mix well together..

-What did Will do after the asking Bedelia the love question: H: “I would say he compartmentalized it, but Bryan would joke that there was furious masturbation going on between them”. B: “Is there any other kind of masturbation?”

-About American Gods: Neil Gaiman is very involved in the show, and he gives feedback on everything. There was some discussion with Neil how the book was a bit of sausage party, so they needed more female energy. People didn’t realize how much misogyny there is still in the US (the audience applauded for this! H: “This is an anti-misogyny applause right?”). There is a theme of “what will men do to bring down a woman of power” in the show, and it felt especially relevant after the elections.

-Why does Bryan use bees so much in his shows? “Bees are magical. They are the very essence of life on this planet. Bees are a fantastic symbol of life, and the sweetness of life”.

-About choosing between Bedelia and Abigail to go with Hannibal on S3: Either Bedelia or Abigail would have to go. “The most hurtful thing Hannibal could’ve done to Will was to kill Abigail in front of him, that was his motivator”. If Abigail had survived, it would’ve been interesting to see a different version of what was happening with Abigail and Will, and Abigail would’ve been kind of like a Jiminy Cricket sort of character, but it wouldn’t had lasted long.

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can we just take a moment and think about what would’ve happened if Bryan Fuller wrote Sherlock.










(look how fricking excited he is omg)





just let this man write season 5, he’ll fix everything

Take a look at masculinity

Something I love about Hannibal is that they take Will Graham, a hard-working, blue collar, Louisiana boating, fly fishing kind of boy. He’s the average American man; he would fit in at tail gates; he drinks crappy beer; he wears traditionally masculine clothes like flannel and old jeans. And they make him sensitive. So sensitive, in fact, that he breaks under the strain of it. They force hyper masculine roles to confront that their ideal is broken, surface-level. 

And then there’s Hannibal. A hyper-cultured white collar foreigner who speaks multiple languages and pursues interests that are “not masculine” such as charcoal sketching, baking (not grilling), and being an amateur sommelier (instead of chugging that Coors). Yet under the surface they give him the alpha dominant, ferocious fighting personality. He not only can throw and take a punch - he goes into the beastly feral fury that Americans are supposed to worship. 

Will looks the part, and Hannibal is the part, but neither is accepted as typical dude/bro America, especially not in a supposed procedural cop show.

I just love that about Bryan Fuller. Subverting stereotypes of any kind makes me super happy.