bryan peteron

Book Review 1: Bryan Petersen's "Close Up photography"

Bryan Peterson’s “Close-Up Photography”, was published 2009, is 160 pages and has many colourful large print photographs.

There may be some minor and unimportant quibbles with the author.  For example, the author spends quite a bit of time differentiating between macro and close-up photography.  The author misses the point that macro photography is a specialized  type of close-up photography. 

It gives many great ideas on close-up and macro photography and deliver in some cases instructions on how to make the photos such as the ones shown. 

Close-up photography is an extremely technical subject, and the book does not go far enough into the detail of making these pictures.  It needs charts on focal lengths vs depth of field, and focussing distance required for 1:1, 1:2, 1:4 magnicications for different focal lengths.  These are just ideas, there is much more information missing. There also seems to be a lot of information missing on exposure and flash setups, and the like. 

Some of this is covered here and there, but not in enough detail.  In the discussion on depth of field the author could have chosen more relevant subjects and smaller pictures than the 2 half-page pictures of a church.  There is more irrelevant material in the book that could have been replaced with more useful technical details. 

The book also suffers from some questionable organization.  For example, there is a chapter on using wide angle lenses for closeup work in the section “Close-up vs Macro Photography” while there is also a section covering “Equipment”.  The headings and chapters are rather clumsy, and not chosen or organized in a logical sense. 

The book has many good ideas and tips which makes it an “Ok” buy. It is a pity that these ideas and hints were not formed into detailed and cohesive instructions.  It is a shame the editors fell asleep on the job.