bryan migdol


Last night was on the greatest nights of my life. My dreams came true and saw Black Flag. BLACK FUCKING FLAG. I was right upfront screaming my dick off to every single old skool song that I grew up listening to.I totally lost my shit during Revenge,Six Pack,and Rise Above.  My grandchildren will never hear the end of this. I woke up fucking sore with a smile on my face. Here’s me with 3 OG members.

1.Greg Ginn,the genius and mastermind guitar player behind every single release. Plus he wrote majority of the songs.

2. Ron Reyes. Vocalist of the Jealous again EP,some demo’s off the Everything Went Black comp,and appears with the band in the Decline Of Western Civilization film. He was also in Red Kross. Will also appear on the new album coming out this year with Greg.

3. Bryan Midgol. Original drummer of Black Flag. Appeared with Keith Morris on the Nervous Breakdown ep and also with him and BF on demos on the Everything Went Black comp. He was there just to support. I was hoping they’d at least let him play one song,but no luck.

Also the band pretty much opened for themselves. Good For You has all the member’s besides Ron. It had pro skater Mike Vallely on vocals. I use to like using him on Tony Hawk games. I enjoyed his old band Mike V.And The Rats and have seen Revolution Mother once. This band played like 20 songs. Only 3 of them were good. The rest were boring and dreadful like that mall cop movie Mike V was in. But meh,Much respect for the rest of the band to play 2 long sets like that. And no,I did not hate the new songs at all. Luckily it the crowed was calm during them so I had time to catch my breath and wipe the sweat off my glasses. Here’s the set.

  1. Revenge 
  2. I’ve Had It 
  3. Nervous Breakdown 
  4. Fix Me 
  5. The Chase 
  6. Blood and Ashes 
  7. Depression 
  8. No Values 
  9. Now Is The Time 
  10. Six Pack 
  11. TV Party 
  12. It’s Not My Time to Go Go 
  13. I’m Sick 
  14. Black Coffee 
  15. Gimme Gimme Gimme 
  16. Police Story 
  17. Wallow In Despair 
  18. Down In The Dirt 
  19. Can’t Decide 
  20. Rise Above 
  21. Jealous Again 
  22. Louie Louie


If this is near you I totally recommend it. Haters can hate all they want but it was one of the best shows of my life.