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17. My religion, spirituality, or meaning in life.

I was raised Lutheran and my mom still guilts me into going to church sometimes. I don’t really know what I believe personally though. I guess God probably exists. I don’t really think about it much.

18. Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately.


Silver Pendulum: Red Dragon, Thomas Harris and Hannibal, Episode 101, “Aperitif,” written by Bryan Fuller, dir. David Slade

From the script:

Will Graham takes a breath, exhales, then closes his eyes.


It swings in the darkness of Will Graham’s mind, keeping rhythm with his heartbeat. FWUM. FWUM. FWUM.

(Revised format.)


A Boat At Sea: Red Dragon, Thomas Harris and Hannibal, scene from the script for Episode 103, “Potage,” story by David Fury, teleplay by David Fury and Chris Brancato and Bryan Fuller. Filmed version appears in Episode 104, “Oeuf.”