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happy opening to the Angelica tour in San Francisco!! [v v x]
'American Gods': Gillian Anderson on Becoming Marilyn Monroe and David Bowie
‘It makes sense that one of the most powerful gods in the story is embodied as female.’

“I didn’t know all that much about Marilyn as much as we all know what’s in the greater consciousness: the key pieces of her death and her struggle and her marriage and all that,” Anderson tells EW. “And actually, I was surprised at how easy I found it to immerse myself in that and how much fun it was. She was definitely the one I had the most fun doing, just because there’s an imminent joy to her. There is also with Judy [Garland], but there’s something so delightful and delicious about Marilyn that was a lot of fun to jump into. And there’s a mechanism that we used to get her floating — I was on this robotic contraption that had been built with fans in it so that my skirt was constantly moving, even though they were going to recreate and enhance some of that in CGI. So for the majority of that scene, it was me being driven around via remote control with fans blasting vertically up my dress.” Anderson laughs: “So, that was fun.”