bryan benoit

“Can people stop comparing Daniel Bryan and Chris Benoit? “Daniel’s gonna end up just like him” “Run Brie run!” “In 2017 Daniel’s gonna be a murderer” STOP. It was obvious that Chris was a little messed up in the head, Chris did drugs and steroids. Daniel doesn’t do ANY drugs, and he’s not messed up in the head. Making that comparison is wrong in some many ways. Please stop.“

“A shorter, less-than-telegenic submission specialist who was never meant to make it past the midcard, whose finisher is modified Crossface and whose signature is a diving headbutt, married to a Diva, called one of the best of his generation, plagued by injuries, main-evented WM after an ‘interesting’ royal rumble finish, defeated HHH and won the World Heavyweight Title in a triple-threat by submission in the same night. Yeah, Bryan and Benoit are the same guy.“