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[PLEASE HELP ME XD] I have a crush on GUN (Love's Coming 2), BRUZE (Club Friday Series 5), BANK (Hormones 2) and JAMES (Hormones 2). Can you provide me their biodata? It is very difficult to find it on internet as I don't understand their language. Thanks :*

Hi, I don’t know much about James and Gun ( though I do like their movies :((!! ) I just know little about: 
Bank: - full name: Thiti Mahayotaruk

           - DOB: 19/11/1996

           - Height: 175 cm.

           - Hometown: Khon Kaen, Thailand

           - Twitter:

           - IG:

Bruze: - full name: Bruze Sirikorn

           - DOB: 1993 ( I don’t have his birthday :(! )

           - Job: model, actor

There’re too many FB accounts named Bruze Sirikorn, so I don’t know which one is real. And here is James’s Twitter account 

That’s all I know about them, sorry as I can’t help you more! ( I don’t know their language either :((  )

Nice day! ^_^ 


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