brute man'

Every man is a safe, a vault of secrets and longings. Now, there are those who take the brute’s way, but I prefer a gentler approach– the right pressure applied at the right moment, in the right place. It’s a delicate thing.
—  Six of Crows, Leigh Bardugo
Fire Emblem Awakening units in a nutshell


Chrom- Now I’m angry!

Lissa- I am NOT delicate!

Frederick- Chrom no

Sully- I’m going to wreck you gods damned, pegasus- dung, bastards

Virion- *Intense flirting*


Stahl- I’m just your normal man, but with a great passion for food.

Vaike- Time for ol’ Teach to screw something up.

Miriel- Your stupidity astonishes me

Sumia- *trips* Oops! *crashes* Silly me!


Lon’qu- Back away woman

Gaius- Sugar…

Cordelia- Chrom…

Ricken- I’m NOT a kid! I…just need to grow a bit.

Maribelle- Ugh, go away brute! 

Panne- Man-spawns

Gregor- Gregor may look old, but Gregor young at heart

Nowi- Let’s play hide-and-seek!

Libra- I’M NOT A WOMAN. 

Tharja- Swiggity swooggity, coming for Robin’s booty

Olivia- *Blushes*

Cherche- I’m going to crush you :). Right Minerva?

Henry- Ooooh blood!

Imagine: During a shootout with the unsub, Spencer takes a bullet to the neck for you. He is immediately rushed to the hospital and you refuse to leave his side until he wakes up.

“You should get some sleep, it’s getting late out.” your boss, a tough brute of a man with a soft spot for his team, Aaron Hotchner suggests.

You turn to face him, your eyes obviously tired and worn out, “I want to be here when he wakes up.” you explain, “I won’t leave his side until then.” From previous encounters, Hotch is aware of how stubborn you can be when it comes to ensuring the safety of the people you care about. It is obvious to him, as well as the rest of the team, of your budding feelings for Spencer, and his own for you. Although the both of you remain oblivious to these more than obvious feelings, it is crystal clear that you care for each other.

“Alright.” Hotch sighs, “I want you to get some sleep at some point tonight though.”

“I will.” you nod with a weak smile. Your boss smiles back at you, almost depressingly, before turning to leave the two of you alone, “Hey, Hotch?” you call before he has a chance to disappear, “Thank you.” With another smile, Hotch nods his head before bidding you a soft goodnight and exiting the room through the dreaded Hospital door.

Finally left alone, you peer down at the genius. Usually, the profiler is bursting with life-as well as facts. Now, he lays still, like a museum statue, his big brown eyes once dancing with life remain closed. His pink lips which you often find yourself thinking about-your gaze inveitably drifting to them as he rambles on and on about countless facts and statistics-now are slightly parted in an unconsious state. The steady beep of the heart monitor floods your ears, causing your head to pound like a drum. You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding, bringing a gentle hand down to carefully caress his face, removing a stray strand of hair from his forehead with your fingers. Your lips twitch upwards into a fragile smile.

“You’re an idiot, you know?” you whisper to his unconsious body, “You’re way too smart to die.” you giggle, your eyes continuing to examine his face. Finally, your expression falls, a single tear rolling down your cheek as you mumble, “This wasn’t supposed to happen to you. You should have let me go. But you just had to play hero, didn’t you?” You grab his exposed hand with your own, rubbing your thumb soothingly back and forth across his knuckles, “Please wake up.” you plead, “I need you.” You lower your head, crying softly to yourself. Suddenly, you hear a soft mumble, just barely audible, say your name.

Your head snaps up and your heartbeat quickens. A pair of two curious brown eyes meet your gaze. Instantly, you are in hysterics, unable to stop smiling. “You’re okay.” The young profiler smiles back at you.

“If you weren’t so fragile right now, I would slap you.” you warn him, earning a laugh from Spencer.

“For saving your life?” he questions, his smile quickly faltering as he notices your eyes, now puffy and red, “Have you been crying?” he asks, attempting to sit up onto his elbows.

“Don’t.” you warn, gently pushing him back down, “I’m going to go get a doctor. Stay awake or so help me I’ll-”

“I’ll stay awake.” he promises, “But only if you promise not to cry over me.”

“Spencer…I almost lost you today.” you say, biting back more tears, “I can’t lose you.”

“I’m right here.” he smiles, raising a hand to cup the side of your face. You immediately take notice of his thumb, gently caressing your cheek. You lean closer to him, grabbing his hand as you do.

“You saved my life.” you whisper.

He smiles, his eyes flickering back and forth across your face, studying it carefully, “You’re worth saving.”
Finally, you lean forward, closing the space between the two of you. His shallow breaths shadow over your lips as you lean even closer until his lips are pressed against your own. You take your time, bringing your hands up to his face as his eyes flutter shut. You smile into the kiss as you hear the heart monitor speed up, finally breaking apart after a few long and passionate seconds. You take a few deep breaths, your eyes never leaving his. Your lips part as his thumb swiftly brushes over them. Eventually, you break eye contact, smiling down at the ground and pulling away.

“I’ll go get the doctor.” you repeat sheepishly. Spencer nods, mirroring the same smile as you.

Fate and Airplanes

This is for @a-court-of-throne-of-glass who oh so nicely asked for an AU Elorcan fic. I hope you like this (it came to me at 2 AM and I couldn’t stop it)


Elide Lochan knew one thing: she was completely fucked if she missed this flight. Her uncle had caught up with her and she could hear him chasing her as she ran towards the terminal. She ran as fast as her injured ankle would carry her, pushing people out of the way and hoping they blocked her uncle from catching up. She didn’t stop the apologize, she didn’t have time. She needed to beat the plane and she needed to get the hell out of Morath.

She got to terminal A and made her way to the front of the line. She collided with a brute of a man, his dark hair hung at his shoulders. He turned to glare at her. She could feel the anger and hostility roll off him in waves. But that didn’t intimidate her. He had a good foot or two on her. She didn’t even think twice she grabbed his massive arm and pulled him around in front of her. She successfully blocked herself from view as her uncle raced on by.

“What the hell?” His voice was deep and full of annoyance.

Only then, after he growled the words, did she realize she had actually done it. She would never see the inside of her tower again. Her breath caught in her throat as she realized this was freedom. A laugh bubbled out of the back of her throat. She had somehow gotten away. She wouldn’t go back, she refused to let her uncle marry her off, or worse, sell her to the highest bidder. Elide stopped and looked up at the man who had just saved her

Her dark eyes found an incredibly handsome stranger staring down at her. He was very tall, taller than any man she had ever met before. His eyes were as dark as his hair. But it wasn’t his looks that made her breath catch, or stop the laughter from falling out of her mouth. Instead it was the hard muscle her hand was still touching. His body seemed like it was modeled from stone.

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Still playing with versions of Ganondorf, this time I tried to draw Nabooru too.

Perhaps he’s at an age between OoT and WW/TP.

I’m really interested in his Gerudo heritage, and I like playing with that. His taste in jewelry is so delicate for a big brute of a man.

My outfit from day 2 of Border City Comic Con alongside the creator of said outfit, as well as many other epic outfits; badass steampunk guru and all around awesome human Thomas Willeford, otherwise known as Ironman:1889.

Photographer - Nequim Pin-Up & Boudoir
Skirt - official-kato-page
Boots - Fabulously Fetish

gunkanjiima  asked:

today👏is👏the👏ides of march❗️❗️❗️📆😜 Julius Caesar 💬might💬 have gotten💘the knife😩 but I’m ❌NOT❌🙅 going to stab🔪🔪YOU in the back👌🙏 because you’re my 👬HOMIE! send this to 1⃣5⃣ Rulers 👑of Greece that you 🚫won't🚫 stab in the back 🔪🔪 ET TU BRUTE?? 🙊


This man of a familiar face was stabbed earlier… 

This must be his dying words before he bleeds out on the rug.

I liked that rug….


To call woman the weaker sex is a libel; it is man’s injustice to woman. If by strength is meant brute strength, then, indeed, is woman less brute than man. If by strength is meant moral power, then woman is immeasurably man’s superior. Has she not greater intuition, is she not more self-sacrificing, has she not greater powers of endurance, has she not greater courage? Without her, man could not be. If nonviolence is the law of our being, the future is with woman. Who can make a more effective appeal to the heart than woman?
—  Mahatma Ghandi [To the Women of India (Young India, Oct. 4, 1930)]

Your head was throbbing and you groaned softly as you attempted to open your eyes. God it seemed like you had been out forever, basically dead to the world. You could remember the last thing you saw, that brute of a mans fist coming at your face in slow motion. And then nothing.

Your eyes felt like they were glued closed, and you fought to blink them open, not expecting the excruciatingly fluorescent lights that greeted you when you finally did. Everything was white, and you squeezed your lids closed tight thinking you might still be in an unconscious dream. 

A shadow passed over you and suddenly a man was standing there, over you, his bright green eyes staring at you like you were something out of a horror movie. You saw his eyebrows knit as he leaned in closer and you tried to shrink away, opening your mouth to tell him to get out of your space but what came out of your mouth was a dry and shriveled “help”.


Meet the team [open]

“Alright newbies, let’s meet the team of soldiers you’re about to be learning under!” The drill sergeant bellowed out, waving his hand towards a group of three. They all certainly looked ready for battle that was for sure.

“This is Noah! He’s our tactical support. In and out. Quick and quiet. Good hacker, better healer when needed. He’ll teach you the finer points of cloaking and espionage.” The man standing before the sergeant’s hand was of a darker complexion and had bright pink reptilian eyes. For a moment he seemed as though you could put a hand right through him. Almost like he was made of mist.

“This is Varric! He’s basically the equivalent of a brute! This man is six foot six and is made of solid muscle. He staff and how he uses said staff can and will break any bone in your body upon impact!” Varric nodded towards the crowd. He was very handsome and caught the eyes of many of the women attending. “I’ll be teaching you the finer points of the battlefield and what tactics work best in certain situations.” He explained, allowing his thick Scottish accent to take over his voice.

“The third and final you will be introduced to y'all after you go through the trials of these two! Fail and may hate you.

                           { @boorishbrute ♥ for some love…. sadly }

It was just like ANY other day as she walked down the path of the little boring village they lived in. Shopping & grabbing another book, she couldn’t help but keep her head in her book, until she heard a small grunt coming from behind her. Turning her head she couldn’t help but see HIM – the man everyone raves about — the HANDSOME — brute of a man. She almost became sick to her stomach before speaking. 

                      “ YOU DO KNOW, Following a woman around is stalking? I already told you no.” harshly SPOKEN, she turns her head and kept walking down the dirty path. SHE knew he would be giving her a headache and all she wanted to was get what she needed to be done. NOT another attempted for — what was the word — of yes, his way of flirting.Belle couldn’t help but keep walking and not bothering him with today — she did not need this type of headache.