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Lightning Bolts - Thor x Curvy!Reader

Request: I saw request are open could you do a Thor x chubby/ plus size reader? And reader wears an outfit (shorts and tank or a bathing suit) that’s shoes off her stretch marks and Thor sees them and thinks they are like little lightning marks says she is his?

Warnings: Just pure fluff, a few kisses

Words: 830+

A/N: Requests are still open! Please tell me what you think!

She looked down at her body in the mirror, watching the simple underwear she had at lest four sets of, but suddenly wished she didn’t as much as own. She looked at the stripes which crawled down her hips, to the ones that were on her stomach. Some were light and barely visible whilst some were much newer and flesh-pink. She hated the look of them. The stretch marks and the rolls on her stomach were the two things she hated about herself.

How had she been able to meet Thor with them? How could they have dated for a month and how could she be anxiously waiting by the mirror as they were about to share the same bed for the first time? What about her could possible be attractive enough for a god? A king?

“Y/N?” It was Thor who knocked on the bedroom door. As the gentleman he was, he had waited outside the bedroom whilst she got changed. She would have loved to be comfortable enough to get undressed before him, tease him to a hundred percent, but she just want that person no matter how much she wished she was. Insecurity had hindered her from doing things her entire life, and it had almost rendered her too insecure to accept Thor when he asked to take her out the first time, but she was overjoyed by the fact that she had been brave enough to say yes.

“Y/N?” He repeated in worry as she took too long. She stuttered, at a loss of words as she saw herself in the mirror and hated what stared back at her. When a few more moments passed, the bedroom door flung open as a worried, suddenly shirtless, Thor searched the room hectically until his eyes landed on her.

He raked up and down her body, his lips slowly parting before closing as he swallowed harshly. He kept staring and she felt her cheeks burn in embarrassment.

“Sweet mother…” His voice trailed into an airy gasp. Her eyes lowered to the floor, insecure beyond compare as Thor approached.

Startled, she looked up as Thor’s, large hands cupped both of her cheeks, forcing her to look up into his eyes. “You have my mark.”

A crease formed between her brows. “What?”

“My mark…” He let a finger trail down your chest to your stomach before tracing one of the dozens of stretch marks. “Lightning bolts, marking you as mine.”

She let out a short breath for a laugh, cheeks still burning red. “That was the cheesiest thing I’ve ever heard.”

“What does cheese have to do with this?” Thor asked so genuinely her heart warmed in pure affection for the brute of a man who had such an innocent soul.

“Nothing.” She assured with a smile and leaned into the touch of the hand which was still holding her cheek, closing her eyes. Thor softly curled his free arm around her back and brought her into his bare chest, the hand on her cheek moving to the back of her head. He bent his head down and leaned down to the crook of her neck and breathed in her natural scent, which to him was the eight wonder of the world.

He opened his eyes, looking down on the floor behind them without her noticing. He thought about saying it, just like he had many times, but this time it felt more opportune than ever before.

“I love you.” He said it, the three words which carried so much meaning to them. He could feel how Y/N slowly pulled away from him and her eyes met his. She couldn’t believe him. He knew she was wrongfully insecure about herself and that she always seemed so afraid that she would do something wrong whenever she was around him. He just wished she could see how he truly felt.

“Y-you do?” She stuttered, eyes glistening in the mellow light of his bedroom.

“Of course I do…” He couldn’t resist. He leaned down to her lips and kissed them as softly as he could. His lips curled around her bottom one and her right hand went to the back of his neck as she sighed into their first kiss.

They pulled away, Thor leaning his forehead against hers without opening his eyes. They stood there for a moment until Thor let out a quiet chuckle.

“What?” Y/N looked up into his eyes which were focused on their feet before meeting hers.

“Well, I assume you don’t love me back as you didn’t say anything…” He had a smug smile plastered on his face. Her heart skipped a beat, fear taking over her features.

“What- no! No, no, I love you. I promise I really do-” He kissed her again, silencing her rambling. She kissed back instantly and hated how much she already loved his kisses.

“Relax.” He smiled. “Don’t worry so much. I’m not going anywhere…”

She loved the sound of that.

A Blind Path Home, part 9

Steve Rogers x Reader

A/N: I obviously took some liberties with the storyline, but I tried keeping it as true as possible to the canon history. No beta used this time around, so excuse my mistakes.
Summary: It started with a blind date. A date you had skipped out on, but fate had led you right to the man you stood up. Steve Rogers, a man small in stature but big in heart. A chance meeting set everything in motion, but decades later when he is unfrozen, he has been told you have died. But when a mission to retrieve Hydra plans turned up some interesting information, Steve’s left to wonder whether you are still alive. Or is this all just false hope?Part One   Part Two   Part Three Part Four   Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight

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There was no goodness in Los Santos. Beneath the gloss of glittering beaches and the veneer of faux-historic buildings, the city oozed black. The most ancient family tree in the city belonged to the murderers and monsters that lay their poisoned roots in to the ground. It flourished a dark, blackened forest, and more creatures of darkness found a home there.

Tonight, the city was bathed in neon. Like a lighthouse for lost souls, it promised company and vice with every pulsing fuchsia hum.

Live girls

All night entertainment


They thought that Gavin thrived in the gaudy showmanship. A Midas. A golden boy. A foreign export, as sought after as Italian art or fine French wine.

Here, he was no one. And he loved it. He marvelled at how silent the night was while the traffic roared behind him. He savoured every solitary step in to the alley, the distant green light illuminating only the most invasive of obstacles.

The shaft of the gun against his temple was not a welcome distraction.

‘You’re going to die, Free.’

‘We all die, son,’ he replied.

The shot rang through the alley. His assailant—a brute of a man with no hair and a gaunt face—slid down the wall, painting the bricks red.

A flash of purple on the rooftop scarpered away.

Gavin rifled through the man’s pockets and found only a scrap of paper.

Gavin’s name.

Gavin’s address.

A smiley face at the end.

‘Guess I should make myself scarce.’

He plastered a smile on his face and continued his walk. He pretended that the slick of blood across his chest wasn’t uncomfortable, that he didn’t see the people looking again at him as they walked.

No one asked. No one seemed shocked. No one cared.

There was no goodness in Los Santos.

Gavin wondered if there was goodness anywhere anymore.

Wildest Dreams (Peter Parker x Reader)

Originally posted by jessikaort

You knew it was stupid, but it was unavoidable. It was a long walk to your favorite art store and naturally you lost track of time. In fact you stayed until they closed at nine. Then there was the three-hour walk home.

So here you were walking the streets of Queens at eleven o’clock at night. Of course it had to be foggy and slightly rainy just to add to the ominous feeling. The puddles gushed under your converse as you pulled your hoodie closer to your body.

You weren’t the only one with a hoodie and a man behind you emerged from the shadows wearing a black one with his hood up. At first you told yourself not to panic because this was way too cliché to actually happen. As his distance became shorter and shorter you thought again.

You picked up your pace and you could hear that he did too. There was no doubt now, he was following you. Your speed walking turned into running and so did the man’s. The streets were completely empty and if you could outrun the man you were almost home.

Sadly the man was more athletically inclined than you, an artist, and caught up to you. He dragged you by the hood of your hoodie into the nearest alleyway. You tried to punch him in the face but he grabbed your hand and pinned it against the wall.

You tried to knee him and instead felt the cool kiss of a blade pressed against your neck. “The less you move, the less painful this will be” The man grunted.

He tore off your hoodie and began to snake his hand up your skirt when a voice from above stopped him.

“I’m no expert but I do believe that is not how you hold a lady”

You looked up ever so slightly as to avoid a cut from the blade still pressed against your neck. In the moonlight you could see Spider-Man looking down on you.

The man pulled his hand away but left the knife against your neck. “Why don’t you come down here and fight like a real man” The brute taunted.

With ease the hero used his webbing and gracefully landed on the ground facing the man. “Well you said you wanted to fight. So let the girl go and we’ll fight”

The man removed the knife from your neck and took one lash at Spider-Man. The hero without hesitation knocked the knife away punching the man square in the jaw.

The man realizing he was easily beat ran off out of the alley and back into the darkness. “Are you ok?” The surprisingly young sounding boy asked rushing over to you. “He didn’t do anything did he?” He asked even more concerned.

You shook your head. “I’m ok. Thank you very much”

“It’s my pleasure miss” He said, and even though you couldn’t see his face you could tell he was smiling. “Can I escort you home safely?" 

You nodded. As he started to walk away you turned back and began to pick up your art supplies. Luckily everything remained unharmed. “You like art?” The hero asked handing you a stray paint bottle.

“Yeah” You said allowing yourself to smile. “I’m not very good at it but I enjoy it”

He nodded. “Let’s get you home”

The walk home was quite pleasant even though it was only a block. You liked Spider-Man, he seemed like a really good guy. Next time anyone questioned his motives you would be sure to defend him. 

“Thank you very much” You said turning around to thank him, but he was gone. You wish he would have stayed so you could say more. You really liked his company, but back into the night he disappeared.

The next day at school he was all you could think about. Instead of paying attention to the book you were supposed to be reading, you spent your English class sketching Spider-Man. You wanted to draw his face and you wish you could have seen it. Instead you drew his mask and used blue and red markers to define the detail.

As you struggled to get the jaw line right the boy sitting next to you leaned over. “You like Spider-Man?” He asked his chocolate brown eyes lighting up.

“Oh, yeah” You said nervously looking down at your drawing. “I actually met him last night”

“No way” The boy said, seeming to take a closer look at you.

“Yeah” You nodded.

“I’m Peter” He said extending his hand to you. “Peter Parker”

You took his hand in return and smiled. “I’m Y/n. Have you sat next to me all year?” You asked a little embarrassed.

He scratched the back of his neck. “Yeah, I’m sorry. I don’t talk much”

You shook your head. “No it’s ok, I keep to myself too”

“L/n. Parker. Zip it” Your teacher said angrily.

Peter lowered his voice and continued to talk. “So what was he like?”

Your eyes lit up. “He was wonderful. He left before I could thank him. I don’t think I’ll see him ever again but I wish I could”

Peter shrugged. “I don’t know, life has a funny way of surprising you”

“That’s it! Y/n, Peter, detention after school today” Your teacher growled writing you both up.

‘Sorry’ You mouthed to Peter. He shook his head smiling.

You found your stomach twisting in knots and you shifted in your chair. Something about the way he smiled at you gave you butterflies and made you feel more confident than you’d ever felt in your entire life. 

After English had ended you walked with Peter out into the hallway. “So I’ll see you in detention” He said smiling.

“Yeah” You nodded desperately trying to suppress your smile. “I’ll see you there”

For the rest of the day you found yourself unable to concentrate. You actually wanted to go to detention. You wanted to see Peter again. You could not believe you had actually never seen him before.

It was your final class of the day and you were staring the clock down. Your mind was racing. Thirty more seconds. Was he excited to see you too? Twenty. Maybe you two could turn into something. Ten. Whatever the answer was you had to find out. The bell rang and you basically trampled the other students rushing into the hallway.

You made your way to the assigned detention room and Peter was already there scrolling through his phone. As soon as he heard you enter he looked up and smiled again. Breathtaking.

“Hey you like the Avengers?” He asked pointing at your shirt with the logo on it.

“Oh” You blushed looking down. “Yeah I’m kind of dork” You said taking the seat next to him. You two were the only two in the room.

“I would also consider myself a dork. In a cute way” He added stumbling over his words. “Not that dorks aren’t cute because you are. I mean what” He said flushing shade of red.

“Don’t worry” You said giggling. “And thank you, you’re not so bad yourself”

For the next three hours you and Peter spent the entire time talking and sharing your interests. Turns out you shared the same music, movie, and book tastes. He even asked to see some of your artwork. By the end of detention you left with Peter’s number and a smile on your face. You didn’t want to go home.

Peter was so captivating. So much so that you had even forgotten about Spider-Man while you were with him. Spider-Man couldn’t be anything compared to Peter. Sure he saved you and was a nice guy, but Peter was giving you joy, and maybe even a chance at love.

The next day was Saturday and there was a knock at your door. You opened it to see a huge bouquet of red and white roses. As you smiled Peter peaked out from behind them. “Peter” You laughed shutting the door and stepping outside.

“I wanted to thank you” He said smiling. “For giving me such a good day yesterday. I’m so glad we started talking and I wanted to see you again” 

“Well I’m flattered” You said blushing.

“Would you like to go get some ice cream” He asked now swaying back and fourth nervously.

“Of course I would” You said biting your lip to keep a squeal from coming out. “So is this is date?” You asked innocently.

You could tell Peter was taken aback by this question and he swallowed before responding. “I’d like to think it is” He said looking at your for confirmation.

You nodded. “A date it is”

The ice cream was great and Peter was as sweet as could be. He walked you home at the end of the day and you wanted to kiss him but instead ended in a hug. His cologne smelled amazing and you nestled your face in his neck breathing it in and basking in his warmth.

“See you Monday” You called to him as he walked away.

“See you Monday” He confirmed. “I look forward to it”

Monday came but Peter was nowhere in sight. You stared at his seat in English the entire hour, hoping he’d run in late. He never did. You texted him as many times you though acceptable but no response. Did you do something wrong? Your thoughts were eating you alive and by the time you left school you were exhausted.

You always walked home through a field behind the school but for some reason today something didn’t feel right. It was the same feeling as when you walked home that night after the art store. Someone was watching you.

Without warning a cloth was placed over your mouth and nose and the world started to go blurry. You fought to stay awake but your vision was blackening and soon enough you were out cold.

When you woke up again you were in a warehouse. You pushed yourself off the floor and squinted. The light burned your eyes and your head throbbed. As you surveyed the room you realized you were in a supply closet. You pushed yourself up off the floor and wobbled to the door. As you turned the doorknob it was opened for you. A man with a gun dressed in all black ordered you to follow him.

You walked through the empty halls. Dust coated the floors and the ceilings were white with cobwebs. The room you were being led too was brightly lit and it looked like a lab. Strapped to a seat next to a man with his back turned to you was…Spider-man. Upon seeing you he began to struggle in the chair.

“Ah, she’s awake” The man said turning around. He was rather scary looking with almost black eyes and a large scar across his face. “Now we can get started”

“What’s going on?” You asked trying to back away until the man that escorted you in blocked you from movement.

“Miss L/n. So curious” He said getting closer to you and grabbing your chin.

“How do you know my name?” You asked strongly trying to mask your fear and confusion.

“I know everything about you” He said with a smile roughly pulling his hand away from your chin. “My name is Doctor Heizenberg, but you can just call me Doctor. You see Miss L/n I want to know what makes Spider-Man, Spider-Man” He said hitting the hero on the back causing him to gasp for breath. “But, we are running into a bit of an issue. You see the machine I want to test him in is rather…unforgiving. If a subject doesn’t go in willingly, they will die. Now I don’t want him dead but I do need him in that machine”

“I don’t understand” You said shaking your head. “Where do I come in?”

“Motivation” He said clapping his hands together making you jump.

“I think you’re mistaken. I don’t even know Spider-Man. He saved me once and that was the end of it.”

The doctor laughed at your comment. “You don’t know?” He asked far too amused for your liking. “See for yourself” He said ripping Spider-Man’s mask off.

“Peter?” You asked shocked looking at his beaten face.

“I’m sorry” He pleaded. “I’m so sorry. I wanted to tell you, I just didn’t have the chance”

“So, motivation you are. Peter’s silly crush turned out to be rather useful to me. I didn’t realize how much he actually cared about you until I mentioned your name. Son now” He said turning to Peter. “You get in that machine, or she dies”

Holy crap. You had to think fast. You watched the Avengers, what would Black Widow do. Weapon, you needed a weapon. You had watched the man that escorted you here put his gun in a thigh holster. You had to get it.

In one swift motion you grabbed the gun and pointed it at Heizenberg. “Let him go” You demanded.

Adrenaline was rushing through your veins. It was the kind of adrenaline that was a mixture of fear and excitement. Almost like waking up too early on Christmas morning and having to wait in bed until everyone else woke up.

Heizenberg laughed again. “Yes you’ve got a gun. Quite the spunky one you got here” He said punching Peter in the shoulder. “The real question is do you have what it takes to pull the trigger” 

Anger rushed through your body. “I do when someone messes with someone I love” Before you could even register what happened you had shot Heizenberg and he was on the ground.

You let out a sharp breath and dropped the gun. A big mistake. The man that had escorted you there lunged at your and tackled you to the ground. Within seconds his hands were around your neck cutting off your air supply.

As you gasped for breath you could hear Peter yelling your name and him struggling in his chair to get to you. You started to black out again so you weren’t sure what happened. There was a large clatter and the man was ripped off of you and into a wall. Moments later Peter was at your side helping you up.

“Are you ok?” He asked cupping your face in his hands. You nodded and he pulled you into a tight hug. “You scared me to death” He whispered into your shoulder.

“Me?” You asked pulling away. “You, you’re Spider-Man” You exclaimed. “You got kidnapped”

“You got kidnapped too” He said interjecting.

“And me, I…did I kill him?”  You gasped. “I mean he was a bad guy, but damn. I killed someone” You said for some reason excited.

“Ok, you’re in shock” Peter said grabbing your hand. “Come on I’m taking you to see a friend”

“Who?” You asked.

“Tony Stark”

On your way to wherever Tony Stark was, Peter called the police and left an anonymous tip about what had happened at the warehouse. He asked if you could slip into an alley so he could change. Spider-Man shouldn’t exactly be walking the streets for fun.

He stripped off his suit and could help but stare. This adorable loving geek was ripped, and you were talking ripped. His chest was so toned, and his arm….

“You ok?” Peter asked causing you to notice you were staring.

“Oh…yeah” You blushed. “Work out?” You asked innocently earning a laugh from Peter.

After walking a little longer you arrived at your destination. “The Avengers tower?” You asked excitedly. “I get to go in?” You were such a nerd.

“Yeah” Peter laughed scanning his thumbprint granting him access. “FRIDAY, tell Tony we’re here and will meet him in the lab”

“Yes Mr. Parker” The AI woman replied.

After being sat down in the lab Peter went in the hall to talk to Tony about what happened. You kept craning your neck to get a glimpse at the hero. After a few minutes he was walking in.

“Mr. Stark it’s an honor” You said gushing.

“Call me Tony” He said extending his hand to you. “Here” he handed you a glass. “Something for the nerves.

“What is it?” You asked taking a sip.

“Scotch” He said smirking as you spit out the bitter liquid. “You doing ok?” He asked examining your face as Peter watched worried.

“I’m fine, actually better than fine. I actually stopped a bad guy” You said still really proud of yourself.

Tony rolled his eyes. “Parker she’s fine. What you got here is a grade A badass” He said winking at you. “I’ll be back I think I should speak with the police” He said leaving the lab and the door sliding closed behind him.

“You’re sure you’re alright?” Peter asked coming to stand at your side.

“I’m sure” You nodded. “Are you?” You said gently brushing a bruise on his face.

“I’m ok, I can’t really feel anything actually. Although” He paused scratching the back of his neck awkwardly with a little laugh. “What you said back there, about messing with people you love. You love me?”

Now it was your turn to blush and get flustered. “I know we just met and it sounds silly but, I do love you Peter, I really do”

Before you kept rambling Peter’s lips were pressed upon yours. A warm feeling spread through your stomach and soon through the rest of your body until you practically melted into Peter’s strong arms. His lips were warm and surprisingly super soft. His hands wrapped around your wait and you allowed your hands to rest on his toned chest. Finally Peter pulled away.

“I love you too. What about the danger? It doesn’t bother you?” He asked suddenly very worried.

“No, and I trust you to keep me safe. Just as you can trust me to keep your secret”

He smiled again pulled you closer his lips locking with yours again. This time it was more urgent and was slowly turning into full on making out. Peter lifted you up and set you on a lab table. It was amazing until…

“Woah! Peter I thought you said this girl was just a friend” Tony said barging in and pulling him off of you.

“Not anymore” Peter smirked.

“I’m going to pretend I didn’t see that” He said walking back out. “And stay off the furniture will you?” He called as he disappeared down the hallway.

“You know something awesome I just though of?” You said lighting up. “My boyfriend is Spider-Man. I’m dating Spider-Man!” Peter laughed and grabbed your hand as you followed after Tony.

Fire Emblem Awakening units in a nutshell


Chrom- Now I’m angry!

Lissa- I am NOT delicate!

Frederick- Chrom no

Sully- I’m going to wreck you gods damned, pegasus- dung, bastards

Virion- *Intense flirting*


Stahl- I’m just your normal man, but with a great passion for food.

Vaike- Time for ol’ Teach to screw something up.

Miriel- Your stupidity astonishes me

Sumia- *trips* Oops! *crashes* Silly me!


Lon’qu- Back away woman

Gaius- Sugar…

Cordelia- Chrom…

Ricken- I’m NOT a kid! I…just need to grow a bit.

Maribelle- Ugh, go away brute! 

Panne- Man-spawns

Gregor- Gregor may look old, but Gregor young at heart

Nowi- Let’s play hide-and-seek!

Libra- I’M NOT A WOMAN. 

Tharja- Swiggity swooggity, coming for Robin’s booty

Olivia- *Blushes*

Cherche- I’m going to crush you :). Right Minerva?

Henry- Ooooh blood!


Pairing: Ragnar x Reader
Summary: Ragnar and reader are close and his new wife doesn’t like it. Ragnar goes to read, instead of talking about it, he explains himself in another way. Warnings: HOLY SHIT SO NSFW, killing mention, adultery (please don’t do that shit! I DO NOT condone it!), daddy!kink, praise!kink

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Length: super fucking long!! (once again I got carried away..oh well)
P.S. : uh, I’m pretty sure I’m going to hell for this so.. yeah. Here ya go! Send me postcards from Valhalla! P.P.S: this is a mashup of season 1 and 2 Ragnar, not completely accurate but guess what? it’s fiction! here we fucking go!

Being a Shield-maiden is no easy task. To think so would be fucking ridiculous. Constantly on edge, at the the ready, just in case someone was foolish enough to invade our shore. All the time spent training and preparing for the next raid, the next fight. Always ready to battle, sometimes just for the namesake, to show everyone in Kattegat you are just as strong and able as the Viking next to you. Man or woman.

The scars and wounds on your receiving end were not ugly, or frowned upon. Though I did know a few women who would cover them with long sleeves or hide their face. A few said it made them feel weak but I only saw the opposite. I liked my scars.

They made me feel powerful and worthy enough to call myself a Shield-maiden. They let everyone who saw me know that I had seen things they had not, that they were lucky to see me at all. They let people know I was not one to fuck with, that I was here with them and the enemy, whoever they were, were no more.

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Gotham Imagines (Jerome Valeska) { Daddy's Girl Pt. 1 }

You couldn’t be any more happier at this moment than you were in your life. The circus had finally rolled into town, it was honestly about time a little something happened in this town. Gotham wasn’t really known for its beautiful scenery, and generous neighbors.

As you approached the ticket booth you had noticed the young boy passing out tickets. His flaming red hair combed back neatly, and those eyes, his bright blue-green orbs. Those same eyes that locked with your own, causing your cheeks to heat up, and turn a bright shade of red. He smiled and tore another couple of tickets handing it to the last woman in line, before you stood right before him.

You watched as he rested his head on the palm of his hand, “How many today?” He inquired a dangerous glint in his eye.

You smiled back and responded quickly, “Uhm just one please.” He seemed rather shocked by your answer and you tucked a strand of hair behind your ear.

“Just one ticket? Nobody’s with you?” He asked giving you another skeptical look as he passed you your ticket, his thin fingers wrapping around your hand when you reached out to take your ticket.

His voice lowered to a husky whisper, “After the show meet me outside the tent.” He ordered, and all you did was simply nod agreeing to do so. He then returned to his friendly demeanor. “Enjoy the show, Miss.”

You smiled as you entered the tent, taking your seat. The man next to the right you was rather large not only in size, but in strength. The smell of smoke and alcohol radiating off him. You covered your nose to block the smell when you felt his eyes boring down onto you.

You slowly removed your hand placing it back in your lap, as you felt his hand slowly slide onto your thigh. You froze in your seat, and the man chuckled. “Forget the show.. why don’t we go have some fun, sweet cheeks.” You felt your stomach tighten as his other hand came down to grab your arm. “Let go..” you whispered not wanting to ruin the show for others.

The man however did not listen to you, and his grip around your arm tightened. He suddenly wrenched you from your seat pushing you down the isle. You wouldn’t have done anything this man wanted you to do, but you couldn’t risk loosing your life. As he dragged you from the tent you glanced over at the ticket booth, hoping that at least the boy could see you, but to your shock the boy was gone.

Now it was up to you to keep your own self safe. The man bright you behind a set of trailers and pushed you up against it the cool metal burning your skin in an uncomfortable way. He pinned your arms down and he leaned closer to your face, his rancid breathe fanning your face. You looked away disgusted, “Make any sounds.. and I’ll make sure you sound ever speak again.” He hissed into your ear.

Jerome had just finished locking up the booth, and as he came back he wasn’t really all that shocked to find his mother had already gone. Again with her recent sprees he had more time to himself. Though he didn’t seem to feel alone. He heard the hushed tone of two voices arguing a male and female. The argument suddenly piquing his interest he peeked around the trailer.

Only to find that same girl he spoke to earlier; pinned down beneath a brute of a man as he violated her space. He honestly couldn’t believe what he was seeing. “Hey!” He called out suddenly not really having to much control over his mind and speech at this point.

The man stopped and turned to face him. “What do you want little boy?” He asked gruffly glaring down at him as if he were nothing. You struggled to slip out of the mans grip as he was distracted though it was not working to well.

“I demand you let her go!” He puffed out his chest and pulled out a knife from his pocket, and the man broke out into a scurry tossing you to the ground. Quickly you scooped up your jacket and wrapped it around your shoulders. Jerome tossed the knife aside; immediately going to comfort you. “You alright?” He asked helping you stand. With a slow nod you let him help you stand back up.

“Come on… You can stay here for the night.” He told you pulling you along with him to his trailer. After you were comfortably seated on the couch he’d bright you a glass of water. “By the way I’m, Jerome Valeska, you?” He asked curiously and you blushed. “(Y/N)…” You responded, “Well..Miss (Y/N), you’re welcome to stay.” You nodded liking the idea.

“Yeah I’d like that actually…” You smiled at him, “Thank you.” You didn’t quite know it yet, but Jerome adored you, he couldn’t quite tell why, but something about you made him crazy. He wouldn’t have defended anyone else… he’s much to shy for that. He was determined to find out the cause and if that meant being around you he would do it.

Just what would happen to you. How would your father, Harvey, react to this?

Tobias and Eileen Snape

I have stated before that Severus’ childhood is a depiction of endemic unending poverty, domestic unrest (and implied violence), and abject neglect.  It’s also why so many readers leap to the conclusion that Tobias is violent towards Eileen and towards Severus.

But although I generally adhere to that headcanon, I think there’s such a wealth to explore with the Snape family.  Was Tobias an angry and violent man, perhaps prone to abusing alcohol and his family in equal measure?  Or was his reaction that day to Eileen somehow provoked?  Had he lost his job, and had come home to find that she’d recklessly spent the last of their meagre savings?  Had he caught her conversing with a wizard, when he’d sworn to stand by his wife, even when he’d been terrified to discover she was magical? Or had Severus accidentally revealed his magic, and Tobias had – in that moment – discovered the truth about his family?

Maybe Tobias was a brute of a man.  Maybe Tobias treated his family in the worst way.

But equally, with little to go on, is it possible that Tobias was trying to make the best of things?  Could it be that Eileen wasn’t managing to fit into the Muggle world, and kept risking their standing with the neighbours?  Could it be that she was neglecting their son whilst he was out at work, and Tobias couldn’t keep all of the plates spinning?

And what about Eileen?  How did she end up Cokeworth and married to a Muggle?  What had she wanted from life when she left home?  How did she meet Tobias?  Did he seduce her, or did she seduce him?  Why did they marry?  Did she love him?  Did he love her?  Did she tell Tobias the truth, or did he find it out for himself?  Did she yearn for the magical world?  Could she have returned if she’d wanted?  Did they try for Severus, or was he an accident?  Was it a shotgun wedding, or were they married for years before they had a son?  Did they have any other children?  What happened to her family?  What did they think of her behaviour?  

If Tobias was mistreating her, did she ever fight back?  Try to leave?  Protect her son from his father’s rages?  Or did she believe it was her bed to lie in?  Or did she dole out the abuse in a similar fashion?  Was Tobias’ rage in that scene a reaction to her mistreating Severus?

Did they love each other?  Did they, deep down, want to be together but they were strangled by the darkness in society – by soaring bills, job losses, alcohol and gambling?  Or did they hate each other, destined to stay married because it was the ‘done thing’?  Did they have affairs with others?  Did either ever pack their case to go?  If one was leaving, did they plan to take Severus – or leave him behind with the other?

Most of all – why was Severus neglected?  Why is he malnourished, and uncared for?  Why is his hair dirty and overlong?  Why is he wearing unsuitable clothing?

Had they cared, once upon a time?  Or did Eileen, as a witch, not know how to cause her son to pass in society?  And why does Tobias ‘not like anything much’? Was he always like that, or had he been beaten down?  Or is Severus’ observation a child’s viewpoint of a tired and gruff man who doesn’t have time for his son, who is always babbling on about magic and wizards and witches…and a world that Tobias knows he can never be a part of?

On the surface, the scene is very clear – a Muggle is making a witch cower whilst their son cries.  Their son, as a teenager, joins an anti-Muggle movement, keen on keeping the two worlds separate.  Is it because his father was awful?  Or was it because he saw the likes of the pureblood kids in Slytherin with their houses and money, and he returned home to squalor, where he shot down flies in his bedroom…  If only she’d married a pureblood…

For this reason, Tobias and Eileen remain two of my favourite characters to think about, because there is no doubt that it is their behaviour which shapes the man that Severus became.  I suppose the question is, is Severus as a teenager their true reflection, or was he rebellious and angry, and bore no resemblance to the boy they’d raised?  Or would it be fairer to say that his parents would recognise the man he finally became?

Whatever the stories and headcanons we create, no matter how we explain their stories, and fill in the blanks, one thing is for certain – the occupants of that house end up as miserable as they are depicted in the snapshots that we’re given. 

Alright, so I have Ideas™ about a convoluted Moulin Rouge Laurent/Crime Lord Damen AU, so bear with me, bc I’m probably never going to write this.

Um, TW: Violence, prostitution, the Regent being gross via implied CSA (but I’ll try to go into minimal detail for that), anything else let me know oh but Laurent!Satine doesn’t die so there’s that at least. Also a warning bc this was written in the early hours and has not been proofread at all.

Okay, so I’m real into Dual plots, so we’ll start with Damen, who is in this crime empire of some sort, I don’t know a lot about organised crime but the Akielos family is a Big Deal. So they make most of their money from the usual stuff: ‘protection’, drugs, etc. but they also have a name in prostitution, but the high-class kind. Their escorts are perfectly trained and come in all shapes and sizes etc, and in return for giving their lives and bodies (and most of their earnings) to the Akielos Family, they get to choose their own customers. So it’s shady, but like, not as bad as it could be. youtried.jpg

Except, our boy Kastor isn’t happy with being swept to the side and Damen being the inheritor so he’s been trying to get a following of his own (and Jokaste is helping him, but more bc she’s one of the escorts and she knows beauty runs out eventually and she’s got to move up in the world or get thrown away eventually. And Damen won’t marry her, so yeah, Kastor). And then surprise! Theomedes dies suddenly and totally mysteriously like wow, he was so healthy, how did that happen? (Murder!!). 

And Kastor is all: Suprise, bitch! This is a coup @ Damen, but he manages to escape with his life bc Jokaste has feelings of remorse and gives the poor guy a hand. So then it’s like the Crime Family equivalent of a civil war, Kastor’s got half the territory loyal to him, Damen has the other half, shit is going down.

Anyway, so at this point, it’s basically just mayhem: Damen’s trying to reason w Kastor and keep things together, and Nikandros is like, “We need to expand our territory,” so they can beat Kastor and regain control. 

This leads Damen one night to Vere, the notorious burlesque club that happens to one of the places Damen wants to take over. 

(Now time for a readmore, bc this is just the prologue, baby, it’s time for Laurent’s story)

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“Diplomatic Meeting” between the Scarlet Guard and Cal

This was requested by @dreams-of-feysand and @tiberiaschooseme also asked me to be tagged in it.

**Post KC fanfic**

Hope you enjoy!

Words: 1,446

Rating: PG-13 Some language ;)

Ships: Well it’s like, post kc epilogue (that never happened) so Mare x Cal AFTER breakup

(/ Cal /)

     I clench my jaw, thinking of how to continue. Remembering back to a few days ago, I sigh. Everything’s happened so quickly. Nanabel is already planning how to overthrow Maven, Evangeline and I are set to marry, and I’ll be King sooner than I know it.
     I thought that before anything, a meeting with the Scarlet Guard to set things straight would be incredibly important.
     Of course, Farley was the one sent to talk to me. A wise choice…The Scarlet Guard probably thought that the fact that I know her might influence me in some way. It won’t. I’ve got my propositions, they’ve got theirs.
     I didn’t invite them to argue, but it is time to tell them the things I’ve never said. The things I couldn’t say while staying with a base full of angry Reds ready to prance on me the first excuse they get.
     Hopefully, we can arrange some agreements.
     If not…

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A Gift For The Ones They Call “Khaleesi”

REQUEST: Oh oh I have one! Can you please do a Daenerys x reader imagine where the reader is trying to lay low bc she’s a Lannister from Westeros in Meereen who left to find Tyrion, but ends up being captured by one of the masters, who sends her as a “gift” to Dany? And Dany is angry of course, because HELLO she’s a person not an object. Which somehow ends with something cute n fluffy between the two? (Did any of this even make sense?? lmao sorry if it didn’t, I ramble a lot.) thank you!!

Sure thing, baby

daenerystargaryen x reader

Y/N was unafraid, strong, brave but most importantly smart. Once she found out about Tyrion captured by Jorah, she had to what was right. In her head, the name Lannister was not only about the riches and wealth but to her, the lion represented so much more. It was about protecting the pride, her family but she knew she was the only one who would.

The day Y/N set sail was possibly the greatest mistake of her life so far. With her brother nowhere in sight and everyone knowing that she’s a Lannister, it made it impossible to hide from those you know would pay anything for your dead body to be placed on a spike in their town square.

Y/N managed to hide for a few weeks, if even. She wasn’t keeping track to be fair. Y/N stole bread and whatever wine she could get her hands on. She did everything she tried to lay low and not cause a scene whilst still trying to find her brother but to no avail. Y/N heard them whisper in the drunken alleyways about her brother, The Hand? Surely, that could not be.

“I heard his mother fucked a troll and gave birth within a week.” Another whisper again. “I heard his brother and sister go at it on their sister’s bed.” The talk was unbearable until Y/N snapped once she heard that “ Tyrion used to rape his sister, ats what i ‘eard!” The laughs, the mockery of a name once held so high that those who spoke badly of it would be executed on sight.

Y/N unsheathed her gold and engraved dagger that Tyrion gave her as a 10th birthday gift and was ready to slice the drunkards throats until a firm hand grasped her once she reached the beggar’s neck. A strong brute of a man with burn marks on his face and a scar down his nose. “Send our love to the Mother of Dragons.” The man’s voice came from directly behind Y/N but as she whipped her head to catch a glimpse of him, the brute knocked her out cold.

Daenerys was ready to sail home and reclaim all that was lost to her once she heard a man screaming on shore. “My Queen, a package! A package!” With her guards aimed at the man, she steps off her ship and warily approaches the large package in wood. Once signalling to her men to open it, she finds a girl, no older than herself, beaten and blood splattered everywhere. With a shocked and disgusted look on her face, she bends down to help her up onto the ship with the help of the guards.

“Y/N……” Tyrion whispered yet Daenerys could hear. Y/N, she thought, may you wake up, young Y/N. “It is my sister, my queen. she must have followed me to find me. Stupid girl, always playing the hero.” He muttered whilst Daenerys was entranced with the burn mark left in the shape of…chains.. and wings? “The Great Masters”, she inhaled, “Tyrion, your sister, Y/N, is a gift from the Masters.” Tyrion held a look of neutral displeasure which slowly turned to rage as he flipped off crates into the ocean and punched a guard. “I’ll gut them! Everyone last one! She was the last good one in our family!” With Tyrion being dragged away screaming, Daenerys wrapped a spare cloak around your naked body and asked the guards to move you to the beds below deck.

With at least two days of travel left until the journeys end, Y/N woke from what felt like death. With a pile of clothes laying near to her, she put them on and headed for above deck. Y/N saw tens to hundreds of ships slowly marching along the water and in front of her, a bloody angel. White hair, pale skin, and eyes that could cut a man in half if he stared too long. her black robes matched yours with a slim cut that enhanced every perfect thing about her from her waist to her obvious ascent to royalty. As Y/N slowly moved forward to her direction, she was tackled by what seemed like a dog but ended up being her brother. “Y/N! Thank the maker you’re alive! Thank you!” Y/N opened her mouth to respond but was cut off with a hand to help her up. The Queen, you presume. Y/N bowed in front of her and Daenerys giggled. God, I could listen to that all day. “A friend of My Hand is a friend of mine” she states.

With only a day to go until they reached land, Daenerys had been informing Y/N on all of her recent ongoings, from owning dragons to Daario, something that makes Y/N’s heart sink but also fills with joy. As night time slowly crept in on the pair, Y/N felt a shiver run down her back to which Daenerys responded with cloak being placed around Y/N’s neck. “ Now you’ll be cold!” Y/N sleeply exclaimed as she didn’t want Daenerys to freeze to death before she could ask to court her. “ I would freeze before seeing you cold, my dear.” And with that, Y/N’s cheeks ignited and Daenerys full forced chuckled which Y/N felt right through her. “ I see your warming up, Y/N” Daenerys gazed into the side of her face where Y/N’s was still resting, Y/N took her head off her shoulder and lightly punched it  due to her pwn tiredness and that she didn’t want to hurt Daenerys, which could’ve been due to the dragons or that she was slowing falling for her. “Y/N” Daenerys whispered,” I know a way in which we could both  be very warm.” Y/N’s cheeks lit up again, “ Dany, I swear if you don’t stop I’ll-”  “You’ll what?” Daenery’s face was closing in on Y/N and Y/N whispered, “I’ll do this” Y/N placed just a sweet gentle kiss on the others mouth to which slowly became more passionate and lustful. Once they broke away from the kiss, Daenerys audibly gasped and whispered, “ I want you” Y?n becoming more confident  stated, “ I’m all yours”

To that night, Y/N and Daenerys ruled side by side as Queens of the Seven Kingdoms and became the most respected and loved couple that anyone had ever laid eyes upon. Long Live The Queens.

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A/N: idefinalty made majority of this up so we can all mutally agree that its now an AU where icant agree whcih season to even put anything in thank u

Love Doesn’t Discriminate (Part IV)

Word Count: 3637

Authors’ Note: Hey guys! This is part 4 of the fic, and we are happy to be sharing it with you. Also, up until now, we’ve been updating pretty much weekly, but are going to be taking a short break from LDD due to work and school stuff. We’re planning to be back with another new part in three weeks or so, but have fun with this until then!

Part I Part II  Part III

Pippa had been watching the small rescue party for a couple of weeks when she started to notice how close they were getting to the castle. One of the first things she had done after Jefferson had managed to stumble his way home was restore the tree that had fallen over and revealed the secret road to his and Y/N’s eyes. She couldn’t have a brute of a man and his sidekick undermine everything she had done to teach the spoiled Prince how to love.

“The old man is insane, we’ve been looking for the girl going on a month and we haven’t seen head nor tail of her,” Daveed muttered to Oak, who was standing by his side watching the old man deconstruct before them whenever they came to where he believed the road to some beast’s lair was.

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The Sword of Solomons - Alfie Solomons Fan Fic: One Shot (rqtd)

brinabear458 asked:

 Can I get an alfie one shot where a married or taken woman throws herself at him but he ain’t having it?

I love this prompt!!!   Because Alfie is sex on a stick, but loyalty is everything!

The Sword of Solomons

The musky scent of her perfume penetrated his office walls before he ever lay eyes on the beautiful woman. The clacking of her heels following close behind.   Finally the rich and smooth cultured tone of her voice lilting through the passageway.   A voice that purred more than spoke and every man immediately responded to its refrain with a twitch in his pants.  

The Triad of Lust; Alfie Solomons leaned back from his desk with a smirk of anticipation.   Nose lifted to taste the air and ears trained towards the approaching sounds.   Now if she has those nice, pouty lips stained red that he loved, this deal might just be the quickest one he ever closed.

At least he hoped it would be quick.  A last minute appointment that Ollie said the lady sounded most desperate she needed to speak with one Alfie Solomons.  That it was most urgent.   Sounded most mysterious and his intrigue was piqued.   Though he had another meeting scheduled immediately after so she’d better be quick.  It was a highly connected Russian mob associate and he definitely did not want to keep that sort of man waiting.    He checked his pocket watch as the sounds drew closer and noticed she was right on time.  Ollie opened the door and glancing up, Alfie immediately cursed aloud.

“Fuckin hell, what’s the meaning of this?”

Ollie stopped in his tracks. Alfie Solomons was a tough badass gangster capable of taking just about anyone out with a gun… or his smart tongue — but he never was rude to a lady.    The lad glanced at the woman who stood tall and straight backed in her high heels meeting Alfie’s glare across the room.  He swallowed thickly.

“Mr. Solomons, this is Ms…”

His hand waved a dismissal in the air, “I fuckin know who this is, now fuck off.”  

The assistant had got about two feet away when her honey tone spoke in contrast to Alfie’s grizzled boom. “Some tea would be lovely Ollie.”

Ollie glanced back at Alfie, who was leaning forward in his chair with elbows on his desk and fingers scratching his beard; eyes still drilling holes in the lady’s countenance.   Finally he waved one hand and gave a single nod.  Ollie left the office and disappeared down the outer passageway.

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