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td;lr: My Marxist Professor said some wild things

So I have quite a long story for y’all regarding my Marxist professor. In fact, he’s such an interesting person that I’m not going to give him his own tag (#adventures with my marxist professor)… so if you wanna track my wild stories about him, you know where to look lmao.

So on Thursday night, he had scheduled a pub outing with he and our class. I wanted to go because the pub was located about 10 minutes (on foot) from my internship, plus I want good grades in his class and I believe that part of getting a good grade entails getting to know your professor a little better by going to his office hours and seeing him outside of class to discuss class work). 

So anyways, I show up at the pub and he’s sitting at one of the tables so I join him. What ended up happening is that nobody else in my class showed up to his pub outing invitation. It was just me and him. Me, a 21-year old American Republican, and this 32 year-old Greek Marxist. I knew it was going to be an interesting night and quite frankly, I was far from disappointed; it’s made for a great story to tell at parties and to tell anyone, really. I will certainly never forget it!

He buys me a pint of cider. I insisted on paying but he wouldn’t let me! It was really nice of him to do that. The cider tasted great. He ordered a beer. 

Anyways, we get to talking. He notices the Republican elephant necklace I’m wearing and points to it with a furrowed brow and half smile. My reflex was to tuck it back underneath my collar because I was full aware of his political views. Then he goes all “DOn’t worry, I’m not going to give you a bad grade or hate you for your political views! But I do have a question for you… why do you hate poor people?” His blunt question kind of threw me off guard so I asked him if he was being serious or sarcasm… hint: he was completely serious. So I told him that I don’t hate poor people at all. I went on to explain to him about my beliefs in low taxes and a free market, and how I don’t believe in government handouts to those who don’t want to work. 

So we end up in a heated debate. He starts telling me that he hates Capitalism and that he hates the rich because as a direct result, other people suffer. He continues to talk about wealth privilege and how Capitalism promotes that. I acknowledged his argument by saying that I felt fortunate that I was born into a well-off family, but I told him that they haven’t always been well-off. He then exclaimed, “A Republican acknowledging her privilege? That’s unusual! Not only do you benefit from wealth privilege but you also benefit from white privilege! The fact that you have blonde hair allows you to benefit from white privilege even more!” I told him I wasn’t a real blonde and he responded with “Yeah, but you look like a natural blonde so others don’t know it’s fake. If I dyed my hair blonde, everyone would know it’s fake.” 

He then went on to say that he doesn’t like Obama because he benefits from wealth privilege and he also said that Obama is still half white so benefits from white privilege too. He also claimed that Obama is more white than he is, which confused me because he’s full blood greek and I’m fairly certain that the Greeks are more white than a biracial white/black man is… unless I’m completely missing something?

Next he asks me about my views on abortion. i tell him I believe it’s morally wrong and he expresses is bafflement on how I could possibly be female AND pro life. I told him that it’s not a matter of gender, it’s matter of ethics and I believe that abortion is ethically wrong.

We discuss the Second Amendment next. He believes that people should not be allowed to own guns, I firmly disagree with that. That was the gist of that discussion. He tells me that he used guns when he fought in two wars. Which is why he has a cane – he injured his knee in war and had to get it replaced. He told me that I must love the fact that he fought in wars considering I’m a Republican and all. To be honest, I don’t automatically love someone just because they fought in a war and I’m Republican.

After our brief abortion and guns discussion, I ask him his views on Marx, Lenin, and Stalin. He was born in Moscow originally, because his parents were diplomats. He says he grew up with a lot of Communist influence so that’s sort of how he learned about Marxism and began to identify with it. He claims he is a Marxist, Leninist, and a Stalinist. I ask him how he justifies being a Stalinist even though Stalin killed millions of people, even more than Hitler did. I was worried that maybe he would deny Stalin’s atrocities like a Neo Nazi denies HItler’s atrocities, but he didn’t deny them whatsoever. He said in response that “individual life is not worth much” along with a weirdly explained, jumbled answer surrounding that explanation. I felt I may have put him in the spotlight. It made me a bit uncomfortable to be honest. 

He tells me that religion is the “opiate of the people”, as Marx said. I found it funny that he hated religion and capitalism so much considering that he teaches at a private Catholic university.

We go back to talking about Capitalism. I tell him that a person deserves money for their labor and he tells me he disagrees because every person should just willingly help out in society so no one is poor. He says he hates the rich with a passion because it isn’t fair. I retort with saying “So what you’re saying is that if one person is poor and miserable, then we should all be poor and miserable?” He says yes, and his blunt honesty shocked me but I still appreciated his honesty instead of straight up lying about it. 

Later on, things get personal. He tells me about the things that he’s gone through in the past (and boy has he had to go through A LOT OF HORRIBLE things). I’m not going to talk about them here because that stuff is real private and I promised him I wouldn’t tell anyone. 

He then tells me that I am extremely unlikeable because I come off as arrogant, standoffish, and socially… different. I ask him why and he tells me that I’m a really intense person in that my preferred topics of conversation tend to be heavy. I’m also not super bubbly and I don’t act friendly just for the sake of being friendly. He says that it’s a result of me being highly intelligent. Every time he complimented me, he would say “I can’t believe I’m actually saying this to a Republican but you’re very intelligent.” He said it was too late for me to change others’ minds of me and I said that I thought that was unfortunate because I always give people second and third chances in making impressions on me. He tells me that I’m extremely open minded as a person and again, he can’t believe he’s saying that to a Republican. 

He told me that we’re a lot alike in that we’re both really intense and intelligent people and that most people don’t like that and so they don’t want to talk to us that much. I was complimented when he told me I was highly intelligent but kinda sad when he explained how I came across to people. On the contrary, I was so relieved by is brute honesty. I knew I was having trouble socializing with people and I kept trying to figure out why. He didn’t brush things over and I appreciated that. 

We sat in the pub and talked for 4 hours. He told me that, and he can’t believe he’s saying this, but I, a Republican, held his interest and attention for 4 hours and apparently, people rarely hold his interest and attention. 

Ultimately, I have extremely mixed feelings about him. I HATE his views with a burning passion. Sometimes he hurt my feelings. But he was honest and he liked to engage in debate and he’s, although politically stupid in my opinion, generally highly intelligent. The man speaks 8 languages fluently after all! I don’t know what to think, honestly. I’m so confused!

Swore I’d Never Come Back Here Again (Part 3)

A/N: Final part of the SPN/SOA Crossover! Find previous part here

Dean x Reader, Jax Teller

Warnings: swearing. angst, fluff

Word Count:1400

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The next morning was spent with Dean being hesitant and cautious around you, which only increased the guilt you felt for bringing him into this shit. It was dramatic and unnecessary – atleast that’s what you’ve constantly told yourself since you left. The two of you ate breakfast silently, the bustling of the diner was enough to fill the void for now but you knew you needed to say something.

Dean, however, understood that this was painful. He recognized the longing in your eyes of the life that once had been so simple; and compared to the hell that you’ve endured alongside with him, he couldn’t blame you.

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This is Miss Blackbone. (Widow and War Veteran)

I am leaning more the have Blackbone be from the “original” UT timeline. But she turned out to have her own “business” in the Underground then in the surface. She’d be more focused for the timeline in the surface though but would blend well with a mafia/mobfell AU/timeline. Just tinker her story a bit.

But yes. This is Blackbone. She kept her partner’s name and doesn’t like to be called by her real name unless she really trusts and like you. She a woman of brute honesty but can be caring to younger monsters and humans. very supportive in their education. She does however takes jobs and makes choices others do not like to make. But a business is a business.

Thought she gives jobs as bodyguards, magic training and selling weapons. Blackbone does not allow the sell or trade of (illegal)drugs or magical ingredients that are toxic and dangerous to handle. Anyone under 21 can only work for her in her herb/drugstore and restaurant . She’s a bad woman to some and good woman to others. While really… She’s just a woman that does whatever it takes to have some power and keep those around her happy and safe.

Mess with her family , she will come after you herself.

in their clothes

i’ve gotten various requests along the lines of, how would the boys react seeing you in their clothes/sleeping in their clothes etc. so i decided to combine them. perhaps i will write longer drabbles based off of these later. 

shownu: you would be out with a group of friends at the beach. everyone would be in a good mood either tanning, swimming, playing in the sand, or just walking along the shore. you would run into the water as soon as you got to the beach, excited to finally be in the sea for the first time in a long time. after you had swum to your heart’s delight, you would make your way back to the shore. shivering as the cool sea breeze engulfed your wet body, you would wrap your towel around yourself tightly for warmth. you would then facepalm yourself, realizing you left your clothes in the car. “don’t worry, i think shownu brought an extra t shirt you could wear. i’m sure he won’t mind,” your friend reassured you as you slipped your arms and head into a large grey crewneck. two hot dogs and three sprites later, you would feel someone tap you lightly on the shoulder. “i’m not sure if we’ve ever met but i’m shownu,” a cute boy would say, a slight shade of pink slowly creeping onto his cheeks as he took in the sight of your tiny frame in his huge shirt. “oh! hi, i’m sorry, do you want your shirt back?” you would ask frantically as you tried to pull yourself out of the comfy sweater. showu would laugh slightly to himself as he shook his head. “no, no. it’s okay, really. just keep it so i have a petty excuse to get the shirt back and see you again.”

wonho: it would be the morning of wonho’s birthday. you would jolt awake early in the morning and slip out of bed as quietly as you could, not wanting to wake the sleeping birthday boy up. immediately, a draft of cold air would greet your body and you would shiver as you made your way to the closet, grabbing the first warm thing you saw and slipping it over yourself. looking down, you realized it was wonho’s most worn sweatshirt. it went down to the middle of your thighs but you just shrugged as you made your way to the kitchen to prepare a surprise breakfast for the two of you. you would be so focused on cooking, you wouldn’t notice wonho’s presence until you felt his strong arms wrapped around your waist, his chin resting on your shoulder. “i can’t tell which gift i like more, the food or you looking super fine in my clothes,” his would murmur with a smirk.

minhyuk: “are you okay?” minhyuk would ask, his eyes etched with concern. you would brush him off, of course you were fine. he would look you and your white coffee stained dress up and down and sigh, “this is not going to work out.” the next thing you knew, he would be dragging you by the wrist back to his dorm. he would throw a large black shirt and baggy sweatpants in your face. “here, take a shower and wear these,” he would say as he gently pushed you into the bathroom. a few minutes later, you would emerge feeling like a hobo dressed in such baggy clothes. minhyuk’s eyes would grow big as a lump formed in his throat, speechless at how adorable you looked. you always looked nice in skinny jeans and tennis skirts, but seeing you in his own clothes made him feel butterflies all over again “stop staring at me like that, i know i look weird,” you would grumble as you crossed your arms. minhyuk would just laugh cheekily before picking you up and sitting down on the couch with you in his lap. “let’s just stay home today, i don’t feel like fighting off other guys when they see how cute you look in this ultra trendy outfit,” he would say with a wink, earning himself a slap on the arm.

kihyun: you two would be out with the rest of the members at a party filled with loud music, dancing, and lights. you were dressed for the occasion: a tight little black dress, heels, and everything. however, you would underestimate how cold it was going to be that night. chilled to the bone, you would slip away from the party briefly, making your way back to the kihyun’s car. he had left his jacket draped across the front seat. you almost let out a squeal of delight as you slightly patted yourself on the back for your quick thinking. you would quickly throw the jacket around you shoulders, hugging the cool black fabric to your body for warmth before walking briskly back to the party. “hey, where did you-” kihyun would start to say before finding himself at a complete loss for words at how stunning you looked. his jacket would give your look a nice edgy touch and it would frame your petite figure perfectly. “nice jacket you got there, mind if i borrow it sometime?” he would tease before grabbing your hand firmly and interlacing your fingers. “sure, it’s fifty dollars an hour,” you joked back as he chuckled and lead you through the crowd of people, the both of you ready to enjoy the night.

jooheon: “darn it,” you would mutter to yourself, realizing you left your gym clothes at home. you would go around, asking anyone if they had an extra pair of shorts and a shirt you could change into. after almost losing all hope, a finger would tap you on the shoulder. spinning around, you would come face to face with lee jooheon, gym clothes in his hand and a smug smile on his face. “no need to thank me,” he would say confidently, shoving the clothes into your hands. you would sigh in defeat after trying to roll up the sweatpants multiple times and head out onto the basketball court. jooheon would be dribbling the ball and seeing the opportunity to score, he would run up to the hoop for a three point layup. just as he was about to release the ball, he would see you with a cute pout on your face and your arms crossed as you walked as best you could without tripping in his oversized sweatpants. “hey, what the heck? you completely missed, jooheon!” a member on his team would shout. but wouldn’t care. he was too busy staring at you, never expecting his breathe to be taken away by the sight of you in something as simple as his gym clothes.

hyungwon: you would be waiting in hyungwon’s room for him to come home, excited to see him for the first time in a week. however, while waiting your eyelids would become heavy and before you knew it, you would be fast asleep on his bed. he would come home from a long day of dance practice, sweaty and exhausted. as he was sliding under the covers, he would realize that you’re already sound asleep with your legs curled up and wrapped around his throw pillow. he would take note of how peaceful you looked sleeping in his favorite t shirt. of course, on you it would be like an oversized t shirt dress. he would chuckle to himself before shaking his head slightly. “why do you fall asleep so easily, it makes me want to protect you,” he would sigh before planting a gentle kiss on your forehead. he would then pull the sheets over the both of you and fall asleep with you wrapped in his embrace.

i.m: it would be the biggest mistake of your life. you would bite lips nervously as you paced the room contemplating how to find the owner of the suitcase you accidentally took and get yours back. your phone would ring, interrupting your thoughts and leaving you with no choice but to answer. a “hi, i seem to have picked up your suitcase at the airport today thinking that it was mine. good thing you left your phone number on the tag,” would be the start of an unexpected hour long conversation. you sighed happily, reassured that you would get your stuff back in a half hour. then, you would hear a loud grumble and come to realize that it was your stomach. you haven’t eaten since last night on the plane. left with very few options, you would open the foreign suitcase and grab the first oversized sweatshirt you saw before heading out the door to the nearest convenience store. “i’m sure he wouldn’t mind if i borrowed this for a few minutes,” you would say to no one in particular. upon your return, an unfamiliar boy would be standing outside your hotel door with a very familiar suitcase in his hand. “oh, you must be i.m,” you would say, causing him to whip around to look at you. “yes, and you must be y/n. i’m so sorry for the confusion and hey, i have that sweatshirt too, what a coincidence,” he would exclaim. “oh this?” you would begin, “this is actually yours. i borrowed so i could run to the store real quick. i hope you don’t mind.” he would be pleasantly surprised by your brute honesty and flash you a grin before saying, “i don’t mind, it looks way better on you than it does on me.”

Personally, the brute honesty some misogynistic men have put forward has been more beneficial in understanding the root cause and thought process of common misogynistic beliefs existing today, far more than anything liberal feminist “male allies” have ever said or done. They offer complete and utter shit, presenting themselves with nothing more than their hand out to receive their cookie from desperate heterosexual women. They know how much het women worship them, make no mistake about it. When engaging with these men, be cautious of their intent. They’re approaching you with this in mind.

When I refer to brute honesty regarding men’s misogynistic beliefs, one example I recall is when this one male friend of mine, one I’m no longer friends with, drunkenly and angrily told me none of my male friends were really just friends with me. None of them saw me that way and that most would be more than willing to get into my pants. I brushed the argument off as a problem just he and other misogynistic men experienced until I broke up with a long-term boyfriend of mine and every single close male friend I had asked me out within a week’s time. I think back to that incident a lot and it’s primarily why I no longer have male friends irl. That combined with research done on how men perceive their female friends solidified my decision.

And that right there, in all its brutal honesty, was far more helpful for me than anything some sex pozzy obsessed ~male feminist~ has ever said and it came from a fucking misogynist.

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Gom+kagami+takao's reaction to their child asking for a little brother/sister(they don't have one yet ).

Generations of Miracles

Akashi Seijurou: Akashi wholeheartedly agrees when your child brings up the topic with him, saying that you may need to be convinced and listening to all of your child’s ideas to convince you to give them a baby sibling. They both confront you on the subject as Akashi stays there for moral support, having your child present all their reasoning’s and really driving home the point that another addition to the family would be nothing but beneficial.

Aomine Daiki: Aomine sweats when your child first approaches him and tells him of their dream of wanting a little sibling, telling their father very clearly he needed to get on that immediately. He wanted to say that one was enough, especially for him, but didn’t have the heart to break your child’s dreams as they looked so excited by the concept.

Kise Ryouta: Kise smiles widely when your child exclaims they want the two of you to have another baby, saying it’s a great idea and calling you into the kitchen where they are immediately. They both bat their eyelashes at you as they ask if another member of the family can be added, pestering you until you give them a solid answer.

Kuroko Tetsuya: Kuroko is glad to see that they wouldn’t mind you having another child, telling them that it would be their responsibility to help the two of you take care of them if you and he were to have another baby. When they insist they’d do ANYTHING for a younger sibling, Kuroko agrees to ask you about it, having thought along those lines himself.

Midorima Shintarou: Midorima would stare at them and asks if you’d been planting ideas in their head, saying it’s a possibility but he wouldn’t have them get their hopes up as you were both busy people. Your child tears up at his brute honesty, eyes tearing as your desperate husband tries to calm them down, saying he’d tell you about it, before hiding his ashamed face behind a medical journal.

Murasakibara Atsushi: Murasakibara would let out a loud sigh at the comment, knowing that this would come one day just to make his life a little bit more difficult. He asks if your child plans on taking care of them all alone, saying he didn’t want to have even MORE kids to take care of, to which your child responds that he needs to stop being so lazy; Murasakibara is mildly offended, arguing with your child that he’s not THAT lazy before saying he’d have five more babies just to prove them wrong.


Kagami Taiga: Kagami would pull your child onto his lap as they told him about their dream of having a younger sibling, saying that it may happen but it also might not. He explains that siblings don’t have to be blood related necessarily, mentioning that Kuroko or Aomine’s children could easily be their sibling just so they won’t feel too disappointed if you don’t have another child (Uncle Himuro also gets a friendly mention while they’re talking about close bonds with other people).

Takao Kazunari: Takao would grin when your child tells him all about their plan to contact the stork and tell it to deliver him a baby, as he wanted a new member of the family NOW. He would ask why they wanted one and after hearing their story, would nod, saying he’ll get to work on the order right away while winking at you from across the table.

moreover, what is the point? what is the literal point of having people in the water with whales? to do flippant flips and tricks? what purpose does that serve? what lessons do that teach us about the animals in nature?

yes, it’s cool, don’t get me wrong. it’s incredible. but in brute honesty? to me? that’s not enough to justify it.