Hoshidan Festival: Effie and Ignatius Parent-Child Convo

Ahhh yes, our little family of Knights. I usually try not to pair together couples of same classes in Fates since the children are usually the same as the father. That being said, I do kind of ship Benny and Effie together. There’s something to be said about having such a reliable couple plus son. 


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sean-loves-green  asked:

Hello Dark! What is your gender identity and what are your pronouns? I don't want to misgender you... That would fucking suck.

“I appreciate your desire to remain respectful to me, lovely.”

Dark grinned, the action prolonged and slightly unsettling as it caused his body to freeze and still, remaining in that moment for quite some time before he was able to rip himself back to reality, continuing to speak like nothing had occurred at all.

“I identify physically and emotionally as a man. A brute. I wish to be referred to as he, him. Being recalled to as a she wouldn’t quite really aggravate me, but never… neVeR… CAll Me AN It.”