• psychic: *reads my mind*
  • me: Leigh Bardugo is such a genius for including the Comedie Brute in Crooked Kingdom. Not only does it provide the Dregs with a viable way to pull off Kaz's plan, but it also adds elements of confusion, heightened tension, and a sense of near-surrealism to the escape scene. But its real mastery comes from the fact that it serves as not only a plot device, but also a tool for world building. By introducing the reader to this very specific and colorful aspect of Ketterdam culture, Leigh is able to reveal and comment upon the various driving forces behind city that could create a boy like Kaz, especially Ketterdam's highly competitive and dishonest economy, and obsession with deceit and duplicity. I hope that Leigh writes more about the Comedie Brute in future grishaverse novels, because I would love to read about the play in its entirety, or about its origins, popularity, and fiction in Ketterdam society.
  • psychic: what the fuck


West Stave was in chaos. Mister Crimsons were everywhere, fifty, sixty, seventy of them in red masks and cloaks, tossing coins into the air as tourists and locals alike pushed and shoved, laughing and shouting, crawling on hands and knees, completely oblivious to the stadwatch officers trying to get past them.

“Mother, Father, pay the rent!” shouted a crowd of girls from the doorway of the Blue Iris.

“I can’t, my dear, the money’s spent!” the Mister Crimsons chorused back, and tossed another cloud of coins into the air, sending the crowd into freshly delirious shrieks of joy.


Halo Ammunition Sketch Page 3!

A sketch page based on a Pre-Halo event Fire Team Quiver when they first received their MJOLNIR Mark IV armor systems. Before that time they wore the SPI Armor Systems as they are SPARTAN IIIs.

I wanted to add more sketches, like 3 of the Spartans taking down a Mgaelekgolo or even more CQC between Spartans and Sangheili and Jiralhanae. But decided that nah! I don’t have any good design/angles for these moments and I want to save them for the comic in the future.