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I started on something I’ve wanted to try for a while– making guided meditation videos aimed toward otherkin and fictionkin. 

This is my first attempt, basically learning how to use the program through brute experimentation. This one is just me talking and the song “Do You Remem8er Me?” from Homestuck Volume 8. (Here is the song on bandcamp!) In the future, I hope to add sound effects that go along with the visualization.

This track is made with Homestuck fictionkin in mind, to help inspire memories, but there is not too much about it that reference Homestuck and could probably work for other kin as well.

Please give it a listen while wearing headphones, and leave some feedback! Thank you so much!

(Cover art by LandofScrubsandCrumbs)

general-jasper-quartz  asked:

I can't get rid of the idea of jasper being a fire bender like the rubies does it make sense? It's growing on my mind tho what do you think?

Honestly she strikes me as more of an Earth Bender because she would favor being strong, stand-your-ground, brute power but I can totally see her being a Fire Bender for her emotions and pure passion.

Honestly go with what you feel. Do what you want with that idea and run with what you make from it.

thirdwaytrans reblogged your post and added: “why did i write this post? no, really, why? i am a mostly straight 20…”

I don’t dislike men at all, I don’t know how you…

hey there, i love your blog. thanks for taking your time to respond to me.

I got the idea that you disliked men from this passage of your blog

It made me think how different these men were than the view of men that I see on my internet feeds. Men as brutes, men as barbarians, men as violent, men as abusers, men as narcissists, and men as violators. Yes, all of these types of men do exist. A lot of us have been abused by men in one way or another, and adopt this view of men. It was my deep internalization of this idea of men, and male culture that made it feel unsafe to be seen as a man or to be a man in the world. It was as if becoming a part of male culture was to participate in violence, either as perpetrator or victim…Now I can clearly see there are lots of different kinds of men, and lots of different male cultures. I knew this in my head of course, but not viscerally, and it was the visceral part that required healing.

i got the idea that you in the past felt overall that men (or at least maleness) tended to be bad, and this sort of feeling partially led to you transitioning.

i didn’t mean to imply that you disliked men in the present. i think i was covering the other two bloggers listed in my post, who i think explicitly disliked men.

i am a huge fan of your blog, and i’ve read almost post there is! i hope that addresses your concern. if not, i hope we can continue talking, because i don’t want there to be bad feelings between us.

Gentle (Maine x Freelancer!Reader)

Some people were scared of him. At first, you were scared of him too, but the more you got to know him, the more you liked him.

He wasn’t gentle…well, not with everyone, but with you, it was completly different.

Maine would be gentle and loving with you, of course, most of the times he was quiet, but you got to understand what every single of his growls and grunts meant.

He was gentle, touching you, being with you, at all moment, he was sweet…Just with you.

When he got shot in the throat, and he got the Sigma AI implant, he turned into an agressive brute.

Short story long, when Proyect Freelancer broke you all went in different directions.

Maine…The Meta, was killing each one of your friends, and in the blink of an eye, everyone was gone.

When you faced eachother again, you didn’t even fight him…because you still knew that deep inside of him, Maine was there, not the monster that was infront of you.

And he would be gentle with you when everything ended.

You were wrong.


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          ok but imagine if sakura took to helping metal work on his chakra control from time to time. since he actually has the ability to manipulate his unlike his father, he’d need some coaching on efficiency and there is none more efficient than sakura. 

           imagine having lee’s brute strength and speed with sakura’s added chakra force punches. imagine metal being literally the strongest of the gaiden kids. imagine metal being able to crack the ground with his fist and close that sucker back up like he’s shifting the plates of the earth.

          on the flip side imagine metal being so strong he’s scared to hurt someone. imagine metal going too far during a match one time and he snaps his opponents neck without really trying. imagine he breaks someone like a toothpick that he never meant to. imagine the guilt.


bandagedbandit  asked:

◓ (whispers: PERSIAN)

Oh, he’s the King, yeeeeesssss. Sure. I’ll admit that.

But what’s a King without his Queen? I’m a prize, darling. And i’ve got it all figured out.

So the others get to go out and get their claws and teeth dirty, waving their bodies around like brutes. And they think they’re on top? Daaaaaarling, I beg you, open your eyes. 

I’m the one laying comfortably next to the Big Guy, and you? You’re working your poor little heart out trying to get just a little attention. Darling. It’s embarrassing. You’re embarrassing yourself. 

Just face it, Sweetheart. If you were half as beautiful and powerful as me, maybe you’d have a shot. But you’re not. Maybe if you’re a good girl you might get to lick his boots. Aha. Ha. Ha.

But you know i’m not just looks. The Big Guy just won’t do for a pretty face. I’m a lot more. The poor man is limited by his poor, poor fate as a disgusting human. Oh, I can’t think about it, it’ll make me weep darling! 

So you know i’m there with my elite senses and perfect claws. I spent all day sharpening them. Do you like it? Of course you do, darling.

I take my time, and before you know it, you’re just another plaything. I’m a killer, a hunter beyond all this impeccable beauty. First your heel, so you can’t crawl away. Then I sink my claws deep into your fleshy meatsack. I always keep them around for a little while. As long as I don’t make a mess, the Big Guy doesn’t mind. He’s a dear, you know. And he loves me most of all.

…Just remember that. He loves me most of all. You’re nothing next to me, and you never will be. I’ll play nice for now, darling. I wouldn’t want to upset my precious King. But just know that mistakes happen….And who could stay mad at a face like this?

There are a few characteristics about my personality that I really enjoy, one of which is my brute honesty, which usually comes out unless it’s with a significant other, and my integrity. My boss has been trying to get my Chef to quit the last three months (so he didn’t have to buy out his contract) and he was planning on promoting me and the sous chef once that happened. After two months of watching him put my 24 year old boss though hell, trying to make him quit, I decided to leave without even having a new job lined up. I wasn’t going to continue letting my boss do that to him. I knew it was going to hurt my co workers, but in the end, it was gonna fuck over the owner more than anything. After I quit one other line cook put in his notice and now my chef has decided to leave as well. The owner went from four quality cooks to only having his sous chef, who we are also trying to convince to quit. Fuck over your employees enough and we will retaliate in a way that can lose you absolutely everything. The thing I hated the most was that everyone was so damn salty when I put in my two weeks. Every server guilt me and half refused to speak to me because I felt like I was doing the morally right thing. Whatever. I’m currently in Colorado visiting my mom and letting my body adjust to not working nights anymore, which is nice. On to the next job and challenge. 

#tbt to that one time I cosplayed as #gaston ! I need to fix the collar on this baby and then I’ll bring her back out. Anyone want to be my Belle? :P

Photo by @gerikramerphotography
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