Brutalmoose RuneScape chillstream madlibs (08/24/16)

Posting bc I promised the twitch chat <3

“This is called quick quiz! Who am I? I am a sweaty American! I was born 83 years ago, in Florida. When my father first saw me, he said- (laughs) I put this word in the wrong place…- when my father first saw me he said Crusty!!!! I am 420 feet tall and have resplendent brown eyes and a moist complexion. My hobby is collecting tuffets. I always speak seductively and I have made several jiggly motion pictures(cracking up). I am (laughs) I am married to Ian, the well-known Hollywood Garbage. I have given away thousands of poops to charity, my most prominent physical characteristics are my dusty nose, and my large, false teeth. Who am I? 
Answer: I am Paul. 
….that was a pretty good one,, pretty good one.. preeettyy good!!” /// /// ///


Me and @kingofarchers​ have been working on this animation for SO LONG! Please check it out, give it a like and read the description on youtube! Thanks so much!! :^D
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Repeating backgrounds ft. tournament rivals

They’re free to use, just credit me if you do!