Mixed Race Irish: ‘We were the dust to be swept away’
Mother and Baby Homes Commission of Investigation urged to confront the racism endured by children taken into care and abused because they had a non-white parent

…”“My file is peppered with references to my colour,” she says. “The racism was relentless and brutalising. My formative years were devastated by it.”

Adaser is one of about 70 mixed-race people who have come together in the past few years as Mixed Race Irish, a campaign and support group. They believe they were taken into care because they were mixed race, that there was a different unspoken “policy” for them and that they suffered an “extra layer of abuse” because of their racial identity. They say racism was endemic, systemic and systematic, in the care system and in Irish society, and that their experiences were particular to them…

Adaser, who now lives in London, was born in 1956 to a white Irish mother, who was a telephonist at the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin, and a black Ghanaian father, who was a doctor there. Her mother had to leave the city to have her, such was the shame of being unmarried and pregnant – particularly by a black man.

Her mother did not bring her back to Dublin but placed her in St Clare’s Convent in Stamullen, Co Meath, and it was from there, aged 18 months, that she was transferred to Dublin, to St Patrick’s mother-and-baby home, on Navan Road.

Like other mixed-race Irish children in the mother-and-baby homes, she was never offered for adoption. She believes this was policy, based on a presumption that nobody would want to adopt a mixed-race baby. Instead she was fostered, or boarded out. “When I was four I was sent to a couple in their 60s. No, they weren’t vetted. They were invited to select a child. People were paid by the State to take in children. This couple had no pension, and I was an income source…

When she was six she was transferred to St Joseph’s industrial school in Kilkenny, where she says she suffered extreme day-to-day abuse because of her skin colour. “When I arrived they must have all been told a black girl was coming, because every girl was out gawping at me as I walked up to the front door.

“I lived in a state of pure terror,” she says, “and each night I wondered if I would survive the racist brutality of the institution the next day.”

Nuns told her that “no man will ever want you, because you’re black”; a career counsellor said she should “consider taking man friends” to support herself. “I was told I wouldn’t amount to anything and should consider prostitution,” Adaser says.

Her black background was vilified and even denied, she says, and she was constantly told that she would never be wanted in Irish society. “I was not allowed any identity at all. That is very, very damaging for the soul.”…

She became pregnant when she was 16, and although the father wanted to marry her she was sent to Ard Mhuire mother-and-baby home, in Co Meath, where her 21-day-old son was taken from her. “Not even my son was my own. I had been reared to believe I was entitled to nothing.”…

When she was 20 she left for England, and until a few years ago she blotted out her life in Ireland. She didn’t tell anyone she was Irish, partly because her past was too painful and partly because people didn’t believe her. “Irish people aren’t meant to be black. Or brown. Or LGBT. Or Traveller.”

She returned to education, taking a master’s degree in social policy at London School of Economics.

She now has a daughter, and grandchildren, as well as the son she gave birth to in Ireland, with whom she is in contact.

“In the end I had to reconcile my past. I was brought up in Ireland. I learned to bake soda bread. I was fluent in Gaelic. I had a lot of counselling. It has been very hard. I don’t blame the older girls in the institutions who made my life hell. They had been brutalised too and were products of the system,” Adaser says.

“The system had taken the eugenics of British imperialism, and Irish society, the church, had to ‘civilise’ us. Our Irishness was an inconvenience, and society did not want us. We were the dust of Irish society, to be swept away, never acknowledged as existing. Many still want us, and the racism, to be airbrushed away.”

Embedded for generations Prof

Bryan Fanning, head of the school of applied social studies at University College Dublin, and an expert on racism and migration, says that Mixed Race Irish, in seeking to be taken seriously by the commission, is doing a huge service.

“This group are trying to force Irish society to look at the racism that has been embedded in it for generations,” he says. “We like to think there is no real racism in Ireland, but their experience shows it has been a deeply rooted part of Irish society and never properly faced.

“We have a growing population of young, black and mixed-race children in our schools now, facing into a society which has a huge, largely unacknowledged, problem with race. If we can’t begin to explore, in a serious way, racism in our recent history, what are we saying to these children?”

One of hundreds

Adaser feels nervous talking publicly about her experience, but she says that she must for the many mixed-race Irish who cannot. “My story is one of hundreds. My story is their story. And our story is Ireland’s story too.”

According to the Mother and Baby Homes Commission of Investigation, “The terms of reference include a requirement to identify the extent to which any group of residents may have systematically been treated differently on any grounds, including the grounds of race. Of course, the commission intends to fulfil this requirement but has not yet reached that point in its investigation.”


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do you believe sandra bland was suicide or murder?

Murder. I find it extremely hard to believe that somebody of her weight could hang themselves with a plastic bag. I hate how they’re trying to say she was suicidal because she had been suicidal in the past when she clearly indicated the reason for being suicidal was due to a miscarriage. A traumatic experience like that would make many people suicidal and depressed. Either way, she was clearly mistreated and brutalised and that’s clear from the (edited) dash cam recording.

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The worst thing about Taylor is that she'll probably never publicly apologize or support what Nicki said because she's never there for black women. Like she has a tumblr, but where was she for blackout. Where is she for any intersectionalist feminism?

exactly. i have never liked her because of this. she’s not here for the black women being brutalised by the police, she’s not here for asian girls being fetishised, she’s not her for latinx girls who have to deal with horrible stereotypes affecting their everyday life, she’s not here for the south asian women being worked to the bone for wages such as 80p a month, she’s not her for the trans women being killed for just being fucking trans, she’s not here for anyone apart from able bodied, thin, white, cis women. that’s not feminism. that’s a marketing tool she’s using to lure in clueless young girls into a watered down white washed feminism with no intersectionality. she has a tumblr to appeal to her white fanbase, she doesn’t give a shit about social justice or equality, she cares about things that will benefit her. she knew the white media would paint her as an innocent white victim of the black womens “jabs”. like are you kidding me, nicki didn’t even @ her?? and you’re gonna play it like that?? and she could stop this right now, she could apologise and make it clear she was in the wrong. but she won’t do that, she doesn’t care about us, she cares about her white fans and money.

It's harder to swallow when a black female is brutalised by the police. It doesn't sit well with you. If they are doing the same things to a black woman that they do to a black man that is too hard of a pill to swallow.
Rosemary Adaser - "Irish people aren’t meant to be black. Or brown. Or LGBT. Or Traveller."

In October 1958 Rosemary Adaser was admitted as an 18-month-old to a mother-and-baby home in Dublin. The admission notes described her as “illegitimate and coloured”. She described how it was to be black in Ireland:

“Irish people aren’t meant to be black. Or brown. Or LGBT. Or Traveller.

In the end I had to reconcile my past. I was brought up in Ireland. I learned to bake soda bread. I was fluent in Gaelic. I had a lot of counselling. It has been very hard. I don’t blame the older girls in the institutions who made my life hell. They had been brutalised too and were products of the system.

The system had taken the eugenics of British imperialism, and Irish society, the church, had to ‘civilise’ us. Our Irishness was an inconvenience, and society did not want us. We were the dust of Irish society, to be swept away, never acknowledged as existing. Many still want us, and the racism, to be airbrushed away.”

She added:

“My story is one of hundreds. My story is their story. And our story is Ireland’s story too.”

See here:

i don’t understand black ppl who think that those of us who are upset by and actively avoid pictures of our people strung up, dead, and brutalised think that seeing those pictures will somehow remind us who we face every day, and that we NEED to see them. like thank you. i’m quite aware of what this country and this society can do to my black body.

yall have lost your damn mind if you think that pictures like sandra bland’s mugshot or mike brown’s body, or emmett till strung up and burned is more informative than it is triggering to the people (YOUR OWN DAMN PPL I MIGHT REMIND YOU) who face that violence every day.

i would, as a black person, very much like to remain informed. but i would also like it if i weren’t assaulted with these psychologically violent images every time some shit happens and yall feel the need to spread them without tags or warnings or under a cut in some misguided pursuit of “wokeness”

like im tired. get out of my face

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Out of all your OCs, which one is the biggest butt? And which one has the biggest butt (relative to body size)?

Um… interesting question. The biggest butt… hm, kind of tough actually. A lot of my characters are butts in some way or another. Probably Trojan though. She’s a total butt. Like: ‘Hey, I like you and all but imma kill your Dad so that we can rule the kingdom.’

As for biggest butt relative to size, probably Faerie Luck. If you mentioned it to her you’d probably be brutalised, so steer clear of that topic.

Why I'm done with Twitter.

Not sure if anyone will read this but I guess tumblr is a good place to vent. I came off of Twitter yesterday for a number of reasons. I am finding it way too much of a toxic place to be at this present time and yesterday proved that. Between the pictures of my people being brutalised, murdered and harassed, the racist trolls and the way situations are dealt with, I made a conscious decision to leave. Maybe temporarily, maybe permanently.

I made a statement yesterday regarding children being hit and men hitting women. I said I was perplexed at how people are outraged at men hitting women but okay with adults hitting children. Both to me are extremely problematic. I don’t understand how we can fight against brutalisation on so many subjects but make jokes about how we’ll beat our children or how we may have been beaten. I can only apologise if this felt insensitive but that was not my intention at all. I was met with a tirade of abuse, not just this but called “fake deep” and a misogynist none of which I feel I am, but cool. Hear me out here first please. I understand there is a difference between disciplining a child and controlling an adult in an abusive relationship. I didn’t specifically talk about relationships either just men hitting women which I find completely and utterly abhorrent. I facilitate a feminist based rehabilitative programme for men who emotionally and/or physically abuse women. Have done for about 8 years now. I don’t expect a cookie, just adding some context here. Doing this doesn’t give me a pass to be patriarchal or misogynistic, it doesn’t allow me to understand what it’s like for a woman being abused by a man by any stretch of the imagination however it does give me some knowledge on some of the dynamics however minimal that may be.

The comparison I was attempting to make was, one of the reasons I don’t think it’s ok for men to hit women PERIOD is the physical advantage men have over women. That ability to induce fear. This is but one of MANY reasons. When applied to children, adults in EVERY CASE have a physical advantage over a child. That itself makes me uncomfortable. That power imbalance, the kind of damage an adult can do to a child, that level of fear. I personally will not be hitting my children but I never once told anyone how to raise their children just shared a perspective. In my book Discipline =/= to violence.

I never once likened abusive relationships to child abuse although there are some correlations. I realise that children need discipline and guidance and that is not what is required in an intimate relationship. I 100% know this and maybe should have been clearer but 140 characters is limiting. I am completely okay with being challenged and maybe making the comparison I made wasn’t a great one but this is how things joint up in my head. This is why I can’t be okay with one and not the other. I didn’t need was a rush of swearing, verbal abuse and dragging. “oh richie did bla bla bla? Lol wow” then rush on my TL to drag me. That’s literally what Twitter has become. Insult insult insult. Drag drag drag. I understand when it’s people who are abusive and insulting. I just really don’t understand why someone couldn’t have just had a convo with me instead of overtly or passively being aggressive. Anyway, just venting really. This isn’t a woe is me post but just really needed to get it off of my chest.
A frosty welcome for Greece's hated creditors

In Greece, hospitality is a concept as old as the Acropolis. But the country’s hated creditors cannot expect the usual warm welcome when they arrive this week to thrash out a third huge international bailout.

It has been more than a year since top negotiators from the International Monetary Fund, European Union and European Central Bank – together known as the “troika” – last set foot in Athens, and the symbolism of their return is not lost on Greeks.

The three institutions became a widely loathed emblem of the painful austerity demanded by Greece’s creditors in return for two previous bailouts, cuts many say brought the country’s economy to its knees.

“The troika represents pure brutalisation,” said 28-year-old Marios as he smoked a cigarette in the doorway of his T-shirt shop in central Athens.

“They make these plans that affect our lives,” he said. “But things are getting worse and worse. I don’t know when we’re going to hit the bottom of the barrel. People don’t have work, they don’t have enough to eat.”

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Okay forgive me if I get the lore wrong but I think there's templars who hate mages, so I just imagine you and Tully brutalising them to impress Anders like 'I REMOVED HIS HEAD I HATE TEMPLARS MORE' and 'THAT ONE HAD A FAMILY I HATE THEM MORE'. Or sharing.

i am fcucking

templars exist to protect against mages (keep them in line, make sure they stay within the line of the law) so they tend to be mistrustful of them so . yes. you could say templars hate mages. it would be more accurate to say that they hate apostates (mages who haven’t gone to the circle like they should have when their magical abilities are discovered and are therefore ILLEGAL)

i . have BRUTALIZED TEMPLARS ONLY ONCE IN THIS GAME SO FAR and that was during the recruiting anders quest

mostly tully and i yell abt mage rights

we made a collab hawke to romance anders with and it is mostly us screaming into the void about how much we love anders

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je veux te faire un câlin et en mourir car ton collier à couteaux m'aurait percé la veine jugulaire

non je veux pas que tu meures :( mais je veux bien brutaliser ta veine

We hear so many stories about  cops who beat up prisoners and innocent people, or even kill them...

Just once, I’d like to hear a story about cops who punch other cops for drawing a gun on innocent people, or brutalising unarmed men and women in handcuffs.

Something tells me I’ll be waiting for a while.

I used to scribble stories on my bedroom walls. I used to tag Yellowbrick’s tenement halls. Now the intersectional paradigm that is my black queer male body - which has, for so long, been erased - is where I have opted to write myself into validity, and into visibility. In 2015, despite great steps being taken towards legislative equality in Western societies, black queer males still face structural oppression - within a “gay community” that privileges whiteness, and fetishizes blackness - and the persistent threat of heteropatriarchal violence, a by-product of theologically-driven “homophobia”, within a “black community” that subordinates homosexuality, and persecutes homosexuals. Despite the ongoing attempts to obscure us, deny our human agency, and execute us for living the lives we love; despite the fact that our bodies are not safe spaces, but sites of political violence and (anti)social trauma, black queer males continue to risk it all, and use the bodies “you” brutalise" to produce the culture “you” misappropriate. #blackqueerlivesmatter
Ritual Killer Posts New Song "Bury The Earth, Bury The Sky"

Ritual Killer (featuring current/former members of Goatwhore and Acid Bath) is now streaming the first new track from forthcoming album “Exterminance,” which has been scheduled for worldwide release on the 18th of September.

The American black metal brutalisers are premiering their blasting song “Bury the Earth, Bury the Sky” online - give it a … Read More/Discuss on Metal

I know this happened some time ago but I haven’t had the strength to #justdeal with the situation
Sandra Bland died while in police custody, autopsy report declares her death a suicide by hanging.
There are so many strange things about everything to do with this case. I have consciously stayed as far and as emotionally distant as humanly possible from this because I can’t deal with another event of black bodies being brutalised without loosing some of my soul.
What can be said? What can honestly be said about Sandra Bland that hasn’t been said before by so many? What more must people do?
I just feel so demoralised and further traumatised. Yes I’m not the one who personally lost a loved one but the pattern of dead black bodies does speak to me.

Dear my fellow African Americans

Please be safe out there, I am truly sickened by how your country treats you. I cannot possibly fathom the pain, fear and turmoil you experience every day. I am not going to bash your country because I don’t do that shit. But I will not excuse the police brutalising you lot, over the past couple of months I have seen some fucked up shit happen towards black people in America, all I can do is praise you lot for being so strong, and please stand in solidarity and don’t back down from the injustice you’s lot have suffered. My inbox is open for my black people, anybody from tumblr can openly converse with me, if you feel weak or helpless. This post may seem jumbled up or bit messy but this how I have been feeling these couple of months. P.s
My black people in America, you are wonderful, beautiful and courageous. I hope you guys fuck up shit to retain the humanity that you lot deserve. I love you all.

Why is US TV so saturated with shows glamorising cops? Especially cops who essentially brutalise citizens with impunity? Why is individual moral judgement nearly always valorised over the letter of the law? Where’s the procedure in the police procedural? What fantasies do these shows peddle? And do real cops but them?