brutal bull

No one is seeking to disrespect police officers. No one is saying that police men love having an open season on Black people. But we do we see a culture that stereotypes and distrusts Black men, that is naturally going to seep into people’s consciousnesses, which is going to include police officers. We see a system that disproportionately judges and criminalizes Black men, which is too often what they don’t deserve. If the cases are even brought to court, they do not receive the justice they deserve. And the few ones that reach major media attention are pushed aside, seeking to blame these unarmed Black men for their own deaths, when closer investigation often shows a different criminal.

To raise these complaints is not an automatic damnation of the police. It is a passionate response to the specific, yet frequent cases of police brutality towards Black men. If you want a peace and a trust and a respect between the police and people, then we’re going to need to have this conversation.
—  To the political science professor who said #BlackLivesMatter is a damned lie.

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It took me about 8 tries, speaking "brutal moose" into Google Voice Search before I was able to get it to recognize your username. In order, this is what google THOUGHT I was saying: "poodle noose", "brutal news", "Bruno Mars", "bull moose", "bronies", "bruce", "bruins".

I’m less important than all of those things so that makes sense.

  • Sera: Wait, Bull. All that rot you said about hacking people.
  • Iron Bull: Yeah?
  • Sera: You do like it?
  • Iron Bull: Oh, yes. Finding someone who needs killing and just taking them apart…
  • Iron Bull: Brutally, skillfully, so their last living thought is realizing that I’m stronger and smarter than they are?
  • Iron Bull: Yeah, I like that a lot.
  • Sera: That’s weird.
  • Iron Bull: I didn’t say it was healthy.
  • Iron Bull: Look, I can either press those feelings down until I snap and hurt someone I care about…
  • Iron Bull: Or we can go find some bad guys who need to die.
  • Sera: (nervously) Right. Bring on the baddies.