brutal bob


“Beautiful” Bobby Remus [1975]

Fans who are familiar with the name Robert “Bob” Remus are scratching their heads right now. Fear not, for all will be explained.

In 1975, a young man named Bob Remus started wrestling at AWA, working for Verne Gagne and dressing quite flamboyantly as “Beautiful” Bobby Remus. The idea was that his character would be reminiscent of high profile television personalities, based off of fashion and vivacious mannerisms. When friends of his showed up to see him in action, they questioned him after the show and asked if his character was supposed to be gay. He was puzzled by this, assured them that he was a tough guy, and that he was simply doing the act as a way to confuse his opponent. At the next show, he showed up dressed in all black and became known as Brutal Bob, selling his former garb to a young man named Jesse Ventura, who would use the gear as a jumping off point for his future endeavors.

When the gimmick completely flopped as it was inherently boring and bland, Remus approached Greg Gagne, son of Verne, to pitch and idea that he’d had. After running the whole thing by him and giving him every little detail, Greg nodded, shook his head, and told him he might need to take some time off to come up with something better, because “dad won’t go for that”. On his way out of the building, he passed Verne on his way out of the elevator and was stopped by the promoter. Verne asked if he was alright, so Remus stated that he had a new idea but it wouldn’t work. Verne asked that he walk with him and pitch the gimmick, so while in the elevator back up with Verne, Remus ran through the entire gimmick, catchphrases, gear, merchandise ideas, the whole lot. Verne loved it, and one week later, “Brutal Bob” was magically transformed into Sgt. Slaughter!