brussels festival

Body horror film Replace will have its US premiere it the LA Film Festival on June 16. It recently had its world premiere at Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, where it was nominated for Best European Fantasy Film.

Replace is directed by Norbert Keil, who co-wrote the script Richard Stanley (Hardware). Rebecca Forsythe (daughter of William Forsythe), Lucie Aron (Stations of the Cross), and Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator) star.

The Cronenbergian trailer and synopsis can be found below.

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For Brussels music festival BRUSSEL BROST in september I made this poster. It’s a big outdoor party near the river, hence the nautical theme. It features dj’s like Feder, Raving George, Bobby Ewing and more.

praying for the city of flags

everyday there are lives lost at the hands of evil people. not one city, community, or country is more valuable than the other. but while being half way across the world from Belgium, the attacks that happened yesterday feel like they hit home.

i am deeply sensitive to the attack because in Brussels, at Tomorrowland festival, i experienced a profound statement of global unity. the crowd was made up of thousands of people from around the world, proudly waving their flags. i saw Israeli flags, German flags, Indian flags, Japanese flags. i saw individuals from enemy nations dancing side by side, smiling, and embracing each other.

i fearlessly rocked my “HUG ME IM PAKI” shirt and felt so empowered to know we were accepted and embraced for challenging stereotypes, not only as women in the music industry, but also as half-Pakistanis on that stage.

that day in 2014, Brussels was fearless. tolerant. loving. progressive. it was a glimpse of what the world could be like if we were to overcome our differences.

it breaks my heart to see the place where i had a perfect view of global harmony under attack.

while those committing atrocities are putting pressure on us, let us not crack. this is a test of character.

let us conquer through unity and strength. not crumble through hate and fear.

sending love to those who are suffering from the attacks. sending love to the city that was violated. praying for the world that is being destroyed.