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For Better or Worse - Part 4

Oh my god, I promised that this part would be out quickly and I totally screwed up, didn’t I!? My writer’s block has been so bad and I’m so sorry this took me so long. I hope you haven’t completely lost interest by now haha! I also apologise if this is a tiny bit shorter than the previous parts, but I hope you enjoy it all the same (and that your questions are starting to be answered? A little bit?…)      



              “We’ve been lying to you.”

              Alice Cooper choked on her words as if processing them for the very first time. “Jughead didn’t just ignore you for the past eight years.”

              Betty’s entire body seized up. “What?”

              “He called, he wrote, he even turned up at the door two years ago.”

              The whole crowd were muttering amongst themselves then, gasping and shaking their heads in astonishment. Betty’s breath caught in her throat as the paper walls she had single-handedly built for herself collapsed all around her.

              “Would you shut up and sit down?” Hal interposed, trying to keep his voice down and failing in the process.

              “Your father convinced me to keep it quiet,” Alice confessed, jerking her arm away and looking at the floor in utter shame. “He made me believe that it was what was best for you. But it’s not. Betty, it’s not.”

               “Betty?” Archie said, taking her by surprise as he grazed her arm to try and bring her back into the room with him.

               “Betty,” Alice repeated, her voice laced with guilt.

               Betty, Betty, Betty. Her own name sounding like something alien and distant to her now. The truth was that she had never been in the room to begin with. Glancing momentarily at Archie and then back at her mother, she was utterly lost for words. She allowed her eyes to dart across the room as if looking for an answer that wasn’t there, her breath quickening as she did so.

               “This is ridiculous,” Hal cleared his throat as he stood up beside his wife. “Your mother is deranged. You don’t believe this, surely?”

               “I need to go,” Betty muttered suddenly, the quiet words dripping from her lips as she picked up the bottom of her dress and stumbled towards the door.

               “Betty!” Archie bellowed, following her frantically and grabbing a hold of the hand that was once interlaced with his only moments earlier. “Don’t go, please.”

               “This is a mistake, Betty,” Hal reiterated, a sense of panic in his voice that she had not heard before.

               “Arch,” she whispered, ignoring her father’s remarks as she turned to see her fiancé for what felt like the first time in years. As a friend and as a distant memory, but nothing more. She shook her head as tears began to fill her eyes. “I’m so sorry.”

               And with that, Betty Cooper was doing something that she’d never imagined she’d find the courage to do. She was running. The past eight years flashed through her mind so quickly that she could hardly focus. Those nights that she had cried herself to sleep now all merged into one, feeling her heart shatter a little more with every unanswered phone call, text, email, letter. All of this so blindingly orchestrated by her parents when she had had her back turned. How could she ever forgive them for this? A familiar feeling appeared in the pit of her stomach. A longing. To see him, to touch him, to hear his voice; the only voice she ever wanted to hear say her name again. Everything she had thought had been a lie; a lie that had grown and developed and turned her entire life upside down. Sure, Jughead had left, but he had tried to come back. Even today, he had tried. He had never stopped trying. That, to her, changed everything.

               Nobody had followed her, not even her father, and she was pleasantly surprised at the new-found solitude. She wasn’t even thinking about the mess that she had left behind, all she could think of was the boy in the beanie who had kissed her in her bedroom all of those years ago and how badly she needed to be next to him again. She was outside now, pulling on her signature ponytail as her hair flew back in the wind. Warm raindrops were racing down her skin as she looked desperately around the wide open space before her. There was nothing. No one. Without much of a second thought, she continued to run, the trail of her white dress discolouring in the dirt below her. The further she fled, the further her perfect façade began to effortlessly strip away. The clouded sky was fading into a pink and orange hue as the storm began to pick up. Betty stopped in her tracks as she ran her hands through her dampened, messy hair, cupping her face as she stared up at the sky. I’ve lost him again, she cried silently.

               Unexpectedly, and almost by some kind of miracle, something in the distance caught her eye. To her right were the stables, a beautiful chestnut-coloured horse standing outside as a young woman not much older than herself brushed through his mane. It wasn’t long before the woman saw her approaching, jumping as she did so and grasping her chest as she laughed slightly.

               “Miss Cooper, or, I guess I should say Mrs Andrews now?” She stuttered, clearly taken aback by Betty’s abrupt and slightly bizarre change in appearance. “Is everything ok?”

               “I need this horse,” Betty retorted, panting heavily as her wet hair began to drip down her back.

               “I don’t,” the woman replied, “I don’t understand.”

               “Long story short, I need to go and find my high school boyfriend and tell him that I didn’t get married and that I’m in love with him.”

               The woman blinked. “Oh.”

                Cautiously handing over the reins without so much as another word, Betty smiled with sincerity as a warm breeze brushed over her. 

               “Thank you,” she said, before kicking off her shoes and hoisting herself up. “I’ll bring him back. One more thing?”

               “Y- yes?”

               “Do you have anything I can wear other than heels?”

               Just this morning, Betty Cooper was getting ready for her wedding day with shaking hands and an unbearable weight on her shoulders. Now, merely hours later, she was riding a horse through fields and empty streets in a dirtied wedding dress and old, worn cowboy boots. The weight was lifting, if only slightly. She had no idea where he was or where he could even be, she had no idea what she would even say or what the outcome would be, but she knew that she wasn’t giving up without a fight. Not again.

               A good half an hour must have passed before she finally recognised where she was. She was definitely back in Riverdale, the ceremony having taken place in a church just outside. There was a beautiful patch of land just beside it where they were setting up for the meal and after party, as well as horse rides for whoever wanted them. They hadn’t expected it to rain. They hadn’t expected Jughead to show up out of nowhere. They hadn’t expected the bride to take a horse and run away. But nothing in this town was ever as it seemed, and nobody knew that better than Betty Cooper.

               When she came upon the familiar red, lit up sign, she didn’t even have to think. He was in there. She knew he was. She kicked herself for even considering that he would be anywhere else. The one place he went to for comfort and solace, the place where he had kissed her hands and shown her a love and acceptance she didn’t even know had existed, the place where she had last seen him before he left as they had sat in total silence. The place where they had both fallen in love and fallen apart. 

              Before she could even act on her impulse, she saw him. He was leaving already, tightening his leather jacket against the wind and the rain. He was relatively far away, but she had not a single doubt in her mind that it was him. It took him approximately three seconds before he looked up and saw her. His face was unreadable, his eyes squinting in the midst of the storm. She was taken off guard, the rain hitting her cheeks and blurring her vision. He had stopped quite abruptly, his hands dropping to his sides as he drank in the image before him. Before she knew it, her feet were on the ground and she was walking closer, not daring to break their gaze for a second, becoming increasingly aware of the fact that this may well be the last time she would ever see him. She stopped at a comfortable distance. Her heart was pounding against her chest.

               “You know,” he remarked after a few moments of silence, “most people would’ve just gotten a cab.”

               “You know,” she replied, “you’re a total pain in the ass.”

               She wanted to run over and kiss him then, to grab his face in her hands and to never let him out of her sight again, but something stopped her. Her hands began to shake.

               “What are you doing here?” He asked. “Where’s Archie?”

               “Why didn’t you tell me?” she demanded, her tears intertwining with the rain. “I didn’t know that you’d tried to come back. I didn’t know.”

               “What do you mean you didn’t know?” he said suddenly. “Your dad told me that you didn’t want to see me. That you couldn’t even bear to look at me.”

               “And you believed him?”

               He looked towards the ground, struggling to find the right words, the rain now hammering against the concrete beneath them. There was a pause. Neither of them moved an inch.

              “I was lying when I told you I was happy,” she exclaimed, his eyes looking up to meet hers again. “But I think you already knew that.”

              Jughead gulped as he examined every inch of her, desperate to reach out and feel her skin against his. “I only wanted the best for you.” He pushed his hair out of his face. “And I didn’t think that that was me.”

              She finally stepped closer, the distance of eight painful years growing smaller and smaller as she let her hand instinctively brush against his cold, wet cheek. “Jug,” she breathed.

              He lifted his hand to meet hers then, the touch sparking something in the both of them that had been sitting waiting ever since the day that he’d left. Their eyes searched one another, finding something they had lost and had so desperately been trying to recover. His eyes slowly fell down to her lips as he bit his own, their breath quickening as they became increasingly aware of the space between them and how badly they wanted to fill it.

              “How could it be anyone but you?“

              “Betty!” A voice yelled, causing the both of them to jump out of their momentary bubble. Betty was shocked to turn and see her old best friend, the last person on earth she had expected to run after her, especially on her wedding day. “You need to come with me now,” she cried.


               She looked around her anxiously. “Both of you, please. Get in.”

              “What’s going on?” Betty stuttered, still clutching onto Jughead’s hand as she stepped a little closer. The lights of Veronica’s car were blinding, exposing the heaviness of the rain that they had been standing in, unaware of anything except for each other. The sky had turned a deep purple, the black clouds smothering the newly-risen moon. Nothing could prepare them for what was about to happen next.

              “I overheard your parents talking.” The thunder echoed around them, following a quick flash of light. Veronica gripped onto her steering wheel even tighter.



              “I think Toby’s alive.”

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you said a bit ago you were looking for more quiobi, so just qui-gon and obi-wan cuddling and obi-wan feeling super safe and warm and happy because qui-gon is so much bigger than him. doesn't have to be smutty, i'd love all the fluff.

Its not something new.

Qui-Gon has always been much bigger then him, a tall man with a broad chest and bigger hands that were used to guide and heal and never hurt him.

He enjoys them, that’s for sure as he allows himself to be held and cuddled, Qui-Gon a tactile man with those he cares for.

But back then safety had been something he never questioned, now everyday was an uncertainty even in the temple as the bombs fell around them and traitors and sabotage existed in every corner of the galaxy.

So when he’s pinned beneath Qui-Gon’s bulk, he’s never felt as safe as in that moment when the others heavy body rests on him and pins Obi-Wan with the taller mans entire weight on him, the others breath steady in his ear and his body warm.

He can’t move worth a damn inch but doesn’t want to either as he slowly runs his hands through the others silky hair, teasing the ends as he drowsily stares at the ceiling above him, just letting himself decompress after weeks on the battle front with only holocalls to comfort himself and the presence of his man.

Not even when the door opened and quiet steps filled the apartment did he bother to move or wake Qui-Gon.

Beside, it was just Anakin, who would understand anyhow.

It was almost worth the look on his once padawans face when he saw them on the couch. Questions in the others blue eyes before they went wide again as Obi-Wan pressed a tender kiss to Qui-Gon’s temple.

“…Um…how long?”

“Few years now.” Obi-Wan hummed while teasing his fingers through the others hair steadily. “Makes me feel…safe you know.” He yawned a bit.

Anakin continued watching them, a bit of confusion entering his eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Obi-Wan blinked, the confusion waking him.

“I just…I heard a rumor…I mean…that you were involved with a senator?”

That got Obi-Wan awake though except for his hand steadily brushing through the silvered mane of Qui-Gon’s hair, he didn’t move. “A senator? Why in all Force name would I do that when I’m happy right here?” He glanced at Qui-Gon’s sleep slackened face, smiling a bit. “…No Senator can make me feel as safe as I do right here and right now.” He murmured, more for himself then Anakin’s benefit.

“Guess its just fairy rumors then.” Anakin tried, smiling a bit at how content Obi-Wan looked, despite having what Anakin knew was a heavy man on top of him.

“Fairy rumors?” Obi-Wan chuckled quietly.

“Fake rumors, fairy rumors.” Anakin sat down a bit, watching the two. “So…a few years?”

“About seven now. It took us a while to…” Obi-Wan sighed. “We had to work through a few issues, things from the past and had to find how we…fit.”

“You must have been discreet.” The blond mused.

“To begin with yes. But then you got busy yourself and we didn’t need to sneak around as much.” Obi-Wan offered dryly to Anakin’s shock.


“Neither Qui-Gon or I am blind, deaf or stupid Anakin. How is Padme? You smell like her perfume even from here so I imagine that’s where you came from.”

“…You two knew?” The blond questioned meekly.

“Course we knew. You two were obvious, its the worst kept secret of the temple and the GAR.” Qui-Gon rumbled against Obi-Wan’s neck, shifting a bit but not removing himself from Obi-Wan. “Safe huh?” He smiled into the others neck.

“You’re big and warm, no need to gloat Qui.”

“Wait, wait, wait!” Anakin waved his hands, looking at both. “You mean everyone in the temple knows? The army?”

Qui-Gon sighed and pressed a soft and apologetic kiss to Obi-Wan’s neck before sitting up to face the blond. “The entire army? Most likely not. And the creche and Initiates do not know. But the padawans, knight and masters? Oh yes.”

Obi-Wan sat up too and burrowed himself underneath one of Qui-Gon’s arm, feeling faintly cold with his living blanket gone. “Worst kept secret. I mean you two managed it for about a year but then it was just blatantly obvious to everyone how little you stayed in the temple even when you were on Coruscant. And honestly, I visited her and saw your robe on the couch of all things. Really Anakin.”

The two stared expectantly at Anakin as he gaped at them.


“Well aren’t you going to apologize for not inviting us to your wedding?” Qui-Gon rumbled in amusement.

“…Holy Force you two really do know.”

“R2D2 spilled the oil once I promised him a long oil bath soak and I told him I already suspected.

Speaking of which, your wedding present is still in my closet.”

“That sneaky litt-wait, wedding present!?”

“Its a Naboo tradition Anakin! Honestly.”

Qui-Gon watched the two argue, grinning as he puzzled over the sensation in the Force as if something disastrous had just been prevented by this moment.

How odd.

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Could you do Corrin asking the royal boys + Shigure to be their valentines for the first time?

Leo: You want to do something that’s not something he’ll laugh at. Cookies…you’ll burn. Flowers–he might be allergic…a letter? He might point out your spelling errors. You’re venting about just how to figure this out to a trusted comrade, not knowing that Leo just happens to be around the corner and listening to all of this.

He waits for you to approach him all day–and it’s only right before bed that you do. You don’t go with a note, or a gift, or a treat of any kind. Just you and yourself. You have your fists balled up in determination as you confess to him.

He looks a little serious, and then walks over to ruffle your hair. “Of course–was that so hard, silly ____? You should know by now I would accept. I’m not difficult, you know.”

“I doubt that last bit,” you mutter under your breath, and he tugs your cheek playfully. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Leo,” you say sweetly, and kiss his cheek to distract him from any complaining on your part.

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He sees the man at dusk, when the horizon is painted in shades of burnt orange and blushing pink and the coming of night brings the ripe time for mischief. The faerie supposes that this man is like any other man who has stopped in the woods: a human, a slave to his desires and emotions, chained and freed both by mortality and a few short years on Earth. He loves to play games with men until he tires of them and does what all of his sisters do: he lures them into enchanted dances until they dropped dead of exhaustion. Such is his plan for the hapless traveller.

So maybe he perches up in the trees and watches the man for too long. Bite me, he thinks savagely. I do whatever the hell I want.

He has an excuse, if anyone bothers him about it. His excuse is that this one’s… different. Most men who travel through these woods so late do so because they are ignorant. They’re merchants, smugglers, bandits and criminals from faraway regions that do not impart warnings about the fae in the woods of the North. Scraggly creatures, with scruffy cheeks and clothes caked with mud and dirt, teeth yellow with lack of care and eyes hungry with the desire to take and consume the beautiful. This is how they trick men.

But this man takes care by this brook to beat the dust from his boots, to wipe the mud from the strange metal plates glimmering with care under the cape fastened over his shoulder in the deepest black. His eyes are clear, his skin clean, his hair washed but windblown from the journey, and–oh! He cares about his steed. The creature hooks his feet into the branch and leans closer to watch the man brush away the dirt and mud from her coat, murmuring to her in a tongue he doesn’t understand and patting her flank.

The leaves rustle with the shift in the air as Yuri releases the branch and drifts down to the forest floor, landing lithely on his feet like a forest cat. Curiously, he creeps closer, shimmying along the forest floor to watch. Something about him just makes Yuri want to hesitate longer, to capture the memory of this curious man before he reaches out and snatches him away for a deadly dance.

‘You can come out,’ the man says. Yuri lets go of the branch in his surprise. It smacks him in the face, leaving him swearing with the sting. The harsh words drift into the breeze, for which Yuri is grateful. He attempts to play it off, slipping along the ground and swirling a playful breeze around the man. The infuriating fool just follows the movement of the wind with his eyes, offering nothing more.

‘I won’t hurt you,’ the man says. As he watches, Yuri realises that the refusal to react is meant to keep him from startling. He snorts. The man’s eyes move towards the sound of his voice.

Yuri lets the wind shift around him, revealing himself to the man as he always does. He’s a slight creature, willowy and fair, with golden hair like silk spilling down his shoulders in a loose, impossibly elaborate braid. Draped over his pale limbs is a clinging robe like mist, or perhaps spider silk, or maybe even both. It glitters with tiny gems, or maybe dew droplets, and fades into the air around his feet. It’s meant to dazzle and entice. Almost always, it works.

The man blinks once, twice, and relaxes his harsh stance just a little. Carefully, he goes back to brushing out his horse’s mane, though he keeps Yuri in his line of sight. Assessing, not coveting. It’s a strange shift from the hungry eyes of every other man Yuri’s targeted, and suddenly, he’s itching to get more than a passing glance. He’s starving. He’s angry.

He could start his inviting dance, speaking the words that will draw this man to his arms and to the beginning of his end. He leans forward, brow furrowed in concentration, and––

‘Hey, asshole,’ Yuri says irritably. ‘Look at me.’

Damn, that’s not what he meant to say.

It gets the man to pause, though, his hand stopping in the horse’s curtain of hair. Slowly, he looks over at Yuri, directly in the eyes and nowhere else. It’s polite. It’s respectful. It’s infuriating.

Yuri could just command him to dance. He’s done that before, with the lovesick and grieving. He, no doubt, will do it again.

Instead, he asks, ‘Why the hell are you out here alone? Are you stupid?’

His name is Otabek, Yuri discovers. He is a knight, which is a kind of… helper, he guesses? Whatever it is, it’s not what the merchants and thieves who most often pass through this way are. He’s from the city of Almaty, south of these woods by many days’ journey, and he has come through to answer a summons by the King in the North.

This Yuri coaxes out of Otabek by settling onto a fallen tree and talking at him as the knight sets up a camp for the night, collecting fallen branches and striking a fire before he washes his mud-caked boots in the stream. Until now, Yuri hadn’t realised how bored he was getting with lecherous men who fell hook, line, and sinker for his game. Otabek is the most respectful person Yuri has ever met, murmuring his thanks to the water as he tugs his boots back on and laces them up with simple efficiency. His movements with his horse are gentle and never sudden. He always looks Yuri in the eye when he’s talking. It’s refreshing. Most of the things Yuri despises about men, the things that make it so easy to take them by the hand and lead them in his deadly dance, do not apply to Otabek.

‘And you?’ Otabek asks, once the comfortable silence that has developed between them seems to have stretched for too long. ‘Where do you come from…?’

‘Yuri,’ he answers without thinking.

‘Yuri.’ Otabek’s mouth twitches up at the corners with a small smile. ‘Very human.’

‘Shut up.’ Yuri flicks his hand at Otabek, pushing the water up with the wind and splashing the man in the face. Otabek blinks and wipes it off with his sleeve. Yuri watches a drop slip off his hair and land in the dirt. ‘Here. The trees, the brook, the ground. The forest is my home.’

Otabek’s eyes drift up to the trees. Yuri watches him watching the breeze that curls playfully around the leaves, rustling them with the song of the forest. It’s a mournful, impatient tune. Get on with it, it sings. But for once, Yuri… doesn’t want to. This is nice. Otabek is nice. Men are never nice. They are greedy, rough, and dirty. Disgusting.

‘Do you want to dance?’ Otabek asks, his eyes still on the branches.

Yuri nearly falls off the log in surprise. ‘What?’

Otabek turns his head just a little, his eyes drifting back down to meet Yuri’s. Odd, this far north, to see eyes so dark. They glimmer like slow-dripping amber, soaked in quiet knowledge. ‘Do you want to dance?’ he repeats patiently.

‘Do you have a death wish?’ Yuri shoots back, something twisting unpleasantly in his stomach.

‘No.’ Otabek looks away again. ‘But I thought you might ask eventually.’

Yuri swallows and reaches out to touch Otabek’s shoulder, to turn him and draw him up into the dance. His fingers hover. He closes his eyes and pulls them back, dropping his hands in his lap. ‘No,’ he says. ‘No, I don’t think I do.’

Otabek looks back at him, appraising him. Then he tugs off his glove with his teeth and sticks out his hand. ‘In that case, are you going to become friends with me, or not?’

Yuri considers the word, rolling it around in his head. It’s almost foreign to him. Finally, he wraps slender fingers around Otabek’s hand and shakes it firmly. ‘Friends.’ It feels like a promise, and for some reason, it’s… exciting.

The fire crackles with approval.

(This one’s been sitting in my WIP folder since January. Lemme know if this is something you’d be interested in reading should I continue?) 

This is so cute!! Here you go nonnie~!

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☆ Urbosa

~ Urbosa was having trouble sleeping that night so she decided to roam around town for a bit. Just when she was about to reach the palace entrance she heard a voice. It was her s/o, and they were singing.

~ She leaned against one of the walls, listening to their song. After a few moments, she cleared her throat to get their attention. Her s/o practically jumped ten feet when they heard her. “Urbosa! How long have you been there?!” they said nervously. “Not too long.” she chuckled “You know… you have a beautiful voice.”

~ Her s/o’s face flushed bright red “Ah- um.. thank you… I didn’t know anyone could hear me…"  “Well, I’d love to hear you again sometime.” she said with a wink.

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☆ Daruk ☆

~ When Daruk heard his s/o was staying at the Foothill Stable for the night he just had to go visit them, it had been a while since they had seen each other and he had so much he wanted to tell them! On his way there he thought about what all he would talk about, with all this Divine Beast stuff going on lately he definitely had a lot to tell them!

~ Once he made it to the stable he saw them brushing out their horse’s mane, just when he was about to call out their name he heard them singing.

~ He’d never heard such a beautiful voice! He was used to hearing singing, the other Gorons tended to hum or sing while they work, but it was nothing like that! “Wow y/n! I didn’t know you could sing like that! Heck, I didn’t know anyone could sing like that!” he exclaimed.

~ His s/o would be so flustered, they thought no one could hear them! “I-I uh– oh, thank you, but–” they were quickly cut off by him “What other songs do you know? Hah! I’d love to hear you sing again!”

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☆ Mipha ☆

~ She had been looking high and low around Zora’s Domain for her s/o when she saw them standing on one of the bridges. Mipha was trying to alert them that the other champions would be visiting with Zelda and Link for dinner tonight and that they wanted to meet them!

~ She was making her way over to them when she heard their voice. They were singing! A chill ran up her spine as she listened to them. Their voice… it sounded like an angel! She was quite taken aback by how wonderfully they could sing!

~ She waited until they finished their song to say anything to them. “That was beautiful y/n!” Her s/o was startled by her the sudden sound of her voice “Wait– you could hear me?! I mean– I- um– thank you..”  “You’re very welcome y/n , I would love to hear you sing again sometime…”

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☆ Revali ☆

~ He had spotted his s/o from off of one of the platforms in the Rito Village, so of course he had to go see them!

~ He wanted to sneak up on them and scare them with an updraft (because he’s just so sweet…) so he landed far behind them. Once he started to make his way towards them, he heard them. He stopped for a moment, was that singing coming from them? He never knew his s/o had such a beautiful voice! Why hadn’t he heard them before? Surely someone with a voice like that would want to be heard!  

~ “Well y/n~,” his s/o turned around quickly to see him, standing there with a big smirk on his face. “I didn’t know you had such a talent for singing! I must admit, I’m impressed!” It was rare for Revali to brag on anyone besides himself, but when he did, he truly meant it!

~ They were so shy about their voice so they didn’t sing in front of other people so when they knew he heard them, they were so embarrassed. “Oh.. Thank you Revali, but I’m not that good..” “Nonsense! You have a beautiful voice! Maybe you could sing for me again sometime~.” he chimed.

Such Sweet Sorrow

This is part of my Drabble game and is written for the wonderful @amlyra

Prompts: “He can never love you like I can.” and “Trust me, I’m dying inside. You just can’t tell.”


Imagine visiting Erebor with your family and Fili sneaking into you room in the middle of the night so you can sleep in each other’s arms and kiss until you fall asleep because you’ve been lovers since you were both young.

You stared at the aged painting, the azure sky washed pale from the years of Smaug’s occupation. It had been cleaned but not restored but you had already done the repairs in your mind. In your reluctance to wallow in the depths of your inner troubles, you had revived the hues of blue and green until before you hung the perfect recreation of Erebor, a dark giant looming over a sea of grass.

If only you had your paints on hand you would do the job yourself. Mahal, you were tempted to take the painting to the Iron Hills and keep it there. You would need a souvenir to remember the Mountain by, you did not see many more visits in your future. The sudden realization made you choke and you buried your face in your hands though your tears still refused to fall.

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A Good, Small Adventure

Fandom: TLoZ
Pairing: Link X Reader
Genre: fluff, action
Warnings: None


Being a princess of a small kingdom came at the price of usually being overruled by larger, older kingdoms. Not that you minded, of course. Most kingdoms were very courteous and didn’t mind your presence by them at all. Your favourite, however, was none other than the majestic land of Hyrule, ruled by the Princess Zelda.

Luckily for you, today, Hyrule had invited you by private invitation from the princess herself. She claimed to have been inviting her most valued allies, you included.

So, you were in a carriage, alongside your father, the king of your small kingdom, on the way to Hyrule. It was maybe a day at the most - if bokoblins decided to show up - spent traveling, but it was worth it. Hyrule was a grand land, with many small villages that sold the most unique items. You always enjoyed visiting them to buy things as gifts for your friends. However, this trip was strictly business.

“I wonder why the princess Zelda chose us…” you wondered aloud.
“Because the royal knight, Link, trusts us. She wrote to me separately, discussing how she only invited those with Link’s approval. After all, he will be fighting alongside us.”
“Yes, you remember him, correct?”
“How could I forget. He’s saved our kingdom more than once.”

Truth be told, your heart skipped the second his name rolled off your father’s tongue. You definitely would never forget those blue eyes. Link, the hero of Hyrule, was famous around every kingdom. He was truly a celebrity. However, he was bound only to Zelda from birth, and that simply could not be helped.

“I do not know why you took such a liking to that boy.” Your father sighed, “the boy hasn’t uttered one word since we met him three years ago.”
“Perhaps he is shy?”
“I think not, my precious. He must be used to the attention by now.”
“The perhaps he easily spills information and was forced to keep quiet to keep the dark secrets of Hyrule and its family under lock and key?” You joked.
“Don’t be so dense, [First].”
“I was only being humorous, father.”

The rest of the day was spent in the carriage, bickering with your father over the tiniest stain on your satin dress or the leaf that was stuck in the locks of your hair. He was very picky, especially when it came to meeting with the princess Zelda


The wind whipped your hair as you stood in front of Hyrule castle, soaking in its beauty. The sun had began to come down behind it, giving the whole structure a holy glow. You smiled and breathed in the air. Your father stepped out of the carriage behind you, also breathing in the refreshing Hylian air as he placed a large hand on your small shoulder.

“Remember, [First], power is not important, it is the wisdom of the powerful that is.” He said, then strode towards the main doors.

Once you got there, two guards bowed and moved to let you in. The castle was exactly how you remembered it - tall and beautifully decorated. You couldn’t take it all in, no matter how much you tried. In front of you stood a large staircase and at the top, two double doors which were shut and guarded. A woman suddenly rushed to your side.

“It’s lovely to meet you again.” She bowed.
“And you.” Your father smiled.
“Your majesty, the princess would like me to take you straight to your room. Princess [First], your highness, Princess Zelda would like to see you immediately in her quarters.”
“Of course.” You bowed, then wandered through the castle, trying to navigate through the winding halls to the Princess’ domain.

It seemed to be no use. You’d passed the same armour statue at least three times now and the painting of the Goddesses constructing the Triforce was simply getting on your nerves. As you passed the armour for the fourth time, there was a cough behind you. Startled, your turned to see the one and only hero, Link, standing graciously behind you.

“U-uh…” you stuttered, “I… have you been following me…?” You immediately felt bad as his face flushed red and his eyes widened at your accusation, “I’m trying,” you sighed, “to find Princess Zelda’s quarters. Can you show me?”

He nodded, composing himself before hastily walking up the hallway. You followed behind him, your dress beginning to cause some issues with how quickly you could keep up. He navigated through halls left and right before coming to two large wooden doors with a Triforce carved in the centre.

He knocked then entered. You followed, eyes landing on the Princess Zelda who stood at the top of the room, gazing out of the window.

“I see you both came.” Her voice was soft, sweet, and most definitely oozed royalty. She turned, blonde hair gently swishing as she did.
“Your highness,” you bowed.
“[First], there’s really no need for that.” She laughed, “are we not friends?”
“W-well.. if you think we’re friends then so do I.”

As she moved to take a seat in the large chair by her bed, Link moved towards the door. She only sighed, causing Link to turn as his hand gripped the door handle.

“Link, I called you here for a reason. Please come here.” She beckoned, “[First], how have you been?”
“I’ve been very well, and you?”
“Splendid. Though, I hear you’ve had a small bokoblin problem in your kingdom?”
“Oh, yes. Unfortunately one of our smaller villages was overrun with those monsters. Not even our best trained knights can seem to scare them away.”
“Why don’t you just kill them?”
“It’s… my father is against it.”
“Against it?”
“Yes… he’s not much into violence.”
“Then it’s a very good job I came up with this idea.”

She stood and you and Link parted so she could move to the desk in the centre of her room. Gracefully, she took out a piece of paper and a quill, then faced you and Link, a twinkle in her eye. You heard Link gulp next to you.

“Link, you’re going to escort [First] to her kingdom, take out all of the monsters, then escort her back here in time for the alliance meeting.”
“Y-your highness!” You shrieked, “you can’t be serious! L-Link is your personal knight, you can’t just give him to me!” You quickly bowed.
“It’s only for a day, [First],” she announced, amused, “besides, it’s not as if he does anything here. He’s usually asleep.” Her beautiful features scowled over at Link who chuckled nervously.
“A-re you certain?”
“Yes. Though, I will need you to sign this. It’s just in case either of you get hurt. It’s just to say you’re under my protection until you return.”

Shakily, you took the quill, watching as she placed the paper down, then signed next to her own signature. Link was next, taking the quill, fingers brushing against yours. He scribbled his name then returned the quill to Zelda, who only smiled in response.

“[First], why don’t you go and find your father? I believe there is a maid on her way here now. You may be able to catch her and she’ll take you to him.”

You listened to her, leaving the room. Zelda turned to Link, folding her arms and staring intensely at him.

“And you,” she began, authority taking over her previous gentle tone, “don’t spend tomorrow in silence. Talk to her. She doesn’t bite, though I’m sure you have figured that out.” She commanded and Link was nothing short of flabbergasted.
“O-of course, your highness.” He muttered, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.


The next morning you were awoken at the crack of dawn by a maid telling you Link was already waiting in the southern courtyard. You yawned a “thank you” and then proceeded to get ready, putting on your thinnest of dresses to make riding horseback somewhat bearable.

The maid was not lying, as when you arrived, Link was standing tending to two horses, a beautiful brown one and a coal black one. His sword was sheathed on his back alongside a heavy shield that had the Hyrulian crest on it. His blue shirt matched his eyes and caused his yellow hair to stand out amongst his pale skin.

“Sorry for keeping you waiting.” You apologised.
“It was no problem.”

Your heart stopped for a second. That was the first time he had ever spoken to you or even around you. His voice was smooth, and very soft, nothing like you had imagined. It had a boyish undertone, which matched the few sounds he would make when embarrassed or shocked.

“This is Epona, my steed.” He brushed the mane of the brown horse gently with his hand.

You slowly approached, coming to stroke the horse’s nose, which caused a satisfied neigh. You smiled up at the horse who nuzzled into you.

“She likes you.” Link smiled.
“She’s beautiful.”
“I know. She’s a real stunner. And that,” he pointed to the black horse, “is Malo. He’s got good stamina and will be able to take you there and back to your kingdom.” The long string of words seemed to take Link, himself, back in shock, as he began to trail off towards the end.

You moved to your horse for the day, stroking his mane and quietly thanking him in advance for his work. With haste, you mounted Malo and Link soon followed by mounting Epona.

“Your kingdom is to the south, correct?”
“Hm… oh, I almost forgot, Malo is a bit… timid… if something even slightly startles him, he’ll make a run for it, so just be careful.”
“Okay. Thank you for telling me.”

Then, you set off. The day begun as you travelled through the realms, taking in all of the beautiful sights of the lush fields surrounding you. Sometimes, Link would point out areas definitely worth a visit, such as Zora’s Domain, or Kakariko Village. He was, for the most part, quiet, but you suspected that it was just in his personality. You didn’t mind, however. Sometimes, you’d pipe up and talk for a while about the one time you saved a butterfly from drowning in your fountain, or about the time you made a 10ft long flower chain for the fun of it. Link would sometimes interject into your long stories, saying how it reminded him of his adventures around the area.

Your horses were patient, never going above a canter and always obeying to any command. You found Malo enjoyed the breeze on his ears, so you moved his mane so that whenever there was a breeze, it always hit his ears, never the hair around. Of course, you didn’t notice Link had noticed that, with a small smile plastered onto his face.


“Oh look!” You pointed to a large bird in the sky, “I’ve never seen one of those, what is it?”
“Go!” Link suddenly called.

The bird, turned out to be a Kargorok, which had the only intention of harming you and Link. Link already knew about these pesky skybound monsters, while you did not, so when he panicked and sent Epona into a full gallop, leaving you at the mercy of the giant bird in the sky, you also panicked. However, it was too late. The bird screeched, diving down, talons ready. You screamed and Malo reared up, front hooves leaving the ground, as he then galloped away. You, unable to control the horse, simply fell to the dirty ground, rolling in the mud. The world spun, your ears were ringing and the faint screech of the bird got louder. You ducked your head under your arms and prayed to god that it would leave you soon. Besides, Link had fled, as well.

There was a second loud, powerful neigh, and to looked up to see Link on Epona, who had also reared up, his sword up in the air, shield on his arm. Epona galloped towards you, Link swung his sword and the bird fell dead. Epona jumped over your trembling body, coming to a quick halt.

Link jumped off of his noble steed, rushing over to you and kneeling down. He discarded his sword and shield to the ground. His hands gently caressed your shoulders and you looked up into his face.

“Are you okay?” He asked gently, but with concern.
“I think so. Thank you… for saving me…”
“C'mon. We’re close to your kingdom, now.” He helped you stand, picked up his weapons, then looked around.
“The horse bolted.” You groaned.
“Oh… not a problem.”

He brought his hands up to his face, giving a loud, sharp whistle and within the next minute, Malo came galloping back. He immediately came over to you, nuzzling into your shoulder in apology.

“That was very rude.” You scolded the horse, “but you came back, so I suppose I can forgive you.”

You then mounted the horse, as Link made his way back to Epona and also got on. Then, together, you journeyed towards your Kingdom.


It was only mid day when you arrived at your kingdom. Many people approached, bowing to Link and thanking him for his service, while they asked you why you had returned. You simply told them that duty suddenly called, not wanting to tell them everything, as the king was not supposed to know. From there, you lead Link to the small forest in the in which the infested village lied. You stopped at the edge of the forest, telling Link to follow the path and he would find it. When he had disappeared amongst the trees, you dismounted Malo and turned to look at your kingdom.

The castle in which you lived hung above the small town and villages that stood in its vicinity. It was no Hyrule, definitely, but it was still a beautiful sight. Your kingdom’s flag flew high above the land, proudly. There was a quiet whisper from the main area, which was constantly busy with business and the like. To your right, there was a light babble of a small river which ran adjacent to your castle. The wind rustled the leaves, and left the entire area feeling so free.

Not long after, Link returned, covered in blood and mud, wielding his sword, but very much alive. You spun on the balls of your feet, gasping when you took him into your sights. He smiled.

“Are you alright?” It was your turn to ask him, now.
“I’m fine. I also finished the job. The people are safe to move back, now.”
“Thank you so much!” Tears welled in your eyes.

You couldn’t believe the overwhelming gratefulness that took over your body which was directed towards Link. After all, he’d just solved a very large problem for you. Around 100 people could go back home, which was a very substantial number for your kingdom. You couldn’t express your gratitude.

Link just put his sword and shield away, watching as you mounted Malo.


The skies had darkened a lot by the time you were almost back at Hyrule. You were close, but still quite far. The sun was already half sunken into the horizon and you’d already seen a few terrifying monsters in the distance.

“Are we going to make it in time?” You asked Link.
“I hope so.” He looked back at you and gave you a reassuring smile.
“I am not a fan of the dark.” You whispered.
“Oh really?” Link asked and you flushed.
“If it helps, nothing is going to harm you while I’m here. Though, I thought I already proved that to you.”

You looked down at your hands which gripped the reins of the horse and Link suddenly found interest in a tree that wasn’t too far in front.


It seemed luck really wasn’t on your side, as you still hadn’t even returned to a Hyrulian province and the sun had begun to set. Link was trying to be optimistic, telling you that he could see landmarks familiar to him which meant you weren’t far off.

An hour later and you were back in Hyrule, but a while away from the safety of Hyrule Castle. It was then, that two large Skelton Lizalfos jumped up from the ground right next to you, you gripped onto the reins of your horse, whipped him into gallop and followed Link in a panic.

“Okay, don’t panic!” Link shouted to you, “I need you to trust me, keep Malo in gallop and follow me! We can’t risk bumping into any more of those!”

You didn’t really have any choice but to agree, holding onto the reins for dear life as you followed Link. Soon, you could see the glow of Hyrule Castle and you knew you were almost safe. As soon as you were close enough, Link slowed down Epona and you slowed down Malo. It wasn’t long before you were finally putting the horses away, thanking them for their help.


After everything, you and Link went to see Zelda to report to her how everything went. She was not surprised to hear everything went smoothly and Link (as usual) had saved the day. You thanked her and Link over and over, unable to express your gratitude any further despite it being so much. You then left.

“How did you find it?” Zelda asked Link once more, now that they were alone.
“It was definitely an adventure.”
“I see.”
“I didn’t mean it negatively… it was a good adventure. A good, small adventure.”
“Okay, Link. I feel it’s best if you go and rest now. Tomorrow is a very important day.” Zelda chuckled.

Link made his way slowly to the door, all of his limbs hurting from the day-long outing. Just as he opened the door, he halted and Zelda looked up with a raised eyebrow. Link turned.

“Your highness?”
“Yes, Link?”
“Would it be possible… for me to see Princess [First] again… after her visit here?”
“Link, you may be my knight, but you are under no obligation to stay in Hyrule unless told otherwise.”

Her answer was nothing short of satisfactory for the hero, who left with a smile on his tired face.


The next day at the alliance meeting, you and Link stole many glances at each other, but neither of you knowing about them. Link, for some reason, wanted to do nothing but talk to you, however, you played a major role in the meeting, talking about how to strengthen alliances via shipping goods between kingdoms and having an annual day where all of the kingdoms celebrate their friendships with each other. Link hung onto all of your words during your speech. In that moment, you truly sounded like a ruler, and Princess Zelda herself complimented you about your speaking skills in front of the entire party.

You had been flustered, eyes searching for Link who stood with a smile that seemed to scream “I agree” as he looked at you. This only meant your face deepened in colour.

The day after the meeting, you finally headed back to your kingdom. However the journey was most certainly different, as Link escorted your carriage all the way back. He told you that it had something to do with wanting to get out more, but Zelda had whispered to you as you said farewell that “he just wants to see you more”.


In the months to come, you saw Link more and more as the battle against evil continued. You found yourself going on many good, small adventures with him, telling him about your childhood and listening to his.

It was in those moments that you truly felt alive.

You loved your good, short adventures with Link, and hoped they’d continue for eternity.

For Royai Week 2017 (Day 1 - Chess.) 

Roy could end this game in three moves. Breda waited, smug, having just moved his remaining knight, and Roy know what needed to be done. This didn’t keep his mind from drifting to where his eyes wouldn’t, and he couldn’t brace himself before spiraling down that hole, that would train of thought that carried him away fast. It wouldn’t stop to give him time to breathe. When he wanted to step down, it was too late.

I’m going insane.

A few steps away, Riza sat with Hayate on her lap. Between whispers and sips of tea, Roy could hear soft laughter and kind words. He hadn’t gotten the chance to see who she was chatting with, and it took more restraint than usual not to turn around to see. If he were to lie eyes on her, they would surely stay there.

Pull yourself together. It’s nothing new.

Riza had cut her hair short again. She’d said it was because she’d lost her hair clip. She’d ran her hand through her hair after this confession, golden threads easily falling into place. Roy’s smile had broadened. Riza wouldn’t miss taking precious minutes of her morning routine to brush and unknot her long mane, only to tie it up and keep it from getting in the way most of the time.

Without her long hair, not even her uniform could hide the scar on her neck. It was barely there; strangers wouldn’t even notice it above her turtleneck, but Roy’s eyes often drifted to that faint white line on their own. His heart took the hit every single time. He would’ve wanted to say it was the change of look that stunned him. What baffled him was her ability to go on as if she hadn’t faced certain death a few weeks earlier. He wanted to say it was her laugh, easier than it had been in months, but it was the ghost of her weight in his arms. Every day, and every night, without rest or mercy.

Breda coughed and raised his eyebrows. Roy shook his head. There he was. Roy Mustang, unable to tell apart his delusions from reality, past from present. He breathed deep, letting his steady hand and a trembling heart move his queen three steps forward.

“Well played, boss,” was all Breda said, a grin breaking his usual frown. “Didn’t think you’d go for it. It’s not like you to sacrifice your queen.”

Beauty and the Beast Ch. 5

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Special thanks: @imoutofmyvulcanmind for being my idea bouncer and helping me slog through this story.

Star Trek AU -  Leonard x Reader - 2,317 word(s) - maybe a little angsty?

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4

Tags: @outside-the-government @hellhoundsandunicorns @kirk-enterprise@aeryntheofficial @dolamrothianlady @dragons-of-the-usa @imagineangryspacegrump@fanscribbling @pokeharvest@captainjimsexypantskirk @starmission @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse @elenawrit @malindacath @janora00 @lovelyturtle36 @arrowsshootyouforwards @agentpeggyfreakingcarter

Let’s try this again. Sorry guys!

You were a bit stunned to say the least. You just stared up at Leonard’s face for a few seconds, with your mouth slightly open, taking in his request. Leonard’s face started to fall the longer you stared up at him speechless.

“I mean, if you don’t want to…” Leonard started, frowning slightly.

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How does bounty hunter Obi-Wan take care of that much hair? It there a way to manage/treat/deal with fine, light hair so you don't have to wash it so often? (In case it wasn't clear, I don't mean to nitpick. I like the idea of hair long and strong enough to strangle people with without it being wildly impractical and I'd like to know more.) Does he use his hair to do other things?

Hearing a shift, Qui-Gon glanced up quickly and smiled when he saw Obi-Wan step out of the tent, his hair currently undone and hanging down his back to his rear in long red waves. In his left hand was a can that he was shaking hard.

“What is he up to? I’ve never seen him with his hair undone.” Anakin offered warily.

“You don’t think keeping that much hair is without work Anakin, do you?” Qui-Gon chuckled and tugged on his own tail. “There’s a reason my hair reaches my shoulder blades and no longer. After that it gets to much work for me.”

“So he’s…doing hair care?” The blond blinked and glanced back as Obi-Wan started to spray the content of the can into his hair, starting at the bottom to the top until he had coated all of it.

“Yes.” Qui-Gon watched the bounty hunter as Obi-Wan tucked the can on his belt and pulled his brush of it, carefully starting to brush in the content. “Its a repairing hair spray with the added benefit of strengthening the hair and keeping it tangle free.”

“…You gave it to him, didn’t you.”

“Courting gift. He started buying them himself after he learned of it.” Qui-Gon chuckled to himself as Obi-Wan continued brushing out his mane of hair as the sun caught in the waves. “He looks nice.” He smiled softly.

Then he shook his head as Obi-Wan started to braid his hair up with the Force. “And of course he’d utilize the Force like that.” The tone should have been exasperated but it came out fond.

Anakin watched his former master, frowning ever so slightly. “You…really like him, don’t you.”

“He’s interesting. Funny if you get to know him and he’s very smart Anakin. A bit crude but considering the life he leads, its not so surprising. He’s strong, capable of defending himself.” Qui-Gon shrugged. “And when I look at him through the Force he makes me feel…soothed I guess?”

“He’s so…crass though.” Anakin sighed. “I worry about you Master, I’d like to see you happy.”

“He makes me laugh Anakin. And his crassness is a cover, can you imagine day in and day out getting harassed for a quirk of birth? He didn’t choose to be an omega.” Qui-Gon shrugged before patting his former padawan on the shoulder. “I’m a grown man Anakin, I can make my own choices.” He smiled then moved to the copper haired bounty hunter, greeting him calmly.

“Did you sleep well?”

“I’ve had worse accommodations as you well know.” Obi-Wan hummed, pulling his hair up in a bun before cocking his head lightly while watching the taller man. “So, food?”

“Follow me Ser Kenobi.”

“…You know you can call me Obi-Wan, right?” He followed the tall Jedi, moving beside him through the camp.

“I didn’t want to presume. I know you like your space.” Qui-Gon offered in return as his robe snapped around his feet.

“I…appreciate that. I appreciate your willingness to…” Obi-Wan huffed a bit and ran his hand over his neck. “…Qui-Gon, I’d like to talk with you later in private if you have time today.”

“I would like that.” Qui-Gon pulled the flap to the mess tent to the side, gesturing for Obi-Wan to enter first. “Now, do you still drink tea? I can make a full pot.”

“Yes. Sapir?”

“Indeed Obi-Wan. Sapir and local produce, I hope your stomach is strong for bland food.” The Jedi teased and the bounty hunter smirked at him.

One Year | A Gaston Story (Chapter Twelve)

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One Year | A Gaston Story

Gaston (Luke Evans) X OC

Summary: Gaston made all the wrong choices in life, and when a dramatic fall from the Beast’s castle leaves him wounded and near-death, he thinks it’s the end of his time. Suddenly, an old beggar woman appears at his side and heals him back to his normal self but gives him one year, and only one year, to find true love before his time on earth and the town’s memories of him come to an end.

Prologue | One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve

Tags: @harleyscheekheart ; @jordyhaley ; @gawston ; @araceli91103 ; @the7thsilence  ; @blackxthexbeast  ; @hobbithorse19  ; @epicfallenismine ; imoyu-trashblog

The darkness of the evening rolled into the early morning sunrise, as certain as the tides, while its halo of rays eased underneath the hanging scarlet curtain in Gaston’s room. Desperate for a few more hours of blackness, Gaston craved more time to prepare, to mull over this thoughts and disquietude as his departure from Villeneuve was now just hours away. It was a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach as he considered the possibilities of the trip; When he and Anne returned to Villeneuve in the final days of June, the curse would either be broken or he would be awaiting his death. If he and Anne failed to fall in love with one another, everything would be forgotten: The people they met along their journey wouldn’t remember him, the tavern would disappear altogether, LeFou would never have heard the name Gaston, and Anne would continue with her life as though nothing happened. He desired a brighter outcome, but these consequences were still a strong possibility, particularly because every time Gaston opened himself up to Anne, something interrupted their intimacy: his temper, the townspeople, the curse. What if that happened on their journey?

Unable to cope with his pessimistic thoughts, Gaston rolled out of bed and wandered down to the stables behind the tavern. The deep golden hue of straw and the scent of multiple horses propelled Gaston back to his childhood when he would assist his father with cleaning the stables. Shaking his head at the thought, he attempted to distract himself and advanced into the stables with his mind set on the upcoming departure time. To his surprise, as he approached his jet-black thoroughbred, Gaston noticed LeFou saddling the horse to prepare him for the journey. LeFou’s eyes were downcast, his features settled in a vacant yet dejected expression, as he ran an oval-shaped brush through the horse’s dark mane.

“Good morning, LeFou,” Gaston announced, causing LeFou to jump at his voice.

“Oh, I didn’t see you there. Good morning,” LeFou spoke kindly with a smile, yet his eyes were dimmed with sadness.

It was quite unusual for LeFou, a normally optimistic and vibrant individual, to speak with such sorrow that it concerned Gaston. Since Anne entered his life, he began to respect his friends’ feelings, something he hadn’t considered since the days prior to the war, and he couldn’t help but wonder if LeFou’s drastic change in behavior was on account of their approaching farewell.

“Are you alright?” Gaston spoke tensely; It was still uncomfortable for him to display concern.

LeFou recognized this, and he couldn’t help but stare with widened eyes at his best friend. Gaston never asked him how he was feeling, not in recent years anyway, and the apparent worry he was now expressing caused LeFou to communicate honestly without regret.

“I’ve been thinking about…the curse.” It pained LeFou to even mention Gaston’s fate. “And I can’t help but think…well if things don’t work out, not that I don’t think they will,” he normally bolstered Gaston, it was odd for him to elaborate on a negative outcome, “But what if it doesn’t?”

“Then, that’s it…for me,” Gaston spoke to the ground.

They fell to silence, neither confident of how to initiate a response, as LeFou tapped the horse’s saddle rhythmically with his pointer finger and attempted to find his words.

“Right. I don’t want to be negative, but it’s eating at me. I can’t imagine…” He struggled to finish his sentence as his voice cracked with heartache. “I can’t imagine you not being here. I’ve tried since you mentioned that curse, but I can’t fathom waking up and not coming here to the tavern, not being around you…”

“If I can’t love her, maybe it’s for the best.”

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Steven Universe is a goldmine of wasted toy potential, tbh.

When I started watching SU my first thought aside from “this show is so friggin’ cute” was “these characters would make AWESOME action figures!” So you can imagine my disappointment when the toy landscape turned out to be a desert with Funko Pops in the place of tumbleweed.

There are so, so many possibilities, though. Just for starters, imagine the accessories! Peridot could have detachable limb enhancers and a tablet and a bunch of metal doohickeys. Malachite could have a gaggle of tiny watermelon people to terrorize. BISMUTH COULD COME WITH A FORGE PLAYSET.

What about transformable gems? The success of the Transformers franchise has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that people love toys that can be turned into other toys, and this is a show full of characters that can canonically shapeshift! What about an Amethyst action figure that you can turn into a cat?

Oh yeah, and while we’re on the topic of Transformers; SU Combiners could be a thing too.

^ This is a giant action figure made by sticking together five smaller action figures. How about a Ruby+Sapphire 2-pack where you can transform and combine them to make Garnet? Its not totally unfeasible is what I’m saying.

And that’s just action figures. The fashion doll market need not be neglected either! Do you prefer Amethyst’s original season 1 outfit or her current outfit? Lucky for you, Amethyst doll comes with both options. Don’t forget the Purple Puma fashion pack! There could be so many fashion packs, you guys. Maybe you want your Pearl doll to wear her spacesuit from “Space Race” today, or that snazzy tuxedo from “Mr. Greg” or the baseball uniform from “Hit the Diamond” or, wait, what about a full “Hit the Diamond” set featuring Steven, “Earl,” “Amy,” “Bob,” and “Sophie” in their baseball outfits? It can be done. It has been done. Behold; the Monster High School Spirit and Fearleading 3-packs.

Hey, remember those Barbies with the Magic Colour Changing Hair? You see where I’m going with this, right?

Magic Colour Changing Cotton Candy Garnet Barbie please and thank you.

Speaking of hair, who else wants to brush Jasper’s glorious mane?

That’s right; it’s Amazonian Warrior Meets Totally Hair Barbie.

Crewniverse, if you’re reading this, please keep in mind that if any of the above were ever made reality I would be like:


prompts #3. “I’m not jealous.” & #18. “I shouldn’t be in love with you.”

Riley Matthews knew she was predestined to be wed to the right suitor the moment she learned how to walk and talk. 

Luckily for her kingdom, there was a prince in the neighbouring kingdom that was just Riley’s age. From the moment either one was conceived, their parents had vowed to marry them and join their two kingdoms when they were both of age. 

Being a princess meant that Riley does not and was not supposed to have any qualms about her future arranged marriage. It was how her parents and their parents and their furthest ancestors had ensured a successful kingdom and was able to produce heirs. It was the only way she would be able to be married. 

So as she grew up, she dreamed of having the perfect family and being a queen. She dreamed of marrying her best friend like her mother and father did. However, unlike her parents, Riley did not grow up alongside her future husband, but a stable boy only a year older than her.

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Callout for Magnus; please stop trying to get me to let you ride on my back. No, offering carrots will not help. I know that I'm a centaur and it's cute (at times) how you ask to brush my mane. But for fucks sake you are TOO HEAVY FOR ME TO CARRY YOU! Stop trying to ride me! I'm just trying to do my job, not break the lower half of my body! -Eliza the Seeker