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Well, that escalated quickly. - Tom Holland smut.

|| summary: you’re cuddling with tom and things take an interesting turn…

|| author’s note: smut. smut. smut. smut. read at your own risk!

“Comfortable?” Tom teases, as you readjust yourself for the tenth in the past five minutes. Using your feet, you kick the blanket further down the couch, so it’s rested along your ankles. Then, you nod. Tom smiles and places his head back on your shoulder, returning his attention to the TV.

After a few moments, you move from being on your back to on your side. “Jesus.” Tom groans as he lifts his head, that you’ve just disturbed from it’s position. “Can you sit still for five minutes?” Glancing over your shoulder, you find him annoyingly looking down at you. “I probably could, if I was more relaxed.” You admit. He raises his eyebrows, and props himself onto one elbow. “And how may I assist you in becoming more comfortable, madam?” You bite your lip, trying to hold back your grin. “A back massage would be great.” Tom rolls his eyes, and mositions his hand, signalling for you to turn over.

You eagerly comply, turning onto your chest, exposing your back to him. Tom begins by gently rubbing your back through your shirt, causing your muscles to relax. After a few moments, he grabs the hem over your shirt and tugs it. You hold yourself up, allowing him to slip it over your head, before laying back down. “Take your bra off.” He says, while unclasping it for you. Without hesitation, you sit up and slip the straps off your shoulder, causing the bra to fall to the floor. Tom pulls you back into your laying position, and you cross your arms under your head to support it.

With deft fingers, Tom begins massaging circles into your back. You close your eyes, and hum low in your throat. Using one hand, he massages the back of your neck, his fingers teasing the roots of your hair. The other hand’s palm is placed along your lower back, putting pressure along the sides of your spine. You groan at the two sensations, loving every caress. “You like that, sunshine?” Tom asks, and you sense his smile grow as you continue to moan. “Oh my god, yes.” You rasp, while nodding your head to annunciate just how good it feels.

Taking both hands, he places them on your shoulder blades and uses his thumbs to pressure remove any knotts, while his other fingers mirror each other - making circular motions. Your mouth pops open, as you moan loudly. His hands continue this process all the way down your back, as you practically drool all over yourself.

When Tom’s hands reach the waist band of your panties, instead of going back up, he continues down - massaging over your ass cheeks. “Oh fuck,” you groan at the rare sensation. You love booty rubs, but you’ve yet to tell Tom that. His hands squeeze, and spread you cheeks, while his fingers continue to massage into them. He then uses his knuckles to rub up and down the sides of your cheeks, working their way in. You moan again, before feeling the absence of Tom’s deft touch on your ass.

Suddenly, Tom flips you over so your lying on your back. “Time to which sides.” Tom smirks, cupping your face and kissing you quickly. Before you can say anything, Tom’s hands are sliding down to your chest, teasing your lips as they go. His hands cup your breasts, allowing them to fill his palms. “You fit my hand perfectly.” Tom admits idly, while his fingers begin to tease your nipples. You arch your back in response and whisper, “fuck.” He rolls your nipples between his fingers and watches as you begin squirming underneath him. Your eyes close, as your thighs squeeze together in desperation of friction. “Oh, baby. I wish you could see how beautiful you look right now.” Tom groans, as he leans down to nip and suck your neck. “Tom,” you rasp as your hands reach up to tangle in his hair.

One of Tom’s hands wraps around your back, holding you flush against him, as the other slips into your panties. His fingers, spread open your folds to find you’re already soaking. Without hesitation, he slides two fingers inside you while his thumb begins circling you’re clit. You squeeze your lips together, holding in your moans. “Ah-ah,” Tom tisks, leaning down and biting your lower lip, tugging it down, “I wanna hear you.” You moan loudly, as his fingers quicken their pace, pumping faster inside you, as his thumb adds more pressure to your clit. Tom nods down at you in encouragement, “That’s it, baby. Mhm.”

Your muscles begin tightening as your hips grind against his hand. Your breathing quickens and your hands reach down to grasp his biceps, squeezing tightly. “Jesus,” you seethe as your orgasm blows through you. Your thighs tighten around his hand, while your toes curl, and your back arches pushing you further against Tom. “That’s it, pretty girl. You’re so fucking pretty.” Tom brushes hair away from your face, as you pant, trying to catch your breath. Leaning down, his tongue slips into your open mouth, coaxing a kiss out of you.

Tom breaks away from the kiss first, for air, as your breathing calms. Pulling his hand out of your panties, Tom slips his fingers into his mouth and begins sucking them clean. You watch, in awe, feeling your insides twitch slightly in response. “Well,” Tom says after pulling his fingers out his mouth, “that escalated quickly.” You laugh aloud, as you reach down to pick up your shirt, not bothering to grab your bra. “You’re telling me.” You giggle, pulling your shirt over your head. Leaning over, you kiss Tom sweetly. “Thank you.” Tom smiles and shifts into a laying a position, tossing and turning a few times, waiting for you to join him.

“Comfortable?” You tease, smirking. “Actually… a back massage would be great.” You bite your lip and smile, “turn over.”


I haven’t done Steven Universe inspired make ups in a while and I wanted to make the Diamonds, so I played around with palettes yesterday and ended up with these two. Surprisingly enough, as a dual make up, they work pretty well. I had this theory that if I could balance out the heavy top liner from Yellow Diamond with the lower liner for Blue Diamond, it could even out as a dual make up, even though I purposefully made Yellow more of a sharp edge look and Blue more of a smokey round one. Anyway, my full face result is under the cut, which isn’t the best thing I’ve done but I thought it deserved to be included for a general idea. 

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Elizabeth was yours and Shawn’s first child. She was a sweet, yet sassy young girl with brown bouncings curls. She had just turned three and Shawn was going to bring her on tour, so she could not only see what he did for a living but so she could hear him sing also. She has always wanted to see her dad perform live, but she’s never seen him on stage, in person at the same time.

It was around four am when Shawn got up to go to the gym, making it a point not to wake you while he got ready. You already had to get up a five to get Liza ready to leave for tour and he didn’t want to take away any more rest time from you than he already had to.

When Shawn returned, you were in the bathroom brushing your hair.

“Hey, pretty girl” He smiled, walking in and placing a kiss on your forehead.

“Hey, how was the gym?” You asked him, smiling at him through the mirror.

“Shit, today’s leg day so I wasn’t loving it at all” He shook his head before grabbing a towel out from the cupboard.

“Ah, unlucky” You said playfully, putting your hairbrush away in a draw, “Okay, I'm going to get Liza and get her ready and dressed and then,” You paused thinking over your morning, “We’ll eat something and then we will get going” You walked out and down the hall to your daughters room.

The small copper fairy lights hung from her window, leaving a calm effect on the room. You crouched down next to Elizabeth’s toddler bed, gently rubbing your hand across her forehead. She stirred from her peaceful rest at your light actions, it didn’t surprise you that she awoke so early, she is a very light sleeper after all.

“Hi, baby-girl” You cooed, continuing your small motion. Liza groaned slightly at her early awakening. You helped her sit up as she motioned her hands towards you meaning she wanted cuddles. You brought her into your arms, holding her for a good couple of minutes before, standing up and going over to her cupboard, picking out some warmer clothes appropriate for the cool weather outside.

“Hows my little girl this morning?” Shawn’s voice appeared. You looked over and he had gotten changed into some black jeans and a light blue hoodie, a colour you think he should wear more often.

“Very tired,” You glanced down at the dozing toddler on your shoulder.

“No, I’m not” Liza argued with you. Shawn chuckled as he took her from you and bringing her into his own arms.

“Is that so?” He smiled at her.

“Yeah, I’m not tired, I’m excited to go to stages,” She said while impressively, but visibly fighting off a small yawn. Liza called Shawn’s shows stages because she associated the stage with his performances

“Okay, well if you get dressed for mommy and daddy we can get there quicker” Shawn bargained with her. Elizabeth got dressed just like Shawn asked, she woke up more as she ate her pancakes with her strawberries, slightly bopping her head along to the soft sounds of A Team by Allday. Shawn smiling when he looked up from his phone to look at his small daughter.

Shawn pulled up out in front of the bus and got Elizabeth out of the car, she had fallen asleep on the way here so Shawn tired his best not to wake her up as the three of them entered the bus. Andrew smiled as he saw the small three-year-old dozing on Shawn’s shoulder. Andrew was one of Elizabeth’s biggest fans and everyone knew that this small girl had her dads manager wrapped around her finger since day one.

“How are the Mendes’?” Matt -Shawn’s friend from back home- asked came into the lounge part of the bus. Liza’s eyes fluttered open from hearing Matt’s loud voice.

“Ah, nice one man” Shawn said playfully as his daughter rubbed her eyes.

“Uncle Matty” Elizabeth gave Matt a small sleepy smile. Matt came over and took her from Shawn’s arms and Elizabeth gave Matt a tight hug with her small arms around his neck.

“What about me?” Andrew whined. Elizabeth looked up from her position and a wide smile broke out on her face when she saw Andrew.

“Gerty!” She laughed. Matt carefully threw Elizabeth down onto the couch Andrew was still sitting on and she gave him a hug just like she did Matt.

“You excited for tomorrow?” Matt asked him, bringing him into that man-hug that guys do.

“Yeah, I mean nervous but mostly excited,” Shawn laughed.

“Y/n, how you doing?” Matt smiled giving you a hug too.

“Tired, but that’s okay” You laughed slightly.

“Well, we’re all tired y/n, stop your whining,” A voice said from the entryway of the bus. It was Geoff.

“Uncle Geoff!” Elizabeth squealed, looking over as Geoff.

“Hey munchkin, what’s going on?” He picked her up from the plush couch.

“Not much,” She laid her head onto Geoff’s shoulder. She let out a small yawn making every erupt in faint ‘awes’.

“I think somebody’s tired” Shawn smiled at his daughter. He noticed that her breathing had evened out and her face had lost all expression. She had fallen asleep.

“Naptime?” You asked. Everyone fainty laughed at your remark. Shawn grabbed Elizabeth from Geoff , picking up his daughters small suitcase you had brought in and took her down into the bunk section of the bus. He laid her on the bunk that had Shawn’s name over the top of it and unzipped his daughters bag, grabbing out her favourite light yellow blanket.

He laid it over the top of her and gave her a soft kiss on the forehead, leaving his sleeping daughter to rest up before the show.

Does anyone want sort of a part two at the show?? 

So I was using Qrow’s turnaround as a reference for this thing I’m drawing

And then something hit me

Guys I can’t believe Qrow Branwen has goddamn bedhair.

Anonymous: I just want some angsty lams and some John brushing Alex’s hair comfortingly pretty please? I don’t care what kind of angst at all, but I really want hair brushing and you write lams so well. Please and thank you! You are awesome! Love ya! ❤ 

You got it, bby! ;) I hope you and the rest of the kiddos enjoy this fic! Thank you to my wonderful friend Binna @ciceroniantrash for angsting with me as I wrote this! (Also, pssst @chickensauras! This is the fic I’d started last night! ^.^) <333

“Alexaaaander?” John singsonged as he walked into their dorm room. He looked over at Alex’s bed and smiled at the lump huddled up under the covers.

John walked over to Alex and gently tapped him where he thought his shoulder was. “Hey, babe, I’m back. Wanna get sushi?”

The lump did not move. John tapped Alex again. Still no response.

“Alex?” he said slowly, as if not wanting to startle his boyfriend.


“I’m pulling the blanket back now,” John said. He took the cover in his hands and cautiously pulled it back.

Alex was curled up in a tiny ball under it, eyes open, staring at the wall, though John could tell Alex couldn’t really see anything.

“Oh, babe,” John said softly.

As he studied his boyfriend more and more, he realized that Alex was in a fresh shirt, but still had his pajama bottoms on, likely meaning he’d tried to get dressed and go to class before crawling back in bed. John’s heart sunk at the thought. Alex’s class started at 9:30. It was past 12:30 now. He absolutely hated the thought of his boyfriend being alone and in pain for that long.

He climbed up onto the bed with Alex and moved the boy’s head into his lap. He ran his fingers through Alexander’s dark locks, hoping the gentle touch would slowly bring him back from wherever he’d gone.

Alexander slowly tilted his head up toward John and blinked his eyes a few times. John smiled down at him, trying his best to hide the worry he knew was written all across his freckled face.

“Hey,” John said softly. “You okay?”

Alex stared at him for a moment longer before shaking his head no. John felt his heart leap into his throat.

Alex is never this forward. He tried to see the positive side, that at least Alex was being honest with him, but he had a feeling it was more like Alex is tired of hiding how he really feels from him.

“That’s okay,” John said soothingly. “That’s completely fine. I’m here. I’m not going anywhere.”

Alex stared up at him, expression unchanging, as if the words were taking longer than usual to make sense to him. John recalled Alex explaining how it felt sometimes, a few months ago, around three am during finals week, when he’d been awake for two days straight and drank more coffee than should be legal.

“It’s like… like a huge cloud,” he’d said, spreading his arms as far as they’d go. “And, and it just descends upon me and stuffs itself into my head, which I know is big, but it’s not that big.” He winked at John. “And it makes it hard to think, because imagine having a cloud in your head, John. Imagine.”

“Um, yeah…” John had said, not wanting to reveal how uncertain, how confused, he was in the moment.

“I can use another metaphor. I can make literally a million, probably.”

“That’s okay, babe, the cloud is good,” John assured him. “So it’s hard to think?”

“Oh, yeah, hella. Thankfully it doesn’t get too extreme very often, but when it does…” Alex raised an eyebrow at his boyfriend.

“What happens?” John asked, almost not wanting to hear the answer, but knowing he needed to because what if if happened again and Alex needed him.

“When it gets really bad, which has happened…” Alex paused and looked up at the ceiling as if it held the answer he was searching for. “It’s happened twice. Once when my mother died, but I guess I had to snap out of it pretty quick because I got put into the system and all that.”

John wanted to tell Alex that depression wasn’t something he could just snap out of, but he also didn’t want to interrupt Alexander. He filed it away to bring up later, maybe after Alex got some sleep and drank a normal (for him) amount of coffee.

“And the second time was during our senior year of high school.”

John felt his heart drop. Senior year. They’d been best friends for two years by that point. Why hadn’t he known?

“It was… remember when I was out sick for a week? With the flu?”

John thought for a moment, then recalled Lafayette lugging home Alex’s books and assignments, asking John and Herc and Eliza for homework from classes they had with Alex.

“Yeah,” John said slowly, not sure he liked the direction this was going in.

“Well, it, uh, wasn’t the flu.”

John felt like someone had slapped him. He’d failed at being there for Alex. He’d completely and utterly failed.

Alex must have been able to sense how John was feeling because he quickly tried to reassure him. “John, babe, oh my god. Please don’t feel bad? Even Laf didn’t fully know what was going on. I wouldn’t let him near me for very long, and with all the tissues strewn across the bed, well, he thought it was the flu, too, until a few weeks later I told him.”

“I… I just feel horrible that I didn’t notice.”

“But I hid it. On purpose,” Alex stressed. “I was, well, kinda ashamed? I don’t know, I just didn’t want you to think that I was weak or weird.”

“I would never,” John said quickly.

“I know, but I was… it was an irrational fear,” Alex said. “And obviously I got over it.”

John had to smile at that. Yes, John thought. Clearly he has.

But now John was sitting with Alex on his dorm bed, trying to keep himself from panicking because his boyfriend is not okay, very not okay, and he doesn’t know what to do.

He tried to recall what Alex said about the cloud, about what helped, but it’d been like he himself didn’t really know what would be helpful, since it had happened so few times.

Think, think, John commanded himself. What helps Alex normally?

John quickly went through the list of things that typically comforted his boyfriend when he was depressed. There was peppermint tea, funny YouTube videos, and fuzzy blankets. Seeing as Alex was pretty unresponsive at the moment, John doubted that he could get him to drink tea, and felt that Alex wouldn’t be able to watch a video, but the blankets were doable.

“Babe, I’ll be right back,” he said, hoping Alex heard him. He gently shifted his boyfriend off of his lap and walked across the small room to his bed, where there were two folded blankets, then he opened up Alex’s closet, where they kept an especially fuzzy blanket that Martha had sent to him earlier that year when he had a bad cold.

John tossed the blankets on the bed and then grabbed his two pillows and stuffed turtle and threw them into the pile. He set about making a cozy, comfy nest of pillows, shifting Alex into the center with blankets draped around him.

John was about to climb onto the bed when he noticed Alex’s hair brush was near the foot of his bed, teetering, about to tumble to the floor. He must have meant to brush his hair, John thought.

Hair! John thought excitedly. He loves to have his hair played with.

He grabbed the brush and climbed back onto the bed, positioning himself behind Alex, who had kind of slumped over in John’s absence.

“Hey, babe,” John said softly as he sat his boyfriend back up, the unseeing look still in his eyes.

The cloud descends upon me. Alex’s voice echoed in John’s mind.

“I’m gonna brush your hair now. Does that sound good?” He didn’t expect Alex to reply, so when he didn’t, he wasn’t shocked.

He simply took Alex’s curls, which he hadn’t even bothered to put into his signature ponytail, and first ran a gentle hand through them. Then he began to brush his boyfriend’s hair, starting at the bottom, recalling his sister, Mary Eleanor, instructing him to do so when he’d used to help her brush her hair before school.

He paid each section of Alex’s hair special attention, humming a French song he knew Alex loved as he did so. Slowly, he felt Alex sitting up more on his own. He felt his head resist the tug of the brush when John accidentally hit a snarl.

John tried not to get too excited or too hopeful, but he couldn’t help the miniscule smile that found its way onto his face.

He simply kept brushing Alex’s hair, the only sounds in the room his humming and the brush smoothing out Alex’s black locks.

When he finished, Alex’s hair was a bit frizzy, but incredibly soft. John recalled Alex telling him once that he loved to have his hair braided, especially in two braids. He may have been slightly drunk at the time, but John knew Alex just opened up more when he was drunk; he never lied.

John pulled his own hair out of the bun he’d haphazardly thrown it into that morning before class and grabbed his boyfriend’s wrist, where he knew another hair tie would be waiting. He gently pulled it off, then braided Alex’s hair.

When he was done, he ran his hand over both of Alex’s braids. “So pretty,” John whispered.

He wrapped his arms around Alex from behind, pulling him close. He nearly gasped when Alex’s hands reached up and wiggled their way into his own.

“Thank you,” Alex hoarsely whispered.

“Anything for you,” John said, trying his best not to let the tears of relief that had gathered in his eyes fall.

Alex settled back against him, his head on John’s shoulders. He shut his eyes, and John tugged the blankets up over them more, then leaned back into the nest of pillows.

He kissed Alex on the crown of his head. “Anything for you,” he whispered. “Anything.”


yes i love female characters with diverse personalities and who are all written to be independent and unafraid to say “fuck” because its not ‘ladylike’

i also like that youre allowed to be a lesbian who just wants to get laid in huniepop

i like how huniecam embraces the idea of girls wanting to be camgirls, that its a completely normal profession with its ups and downs too

i dont like the main focus is getting laid and then never talking to any of the girls again though but the girls in the game are also looking for a quick fling so SHRUGS

if female characers with a personality that isnt default “i am grill teehee im CUTE!!! look how pretty i am let me do make-up and brush me hair so pretty” arent your thing then to each their own

Ok so I have really long hair right…like butt length hair and I’m terrible at maintaining it in decent human conditions. I put off brushing it until I have a massive rats nest on my head and then not even an industrial comb can get in it. So it’s 10:00AM right now and I’m going to attempt to detangle this mess that I can only blame on my self. So I’m gonna be gone for the day…I’ll check back in when I’m done

anonymous asked:

I usually do my hair in a tight bun, but recently I wore it down and a pretty girl brushed my hair out of my face and said "you should wear it like this more often." So long story short I've been wearing my hair down ever since & also I'm super gay

My legs would have given out if that had been me. Wear your hair down for the pretty girl, okay? 

-Mom Em

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"Hal, I think I'm in love with you," you murmur as you wriggled to get comfortable in his lap, brushing the pretty brown hair from covering his eyes. "I would hope so, Mrs. Carter," he chuckled, tugging you close as he tickled your sides. "No baby! I-I think I'm more in love with you," you whined, kissing his lips multiple times. "I love you a million times, Darlin'," he cooed, snuggling you close.

I just imagine this going on until one of your fell asleep murmuring “I love you most”

Fluffy Friday™


“ It is here where the cowards will die and only the strong will be able to survive. That is the way of this world. “ - Biba Amatori (Koutetsujou no Kabaneri ep. 9)

Inktober 3! I think.

I loooooooove Sapphy’s hair, it’s so fun 😍she’s such a princess!