brushing my tooths

little under-appreciated peridot moments that i love
  • “IS THIS YOUR BIZARRE ICON??!??!?!?!!?!?!” (holds up image of a crying waffle)
  • “the fusion experiments are developing properly….a few have even emerged early-EYOOHA
  • That little noise she makes in that moment in Catch and Release where she’s in the bathroom yelling at the Crystal Gems and she’s lying down on top of the towel bar holding a plunger and she almost slips
  • (Steven: I know you use my tooth brush!) “n….no……..well, Yes-”
  • (voice cracking immensely) I h A V EN>T  Cr A C K ED!!!!1
  • when she keeps holding the drill the wrong way in Back To The Barn
  • the one scene that she has in Steven’s Birthday
  • the face she makes in It Could’ve Been Great when Steven says “Just look at that view”
  • That scene in Message Received when Steven locks her in the car and we see her from inside the car and she looks like this
  • That moment in Log Date 7 15 2 where Garnet catches her wearing the alien boxers and she rips them off in the most dramatic way possible
  • W H E N S H E H U G S S T E V E N I N G E M D R I L L
  • That moment in Same Old World where she makes exaggerated sound effects while telling their story about drilling the Cluster
  • Her little hand gestures in Barn Mates
  • The cute little cartoony smile she makes in Barn Mates when Lapis asks her if she’s okay
  • When she puts the tablet on her arm in Too Short To Ride and it looks like she’s dabbing
  • When she keeps saying “ow” very flatly while Steven and Amethyst are trying to stretch her in Too Short To Ride
  • That lil moment in Beta when she’s talkin all casually about the Beta Kindergarten and she just twirls a tuna can in the air using her metal powers while she talks
  • In Gem Harvest when she’s trying to get the Pumpkin Dog to say “clod”
  • In Adventures In Light Distortion where’s talkin about how she can change the settings on the Ruby ship and it’s indirectly confirmed that she changed the settings of the entire ship from The Return so it would be green like her
  • The loud yelling she does when she’s levitating the cars in The New Crystal Gems
  • The fact that she can levitate cars in the first place
  • The way she says “Look at it! It’s great!” in The New Crystal Gems while presenting the new car wash sign to Greg
  • The entirety of her role in The New Crystal Gems
  • Her wet hair in Room For Ruby. I legit screamed when I first saw that
  • In Room For Ruby when she rolls around in the dirt with Steven and Navy???? so pure
  • When she tries to console Lapis in Room For Ruby
  • just…her????? i lov peridot so much
Bad hookup survival guide

About a week ago I hooked up with someone and I felt absolutely disgusted, used, disappointed, and dirty because I wasnt comftorable, pleased, or happy with the situation and felt scared to say no so for personal reasons and recent experiences, I decided to share a personal lil guide I made that i follow after a really bad hook up.
*Reminder - this is a PERSONAL guide. What works for me may not work for you. Take what you need and leave the rest
1- Deep throating a dirty dick made me appreciate my tooth brush 10x more. I start off by brushing my teeth and flossing, followed by mouth wash. After this i’ll pour myself something to drink to calm my nerves. I recommend tea even tho i’m pouring myself a shot or 5 of vodka.

2- I’ll pick out clean and comftorable underwear, a clean bra, and a big T-shirt to change into for after my bath.

3- I’ll run my bath with warm water and dump ½ a cup of apple cider vinegar in with bath salts. I usually use lavender or eucalyptus. You best believe i’m dumping a shit load of body wash in there too, everyone knows a bubble bath is therapy.

4- I massage a deep conditioner into my scalp because that mofo yanked the shit out of my hair a little too hard and now my heads a little sore and my hairs a little knotted.

5- I scoop a generous amount of scrub and work it onto my legs, arms, belly, etc and rinse it off. At this point i’ll turn on my shower head then dose my loofah with body wash and scrub the shit out of my skin. Maybe a little too rough but it gives me the illusion that i’m washing away what the person I hooked up with did.

6- At this point I usually sit in the water to soak for a bit longer or i’ll rinse off and drain the tub and get out. I dry off and cover my body in lotion and spritz a comforting scent on (jasmine, lavender, vanilla) to get the smell of him off me.

7- after this I know my pussy is hurtin. When a guy cant get you wet and rips your dry pussy up it can take a toll on you and your pussy’s emotional health. I’ll take a wet warm wash cloth (please no soap) and gently press it on my labia for any swelling. Then i’ll rub on some coconut oil and put on my panties. No masturbating, let her chill for a bit and recover

8- ok so now that ive done all this i’ll put on my bra and Tshirt and get into bed. I like to write how i’m feeling or honestly just bawl my eyes out and remind myself of these 5 things-
~Who I sleep with doesnt define me
~How many people Ive slept with doesnt define me
~What I do in bed doesnt define me
~I am not less of a person
~I will be okay. My body will be okay. My heart will be okay.
This was kind of a messy little list I put together. Ive been meaning to write this and once I did I cant even put all my thoughts and routines into something that makes sense. But bad hook ups can really take a toll on you. They take a toll on me. And I want to give some kind of supports to others who find themselves in the same situation. Its a kind of misunderstood thing where you feel awful because you agreed to what you were doing but you still feel violated.

Incorrect Quote #9
  • Rhys: Can we turn our beds into bunk beds?
  • Cassian: Yeah can we?
  • Feyre: You're both adults you don't need to ask for our permission.
  • Rhys: So....
  • Feyre: You don't need our permission.
  • Cassian: Is that a yes?
  • Mor: Yes, yes you can, but be careful.
  • Rhys: Yay, thanks.
  • Cassian: Yeah you're the best.
  • *Power drill begins*
  • Mor: Was that a drill? Guys don't use power tools
  • Rhys: That was my tooth brush.
  • Feyre: No it wasn't. No power tools

Marks and Rec: Misc #399

(This catchy little song is from Potter Puppet Pals.)



Oh god, i’m so happy to get rid of my old tablet and lemme tell you why: 

1: My old stylus would fall apart if you looked at it the wrong way, had to tape it together
2: No pen pressure… at all… it didn’t work. I had to press the touchpad on the mac to even be able to draw, (which is the reason my hand was spasming)
3: The cursor would jump ALL THE WAY TO THE LEFT if you moved it past a certain point to the right. So say, if you wanted to pick your brushes? Nope. Sorry.

So here’s a whole kerfuffle of doodles

  • Chanyeol: Can we turn our beds into bunk beds?
  • Yixing: Yeah can we?
  • Minseok: You're both adults you don't need to ask for our permission.
  • Chanyeol: So....
  • Minseok: You don't need our permission.
  • Yixing: Is that a yes?
  • Junmyeon: Yes, yes you can, but be careful.
  • Chanyeol: Yay, thanks.
  • Yixing: Yeah you're the best.
  • *Power drill begins*
  • Junmyeon: Was that a drill? Guys don't use power tools
  • Chanyeol: That was my tooth brush.
  • Minseok: No it wasn't. No power tools

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can you do the paladins + lotor as things your friends have said i need this humor

a/n: so i actually have one of my friends/roommate helping me with this LOL we tried our best to gut our brains for these!! some of these are mini conversations btw :’ ) there also is a small language warning!!


  • “your mother has left me for her boyfriend, i’m now your momdad”
  • “it’s almost finals week, i don’t understand why people are surprised when i walk out in front of cars anymore”


  • “when i get into elevators i find the perfect screamo song and turn the volume up so people can hear it in my ear phones”
  • “i may be dead inside but i sure do know how to hold a conversation”


  • “what’s on my shirt? *goes on to lick spot* oh, that’s butter”
  • “i told myself i was going to lose weight so i did some squats but i was deadass eating a roll of raw cookie dough while i did them”


  • “*casually flipping through book*
    duuude drink this whole bottle of tequila with a scorpion at the bottom
    nah man i ain’t gonna do that
    stop being a little bitch travis”
    note: this was a conversation within himself LOL 
  • “if my mom is actually my mom a cute boy will walk into my life monday”


  • “i just put hair gel on my tooth brush thinking it was tooth paste and proceeded to wonder what happened to my taste buds”
  • “*loud laughing in the distance* my fish’s plants are growing their own plants!! there’s… *faint counting* 6 of them!!”


  • “i’m gonna carve jesus into a burnt piece of toast and make $30,000″
  • “i asked for some ranch and that dumb hoe just looked at me, said okay and proceeded to give me my strips without any ranch, i need to speak to the manager”
On Set || Conor Maynard

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Requests are currently [ OPEN ]

Masterlist can be found [ HERE ]

Word Count: 1k+

A/N: this is based on the set of grenade, where the reader is playing the part of the ‘grenade’. enjoy!!xo

“These teeth feel horrible.” You mutter as the makeup artist began to shape the fake teeth in your mouth, and a completely different woman began to pack the brightly coloured blush onto the apples of your cheeks. Unable to speak anymore until they were moulded, you begin to think about how you wouldn’t have even considered doing this if it wasn’t for Conor being one of your long time friends in the industry and having been in every single one of his music video’s, it would’ve been wrong to deny the opportunity to be in this one.

Initially, he’d asked you to be the girl he was going after, but after he explained the concept of the entire video, you could think of nothing better than being the ‘grenade’. And you were right in thinking that it’d be fun, it was just the steps it took to get there that sucked ass. But before you knew it, the entire makeup was done, and you were finally allowed to look in the mirror. You had to admit, you were excited to see what the makeup artists had managed to do in the short space of time that they had.

The mirror was held up in front of your face, and you gasp in shock before bursting out into laughter, caressing all of the added features and the hair on the bottom of your chin with wide eyes. “This is incredible!”

You continue to praise the makeup artists for a little while before you smirked to yourself and decided to go and show Conor the finished product. You walk out of the small room and onto the set, glancing around the room for just a moment before you spotted Conor stood over the other side of the room, talking to a few of the producers with a serious look on his face.

You smirk and re-route so that instead of coming up directly in front of him, instead you approached him from behind. You give yourself a little run-up and jump onto his back, wrapping your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck, keeping yourself up until he reached out instinctively and gripped onto your ass, keeping you up securely as he turned his head around to look at you.

His eyes widen and he stares at you as if you were an alien as you giggle and wiggle your eyebrows at him, licking your newly found teeth. “So, whaddya think?”

“You look- you look- just- wow.” He struggles to find the right words as you jump off of his back and he turns around to look down at you with his eyes still widened. “I think I’ve had this nightmare before.”

You roll your eyes and smirk, resting your hands on your hips and winking at Mikey as he walked right past the two of you, obviously not recognizing you at all. You snort, running a hand through your hair and glancing over your shoulder. “Is everything ready for the shoot?”

“Almost.” He nods, furrowing his eyebrows and playing with the bottoms of your hair. “I thought they said that they were putting your hair up?”

“I said no, they called me a drama queen, I laughed.” You shrug, looking down at your hair and fiddling with it. “They can take away my pride, and my white teeth that I’ve worked hard for since I first brushed my tooth when I was two, but they will not take away my hair.”

“Different face, same attitude,” Conor smirks, and you wink up at him playfully, pushing the thick framed glasses up your nose. He looks down at you and smiles slightly. “You should keep the glasses, they suit you.”

You hold your hand over your heart and gasp in a mocking sense of hurt. “And the teeth don’t?”

“They’re not the greatest, I’ve gotta be honest.”

“That’s sad, I was thinking of keeping 'em.” You reply sarcastically, biting your lip and shoving your hands into your back pockets of your skinny jeans with a small chuckle as you look over your shoulder at the camera crew with a breathy laugh. “Con, I hope you understand how incredible this is.”

When you look back, he furrows his brows in confusion. “What do you mean?”

You roll your eyes with a fond smile, gesturing around the room. “Con, this is all for you, granted Jack played a part too, but you know what I mean.” She grins, and Conor can’t help the smile that grows on his lips. “Babe, look around, and think about how much of a small budget you had back when we were brainstorming your first ever music video. You’ve created a world, and I’m so proud of you.”

He smiles softly, reaching out and twiddling with your hair, something he did often when the two of you found yourselves in a situation where you were just stood, talking. “I couldn’t have done any of it without you.”

You snort. “That’s a lie and you know it.”

“No, no it’s not.” He shakes his head, a small frown on his face. “(Y/N), my first music video was a hot mess, but it wouldn’t have even been that if it wasn’t for you, being there reassuring me every step of the way that everything was gonna be okay. I remember that one day you couldn’t come to set because you had a dentist appointment, and honestly, I didn’t do anything but say maybe that day, because I felt like I couldn’t make a decision without you.”

You smile slightly, “Con-”

“No, let me finish.” He interrupts, and you nod slowly, looking up at him through your purposefully clumped eyelashes. “I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for you. I would’ve backed out of this life the moment I stepped into it, and there’s definitely no way I’d be as happy as I am today, without your goodmorning text with those three hearts that give me the inspiration to get out of bed.”

He exhales softly when he finishes, and you simply stare up at him, chuckling slightly as you began to speak. “If I didn’t look like this right now, I’d kiss you.”

“I get that.” He nods, a mocking serious look on his face before he cracked a smile.

The kiss could wait until you didn’t have miccilanious pieces of false food in-between your false teeth.

  • Chanyeol: Can we turn our beds into bunk beds?
  • Yixing: Yeah can we?
  • Xiumin: You're both adults you don't need to ask for our permission.
  • Chanyeol: So....
  • Xiumin: You don't need our permission.
  • Yixing: Is that a yes?
  • Suho: Yes, yes you can, but be careful.
  • Chanyeol: Yay, thanks.
  • Yixing: Yeah you're the best.
  • *Power drill begins*
  • Suho: Was that a drill? Guys don't use power tools
  • Chanyeol: That was my tooth brush.
  • Xiumin: No it wasn't. No power tools

Dear Journal,

Today Sirius and I went to our cottage. We had taken a few days off work and needed a little break from the world. We packed our car with our bags and Sirius helped our dog Thunder sit the back seat. We hadn’t had time to fix the look of the cottage yet so we bought some furniture and some paint. Sirius and I always loved redecorating a space. It made us feel like we had our own little world created for us.

We drove with the windows down and the music up. It was a beautiful fall day. The whole ride, we had a breathtaking scenery in front of us. The trees were all different colors. We stopped at a small coffee shop so we could get a hot chocolate for the rest of the ride to the lake.

“Merlin I love fall.” Sirius said.

“I do too.” I smiled.

“We need to buy a pumpkin soon! I‘ve been craving pumpkin pies and pumpkin juice since the last Halloween!”

We finally arrived and set Thunder free. He ran around the yard, the dried leaves cracking underneath his paws. Sirius and I unpacked the car and set everything on the deck. We needed to get all the old 70’s furniture out of the cottage first! There was some very ugly stuff in there. It’s like we were back in the old times of our teenage years decoration wise.

“Okay we need to paint the walls first!”

So we did. It was funny because Sirius kept spreading it on his hands and then on his face and he looked adorable. Once we were done, we had diner outside so the paint could dry. Sirius made some good barbecue steaks and I made a salad. Let’s say I didn’t look as manly as he did preparing the salad! We enjoyed our nice dinner on our balcony, where we could see the lake and the forest. It was beautiful.

“Oh Merlin I forgot to pack my tooth brush!” Sirius realized in the middle of eating dinner.

“I packed it for you don’t worry.” I smirked.

“Aren’t you the best husband ever?” He said, winking at me.

“I mean I have tough competition with you.”

“… Oh I also forgot my pyjama.”

“Since when do you sleep in something else than your boxers anyway?”

“You’re kinda right..” he laughed.

We spent the whole night decorating the cottage. Sirius kept swearing at the table because he couldn’t figure out the plans to build it. It was quite funny. Once we were done, we layed on our bed and looked at our beautiful work. It finally looked like home.

“We did a good job.” Sirius smiled.

“We sure did”


The Girl in the Blue Bandana (Nessian Version)

This is one of my favorite one shots I’ve ever written. I hope you guys like it too. It’s based on the song of the same title by Jerrod Niemann

I hope to update First Time Again soon. Thanks for reading my stuff and as always I love all your comments. They seriously make my days brighter =)

The sun was shining as I grabbed my blue bandana and tied it around my head. I smiled as my white crop top fell to my belly button, excited for the final day of the big barrel festival. It might have rained the entire time, the ground might be a muddy mess, but I still had the time of my life. My poor flower crown was ruined. Still I wouldn’t have traded this weekend for any other.

I never thought I would lead this gypsy life, I thought we would head off to see a few shows and then head back home before school started. But once I got a taste of the road, once I was free from the ghosts that followed me around in that town I couldn’t go back. I could breathe out here in the open air. I could feel the sun and I thought if I tried hard enough my heart might piece itself back together.

People tell you it takes time to heal a broken heart. What they don’t tell you is that a broken heart never fully heals. Instead it pieces itself back together and the pieces don’t fit quite the same anymore. You’re left with a different heart, a different view on love and the things around you. Not only do you lose someone you care about, but in a way you lose a part of yourself along with them.

That’s the worst part about a broken heart; losing yourself.

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The House of Beasts, Part 4

So….I procrastinated homework all day today and continued writing this instead because I love writing it so much. And I know you guys are wondering like wtf is this a Feylin or Feysand fic?? Believe me, it’s a Feysand fic. Just trying to get past the acotar part. So hang on tight!

Summary: Prythian University, the grounds where frat houses wage wars and throw the best parties yet. Feyre, an art student and girlfriend to the Head of House of the Spring House, discovers secrets everyone’s been keeping from her for the last year and a half. An ACOTAR/ACOMAF AU, which begins as Feylin then evolves into Feysand. Begins as ACOTAR, includes AU of Under the Mountain, but will focus more on Acomaf.

Word Count: 3359 words

Once again, thank you all for withholding any hate and supplying only constructive criticism (I really need it!) and sending any requests, suggestions, etc.  Disclaimer: All characters and some direct and or modified quotes belong to Sarah J Maas, as well as some of the plot points. I take no credit for them whatsoever

Part 4: Boxes


That’s what greeted me as I opened my eyes. 5 neatly stacked boxes at the foot of my bed, ready to go, all taped up. I checked my phone, which sat on the night stand, and found that it was nine o’clock at night. I wondered what had happened in the five hours I’d been passed out—then remembered the situation that had occurred.

Rhysand. He’d been horrible.

I shook my head, then rubbed the sleep out of my eyes, walking over to the washroom to brush my teeth and freshen up. Only to find that my tooth brush was gone.

As well as my facewash, makeup, hair brush and anything that I’d ever owned. Even my goddamn tampons were nowhere to be found.

What the hell had Tamlin done?

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I’ve been having an upswing for one or two hours now

not the kind where I’m in love with myself and take a ton of selfies and wanna talk to everyone but like

the kinda upswing where my OCD + BPD + ADHD all come together and I hyperfocus on getting shit done and like getting shit done THOROUGHLY and shit that I actually need to do

like I just washed my shower curtain and soaked the plastic lining to get the grime off, moved a poster in the bathroom, washed the bath mat, cleaned the sink, soaked my tooth brushes in mouth wash, washed the thing I keep my tooth brushes in, refilled the hand soap, cleaned the mirror, cleaned the cabinet doors, took everything off of the sides of the bath and cleaned those, I scrubbed the walls and tub for like ever just over and over even when it was probably plenty clean lmao, swept/mopped, cleaned the toilet like the whole thing every inch of it, I hung a big canvas w a tiger on it my granny picked off the side of the road in there, before putting all the soaps and bottles and things back on the sides of the tub I washed the actual bottles omg, I cleaned out the drains, threw old stuff away…..oh and I’ve been having trouble with my soap bars not staying on the side of the tub so I put them in this flat square bowl meant for microwaving ramen omg

I wish I was like this all the time lmao

also I’m so amazed and proud of myself for being about to get shit done without adderall. I was so worried when I got off of it like I never thought I’d ever get anything done without it but here I am 💪🏻

anonymous asked:

hey my dude I was just wondering if I could get an emergency ask. im studying abroad and homesickness+depression just hit super hecking hard so like how the paladins react to hearing their s/o is leaving, who would decide to come with, how they'd react when s/o comes back, etc. thank you 😅😅

oh man this hit home. i remember my first year at college–i was away from everyone i knew and completely isolated. it didn’t help that i’m not good at making friends, but i was able to pull through once i started getting comfortable with the people around me! it’s really hard at first, but i know you can get through it!


  • he’s super happy when you tell him you’re leaving bc he knows it’s something you’ve wanted to do for a long time.
  • bottles up his emotions and doesn’t tell you that he’s going to miss the shit out of you, bc it’s not right to put that pressure on you
  • keeps up his smile even while you’re gone, where he’ll text you whenever you have a spare moment. he wants to hear everything about your day, so spare no detail
  • he’s wishing he could be there with you experiencing those things, but he knows if he just waits a little longer, you’ll be back with him
  • he’s got too many responsibilities to just drop everything and come with you. he’s got siblings to take care of, and also any plants/pets you left behind
  • that doesn’t stop him from second guessing himself and thinking what would be different if he had come with you
  • but it’s too late for that and he’ll just have to occupy himself with pictures of you and letters
  • makes sure you both send a selfie every day so things dont get too hard
  • when you come back he’s ecstatic!  he’s at the airport, but damn it, he forgot the sign with your name on it!! he runs around the terminals looking for you like crazy, and when he finally sees you he runs into your arms like he’s in a rom com
  • doesn’t stop kissing your face until both of you are crying


  • when you tell him you’re leaving, he can’t help the frown that comes to his face. you didn’t tell him sooner? that date for your departure is so close…
  • keith has emotional attachment issues, so of course he wants to come with you; he feels like if he stays, something might happen to you, and he’ll never forgive himself
  • so he asks you if you wouldn’t mind him coming with, and of course you say yes! your boyfriend is the best, and he gets to planning right away
  • despite this, he’s very nervous about flying and forgets some essentials like five times before he finally gets everything packed away
  • “babe, did i pack my tooth brush? are you sure? i think we should stop and check”
  • he’s a nervous wreck the whole time and you probably have to sedate him but when he’s loopy with sleep he just holds your hand, rubbing his thumb over your intertwined fingers
  • feels like this is a special moment for your relationship and wants to cherish it forever
  • while you’re abroad he makes sure you try one new thing every day for the first few weeks so you don’t push yourself too hard with your studies and also to make some new memories!
  • when you get back you’re both too tired to pack, so you just leave your luggage by the door and flop into your shared bed, a tangle of limbs 


  • make sure he isn’t doing anything when you tell him, bc he will most likely do a dangerous double take that results in whatever he’s holding going flying
  • you’re leaving to study abroad?? that’s great! he’s so happy for you, you’ve always wanted this. is the most supportive bf ever!
  • is sad that you’re going but doesn’t let it show. tells you all the things you should do to keep yourself relaxed. oh, and don’t forget to eat! he’ll pack you a lunch before you go, but you’re on your own after that
  • you’ll stay in contact through skype every night, even if you don’t have anything new to report. he misses your face so much, but he won’t let you be sad on account of him!
  • often finds himself setting an extra plate for dinner without realizing. or he’ll go to make your side of the bed before noticing it’s already made.
  • he offers to pick you up at the airport, but you don’t want to bother him! you hail a taxi instead
  • when you walk through the door he’s asleep in your bed, cuddling your pillow. it’s almost like you never left. your stuff is out, your place at the table is set… it’s like he’s been pretending you’re still there lol
  • you wake him up with a sweet kiss and he wakes up immediately, throwing his arms around you and crushing you in a bear hug


  • she’s not one for travel, and wherever you’re going probably has nothing for her, so she stays home to look after your animals
  • you tell her you’re leaving and she plays it off like it’s all cool, no worries, but you find her losing track of herself more often as the date arrives
  • finally she just lets it all fall out– yes, she’s going to miss you, but no, you’ll never hear her say that again
  • she has your trip planned to the letter. makes an itinerary, looks up all the most popular spots wherever you’re going, marks areas of hightened crime rates. you find stacks of papers on your suitcase the day you’re set to leave
  • is adamant that you bring her back a souvenir, bc it’ll remind her of what she overcame when you came back to her. it’s silly, and she’ll never tell you that, but it’s the truth
  • when you come back she’s at home feeling sullen. you didn’t tell her when you’d be back, but she’s been leaving the door unlocked just in case
  • you walk through the threshold of the door and her heart stops. you’re holding out her souvenir, but all she can see is you. maybe cries a little.


  • wow, shiro is a busy man himself. he has a job, is attending university, and goes to the gym every morning
  • you tell him and he’s super stoked for you. gathers you in his arms and presses a kiss to your forehead “you’ve always wanted this, way to go!”
  • the days before you leave are super romantic and personalized. he takes you out almost every night, and makes sure you don’t leave without a piece of him
  • he drops you off at the airport and he can’t help the sullen look on his face. despite this, he assures you he’ll be waiting eagerly for you to return
  • you don’t talk much while you’re abroad, surprisingly. shiro is always busy, and when he has free time he tries not to contact you bc he knows he’ll miss you even more
  • tries to distract himself with excessive exercise and studying. it doesn’t work. wants to be the guy that’s like ‘my bf/gf isn’t home, so i can do whatever i want’ but he just doesn’t have it in him
  • finally he’ll call you, bc he just needs to hear your voice. it’s all he wants. the separation is killing him
  • when you return he’s waiting at the airport with a sign reading ‘my beautiful __’ with some flowers and maybe some other assorted gifts.
  • you fall into his arms and he gives you the most passionate kiss you’ve ever had. you don’t mind when his hand trails further down your back or when the other digs through your hair, even though people are starting to stare