i wanted to put happy things in here but apparently the only things i doodled in my last absence were tired and sad kids… oops

Pet owner life ft Damian Wayne

1) Poop bags, poop bags everywhere, in every pocket of every coat and jacket that Damian owns. It’s like the magic hankercheifl trick, you pull one out and they all start coming.

2) He once performed CPR on a Goldfish, Mr Gold recovered with no outward signs of damage and lived a long and happy life.

3) He trained Alfred the cat to throw up hairballs on Tim’s bed. And then outside of his bedroom door once Tim figured Damian out and started keeping his door locked 24/7.

4) Brushie brushie with all of his animals

5) Has a strict diet of natural ingredient pet food which he feeds all the animals with and he does not appreciate anybody sneaking human food to the pets, Bruce is the worst offender of this crime.

6) “Father, I have found a stray” *holds up the ugliest looking dog ever* “I wish to keep him and call him Drake”

7) “What are you eating? OH GOD WHAT ARE YOU EATING?” “Come back here with whatever you’re eating!!” “ Do not think you can fool me by ceasing your chewing. I know you’re still eating it. Open your mouth. OPEN. YOUR. MOUTH”

8) Damian abruptly waking up because Alfred the cat sat on his face and tried to smother him to death in his sleep

9) Phone memory is mostly full because of all his pet pictures and videos

10) Alfred: MRROOOWW Damian: You are a filthy liar Mr Pennyworth I have already fed you

11) Damian: *Trying to walk casually through the Batcave with a small army of ducklings waddling and quacking loudly behind him* Bruce:… Damian? Damian: They imprinted on me, I am their mother now.