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Finally got time to redraw what might be my favorite shot in the entire show <3

Other artists: “I have so many brushes in Photoshop! I use this one for clouds, I’ve got this one that does really nice leaves and I have a different one for grass too. This one has just the right texture for doing skin, this one is good for hair, and this one is really good for short fur like on a dog or something. I’ve also seen a really nice brush pack that I am looking forward to trying tonight!”


Moo’s Steven Universe Brushes v.1

This is my first attempt to make some Steven Universe themed brushes for Photoshop! I hope you like them and make awesome art with them! ♥

Brush pack contents:

1. Sparkle/Diamond brushes

-Diamond 1, Double Diamond 1 + Scattered versions

- Sparkle 1, Double Sparkle 1 + Scattered versions

2. Diamond brushes

-Diamond 2, Double Diamond 2 + Scattered versions

-Diamond 3, Double Diamond 3 + Scattered versions

3. Water triangles

- Water triangle, Double water triangle + Scattered versions


 - They are free

- They come with instructions!

- They work for sure in Photoshop cs6, but most likely they will work in the older versions as well!

- Credit is appreciated but not necessary!


If there’s any trouble with the download link please message me and I’ll solve it



EDIT: Also, in case you didn’t know it, I made a second brush pack! this time it contains clouds and cloud streaks, I’m sure you’ll find it useful! ♥


I bought a brush pack and damn is it nice.

BBTBC is going to slay me on Monday I can already tell Daron why you do this to me. 

          Hello sweets!! This is the last (or not) pack to celebrate the 2k followers of my blog.If you have not seen the others packs you can see now: psds pack and icons pack. This pack is a little more special than the two others. Why? For this reasons: 

This pack have:

  • 5 exclusive psds (included an universal gif/screencap psd);
  • 200 previews;
  • 60 spn brushes;
  • 25 spn pngs.

To get this pack (sorry about this rules, is just because this pack is special):

  • Follow me
  • Reblog this post (likes don’t count)
  • Ask here “2k pack - with love, hunteredit)”.

So, @lilxbyrd introduced me to Ancient Magus Bride a while back, and I’ve just recently started catching up on the Manga. It’s been a while since I’ve found a manga I could read through, but this one has DEFINITELY piqued my interest ( totally because big monster man in a suit, let’s be real ).

Because of this, after downloading a cool new brush pack in Procreate, I decided Elias should be my next subject!
Chise should be next, featuring an adorable little Wooly Bug.

Image © Brennan “Lovely Bonez” Strong | @lovelybonezproductions

chen’s broke b*tch beauty tips:

  • don’t waste money on lip scrubs, scrubbing your lips with a wet toothbrush works just as well if not better
  • not for everyone but vaseline will keep your eyebrows in place all day and helps mascara stay on longer if applied underneath
  • coconut oil is probably cheaper and much more effective than that hair treatment you wanted to buy
  • some honey applied overnight will clear that zit right up
  • ebay has 24ish makeup brush packs for extremely cheap
  • argan oil will make damaged hair silky, there’s cheap shampoos and conditioners out there that incorporate it
  • crushed up vitamin C tablets mixed in with conditioner will remove hair dye (very drying though), if you mess up and can’t afford remover

Pack brushes by kisscolorful babe!


  • contém +200 brushes
  • um psd para headers

Para conseguir:

  • Reblogue esse post (likes não contam)
  • Siga o kisscolorful
  • Mande na ask ”pack brushes babe”

E aguarde que eu enviarei o mais rápido possível o download.


  • contains +200 brushes
  • one psd for headers

To achieve:

  • Reblogue this post (likes don’t count)
  • Follow kisscolorful
  • Send on ask ”pack brushes babe”

And wait until I will send as soon as possible download.


here are some brushes that i’ve been using for my most recent doodle, as motivation to start working on commissions again. i’ve come up with two oil pastel brushes after messing around a little bit, and i thought that they looked good enough to the point where i couldn’t keep them to myself ! 

to find the brush texture + brush shape seen here, you’ll have to download the brush pack, and the start sai file. ( you’ll have to right click the start-sai file and select ‘run as administrator’ for these brush textures + shapes to open in paint tool sai ! )

Hey guys, this is the first time I’ve colored my own art in Photoshop. Still got a lot to work on in terms of figuring out the best ways to use the brushes. I’m very intent on eventually changing over completely to Photoshop, and on that note does anyone have any brush suggestions or packs that they find nice for shading or painting?

Edit: there are a LOT of things wrong with this picture haha, but its a practice one.