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For the drabble requests, can you please do some sort of promnis adventurer au? :-0

You meant a Mummy AU, right anon???? This should probably be titled “and they were both super dense and have no idea how to flirt, the dorks.” 1513 words. Hinted future promnis. It got away from me a little. 

“Him?” Ignis asks, his hand gesturing to the blond boy standing outside the tent with an incredulous wave. It is hot, the kind of dry, scorching heat that carries on the breeze and makes the sand in the distance wave before his eyes. The shade of the tent does little to abate it, and Ignis can feel beads of sweat forming at his temple. He wipes them away with the back of his hand, pushing the hair out of his eyes impatiently as he does so.

Gladiolus sits on the edge of a large, wooden chest at the center of the room, one massive arm crossed over the other as he regards Ignis with some amusement in his amber eyes. “You needed a gun, right?” he says, his tone far too smug for Ignis’s liking, “There’s your gun.”

Ignis frowns gently. “He’s… not entirely what I had in mind.”

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so about a million years ago @aliceofalonso reblogged this post and said she wanted someone to write a jon/sansa based on it and after stumbling upon that post in my drafts, a fic was born:

They were laughing. And then all of a sudden they were not.

Sansa was very aware of the fact that everything she had just said sounded wonderful. She wanted a white picket fence. And Thai take away. And to watch Netflix with Jon on their own sofa. Even the kids part didn’t sound so bad. Her face flushed red as her hair and though she tried to hide it she was sure Jon could see. But he said nothing, too overcome with his own thoughts of Netflix and chilling with his best friend that as a blush crawled over his face

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