brushed out curls

singer-inspired aesthetics
  • hozier: thunderstorms, lightning, full moons, sun softened peaches, distracting your lover at church, passionate yet hasty kisses, love marks, soft moans, picnics on sunny days, dark summers, painting your first apartment, road trips, stargazing with your lover, sleeping in cheap motels, praying to god that your lover will always stay.
  • lana del rey: red lipstick, cat-eye sun glasses, your boyfriend's denim jacket, roses, a glass of wine, flirting with your father's best friend, melting popsicles, large beach hats, swimming pools, american flags, red high heels, short dresses, diamond earrings, brushed out curls, riding on the back of your boyfriend's motorcycle.
  • melanie martinez: suburban nightmares, daddy's quiet conversations with other women, empty cradles, open window, sex in the back of your ex-boyfriend's car, ruffled white socks with dingy red shoes, lopsided bows, tight ponytails with ribbons tied around them, crooked teeth, messy lipstick marks on your lover's neck, little black heart earrings, stolen diamond bracelets, lace underwear under plaid skirts
  • halsey: leather jackets, chokers, sneaking out late at night, screams of 'we matter' ringing through the city, red stoplights, driving through desert roads, blue lipstick, making out at the train station, dirtied nail beds, cigarette buds with lipstick marks on them, dead flowers, ripped denim jeans, dirty sneakers, hiding tattoos from your parents, new piercings, pride flags held high, whispering 'i love you' through the phone.
  • zayn: freshly shaved heads, new tattoos, quiet days in, oversized hoodies, late nights smoking weed, good music playing in the background, gentle nibbles on your girlfriend's ear, protecting your friends, watching cartoons on saturday mornings like you used to, family dinners, long eyelashes, soft smiles, infectious laughter, sex in the late hours of the night, cooking for your lover, bollywood music, never imagining that you could get this far.
UnTamed Curls

Summary: You play with Aidan’s hair while he sleeps one morning.

Pairing: Aidan/You

Rating: Untamed Fluff

Word Count: 356

Inspiration: @imagine-aidan (x)

(Cred to @twelvepercentt)

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every single high school girl ugly duckling story portrays the “ugly” version as having bushy curly hair which is straightened out to be more “beautiful” and then people irl have the nerve to ask women with curly hair why they “brush the curl out.”  so what the fuck

imagine the morning after their first time

  • imagine john waking up before sherlock, at first not really knowing where he is because he’s in sherlock’s room.
  • imagine that he feels something tickling his nose so he looks down and sees this big mop of curls resting on his chest and then he remembers. 
  • imagine how happy john gets so he laughs but he laughs quietly because sherlock is still sleeping and john doesn’t want to wake him.
  • imagine john brushing the curls out of sherlock’s face and just looking at him, amazed by how adorable and young and innocent he looks as he snuffle in his sleep.
  • imagine john pressing his lips to the top of sherlock’s head and whispering a really really quiet “good morning” and that makes sherlock stir, shift a little and press himself closer to john, making it clear that he has woken up.
  • imagine sherlock looking up at john with big, insecure eyes like he doesn’t really know what to do, and john just understands so he shifts down a little so he can give sherlock a small kiss on the lips.
  • imagine john asking sherlock ‘are you alright, love?’ and sherlock responding with ‘i’ve never been more alright’ and sherlock’s eyes are a little red and teary but he gives john the biggest smile.
  • imagine when they both get up to go to the kitchen and make tea john steals one of sherlock’s dressing gowns and sherlock accidentaly takes john’s pants from the floor instead of his own but it’s all fine
  • babies ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
names and their aesthetics

Kaili: basketball courts in NYC, merry go round lights, orange soda

Lola: watermelon flavored candy and two long braids

Cakky: oversized 70s sunglasses, standing behind a car at night and the red rear lights shine on you

Douglas: red sequins, half smiles, and art deco architecture

Arabella: sneaking out, night drives, cherry-flavored slushies

Genesis: a cream satin scarf and dark brown hair, hot chocolate with whipped cream on top

Jisela: rosy cheeks when it’s cold outside, light blue gingham dress

Paige: jazz music and brushed out blonde curls

Alondra: a Jessica Rabbit kind of attitude, spilled wine

Katya: falling asleep on a train, dried fruit, running barefoot on pavement

i am 100% here for baz being a gentle sweetheart with a soft, kind laugh who feels bad for every animal he kills 

i am 100% here for him being a cuddler and brushing the curls gently out of simon’s eyes and standing in the kitchen, flour smeared on his cheeks, biting his lip and rolling his eyes because simon’s teasing him again

i am 100% here for him being polite to everyone he meets and helping old people across the street and babysitting the neighbor’s children because they remind him of his own siblings 

i am 100% here for him blushing at compliments and looking away shyly and stuttering after kisses

i am 100% here for the Pitch Heir facade he put up, he had to put up, falling away, piece by piece until he’s just baz, just baz who sits up with his boyfriend all night when he’s sick and makes hot chocolate just so and squeaks when penny jumps out at him from around the corner 

i am 100% here for baz being who he should have been from the very beginning. i am 100% here for him healing, no matter how slowly it takes. i am 100% here for simon helping him as much as he can, but for this being baz’s journey.

So I decided to try and tame poor Clawdia’s hair. She had a severe tangling problem and her hair was covered in icky product.

So here’s what I did:

First I brushed out the product coated curls and tried to get the hair as untangled as possible…it was a challenge.

Now to actually do the braiding! I separated hair from three plugs from the rest of the floof of hair, combed through them with a sturdy comb, and began to braid. Once I felt the braid was long enough, I tied the end of the braid into a knot.

It took a looooooong time.

It certainly turned out well in the end! The braids aren’t all the same length and the knots need an extra tug every now and then, but wow I’m happy with how pretty she turned out :)

Some glamour shots:

Hope you like her!


      “ i thought your shift didn’t end for several hours. “

it was no great surprise to find her lurking in the stratosphere. he often found her here when her appetite grew too great, or she simply got bored. he circles around the bed, the gossamer curtains surrounding it whispering with the passage of their owner. he stops behind her, glances out the window she is looking out of. vega is broken, yes, but it is still beautiful from the heights. he leans down, brushing brilliantly red curls out of the way so he can begin leaving hot kisses along her neck.

       “ the captain won’t be pleased when he finds you’ve stolen away again. “

Sam’s favorite part about coming home after his weekend with the guys was seeing her. Blonde hair covering her face as she was curled up on the couch, a book in her hand, the record player still going, a soft song playing throughout their small apartment. It was a comforting sight, knowing she was safe here, happy, and resting peacefully right where he left her. 

She snores a little, and it makes him smile, leaning down to scoop her easily into his arms. It was always easy for him, and he loved being able to hold her like this. She only rustled a little bit, but soon enough sighed and practically purred like a cat, nuzzling into his chest. 

Sam carried her into their bedroom, setting her under the covers before stripping out of his jeans and slipping in next to her. She woke up slightly, mumbling his name, bright eyes squinting at him. He smiled softly and leaned in to brush those wild curls out of her eyes, kissing her forehead and telling her to go back to sleep. 

She hummed and did as he said, falling back into her deep slumber, snores and all. He smiled, knowing she didn’t know that she did so, but he figured there was no use in telling her since it helped put him to sleep. It was a reminder that she was there, with him. 

Sam’s favorite part about waking up is the way she stretches and kisses his jaw, the way her hair tickles his nose until he’s close to sneezing. She’ll smile and he can’t resist kissing those lips; how the two of them always hit snooze, deciding to stay in bed for at least five more minutes

He loves that she’ll tug him into the shower on the weekends, just so he can wash her hair, wrapping her close and holding her against him until the water runs cold. She’ll squeal and jump out, only to come back in one of his shirts and a pair of panties. It’s his favorite outfit on her, and he loves wearing the shirt the next day, knowing it smells like her. 

Sam’s favorite part about her is that she’s Jess. 

He loves that she laughs at stupid jokes that don’t make sense and lets him tease her for it, even if it means he gets playfully slapped on the arm. That she’ll dance in her underwear and bake him cookies when he does good on an exam or feels shitty about himself. He loves that music plays in the apartment and she’ll tug him off the couch and they’ll dance until it’s midnight and the neighbors tell them to turn it down. That she kisses him on the nose when he’s falling asleep after a long day, and give him massages after a stressful one.

He loves that she laughs with her head thrown back and doesn’t mind the wind in her face. That she knows how to defend herself and can always dismantle the argument before it becomes too much to handle. Sam loves when she sings in the shower, only slightly off key, but she rocks it like it’s her own personal concert. That she texts him during class to remind him to pay attention and that she’ll be waiting for him when he gets back. He loves that she moans lowly and shudders perfectly when she’s beneath him, because everything about her is so beautiful. 

But most of all, Sam loves that Jess loves him, and that even if she’s the only one he’ll ever get, she was the perfect first love.
the ghost ship that didn't carry us ::  Archive of Our Own
Arin wakes up in a parallel universe where he married Dan instead of Suzy.

the ghost ship that didn’t carry us ::

[new fic] m :: dan avidan/arin hanson, arin hanson/suzy berhow :: wake up married au

“Easy tiger,” Dan says, mouth slipping away from his for a second to speak. They’re both breathing heavily.  Arin’s got his hands everywhere, but they both move up to Dan’s face so he can brush some stray curls out of Dan’s eyes.  Dan’s got his fingers through the belt loops of Arin’s jeans in return, the only thing separating them and frankly keeping Arin from dry humping the fuck out of Dan.  

“Sorry,” Arin says, panting a little.  

“Don’t apologize, shit,” Dan replies, tilting his head to kiss the pad of Arin’s thumb on his face.  “I’m just worried like, the multiverse wants you to have a gay experience, not come in your pants like a teenager.”

“Dude,” Arin says.  “Wow.  Kind of hurts, bro.”

“Again, just being honest because I care about you and your well-being,” Dan tells him, rolling his hips up a little in a way that make Arin’s eyes roll back in his head.  “Don’t want you to be screwed by the multiverse because you didn’t have a complete gay experience.”

“Now you’re just making fun of me,” Arin says.

“Yeah, a little bit,” Dan says.  “I just–look, this is weird.  Gotta use humor or else I’m going to go crazy actually believing you’re from another dimension and we have to bone to get you home.  The premise seems a little suspicious.”

early mornings

”no way,” calum mumbles incoherently, a tired smile pulling at his chapped lips despite his protest, “there is no way you want it right now.”

you laugh from where your lips are pressed against his neck, having showered the warm skin with kisses in an effort to coax your boyfriend awake before his alarm. sitting back onto your heels, you look down at the sleepy boy in your bed fondly. his sleep swollen eyes peak open as your weigh shifts to his hips, and you can see the amusement swirling in his deep brown eyes. there is remnants of drool crusted into the corner of his smile, lines from pillow creases pressed into his puffy cheeks and matted bedhead falling lazily into his eyes and you can’t help but smile at the sight.

you let your fingers brushes some stray curls out of his eyes, leaning down to give him a proper kiss despite the morning breath escaping his parted lips. he responds lazily, limbs still heavy with sleep.

pulling away, he ducks his head to hide a loud yawn into the crook of your neck, serving as a reminder of the early morning hour. the sun is only now peaking through the curtains, the sky still warm but bright enough to rouse you from sleep. it casts an ethereal glow against cal’s beautiful skin, softening the sharp planes of his face into something more reminiscent of his youth.

”why are we awake again” he mumbles only half-intelligibly, his deep morning voice catching on the words as he nuzzles his nose into the exposed skin of your shoulder.

”the sun woke me up” you explain quietly, “and i couldn’t fall back asleep.” calum only raises an eyebrow, the silent so you decided to wake me up? conveyed easily by his expression. you nod sheepishly, and he rolls his tired eyes, but opens his arms for you to snuggle in closer anyway. once you’re properly tucked into his side, you hum happily, excited to have a few extra minutes in the safe confines of your bed with your favourite boy. you press kisses into every inch of calum’s skin you can reach without moving from where you are cuddled under his arm, and calum busies himself with smoothing down you hair. he hums a song that you’ve never heard, the harmony reverberating under your fingertips.

your fingers find themselves tracing further south on his chest, and you don’t have to look up to know the look that cal is giving you. he gives in by the time your fingers reach the waistband of his soft, grey sweats and he shifts tiredly, pulling your dead weight up so you are laying more on his chest.

it’s too early for you to properly hold yourself up, so you’re laying heavily across the length of his lean body. all you can feel is calum shifting slightly underneath you, his heart hammering against his bare chest as he presses sloppy kisses to your face, missing your lips more often than not in his sleepy state.

you press yourself impossibly closer, letting yourself enjoy the quiet alone time you’ve been craving with calum since the start of tour. the looming threat of his alarm is hanging over you, it’s only a matter of time before he will be whisked away from you to entertain the world, so you let yourself get lost in his unabashed affection.

when the inevitable happens and his kisses are interrupted by the blaring alarm, he keeps his lips pressed to yours as he reaches blindly behind his head for his phone. he must has found it because the alarm stops as suddenly as it started and you sigh against his lips. you try to pull back to let calum get ready for his undoubtedly busy day, but his hands are tight on your hips, holding you hostage in his bed.

you look down at him quizzically, and he shrugs, giving you a quick peck. “they invented the snooze button for a reason baby,” and well who were you to argue with that logic?


No one ever told me that I was mixed.
I never suspected it,
Not when I brushed my fingers through my father’s thick, black hair.
Not when my sister’s classmates asked about her skin.
Not even when someone said, “I like your olive undertones.”
It rained on the blacktop, of the elementary school.
I stood in the rain, and let it soak my hair.
Then, a girl marveled, “Your hair is black and curly.”
I thought about it fondly some years later and stopped brushing out my dark, dark curls.
I began to realize who I was
And I loved myself more and more.


Downworlder Week - Day 5 - Favourite Downworlders


Raphael goes home to visit his family

Raphael stared at his reflection in the mirror. He wondered where the myth that vampires had no reflections came from. Most of the myths were just that; myths. Some vampires did sleep in coffins, though that was more of a result of the myth than the origin of it. A vampire private joke. And they couldn’t eat garlic, but that was because they couldn’t eat anything. Some vampires had learned to consume human food without throwing it back up, but it wasn’t good for them. Raphael was learning. He could eat in very small amounts. He just hoped he wasn’t going to accidentally misjudge himself and throw up his mother’s cooking right in front of his whole family.

He fastened the chain of the golden crucifix around his neck and watched the cross settle over the scar on his collarbone like a white shadow. He brushed black curls out of his face and then examined his reflection closely. His skin was smooth and poreless. He thought his eyes looked darker, emptier.

A good mother would be able to detect even the slightest change in her child. And yet after four visits, Guadalupe had not said anything. Maybe there was nothing there to see. Maybe Raphael looked exactly as he always had and he was imagining these changes. Maybe he could only see a monster in his reflection because he knew there was one there. Maybe she was too afraid of him to say anything. Or maybe, just maybe, she knew and she loved him too much to care.

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Prompt:  Write a Richonne AU flash fic, based on one Andy Photoshoot image and one Danai Photoshoot image:( Capture a snapshot of Richonne in an AU scenario (scenario is up to you), based what the photo prompt inspires from you.   Keep it fun and keep it light! Happy Writing!

Pictures used for prompt


Rick turned awkwardly and gritted his teeth. “Is this really necessary?” he asked as he was blinded by another flash.

“Just one more picture." 

He pulled at the bow tie that felt as if it was about to choke him. "You said that five pictures ago.”

She smirked. “Can’t you humor me a little longer? Lean against the garage wall.”

“Michonne…” Rick looked down while brushing a fallen curl out of his face.

“That’s perfect,” Michonne said as she snapped another picture. “How often do I get to see my man looking dapper? I want a memento of you all dolled up. Now smile and look pretty for me.”

Rick shook his head but couldn’t help but to laugh as he continued to pose for his wife. He sighed as he waited for her to adjust the settings on the camera. His eyes soon filled with lust as he roamed the length of her body.

“I should be taking your picture. You’re going to turn every head tonight,” he said. The pink evening gown she wore hugged her curves in all the right places. Her hair was pulled back into a tight bun highlighting the beauty of her face. She was breathtaking.

Miichonne smiled sweetly at him. “Thanks, babe, but it’s all about you. This is your big night.”

Rick shrugged and gave a dismissive wave. “King County Man of the Year. Yeah, big honor.”

“It is.”

“It was between me and Old Man Turner who was in the paper for growing the biggest carrots in the state. Didn’t exactly have the strongest competition.”

Michonne lowered the camera before walking over to him. He immediately pulled her closer liking the way the silk material of the dress felt as he ran his hands down her body. He brushed his lips against hers. "Lets just say home,” he whispered.

Her hand caressed his cheek. She’d suggested a shave that morning, but was glad he didn’t comply. The beard and the tux made for a delectable combination. “Tonight’s important, Rick. This community loves you. Let them honor you. You’re a great man. I see it. Carl sees it.” She placed his hand on her belly that barely had a hint of a bump. “This bundle of joy will see it. King County wouldn’t be the same without you.” She ran her index finger across his lips. “I wouldn’t be.”

“How did I ever get so lucky to be your husband?"He bent down to kiss her tenderly on the neck.

"Fate must have been smiling down on you the day we met, Sheriff Grimes.” She couldn’t resit running a hand through his soft curls.

He chuckled as he gave her a quick kiss on the lips. “Must have been. You should get some kinda honor for putting up with me for so long.”

Michonne straightened his tie and grinned at him. “After we get back tonight I’ll let you honor me well into the morning hours.”

Rick gave a light tap to her beautiful backside before pulling her towards their car. “Yeah fate was definitely smiling down on me.”


3:37 AM

Ashton would look so angelic while he slept, face and curly hair illuminated in the glow of the infomercial on TV while he is half laying down/half propped up against the arm of the couch. Of course he had waited up for you. He always waited up for you when you went out with friends.You really wish he wouldn’t. Sleeping on the couch can’t be that comfy, I mean, he doesn’t even have a blanket. You go to the bathroom and wash your face and change into your favorite pjs, which were really just a pair of cotton undies and one of Ash’s old flannels.

You softly make your way back to the living room where Ashton dozed, emitting soft snores that were so sweet you just had to giggle. You perched right next to him, brushed his curls out of his eyes and kissed his forehead. He looked so peaceful you couldn’t bear to wake him, so you grab the blanket your grandma crocheted for you from the hall closet and make your way back to the couch. Finding a cozy spot, you lowered yourself between his legs, so that you were on your tummy, hugging his torso, covering you both up enough to stay warm in the cool air conditioning.

Of course he would barely stir as you got comfy, he was always such a heavy sleeper. Resting your chin on his chest you would give him one last look over before you close your eyes for the night. That soft, sweet, peaceful expression he had made your heart burst with love and you’d know in your heart that you had found the one.