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Thanks for the posts about health and fitness you've been doing lately. I started eating healthy recently, it quickly snowballed into hardcore dieting because my family didn't think I'm losing weight fast enough (I'm overweight). It's hard to stay positive, sometimes, but it's nice to see someone I look up to talking about physical health so positively. It helps. Like ur post about people fetishizing unhealthy habits with thin girls while hating them in fat girl...I needed that. Thank you.

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Heck, I’m glad I could help anon…

There’s something really truly Messed Up in the way society shoves this idea of physical perfection and weight-loss down people’s throats. Like anything short of it is worth hating yourself over, like radical dangerous diets are ways to “take control of your health” so long as it leads to weight-loss on the surface.

People look at every single weight-loss story like “Wow Deborah! You lost so much weight! You must be healthier and happier and spunkier now!” and never consider the other possibility of “Wow Deborah! You lost so much weight! Did all the years of being told to hate and despise your body finally get to you? Did you finally snap and just stop eating all together?”

People only ever want to view weight-loss as “success.” Regardless of how it was achieved. A girl who lost weight by a slow lifestyle change of healthy nutritious eating and enthusiastic exercise would be congratulated just the same as the girl who lost weight by following every single ana tip she could find on tumblr…

“Health,” both physical and mental, gets thrown right out the damn window when the only thing people care about are the Before and After photos.

I hope you’ve got the strength to fight through this, anon. I hope you can explain to your family that healthy weight-loss is a slow, gradual process. It’s absolutely not worth buckling to the idea that radical, dangerous food restriction is the best (or even frankly an okay) way to help yourself.

Best of luck out there.