The Invisible Cord- Ch. 2

Thank you as always to @alittlemissfit who is always able to make my words make sense. 

Sneak peek: I wonder if a little pain will make this day easier.

Chapter 1

This chapter is NSFW! 

November 2011
Somewhere in rural Virginia

The sun is peeking through the blinds but I’ve been up for hours. Mulder’s hand lies heavy on my hip and I feel the sudden urge to turn and curl up against him, but I don’t want to wake him. Instead I roll away from the window to face him, watch his sleeping face.

“You okay?” he asks after a few minutes, not even needing to open his eyes.
I nod but then remember he can’t see me. Moving closer to him I curl into a ball, effectively trap my arms against his chest. He moves on instinct, wraps his arm around my back before kissing my forehead.

“Yeah,” I sight. “I just didn’t sleep well.”

“It’s her birthday,” he murmurs, his breath warming the top of my head.

“I know,” I murmur back, then lightly push him onto his back.

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One Direction Preferences

Superhero AU

Note: This is realllllly long and I’m sorry but I couldn’t stop writing! :)

Niall: Part 1, 2

Part 3

You sat in your hotel room, restlessly tapping your foot while staring out the window. Your arms were crossed over your chest and every so often you’d bring up a hand and chew on your fingernails. Your friend had tried to stay up with you while you waited and waited and waited and waited. It had been hours since Niall told you that he’d find you and you couldn’t help but fear the worst. And as your mind played through every possible scenario that could have happened there was a light knock at your door. In all honesty, you had given up hope that it could have been Niall, but when you peaked through the little peephole, you saw the familiar blonde hair you’d been dying to see. Your hands moved quickly to slide the lock and open the door in one swift motion. “Niall!” You yelled, but then realized you sounded too eager; that and your friend was fast asleep. “I mean, uh, Niall,” You quickly stiffened, standing up straight, your words much cooler now, “What took you so long?” He smiled, “Got caught up.” He told you, shrugging. “You seem much calmer than you were earlier. What’s going on?” “Come with me for a minute.” His hands were on the door way and he leaned forward. At first you were unsure, but then you remembered his comment about you being in trouble and convinced yourself to go with him. It’s also not like you could help the glimmer in his eye from mesmerizing you. You tucked a strand of hair behind your ear and nodded. His cold hand grabbed onto yours and he pulled you out of the doorframe. Your other hand still grasped onto the door handle and pulled it shut as he pulled you along. At the end of the hallway was a stairwell that said “Personnel Only.” “Niall we can’t go in there.” You warned him, then watched as he smirked, swiping a card and gaining access to the stairs. You stepped in behind him and watched him walk up. If it wasn’t for the door slamming behind you, you would have sat there for the rest of the night just watching him. “Come on Y/N.” He chuckled and you snapped back to reality following him up a couple flights of stairs. When there weren’t any more stairs to walk up, he opened the door and as you walked quickly behind him, you saw that he led you to the roof. “Niall why the hell did you bring me up here.” “You need to hear it from me, where no one else can hear us.” He stood in what seemed like the center of the roof, your eyes couldn’t help but wonder to the skyline, how beautiful it looked as the sun began creeping up. “Wh-what are you even talking about?” You asked, turning your head back to him. “Your family, they’re pretty rich arent’ they?” “Yeah, my dad is own of the highest paid judges in the state. What does that have to do with anything?” He took a step closer to you, hands in his pockets, “Well, your dad also has a secret society. And that secret society has enemies. Lots of them.” You laughed, “Very funny. I’m sure this happens in everyday life all the time right?” “I’m serious Y/N. You’re in danger. There’s people who want your dad dead. Even your whole family and they’ll stop at nothing until they take your father down.” You shook your head, still not believing him, “You’re kind of crazy you know that?” You crossed your arms over your chest. “No, I’m not,” Niall stepped even closer to you now, lifting your left hand where the bracelet your father gave you was housed. “This bracelet, this symbol,” He took his hand, tracing the symbol of the moon and the sun, one that has been in your family for as long as you could remember, “This is the secret society.” You yanked your wrist away. “Don’t you dare. You’re lying! My dad would never do any of this, and neither would my family.” Shakily, you took steps back to get away from him. “I’m not lying to you!” He was yelling now, angry that this wasn’t getting through to you. “You can’t just expect me to believe what you’re saying Niall! All of this is-it can’t be true!” You hastily turned toward the door, yanking it open and running down the stairs. You knew Niall was chasing you, you could hear his footsteps fast behind you. When you got to your floor, it was like you were running for your life, but away from someone you thought you could trust. As you came to your door, you realized you didn’t have a key so you started banging on the door. Your hand hurt just after a few hits, and suddenly there was a sharp pain in the back of your head. You shrieked and fell to the ground. Someone then yanked on your hair and arm, pulling you down the hall. The blow to your head was so hard, your vision was blurry and you didn’t know what was happening. You could feel a brushburn forming on your arm from being dragged on the carpet. As your eyes became heavier, your could have sworn that same familiar blonde hair was laying on the floor…and then that was it.