Fun with paint (Damian Wayne imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request:  the reader is painting and ya boy comes home, s/o pretends to go in for a kiss and instead attacks the boy with paint and runs and ya boy chases after them and it ends with both of them covered in handprints and paint covered kisses and heckin’ cuddles, you should totally do that with older!damian!!
Summary: After getting paint on Damians face, the war is on.
Word count: 543
Warning(s): FLUFF

You were in a beautifully lit room in your home, painting. More to ease your mind and release stress then anything else. The brush strokes making a beautiful picture appear.

You heard keys opening the front door lock, but paid no mind to it, knowing that it was your loving husband Damian coming home from work. Of course he knew where to find you if he needed to, so you didn’t bother calling out, you were in this room nearly every day when he came home.

Five minutes later you feel arms snake around your waste, a chaste kiss laid on your neck. “Hello beloved” he whispered to you, holding you in a tight embrace.

A moment passes in content silence before you try to turn around. Your hands are limp by your sides as you slightly scoot up to kiss him. You dip a finger in a large green paint can by your side before nearly closing in. His eyes close from the closeness but he frowns from the lack of contact, small lines appearing between his brow.

 Before he could open his eyes you pull the wet paint dipped finger down from his forehead to the tip of his nose, before making a run for it.

Damian quickly dipped his index finger in a nearby pot of paint, which happened to be yellow. He ran after you as you made your way to the kitchen. “Beloved, come back here,” He exclaim, an obvious joy in his voice. “In your dreams!” You yell back.

You were on the other side of the kitchen, when ever he moved to the left, you moved right and vice versa, making it a very intense game of tag. For a moment Damian moved too far to one side, giving you a chance to flee. You ran back to the room you started out in, Damian hot on your tail. “It would only be fair, beloved,” He chuckles.

You were cornered, Damian quickly approaching, green paint smudged on his face. You tried your best to get past him, but Damian got a firm grip on your face, turning your back towards it. “TRAITOR!” You yell, trying to get out of his grasp as his paint covered finger approaches.

It’s gonna hurt me, more than it hurts you,” He exclaims, but your struggling is struggling ends up taking you both to the floor, taking a paint can with you from the nearby table.

You two land on the floor, your backs making a loud noise, as red paint splatters all over you two and rolls away by Damian’s side. You both loudly laugh, trying to get the paint out of your face.

Sitting up you nearly choke on your laughter, “You look hilarious!” You exclaim, your stomach starting to hurt. Damian sits up slightly, placing his hand behind your neck, before pulling you down to him. Your lips softly dance with each other, a light smile on both of your faces.

I hope you know you’re cleaning this,” You say pulling away, as Damian looks slightly shocked. “Why me?” He asks with a pout. “Nothing would have happened if you let me go,” You smile, leaving a red kiss on his cheek before going to clean yourself up.


With love,

Portrait of a lady with a fan (c.1884). Hans Makart (Austrian, 1840-1884). Oil on panel.

Here, the colouring of the image is characterised above all by its shades of brown. The brush strokes are applied powerfully and almost in impasto manner as the chosen colours melt into a harmonic unity. Makart’s main focus is to be found less in the exactly detailed rendering of his subject than in his depiction of its individual sensibility.

✨Bye Bye Beautiful✨ -
First of all, super excited that it’s the weekend! Hope you all enjoy it to the fullest 😌. Was a bit more playful with the colors than usual on the hair, wanted to leave the texture of brush strokes of blue to accentuate the composition a little better. Went with trying to get the likeness too. I wanted to accentuate the jacket a little more but changed my mind. Anyway, some experimentation going on here. Thanks for looking you guys <333