random thought of the day: boyd painting on hsin’s back. it’s van gogh’s sunflowers because boyd loves yellow. hsin falls asleep to the repetitive brush strokes and boyd’s comforting weight pinning him down. boyd hums under his breath and smiles softly when hsin sighs in his sleep


Psychedelic Landscapes Reminiscent of Dreams by Scott Naismith

Artist Scott Naismith has produced a series of beautiful landscape paintings on canvas with shows a brilliant use of colours and textures to create the illusion of a dream. The artist has used a liberal palette to depict the glorious sunsets and marvels of nature, yet reserving the use of colours filtered through the sky. He mirrors the tones and brush stroke styles from the sky onto the ground, which creates harmony in a chaos of hues and how light can play different roles in a landscape to reflect, dilute and create a mystical site.

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A Study In Solitude, Femininity and Florals by Clare Elsaesser

Artist Clare Elsaesser brings a unique touch to her paintings by invoking mysterious female figures and delicate feminine emotion with earthy tones and bold brush strokes. Using an unfocused subject portrayed in an abstract pose in the environment, Elsaesser reveals a loneliness in her scenic arrangement that speaks of muted emotions.

The vulnerable subjects are emphasised with delicate floral bouquets, and the careful selection of aquatic and emerald tones make the story within the frame fleeting. Each image is characterised by  a single focus on the subject, lost in thought and oblivious their surroundings, which surprisingly connects to the audience as it mirrors their emotions as they observe Elsaesser’s works. Find them in her Etsy shop.

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