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They are all convinced she is a princess queen. Val Daenerys looked the part and rode as if she had been born on horseback. A warrior princess queen, Jon decided, not some willowy creature who sits up in a tower, brushing her hair and waiting for some knight to rescue her.

Did Sansa really have to fall wildly in love with Waymar Royce? Coincidence? 5 bethrotals and still a maid? Hmmmmm.

GRRM to Sansa: Here is Waymar Royce. He has the Stark face and is a member of the NW. You will fall wildly in love with him. He’s your first love.

GRRM to Jon: Here is Ygritte. You will be attracted to her blue eyes and red hair. She is ‘half a fish’ and a singing wildling. She’s your first love.

GRRM to Jon: You will be killed the same way Waymar was killed. He’s for foreshadowing your death.

GRRM to Sansa: The only one worthy of you is a Prince Aemon. Joffrey was no Aemon. I hammer that fact by Joffrey saying he wants to be like Aegon the IV, the antithesis of the Dragonknight.

GRRM to Jon:You are a foil to Joffrey. He’s a bastard and you’re a prince. You will also be named Aemon after Master Aemon, your great great grand uncle. You will have to make choices like he did. He was also named after his great great grand uncle Aemon the Dragonknight. You will call yourself the Dragonknight while Robb will be the Young Dragon. Those Targs are cousins. And for another literary clue, an Aemon always has an Aegon for a brother. And Rhaegar already has an Aegon.

GRRM to Jon: A warrior princess? Okay. So not some willowy creature in a tower brushing her hair and waiting for some knight to rescue her. Yep. Got it. But you’re still gonna have to be that maid’s hero. Off with Slynt’s head!

GRRM to Sansa: Seems like you have your wish but you’re not the hero’s type. Nevermind the fact that the best memory he loves about you is the one of you brushing out Lady’s coat and singing to yourself. It would be sweet to see him, huh? But of course it could never be.

But could it?

So here are the things Sansa has at one point says are true:

1. Life is not a song. In life, the monsters win. Is it not? The entire series is called A Song of Ice and Fire. Granted, the truths in the song are muddled.

2. There are no Gods. She wished that Joffrey would die and was warned that the Old Gods would hear her. Joffrey died.

3. There are no true knights and heroes. Brienne is on her way to her. Hello, Jon.

5. No one will ever marry her for love. They only want her claim. Hello, Jon? 😂 😂 😂

A warrior princess, he decided, not some willowy creature who sits up 
in a tower, brushing her hair and waiting for some knight to rescue her.

Jon Snow, A Dance with Dragons

This right here is enough to believe in Jonsa happening to be honest… Even if it’s always used as ‘proof’ that Jon and Sansa are incompatible.

1. This is such a clear reference to Sansa. While other characters have been used to subvert the trope of the Lady in the Tower, Sansa is the most obvious representation.

2. Jon saying this is not what he wants is practically GRRM telling us: this is exactly what he ‘s going to get. Put together with Jon’s dreams of being Lord of Winterfell and having a family and a lady wife, which is such a sharp contrast to what he’s supposed to like in a woman, seems like the author trying to foreshadow Jon’s future…

My Hero

Pairing - Pietro Maximoff x Female Reader

Word Count- 1089

A/N - I literally have zero request you guys. I really need some!! also this is shit lmao sorry

“All of these patients volunteered.”


They could try and pass it off as civic duty, heroism, whatever. These people did not volunteer. They were forced here for the protection of their families and their country. 

It was a different story for Y/N, however. 

Both of her parents were HYDRA agents. Her father had died during a scrap with some SHIELD agents and she had been left with her mother at the age of ten. She showed no signs of loving her daughter. She never had. As soon as her father was out of the picture, Y/N was automatically put under testing. She was the first official HYDRA experiment.

When she was twelve, she developed Absorption. She could control and master anything she touched. They labeled her a success and she became somewhat of a super solider, only used for drastic missions. Most of the time she was stuck in a cell with nothing but a few books. Then the Maximoff twins were moved next to her.

The walls were thin and voices could carry over easily. The first time Y/N talked to Pietro was when he started to show signs of super speed. She could hear him hitting the walls, trying to stop it.

“Fighting it doesn’t help,” Her voice made Pietro jump. He had forgotten there were other experiments. “Just let it happen and grow. It hurts less.”

It was silent for a long time. Y/N figured that he couldn’t hear her and her attempt to help had been wasted. She heard another bump against the wall. “How long have you been here?” A thick accent carried over to her. He did hear her. 

“I was raised here.” She replied.

“I’m sorry.”

And that was it. 

Over the next few months, they became closer. She would read him chapters of the books she had stored in her tiny cell. He would talk about his sister, what happened to his parents. They never saw each other until they were forced out onto a mission together. Of course, Y/N thought Pietro was gorgeous. His hair was swept lazily to the side, streaks of blonde slowly starting to appear in his dark brown hair. Just another side effect. 

They walked out of the base next to each other, preparing to do whatever they had to do to survive. Y/N glanced at Pietro and give him a tiny smile. “I gotta say, Speedy, I always pictured you as a ginger.”

A smile spread across his face. “You’re just as fascinating and entrancing as I imagined.”

After that, a little bit of butterflies were in the pair’s stomachs every time they talked. A crush. A stupid crush on someone they would never be able to be completely happy with. And yet it just kept inevitably growing. Growing and growing until it became too big to extinguish. They were both fucked.

Then he disappeared. 

Y/N was never told where he went. He had gone on a mission with his sister and never came back. She tried to not feel heart-broken, but she couldn’t drown out the silence from the cell next to her. He was gone. Probably dead. She would never seem him again. 

Week after week, everything built up inside her like a bomb waiting to explode. She had to get out of here. She couldn’t be trapped here any longer. She didn’t want to, but she had to get a little blood on her hands to get out. 

Y/N killed fifteen agents, one of which was her mother. She managed to break out a few fellow experiments, but not all. That was too risky. 

She got as far away from the base as she could before realizing that she didn’t know what to do next. She had no family, no friends. The only person she cared about was more than likely dead. She had no money, no clothes, no shelter. What the hell was she going to do?

She was forced into a life of crime. Stealing food, living on the streets. There was nothing. She was miserable, but it was better than the hell she had been placed in before. 

One dark night, Y/N had been searching frantically for some sort of shelter. It was raining and cold. She barely had any heat seeming as she owned no coat or jacket. She watched her breath float out in front of her. Fuck. She was freezing. She could barely feel her legs. She was going to die out here.  

She felt her strength slip away and sunk down to the pavement.
She woke up in a hospital. 

Or was it a hospital? It looked a bit more.. private? No, this wasn’t a hospital. This was a bedroom. She tried to take in her surroundings, the bright lights making her flinch. She had to figure out where she was. She took in a sharp breath as her feet hit the cold floor, but trudged over to the door and slowly peaked out.

There was no sign of anyone else. A long hallway stretched out to an elevator. She looked out a window and noticed how high she was off the ground. Was this a tower? Where the hell was she? 

“Y/N, you’re awake." 

A familiar thick accent broke her out of confusion.

Y/N spun around and her eyes met with the boy who she thought was dead. His hair was blonde now, any trace of brown was erased. He was in some sort of suit. Was she dreaming? No, she couldn’t be. This felt too real.

"Pietro?” Her voice broke. Damn it. 

He gave her a timid smile. “Did you miss me?”

She let out a choked sob and hugged him. He was alive. She hadn’t left for nothing. 

“Where the hell are we?” She asked, causing him to laugh. 

“Stark Tower,” Pietro brushed a piece of hair out of her face. “It’s a long story, but the short version is I’m working with the Avengers.”

Her face twisted into confusion. “How did you find me?”

“I can’t really explain it,” He bit his lip. “I got an urge to go look for you. I didn’t know why. I thought you were still trapped at the base. I felt like something was wrong and you needed me. And you did.”

Y/N smiled. “You’re my hero, Speedy.”

Jon Snow’s type of women

In my previous meta I wrote about the misconception that Jon has a thing for redheads. I briefly mentioned that Jon has indeed a type which hasn’t anything to do with hair. I didn’t further explained because I meant to write another meta  about Jon’s preferences. So here we are!

When a boy is young his mother represents the whole female gender to him. It’s through her that he learns about womanhood and she is the one who shapes his first views on women. This wasn’t the case for Jon Snow because as we all know that his mother, Lyanna, died while giving birth to him. In his childhood he interacted with only a few women (the only women he recalls from his days at Winterfell are his two sisters, his step-mother and the old Nan) and only one who was actually close to him, his little sister Arya.

Usually, on close sibling relationships of different sex it’s the younger ones that are affected by the older ones on the subject on how they view the different sex (ex: Bran likes girls that resemble his older sister, Arya). However, in Jon’s case he’s definitely influenced by Arya. This is hardly a surprise because as I noted before, she’s the only female close to him so it makes sense to be his ideal of womanhood.

The evidence of this lay on  the fact that he compares Ygritte,his first love, to Arya. First, in terms of physical appearance:

[..] She looked plump as she crouched there, but most of that was layers of fur and wool and leather. Underneath all that she could be as skinny as Arya.

And later on in terms of personality’s traits:

“If you kill a man, and never mean t’, he’s just as dead,” Ygritte said stubbornly. Jon had never met anyone so stubborn, except maybe for his little sister Arya. 

Even aside from the direct comparisons within the text, one can also draw a lot of  parallels between the two girls’ characters.

Ygritte and Arya are not gender confirming girls. Both show interest in fighting, are feisty, stubborn and loud. They aren’t the typical Westeros girls (well, in Ygritte’s case she’s not a Westerosi). However, they do possess traits that can be found on other Northern and Wilding girls,too.

In a way, it makes poetic sense for Jon’s female ideal to be his sister because Arya resembles Lyanna a lot. Ned Stark, the person who knew both of them very well, demonstrates that:

“You remind me of [Lyanna] sometimes. You even look like her.”

“Lyanna was beautiful,” Arya said, startled. Everybody said so.”-

It’s like Jon’s ideal woman isn’t only his little sister but also his mother, despite the fact that he never got to know her.

The next woman Jon Snow shows an interest at, is Val. Another Wilding, another fighter, another fierce and brave woman.

Lonely and lovely and lethal, Jon Snow reflected, and I might have had her

They are all convinced she is a princess. Val looked the part and rode as if she had been born on horseback. A warrior princess, he decided, not some willowy creature who sits up in a tower, brushing her hair and waiting for some knight to rescue her

Val’s characteristics could easily apply to Ygritte and Arya, so it strengthens the case that Jon indeed has a certain type.

Since I wrote about what Jon likes in women I think it’s time to address what he doesn’t like. Earlier on, I wrote that Arya is the only female that was close to him to Winterfell. That’s true but there is another woman who has also influenced Jon’s perspective on women. That is his step mother, lady Catelyn Stark.

Lady Stark and Jon Snow didn’t have a good relationship. Some fans say she was merely cold to him, others that she was emotional abusive. No matter where you stand on this matter, it was unavoidable that she would have a major effect on him as she was the most prominent female figure on Winterfell and also the one he had a dysfunctional relationship with.

The way she has influenced him is that he came to dislike everything she stood for. Or to be more correct, everything he thought that she stood for. That’s why Jon doesn’t like the women who adhere the traditional femininity. Sometimes his words towards those women can be even harsh and uncalled for. Here are two examples of what I’m describing:

[…] A warrior princess, he decided, not some willowy creature who sits up in a tower, brushing her hair and waiting for some knight to rescue her

And yes, I will take your women too. I have no need of blushing maidens looking to be protected, but I will take as many spearwives as will come.

This meta would be incomplete if I didn’t include Daenerys, his current love interest on the tv series. While Daenerys has more traditional feminine traits than Ygritte or Arya, she still can be described as a free spirited, proud and more importantly brave woman. She’s even a warrior in her own way. She doesn’t wield a sword, but she participates in battles through flying on Drogon.

[…] I know she is proud. How not? What else was left her but pride? I know she is strong. How not? The Dothraki despise weakness. If Daenerys had been weak, she would have perished with Viserys. I know she is fierce. Astapor, Yunkai, and Meereen are proof enough of that. She has crossed the grasslands and the red waste, survived assassins and conspiracies and fell sorceries, grieved for a brother and a husband and a son, trod the cities of the slavers to dust beneath her dainty sandaled feet. […]

She’s a woman who could impress Jon Snow and I think that’s intentional by the author. After all, those two have many hints that they will meet and probably end up together in the books (because in the tv series Jonerys is already canon).

“A warrior queen, he decided, not some willowy creature who sits up in a tower, brushing her hair and waiting for some knight to rescue her.”

I think when I’m dying and see my life pass in front of my eyes, I’ll see Jon pushing Tormund out of the way to get a look at Daenerys. I squealed when I first saw this scene, Dany coming through looking like the freaking goddess she is to save her man, and Jon, I would bet he had a massive boner. MY OTP IS EXTRA, AND SO AM I.

Once upon a time, a king and a queen forgot to invite a powerful fairy to the christening of their child. It was a terrible mistake. The child grew into a remarkable young royal, a perfect candidate to become the future monarch. At their side through it all was a faithful guard, one of their peers, who from a young age had been trained and taught to keep watch over them, to protect them and keep them safe.

Yet on the child’s eighteenth birthday, they fell victim to the curse the fairy had placed on them all those years ago, collapsing into a deep sleep. Their guard had been outside the walls when it happened, however, and was separated from them by a wall of tangling thorns and roses. Horror set in, but the guard was determined. They sought out the royal to which their charge had been engaged, and brought them back, hacking a path through the brush to the tower where the royal lay.

The fiancé, upon approaching the sleeping royal carefully leaned down and kissed them, yet nothing happened, and so they turned and started to leave. The guard, disappointed, pressed a small kiss to the royal’s forehead, promising them that they would bring all the princes and princesses of the world to see if any would wake the sleeping royal up.

But then the royal’s eyes slowly fluttered open, and they found themselves looking at their one true love - the guard.

Love interests.

Sandor is no anointed knight like Jon isn’t but he’s the reason why Sansa started to appreciate men of lower rank who have more knightly qualities than the handsome ones. Sandor showed us that she can be attracted to his rough edges but he’s too rough with his ‘all men love to kill’ contrasted with Jon’s hatred of killing.

Joffrey showed us that she will never love someone who has been cruel to her family.

Tyrion showed us that she could accept his kindness but will never fully trust someone with questionable motives.

Willas showed us that she wants a family named after her brothers and sister.

Harry showed us that she admired his handsomeness but noted he is a womanizer and has already fathered bastards contrasted with Jon’s fear of fathering one. She also immediately compared him to Joffrey which tells us that she can’t be seduced by looks alone.

Ygritte showed us that Jon wants love but not at the expense of his duty.

Val showed us that Jon wants a family and Winterfell but not at the expense of his half-siblings. There is also Val’s aversion to Shireen and Sansa’s appreciation of Sandor’s scars.

Jon’s distaste for the custom of stealing and there’s Sansa who has been stolen numerous times.

What I’m saying is that they are the answer to each other’s dreams. They are the hypothetical “what if”. We don’t explicitly see their names mentioned, often just afterthoughts. But they are there and forced into each other’s narrative like dancing, heroes,bastard brave, a warrior princess not some willowy creature in a tower brushing her hair(yes we get it Jon, no need for the distinction of your type) black knights,and fainting.


“Your men call Val a princess, but to the free folk she is only the sister of their king’s dead wife. If you force her to marry a man she does not want, she is like to slit his throat on their wedding night.” … They are all convinced she is a princess. Val looked the part and rode as if she had been born on horseback. A warrior princess, he decided, not some willowy creature who sits up in a tower, brushing her hair and waiting for some knight to rescue her. (A Dance with Dragons)

asoiaf meme (minor characters): val the wildling (1/10 characters)

Last Jonerys Chapter Transition in ADWD

The 8th and the last chapter transition for Jonerys ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 67) is the most crucial for both of their stories and has a very parallel storytelling structure. Jon allows Tormund’s host of Wildlings through the Wall and breaks the news to the Watch. Dany goes to the opening of the fighting pits where Drogon crashes the party. 

Their chapters begin with, Dany with her handmaidens, deciding to leave for the fighting pits despite her feeling for the blood sport and Jon trying to come up with a compromise. 

She would rather have drifted in the fragrant pool all day, eating iced fruit off silver trays and dreaming of a house with a red door, but a queen belongs to her people, not to herself.

Tormund : “Whatever happened to that sweet lad I knew?”
They made him lord commander.

Dany takes a long ride with Hizdahr to the fighting pits.   

“Have you ever seen such an auspicious day, my love?” Hizdahr zo Loraq commented when she rejoined him. He helped Dany up onto the palanquin, where two tall thrones stood side by side.
“Auspicious for you, perhaps. Less so for those who must die before the sun goes down.”
“All men must die,” said Hizdahr

Jon meets Val outside Tormund’s tent. Context : She’s Mance’s sister in law, Stannis’s prisoner after the Wildling battle and the one Stannis offered Jon as a wife to seal the alliance with Wildlings when Jon was offered legitimacy & Winterfell, which he rejects. Similar to Dany’s situation, just as Hizdahr helps her bargain for peace with Harpy sons & Yunkai, Jon allowed Val to go beyond the Wall after Stannis leaves so that she can convince Tormund to bring his host and make peace with Jon. Jon & Val ride back to Castle Black and yet again,Jon makes observations which strongly resonate with Dany. 

Then Ghost emerged from between two trees, with Val beside him.
They look as though they belong together. Val was clad all in white; white woolen breeches tucked into high boots of bleached white leather, white bearskin cloak pinned at the shoulder with a carved weirwood face, white tunic with bone fastenings. Her breath was white as well … but her eyes were blue, her long braid the color of dark honey, her cheeks flushed red from the cold. It had been a long while since Jon Snow had seen a sight so lovely.
“Have you been trying to steal my wolf?” he asked her.

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They are all convinced she is a princess. Val looked the part and rode as if she had been born on horseback. A warrior princess, he decided, not some willowy creature who sits up in a tower, brushing her hair and waiting for some knight to rescue her.

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Undercover Jon

So yesterday I promised a meta on undercover Jon, and why it’s true. Many people believe Jon is going undercover and is actually in love with his sister, but they’re all wrong. Jon is in love with SAM. Here’s why Jon is in love with Sam and undercover Jon is real.

1. When Jon first meets Sam, he recognizes his weaknesses and goes out of his way to protect Sam from Rast, Thorne, and everyone else. He even sneaks into Rasts’ chambers and threatens to kill him. Now we all know that when Jon Snow is protective of someone, he wants to fuck and marry them. Side note, Jon wants to fuck and marry a lot of people such as Robb (who he tried to break his vows for), Bran (who he asked about repeatedly and jumped for joy like a weirdo for), Arya (who he died for), and Rickon (who he jeopardized a battle for. Jon truly embraces his Targaryen heritage by wanting to marry multiple people, including his siblings, I guess.

2. Jon and Sam bond during their guard duty. The next day while cleaning, Jon shares his true feelings and a personal moment with same when he tells him the story about Jon not wanting to father a bastard, because it’s not a good life for a child. Though Jon is feeling sad, Sam is able to cheer him up and make him laugh. Another side note, Sam has made Jon smile/laugh more than any person not named Arya Stark.

3. Sam cares about Jon so much, he swore a vow with him, it was basically a marriage.  It’s also Sam who becomes brave and goes after Jon when Jon is trying to desert, and  brings Jon back.

4. In season two when Sam wants to help Gilly and introduces her to Jon, Jon says no because he is clearly jealous of Gilly and thinks she can take Sam away from him. I mean look at his face. (Gif credit to @kitsn0w I believe)

5. Jon and Sam are separated when Jon is taken prisoner and they constantly think about each other. Jon doesn’t want ti have sex with Ygritte because he doesn’t want to break his vows or be unfaithful to Sam. When Jon makes it back to castle black, Sam is the first person to rush out to go help Jon.

6. During the Battle for Castle Black, Jon is the first person Sam turns to for help Jon wants to keep Sam safe, and instead of making him go to the front lines, he sends Sam to go get Ghost.

7. But at the Same time “A warrior princess, he decided, not some willowy creature who sits up in a tower, brushing her hair, and waiting for some knight to come rescue her.”

8.  After the first day of the battle is done, Jon wants to go try to kill Mance because they have no chance of winning otherwise, knowing he’ll die. Sam shows concern and tries to keep him from doing so.

9. Sam is the one who suggests Jon be the next Lord Commander because he believes in him and loves him.

10. When Jon decides to go to Hardhome, Sam is worried about him. He gives Jon a parting gift to keep him safe. LOOK AT HIS FACE WHEN JON LEAVES.

11. Jon comes back from Hardhome and finds out that Sam wants to leave to Oldtown to become a Maester. Jon originally says no, but then he finds out Sam had sex with Gilly. Jon is so heartbroken that he decides to let Sam leave, he can’t stand to see the two of them every day knowing what happened. Look at the sexual tension in their goodbye, even Gilly Notices.

12. Jon misses Sam so much he went out and got himself killed.

13. Jon realizes he fucked up and wants his Samwell back, he’s now ready to fight for him. He then brings himself back to life. When Edd asks him where he’s going to go, Jon says “south”, guess who else is south? That’s right. Samwell Tarly.

14. Now here is where this ties into season 7. Sam contacts Jon and tells him that there’s a mountain of dragonglass. Jon remembered that Sam loves dragonglass, so he instantly decided to go to Dragonstone to get the dragonglass so he can give it to Sam as a gift and win him back. The only reason Jon is pretending to be in love with Daenerys (that evil psycho who saves and cares about people, she’s literally the worst) is so he can have unlimited access to dragonglass, which he can keep giving to Sam.

15. Fun fact, many people believe Jon said “yeah” during boatsex, I’ve actually uncovered hidden clues and Jon doesn’t say “yeah”, he says “Sam”.

16. Sam is tired of Gilly and goes to Winterfell to reunite with is soulmate, Jon.

So there you have it. Jon is in love with Sam and he went undercover with the ultimate goal of winning Sam back, his one true love. Sam is still in love with Jon as well. It’s clearly evident when he talks to Bran. Now all they need is a kiss on the forehead and they’re basically married.

anonymous asked:

"Not some willowy creature who sits up in a tower, brushing her hair and waiting for some knight to rescue her." I know that many do not agree but in my opinion, he is thinking of Sansa. I think a part of him resents her maybe because she didn't treat him like like a real brother or because he has feelings for her but she preferred a knight or prince. When I read that part, in my opinion he was comparing val with a specific person. besides, although I love Jon, he sounds so misogynistic in this.

Hello anon! Thank you for the ask! I’m gonna cut it for lenght because, it became an accidental meta… Whoops!

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London Calling – A Taylor/Joe Short Story


She moves her gaze around the room, stopping at each piece of furniture, each item, to examine it. Her vision grazes over the soft beige chair in the far corner, the fringed teal throw resting upon it.  Then the matching couch and loveseat, each bathed with what she believes is an absorbanent amount of teal and brown throw pillows.  

There’s a picture on the wall.  A painting actually.  One she’s never seen before.  The London tower, brushed in beiges, browns and creams to match the prevailing theme in the room.  She imagines that Erica likely found it at an estate sale, recalling her conversation with her assistant four days before where Erica had enthusiastically told her about her newest London adventure.  You wouldn’t believe the stuff I’ve found, she squealed, causing Taylor to smile.

There’s a piano to her left, pictures of her family and friends already sitting atop it. And within the shelves of the wall behind it rest neatly lined books, her books, ones that she asked her mom to box up from her New York City apartment.  And then there are the two fluffy pillow beds, placed against the wall nearest the piano.  Olivia and Meredith, the bright teal stitching reads across the front.

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Fuckboy’s Boy

Summary: Sometimes your first love is not your last, and sometimes life is more complicated that you thought it would be.

Warnings: sexual situations, horrible writing, like what? honestly what?

Ever since you were a child, you were locked up in a tower of your own making. Like Rapunzel, you were an innocent soul in a grown woman’s body. The only type of relationships you were aware of were from the fairy tale books your parents gave you when you were young; as you grew, you learned there was more relationships than the biased ones shown in children’s stories, but it didn’t change the future you saw for yourself. You dreamt of finding that one person; one soulmate/love/human that you could share everything with–that would love you unconditionally and let you do the same. That person, your first love, would be your only love for the rest of your life. For you, you couldn’t fathom falling out of love; you couldn’t fathom the future–the way that people change, disconnect or reconnect. That sort of heartache wouldn’t happen to you; so you stayed up high in your tower, brushing your hair like a child parading in a princess dress.  While you knew the innocence of it all was impractical, it was the one constant in your life that you clung to at all costs.

So you, with your boyfriend of five years, had finally believed that you found your true love–that prince that would pull you from your self-imposed castle exile.

Despite all your claims, hopes, and dreams, none of your expectations could explain why you found yourself pressed against a wall with your hands fished into a shirt that smelt like sweat and rose perfume. You pushed back into his heated, open-mouthed kisses and let his hands dig into your hips like you might disappear if he loosened his grip.

Your boyfriend only ever wore cologne that smelled like spices and would never give you such public displays of affection–never mind how uncontrollably horny he tended to be. And this man, well–he was definitely not Jungkook.

What you did know about the guy tipping his head to your neck to pepper gentle kisses to your collar bone was that his name was Kim Taehyung. Aside from the intoxication of his kiss and the way his grip made you feel less like a princess and more like a pampered queen, the name was all you knew of the man.

As you closed your eyes, you tried to think back to the kisses that Jungkook would give you–but it was hard with the raw energy of the man in front of you. It was as if he’d been waiting a lifetime to kiss you like this, whereas every kiss with Jungkook was either passion or nonexistent. Jungkook favored your neck, your collar bones, and your thighs–his kisses led down to your body with occasional short-lived pecks to your lips and cheeks. Taehyung made you feel worshiped; he made you feel like each and every kiss was purposeful–was more than just passion.

He made you feel loved, and that scared you.

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Mighty Nightmare

pairing: thor x reader

summary: pt 2 of nightmare series, you have a nightmare and thor is there for you

warnings: none 

Cool water trickled down your forearms after splashing some on your face, and you could feel the heat rising to your cheeks once again. Nightmares often brought you to this same spot in the bathroom every night, but it was something you were learning to live with as an Avenger. Of course the team had their own support group for nightmare troubles, but you were more of a loner when trying to deal with these things. The terrors you re-lived every night were too much to ever share in a group setting. Since Tony as throwing a party down the block, you were sure you had the floor to yourself.

Until somebody knocked on the bathroom door.

As quick as possible, you ran the washcloth over your face to rid any extra tears that were still stuck to your cheeks. “Come in!” You stood in front of the vanity mirror pretending you were simply brushing your teeth.

Thor’s towering figure entered the large bathroom slowly, and furrowed his brows at you. “Lady y/n, your eyes are quite red, have you been crying?” He now walked over to you, and looked at you in the mirror. Thor was standing so close to you now that he could see you still slightly shaking, and this was the moment you decided to tell him what was really going on.

As you explained in more and more detail, Thor saw you beginning to break down. He slowly wrapped his arms around you in attempt to slow your sobs, and remind you that he was there to help you through it. He placed a kiss on your cheek before he spoke, “You have saved more in battle than I have, and you’ve fought bravely through it all.” Thor triumphantly reminded you, “Lady y/n, you have no suit of armor, unbreakable shield, or scary green muscles! Being you, is enough.” He goofily smiled, awaiting your laugh. Sure enough, you bit your lip as a a laugh bubbled up.

Before you could think of anything to say back to him, Thor picked you up and threw you over his shoulder. You squealed and asked, “Where are you taking me?” At this point you couldn’t even try to push yourself up off his back from being so drained.

“To your room where you shall sleep, and then be well rested enough to beat the Captain in training tomorrow, of course!” Thor bellowed, and lightly kicked your door open. His hands went to the back of your thighs as he laid you down on your plush bed, and the sheets were strewn about from when you had originally woke up from the nightmare. “Lady y/n, I shall stay in here until I am assured that your night terrors will be scared away by myself and Mjolnir.” He smiled proudly, and you sure as hell didn’t have the heart to tell him that Mjolnir couldn’t scare nightmares away.

So you laid on your normal side of the bed, and Thor put his magical hammer down on the right nightstand. His weight shifted the mattress, which made you roll over towards him on accident. (not that it was a problem with you, like at all.) Thor seemed to be waiting, and then you remembered that his favorite thing was indeed, to cuddle. You took it upon yourself to place your head on his chest, and take in his feeling of warmth. Soon enough, you found yourself in a peaceful slumber that even Tony’s little afterparty couldn’t wake you up.

Once you hijack posts, content, and post metas about manipulator Jon, I have no more tolerance left.

If Jon was going to end up with a Stark sister, it would be Arya. that’s the facts, within story and from author’s preferences. GRRM once cited Arya and Ygritte, particularly their wildness, as indication of Jon’s type. I will find that SSM but I’ve seen it posted on tumblr. Book Jon shows admiration and attraction to fiery, wild women and they’re all women outside of the gender roles dictated by Westeros nobility. He is condescending in his thoughts about women who conform to female gender roles as determined by the society that looks down on him for being a bastard.

For all those crackshippers saying how OOC it is for Jon to fall for Dany, there is actual word of God from George and canon about Jon’s type. Fact, the crack ship is OOC for Jon based on personality alone.

When Jon admires Val as ‘a warrior princess not like someone sitting in a tower brushing her hair waiting for a knight to rescue her’ and Sansa did that exact thing right down to the hair brushing in ACOK, this is not George hinting at an endgame ship. This is George saying, Jon Snow is into this. He is not into this.

As for the show, Jon continually ignores Sansa’s advice and doesn’t take the idea of listening to her seriously on any level. She comments on it to LF. He treats her like a little sister, to be protected but not to be taken seriously as an equal. But, sure, ship it, white people with no romantic interest in each other are shipped all the time. However harassing others with its supposed future canonicity is laughable.

It’s not going to happen no way no how. Sansa will never be the second option after Dany. Ship it as a non canon ship and stop being insufferable about endgame.

Dog Tags

For RvB Bingo Wars! Angst Square for the blues

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The problem with spaceship crashes always becomes clear after the dust has settled. Here’s the thing about falling from the sky and hitting the ground hard enough to fold the ship in on itself, like a burning cigarette ground into an ashtray:

It doesn’t leave much behind in the way of human remains.

Or, Wash finds himself collecting dog tags from the wreckage after the Hand of Merope crashes. Tucker and Caboose step up to help, because that’s what teammates do.

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I wonder if people will ever say, ‘Let’s hear about Frodo and the Ring.’ And they’ll say 'Yes, that’s one of my favorite stories. Frodo was really courageous, wasn’t he, Dad?’ 'Yes, my boy, the most famousest of hobbits. And that’s saying a lot.' 

You’ve left out one of the chief characters - Samwise the Brave. I want to hear more about Sam. Frodo wouldn’t have got far without Sam.