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My Hero

Pairing - Pietro Maximoff x Female Reader

Word Count- 1089

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“All of these patients volunteered.”


They could try and pass it off as civic duty, heroism, whatever. These people did not volunteer. They were forced here for the protection of their families and their country. 

It was a different story for Y/N, however. 

Both of her parents were HYDRA agents. Her father had died during a scrap with some SHIELD agents and she had been left with her mother at the age of ten. She showed no signs of loving her daughter. She never had. As soon as her father was out of the picture, Y/N was automatically put under testing. She was the first official HYDRA experiment.

When she was twelve, she developed Absorption. She could control and master anything she touched. They labeled her a success and she became somewhat of a super solider, only used for drastic missions. Most of the time she was stuck in a cell with nothing but a few books. Then the Maximoff twins were moved next to her.

The walls were thin and voices could carry over easily. The first time Y/N talked to Pietro was when he started to show signs of super speed. She could hear him hitting the walls, trying to stop it.

“Fighting it doesn’t help,” Her voice made Pietro jump. He had forgotten there were other experiments. “Just let it happen and grow. It hurts less.”

It was silent for a long time. Y/N figured that he couldn’t hear her and her attempt to help had been wasted. She heard another bump against the wall. “How long have you been here?” A thick accent carried over to her. He did hear her. 

“I was raised here.” She replied.

“I’m sorry.”

And that was it. 

Over the next few months, they became closer. She would read him chapters of the books she had stored in her tiny cell. He would talk about his sister, what happened to his parents. They never saw each other until they were forced out onto a mission together. Of course, Y/N thought Pietro was gorgeous. His hair was swept lazily to the side, streaks of blonde slowly starting to appear in his dark brown hair. Just another side effect. 

They walked out of the base next to each other, preparing to do whatever they had to do to survive. Y/N glanced at Pietro and give him a tiny smile. “I gotta say, Speedy, I always pictured you as a ginger.”

A smile spread across his face. “You’re just as fascinating and entrancing as I imagined.”

After that, a little bit of butterflies were in the pair’s stomachs every time they talked. A crush. A stupid crush on someone they would never be able to be completely happy with. And yet it just kept inevitably growing. Growing and growing until it became too big to extinguish. They were both fucked.

Then he disappeared. 

Y/N was never told where he went. He had gone on a mission with his sister and never came back. She tried to not feel heart-broken, but she couldn’t drown out the silence from the cell next to her. He was gone. Probably dead. She would never seem him again. 

Week after week, everything built up inside her like a bomb waiting to explode. She had to get out of here. She couldn’t be trapped here any longer. She didn’t want to, but she had to get a little blood on her hands to get out. 

Y/N killed fifteen agents, one of which was her mother. She managed to break out a few fellow experiments, but not all. That was too risky. 

She got as far away from the base as she could before realizing that she didn’t know what to do next. She had no family, no friends. The only person she cared about was more than likely dead. She had no money, no clothes, no shelter. What the hell was she going to do?

She was forced into a life of crime. Stealing food, living on the streets. There was nothing. She was miserable, but it was better than the hell she had been placed in before. 

One dark night, Y/N had been searching frantically for some sort of shelter. It was raining and cold. She barely had any heat seeming as she owned no coat or jacket. She watched her breath float out in front of her. Fuck. She was freezing. She could barely feel her legs. She was going to die out here.  

She felt her strength slip away and sunk down to the pavement.
She woke up in a hospital. 

Or was it a hospital? It looked a bit more.. private? No, this wasn’t a hospital. This was a bedroom. She tried to take in her surroundings, the bright lights making her flinch. She had to figure out where she was. She took in a sharp breath as her feet hit the cold floor, but trudged over to the door and slowly peaked out.

There was no sign of anyone else. A long hallway stretched out to an elevator. She looked out a window and noticed how high she was off the ground. Was this a tower? Where the hell was she? 

“Y/N, you’re awake." 

A familiar thick accent broke her out of confusion.

Y/N spun around and her eyes met with the boy who she thought was dead. His hair was blonde now, any trace of brown was erased. He was in some sort of suit. Was she dreaming? No, she couldn’t be. This felt too real.

"Pietro?” Her voice broke. Damn it. 

He gave her a timid smile. “Did you miss me?”

She let out a choked sob and hugged him. He was alive. She hadn’t left for nothing. 

“Where the hell are we?” She asked, causing him to laugh. 

“Stark Tower,” Pietro brushed a piece of hair out of her face. “It’s a long story, but the short version is I’m working with the Avengers.”

Her face twisted into confusion. “How did you find me?”

“I can’t really explain it,” He bit his lip. “I got an urge to go look for you. I didn’t know why. I thought you were still trapped at the base. I felt like something was wrong and you needed me. And you did.”

Y/N smiled. “You’re my hero, Speedy.”

Together Final Chapter

*Continuation of 7x20 takes place after the proposal scene.

“Wow if I knew the sex was gonna be THAT good, I Would have proposed months ago.” Alison laughs heartily as she pulls her lips away from her fiancé.

Emily doesn’t let Alison get too far away before she pulls her back in for another kiss, “Just wait till the honeymoon sex.”

Alison quietly hums, “Does this mean I’m finally gonna get to see you on the Eiffel tower?” She brushes a strand of hair behind Emily’s ear, gently caressing the brunettes face.

“How long are we going away for?” Emily’s smile mimics the playful energy of two old friends reminiscing on a fond memory.

Alison bites her lip, “You know what I want to say, but I don’t know how long we can stay away from the twins.”

“Between my mom and the girls, I’m sure they will be in good hands.” Emily assures, knowing full well that Spencer, Hannah, and Aria will be gifting over who gets to keep the girls when Pam has to work.

Alison laughs again, the sound like music to Emily’s ears, “No I know, I meant US being away from THEM. Sometimes just going to work for the day is too much.”

Emily agrees. The girls were only a few months old, and while Alison stayed home during the early days, Emily’s more flexible teaching schedule allows her to stay home with the girls for a majority of the day before she must go in for practice. Even just the 4 hours or so she’s away from the girls is too long, not to compete with the 8 hours Alison is gone. “I’m sure by the time we actually have to leave, we will be fine.”

“You’re right, by then they’ll probably be super fussy, and we’ll be begging for a break.” Alison imagines dropping the girls off at grandma Pam’s and running off into the sunset for some much-needed alone time with her girl. Her wife.

A short moment later, soft sounds of a baby crying filled the room. “Speaking of fussy.” Emily rolls over to grab the video baby monitor sitting on her bedside table, noticing Lilly has woken up, crying in her crib. It’s not long before her sister wakes and joins in on the noise making. Emily leans over to give Alison a quick kiss, gently pushing the blonde back down on the bed, “I’ll get them.”

Alison admires her fiancé’s naked body as the brunette gets up from their bed searching for her robe. After Emily exits the room, Alison takes the opportunity to venture to their on suite to clean up. She reluctantly put her pajamas back on because she knows if she doesn’t they’ll be up all night, and they do have to be up early for Aria’s wedding. They’ll just have to resume their activities tomorrow night.

Emily finally reenters their room about 15 minutes later, successful in getting the girls back to sleep. She was proud at how quick she got them down tonight, a large smirk on her face, one that faded when she saw Alison was snuggled up in bed wearing that silly pug sweatshirt. “So we’re done with our fun?”  

“You know we have to be up in a few hours.” Alison notices the slight frown on Emily’s face, and adds, “I promise, I’ll make the wait worth your while.” She throws in a flirtatious wink for good measure. Emily perks up at this notion.

Once Emily put her own pajamas back on and joined her fiancé in bed, the two quickly became entangled in each other, Emily holding Alison in her arms, the blonde’s head on Emily’s chest and arm tucked under her chin.

"Sorry I ruined your plan.” Emily mutters, gently raking her fingers through Alison’s hair.

“It’s ok, nothing was set in stone yet so it’s not like I have to cancel any reservations.” Alison reassures.

“I can’t believe you got my mom involved.” She laughs, feeling silly for thinking her and Alison were secretly conspiring against her for some reason. She makes a note to thank her mom at the reception tomorrow.

Alison joins in on the laughter, “Isn’t it customary to ask for the bride’s hand in marriage?” She props herself up on her elbow to look Emily in the face.

A huge grin breaks out across Emily’s face, “I bet she was very happy you considered her.”

“She was, she cried, like a lot.” Alison resumed her previous position, head on Emily’s chest and snaked her arm over her waist. “But I think it had more to do with Wayne not being here for this.”

It was quiet for a moment, Alison internally chastised herself for bringing up Emily’s late father, before Emily spoke up, “Oh yea, I guess I didn’t think about that. I mean I did when he first passed, but it hadn’t really hit me yet.” Alison could feel Emily’s arms tense around her.

Once again Alison propped herself up to make eye contact, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you sad.” There were unshed tears beginning to pool in Emily’s eyes.

“No, no, you’re fine. I just miss him you know.” Alison bent down to lightly kiss Emily. She caressed her cheek, ready to catch any tears that threatened to fall.

“Of course. Even I miss my mom who was horrible, I can’t imagine how much more you must be feeling.” Alison paused for a moment, unsure of if she should mention it, but decided to anyway, “If it makes you feel any better, I asked him too.”

Emily’s brow furrowed, “What?”

Another pause, before Alison cleared her throat to clarify, “Your dad, I visited the cemetery the other day. Asked him for his blessing. At first, I felt silly talking to a rock, but I don’t know.”

She brushed it off rather nonchalantly, but Emily was very interested. “I didn’t think you believed in that kind of stuff.”

“I don’t, not really, but I just kinda felt I had to, especially after seeing your mom.” Alison hung her head, clearly a bit uncomfortable. She was never really a religious person, she went to church when she was younger sure, but growing up in a small town like Rosewood you kind of had to; especially if you wanted to keep appearances like Alison’s mother did. After everything she had been through, Alison found it hard to believe in the divine. She found certain aspects comforting, but she was still far from a believer. Emily on the other hand, had been forced into religion since birth. Growing up in a religious family left little room for debate. Granted her devotion has been challenged plenty over the years, particularly in the early days before she came out, secretly struggling with being gay and being devout. Her relationship with religion has been ever changing, but she still believed in something, even if she wasn’t sure what that something was anymore.

“So did he approve?” Emily asked, curious to what her fiancé would say.

“I hope so.” Alison bit her cheek, unsure of her next words, “I didn’t get a ‘sign’ or anything, but I like to think he does.” She searches Emily’s eyes for some kind of assurance.

“You’re probably right. He always liked you.”

Alison smiles brightly, “Now that I find hard to believe.” She was always such a brat back then, she couldn’t imagine Mr. Fields approved of her antics in the slightest, but she appreciated the sentiment.

Emily chuckles softly, “No I swear, he once told me you were like a second daughter to him.”

“Ok now you’re just bullshitting me.” Alison lightly hits her fiancé with a pillow, sparking a short impromptu “pillow fight.”

After a moment of struggle, Emily was able to straddle Alison, pinning her arms above her head, “I swear on my life. He loved you.” Emily sat back, still straddling Alison’s waist, but brought her hands to rest in her lap. “I think he may have known about my feelings for you before he knew I was gay. Like knew there was something special there, but wasn’t exactly sure what that meant.” Alison took Emily’s hands in her own trying to gently prod Emily to look at her. When they finally lock eyes, Alison nodded slightly in understanding before pulling Emily down for a kiss. They get lost in each other for a few minutes, Emily moving to lay on top of Alison for a moment before rolling them over. Alison stops them before they progress any further, still standing by the fact they have to get up at 6am.

“I wonder what my mom would think.” Alison reflects.

Emily shifts her position so she can comfortably look at her fiancé, “I think I can answer that actually.”

This time Alison’s brow furrows, “What?”

“I came to visit her once, after you were announced dead, she knew how I felt about you.” Emily recalled the memory of the day she first talked to Mrs. Dilaurentis after Alison’s funeral.

Alison was very curious to hear about this event, her eyes wide in anticipation. “What did she say?”

“That she wished you could’ve returned those feelings. And that she couldn’t have asked for a better person to love her daughter.” Emily bowed her head at this unable to look Alison in the eyes almost as if in fear of rejection.

“She’s not wrong.” Alison chimed in causing Emily to look at her again, relieved. “I can’t believe you’ve never told me this.” The genuine tone to Alison’s voice made Emily emotional.

“For the longest time, I didn’t think it was something you’d want to know.” The tears began to pool again, she really fought them this time. She felt silly for getting so insecure about her feelings, especially now that they are engaged. What more conformation could she possibly need? But that didn’t stop her from going back to that place of self-doubt she lived in as a kid from time to time. In a lot of ways this whole thing still felt like a dream for Emily. She has to constantly remind herself that this is reality, she is dating Alison Dilaurentis, they have two beautiful baby girls, they live together as a happy family, and Alison is soon to be her wife. So much has changed since they were 14, Emily never would have believed they’d end up here.

Alison breaks Emily’s train of thought placing a tender hand on her arm, “I’m glad you told me.”

The two snuggle close to one another again, thinking it’s finally time to try that sleep thing Alison is so adamant they get. They succeed in being quiet for a few minutes before Emily has to break the silence once again, “We’re engaged.”

Alison laughs, “Yes we are.”

“We’re getting married.”

“Yep.” Alison pops the P in the affirmative.

Emily cranes her neck to look Alison in the eyes, “You sure this isn’t a dream?”

Again, Alison lightly laughs, amused by her fiancé’s disbelief. “Em, I love you so much, I want to be your wife so badly. This is happening,” she playfully nudges her girl, “whether you like it or not.”

Emily laughs as well, “I love you.” She leans in meeting Alison’s lips halfway. Once again, they began to get lost in the moment, but this time Emily pulled away, causing a small frown to appear on Alison’s face.

“When are we going to tell the girls?” Emily eagerly asks, her excitement clearly visible. Alison on the other hand shies away, guilt ridden. Emily notices this and deflates, “They already know, don’t they?”

“Not all of them! Spencer doesn’t know yet.” Alison perks up, trying to get Emily excited again.

“Seriously babe?” Her tone is playful, but there is a small hint of disappointment behind the words.

“I’m sorry,” Alison didn’t realize Emily would be so upset at not being able to surprise her friends with an announcement, “I let it slip to Aria when I was helping her finalize wedding stuff, and Hanna drug it out of me at dinner the other night. She has gotten scary good at knowing when I’m not telling the truth.”

Emily grins, “Since does Alison Dilaurentis suck at lying?”

“Since I promised you I would stop.” Relieved at Emily’s happier demeanor, Alison pokes Emily’s chest in playful accusation. “They only knew I was going to propose, they don’t know you said yes.” Emily shoots Alison a glare that practically screams seriously, ‘like they think I’d say anything else’ They’ve known how in love Emily has been with Alison since they were 14, of course she was going to say yes.

Alison heartily laughs, “I mean they don’t know it happened yet, they still think I’m in the planning phase.”

Emily perks up at this, “Ok, so when should we tell them it’s official?”

“I guess tomorrow, cause that ring will give it away eventually.” Alison reaches across Emily to grab her hand, she admires the ring. “Your grandfather had good taste.”

Emily begins playing with the ring, nervously spinning it around her finger, unable to keep her hands still. “For a minute there, I never thought I’d get it. It’s weird seeing it on my finger.” She alludes to the time after she just came out, before gay marriage was legal. Marriage seemed like an impossible fantasy back then. It amazed her how things have changed. Granted, there was still a long way to go, but its heading in the right direction.

“Your mom wanted you to have it, when I mentioned I was going to go shopping she instantly shut me down.” There was also a time where Emily thought she’d never get the ring because she was afraid her mother would disown her for being gay. Alison being privy to Emily’s feelings on this added, “She’s come a long way.” Alison took Emily’s hand in her own, entwining their fingers. “So have you.”

“We both have.” Emily left it at that. She chose to push past this conversation, one they’ve already had multiple times before, which always ends with both of them a crying mess. “God I love you.”

The biggest love drunk smile graces Alison’s features, an accompanying blush across her face, “I love you.”

“Thank you, for having my child-childern.” Emily corrects.

“Thank you for giving me a family.” Alison responds. All her life all she’s wanted was a family, a support system that truly loved her. She couldn’t have asked for a better person to have that family with. Her mom was right, Emily was the best person for her.

A comfortable silence passes between them. Once again, they tangle themselves together, ready for sleep. After a moment Emily quietly states, “We’re gonna be alright.”

“Together.” Alison affirms.

A/N: Sorry it took so long for me to update this, I have been working a full time and a part time job and have had zero free time. This is the last chapter for this series, as it was meant to follow the tv show and since that’s done so is this. I do plan to write more stuff for Emison in the future so if you liked this story, follow me here and on (jimalim320) for new stuff. No idea when anything new will be out due to my super busy schedule though. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this story. Please leave a comment to let me know what your favorite part was. Hope you all enjoyed these mini extended scenes, I enjoyed writing them for you. Thanks again for all the support!

Fuckboy’s Boy

Summary: Sometimes your first love is not your last, and sometimes life is more complicated that you thought it would be.

Warnings: sexual situations, horrible writing, like what? honestly what?

Ever since you were a child, you were locked up in a tower of your own making. Like Rapunzel, you were an innocent soul in a grown woman’s body. The only type of relationships you were aware of were from the fairy tale books your parents gave you when you were young; as you grew, you learned there was more relationships than the biased ones shown in children’s stories, but it didn’t change the future you saw for yourself. You dreamt of finding that one person; one soulmate/love/human that you could share everything with–that would love you unconditionally and let you do the same. That person, your first love, would be your only love for the rest of your life. For you, you couldn’t fathom falling out of love; you couldn’t fathom the future–the way that people change, disconnect or reconnect. That sort of heartache wouldn’t happen to you; so you stayed up high in your tower, brushing your hair like a child parading in a princess dress.  While you knew the innocence of it all was impractical, it was the one constant in your life that you clung to at all costs.

So you, with your boyfriend of five years, had finally believed that you found your true love–that prince that would pull you from your self-imposed castle exile.

Despite all your claims, hopes, and dreams, none of your expectations could explain why you found yourself pressed against a wall with your hands fished into a shirt that smelt like sweat and rose perfume. You pushed back into his heated, open-mouthed kisses and let his hands dig into your hips like you might disappear if he loosened his grip.

Your boyfriend only ever wore cologne that smelled like spices and would never give you such public displays of affection–never mind how uncontrollably horny he tended to be. And this man, well–he was definitely not Jungkook.

What you did know about the guy tipping his head to your neck to pepper gentle kisses to your collar bone was that his name was Kim Taehyung. Aside from the intoxication of his kiss and the way his grip made you feel less like a princess and more like a pampered queen, the name was all you knew of the man.

As you closed your eyes, you tried to think back to the kisses that Jungkook would give you–but it was hard with the raw energy of the man in front of you. It was as if he’d been waiting a lifetime to kiss you like this, whereas every kiss with Jungkook was either passion or nonexistent. Jungkook favored your neck, your collar bones, and your thighs–his kisses led down to your body with occasional short-lived pecks to your lips and cheeks. Taehyung made you feel worshiped; he made you feel like each and every kiss was purposeful–was more than just passion.

He made you feel loved, and that scared you.

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London Calling – A Taylor/Joe Short Story


She moves her gaze around the room, stopping at each piece of furniture, each item, to examine it. Her vision grazes over the soft beige chair in the far corner, the fringed teal throw resting upon it.  Then the matching couch and loveseat, each bathed with what she believes is an absorbanent amount of teal and brown throw pillows.  

There’s a picture on the wall.  A painting actually.  One she’s never seen before.  The London tower, brushed in beiges, browns and creams to match the prevailing theme in the room.  She imagines that Erica likely found it at an estate sale, recalling her conversation with her assistant four days before where Erica had enthusiastically told her about her newest London adventure.  You wouldn’t believe the stuff I’ve found, she squealed, causing Taylor to smile.

There’s a piano to her left, pictures of her family and friends already sitting atop it. And within the shelves of the wall behind it rest neatly lined books, her books, ones that she asked her mom to box up from her New York City apartment.  And then there are the two fluffy pillow beds, placed against the wall nearest the piano.  Olivia and Meredith, the bright teal stitching reads across the front.

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Dog Tags

For RvB Bingo Wars! Angst Square for the blues

Ao3 Link

The problem with spaceship crashes always becomes clear after the dust has settled. Here’s the thing about falling from the sky and hitting the ground hard enough to fold the ship in on itself, like a burning cigarette ground into an ashtray:

It doesn’t leave much behind in the way of human remains.

Or, Wash finds himself collecting dog tags from the wreckage after the Hand of Merope crashes. Tucker and Caboose step up to help, because that’s what teammates do.

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I wonder if people will ever say, ‘Let’s hear about Frodo and the Ring.’ And they’ll say 'Yes, that’s one of my favorite stories. Frodo was really courageous, wasn’t he, Dad?’ 'Yes, my boy, the most famousest of hobbits. And that’s saying a lot.' 

You’ve left out one of the chief characters - Samwise the Brave. I want to hear more about Sam. Frodo wouldn’t have got far without Sam. 

Not Your Dean

Dean x Reader

Word Count:1.2k

Warnings:ANGST, Demon!Dean

Tags: @supernatural-jackles @jensen-jarpad @jpadjackles @mrsbatesmotel53 @fangirl1802 @pishposha @sandlee44 @impalaimagining @lipstickandwhiskey @27bmm

A/N: everybody needs a lil demon dean in their lives. happy thursday!!

“Sam, I don’t care anymore. I can’t do this - hunt with you, live here, be surrounded by ghosts of him - I’m sorry. I just need time,” you said as you brushed past the towering Winchester you’ve grown to love as a brother the past ten years.

“Y/N, we’ll find him, I can’t do this alone. Please,” Sam begged, brown eyes pulling you in.

“Sam, we won’t find him. Dean Winchester is dead. Whatever is in his body now isn’t Dean, it can’t be,” you insisted as you searched for your purse. Fuck where was it? You really just wanted to get the hell out of here, even if it were only for the night.
“I won’t be gone forever, I’ll be back, I promise Sam.” Finally, you found your purse and slung it over your shoulder. You gave a short wave to Sam as you walked out the door in search of a break from Winchester World.

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Recovered Jonsa Fics #13: Bastard Boy

@qinaliel​ will be especially happy to have this one back!

Another fic repost!

“Come up and see, Sansa.”

He helped her up into the attic of the far Northwest corner tower. This tower, only partially remade, was used for the storage of furniture, hangings, and raw materials. The attic room was wide, encompassing the whole tower, and filled with straw and couple of old mattresses. Two large windows sat opposite each other, the entrance to the room accessed by a trap door and ladder in the middle.

The area was dark and a bit chilled, even in summer, the nights could be a bit nippy up North. Jon sat over the trap door, looking down at the hesitant redhead, a lantern by his side. He grinned as he looked down at her. Despite the chill, Sansa’s plum gown had a very spacious square neckline. Her blue velvet cloak was open enough that from his angle, he could see down her bodice.

He knew it wasn’t honorable, but that wasn’t exactly a sight that was easy to pull his eyes away from. 

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anonymous asked:

Anya/Raven/Luna, H

First, this got ridiculously long (like nearly 4k)… so under the cut or go over to Ao3. I know this one starts out rough but bear with me guys, (spoilers) you know i’d be upfront about anything related to character death and this is not that

It hits like a knife through her chest and Luna’s knees hit the ground. Raven reaches for her but she’s in her own hell.

A fairly routine skirmish on the edge of the coalition borders resulted in heavy losses for both sides. Anya’s warriors had limped back to Polis. The first wave arrived a week later than expected, Anya, nor word of her, nowhere in sight. All anyone could say was that they hadn’t seen her body amongst the dead.

This is the moment that Luna has feared since she was young, the reason that, despite the pull she felt, that she would never let herself be with Anya. The moment Anya is hers and doesn’t come back from battle is the moment she loses everything. This has always been her greatest fear.

Raven is screaming beside her, still standing. Luna looks up at her through blurry tear filled eyes. She is wild and feral like Luna has seen her few times before. She knows whatever the tek did to Raven’s brain has left her with a rage that burns her up if it isn’t soothed.

“You left her out there? You don’t know if she’s alive or…” Raven chokes on the word, even in her anger, she can’t bring herself to say it. “She’s your general, your Heda’s second in command.” She stalks forward ready to grab for the lone warrior making the report to Lexa.

“Raven,” Lexa says cooly.

Raven doesn’t stop. “There are bodies out there that deserve a warrior’s funeral pyre. Anya deserves better than to be left behind, alive or…” She catches up the front of the warrior’s tunic. He almost flinches, but Raven is smaller than him and the brace on her leg makes her slower and weaker, and without her bombs and tek she isn’t much of a threat. It only fuels her rage, and that is what makes him flinch.

“Raven,” Lexa warns.

Raven lets him go with a shove.

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“Your men call Val a princess, but to the free folk she is only the sister of their king’s dead wife. If you force her to marry a man she does not want, she is like to slit his throat on their wedding night.” … They are all convinced she is a princess. Val looked the part and rode as if she had been born on horseback. A warrior princess, he decided, not some willowy creature who sits up in a tower, brushing her hair and waiting for some knight to rescue her. (A Dance with Dragons)

asoiaf meme (minor characters): val the wildling (1/10 characters)

Mighty Nightmare

pairing: thor x reader

summary: pt 2 of nightmare series, you have a nightmare and thor is there for you

warnings: none 

Cool water trickled down your forearms after splashing some on your face, and you could feel the heat rising to your cheeks once again. Nightmares often brought you to this same spot in the bathroom every night, but it was something you were learning to live with as an Avenger. Of course the team had their own support group for nightmare troubles, but you were more of a loner when trying to deal with these things. The terrors you re-lived every night were too much to ever share in a group setting. Since Tony as throwing a party down the block, you were sure you had the floor to yourself.

Until somebody knocked on the bathroom door.

As quick as possible, you ran the washcloth over your face to rid any extra tears that were still stuck to your cheeks. “Come in!” You stood in front of the vanity mirror pretending you were simply brushing your teeth.

Thor’s towering figure entered the large bathroom slowly, and furrowed his brows at you. “Lady y/n, your eyes are quite red, have you been crying?” He now walked over to you, and looked at you in the mirror. Thor was standing so close to you now that he could see you still slightly shaking, and this was the moment you decided to tell him what was really going on.

As you explained in more and more detail, Thor saw you beginning to break down. He slowly wrapped his arms around you in attempt to slow your sobs, and remind you that he was there to help you through it. He placed a kiss on your cheek before he spoke, “You have saved more in battle than I have, and you’ve fought bravely through it all.” Thor triumphantly reminded you, “Lady y/n, you have no suit of armor, unbreakable shield, or scary green muscles! Being you, is enough.” He goofily smiled, awaiting your laugh. Sure enough, you bit your lip as a a laugh bubbled up.

Before you could think of anything to say back to him, Thor picked you up and threw you over his shoulder. You squealed and asked, “Where are you taking me?” At this point you couldn’t even try to push yourself up off his back from being so drained.

“To your room where you shall sleep, and then be well rested enough to beat the Captain in training tomorrow, of course!” Thor bellowed, and lightly kicked your door open. His hands went to the back of your thighs as he laid you down on your plush bed, and the sheets were strewn about from when you had originally woke up from the nightmare. “Lady y/n, I shall stay in here until I am assured that your night terrors will be scared away by myself and Mjolnir.” He smiled proudly, and you sure as hell didn’t have the heart to tell him that Mjolnir couldn’t scare nightmares away.

So you laid on your normal side of the bed, and Thor put his magical hammer down on the right nightstand. His weight shifted the mattress, which made you roll over towards him on accident. (not that it was a problem with you, like at all.) Thor seemed to be waiting, and then you remembered that his favorite thing was indeed, to cuddle. You took it upon yourself to place your head on his chest, and take in his feeling of warmth. Soon enough, you found yourself in a peaceful slumber that even Tony’s little afterparty couldn’t wake you up.

pls. lyanna swept the floor with those knights at harrenhal, y’all want me to believe she let her bad-bitch ass get kidnapped by some two-bit Legolas ripoff bye felicia


“My lady, you do not have to do this. The risk—”

“—is mine, Lord Snow. And I am no southron lady but a woman of the free folk. I know the forest better than all your black-cloaked rangers. It holds no ghosts for me.” ― Jon VIII, A Dance with Dragons.

They are all convinced she is a princess. Val looked the part and rode as if she had been born on horseback. A warrior princess, he decided, not some willowy creature who sits up in a tower, brushing her hair and waiting for some knight to rescue her. ― Jon XI, A Dance with Dragons.

Request: Knight in Shining Armor

Request:  I would like to request an imagine where Mark takes the reader to meet his family at some family gathering thingy. He’s playing with his nieces and nephews, and when they have to go to bed, they want a bedtime story. They want you to tell them a story (the reader writes stories) and the reader tells them the story of when princess markiplier was kidnapped by a dragon and prince jacksepticeye came to the rescue. Weird I know, but yeah … my brain is just weird

AN: Your brain is perfect and I hope you realize how adorable this request is. I had such a fun time writing it and I hope I did it some justice! Thank you for the request and don’t ever doubt yourself. Hope you enjoy it!

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Some recent sketches x paintings. got back to LA, and I feel so good. Missed my home SO much. Going to be hosting the plein-air weekend painting group again soon. If interested, let me know!

sorry for the bad phone quality photos. gonna get my scanner installed soon!

First drawings are studies done from Bryan Lee and a few old masters. Painting locations are: Hollyhocks and Pasadena off leash dog park

they are all convinced she is a princess. val looked the part and rode as if she had been born on horseback. a warrior princess, he decided, not some willowy creature who sits up in a tower, brushing her hair and waiting for some knight to rescue her.    //     annabelle wallis as val

fancasting meme || nineeleven characters’ who aren’t portrayed in the show/movie ( 8 — 11)