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I was helping someone care for their horses by brushing their tails and they all got erections and now I feel like I've masturbated horses and I'm not sure if that's something to be proud of

Happy Gajevy Day! 12/08/16

I would have had this done the day of if I had not had to take care of a mailing mix-up (that…was not actually taken care of in the end will have to try again in the morning >_<;;) but oh well here it is. lol I was in the mood for texture so I went with pastel and charcoal brushes for the colors instead of my usual watercolors.


“What if Warren loved to bury his face into Kurt’s warm chest, his lap, his neck, anywhere he could find, and just bathe in the scent and feeling of his boyfriend holding him so tenderly.

His wings would drop down from the branches, as would Kurt’s tail, occasionally brushing each other and making Kurt giggle at the sensation.”

@angel-is-alive-i-promise‘s HEADCANON MADE ME WEAK
so I had to doodle something for it ;u;

Also to welcome Autumn, my favorite season!!<3
I included a little animation test too. It was my first time animating anything like this, and I enjoyed it a LOT. I hope you do too :D

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Ladybug and Chat from Miraculous Ladybug

Ladybug is an Inigo in dark blue. I used two foam eggs as a base for the pigs tails and brushed the hair on top. I ended up cutting up two clip in extensions to add more fibers to the pig tails.

Chat is a Hansel in yellow blonde. I spiked the wig using Malinda chan’s tutorial and sewed the ears into the cap.

Photo by Tony Julius photography
Costumes by us KnowOne’s Designs

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Dating Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler would include.....

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  • Nervous kisses.
  • Cute little notes left everywhere for you to find.
  • Little Bamfs bringing you gifts.
  • Kurt teleporting out of nowhere to kiss you before teleporting out again.
  • Awkwardly trying to figure out how to hold hands.
  • Cute German nicknames.
  • His tail curling around you on it’s own.
  • Him playing with your hair when he’s bored. Also finding out he’s really good at braiding.
  • Playing pranks with him.
  • Getting in trouble with him.
  • Kurt trying to impress you and failing miserably, but you reward him with a kiss anyways. Mostly because he tried.
  • Him leaving bite marks on you because he forgets about his teeth.
  • Him being really dominate in bed, then getting really embarrassed about it after.
  • Upside down bat kisses.
  • Him always being in contact with you, whether it be holding hands or even just his tail brushing your leg.


🎀Little Rant🎀

Things that you are 100% allowed to do:

  • Wear collars because you like how they look
  • Wear kitty/fox/puppy/whatever else ears because you like how they look
  • Wear kitty/foxy/puppy tails because you like how they look
  • Wear fake piercings because you like how they look
  • Wear wigs because you like how they look
  • Wear cutesy clothes because you like how they look
  • Wear whatever the fuck you want because you like how it looks


I personally wear kitten gear because I have really low self confidence naturally and it makes me feel more secure in my own skin thanks to the little boost of cuteness. My gender dysphoria can make it hard for me to feel good about anything about myself, and my kitten gear helps me through self hatred.

If you see someone in something you find odd…

  • Ask them a RESPECTFUL question about it (Such as: “Where did you get those piercings?” or “Do you have to brush your tail”?)
  • Don’t say anything you wouldn’t say to your mother if she was in the same getup. 
  • Smile at them. Chances are, they’ve gotten enough stupid shit done to them on that day alone that a smile could make their day 3,000,000,000 times better.
  • Don’t. Stare. At. Them. 

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may I ask for Charla and Happy in 4c please?

Me: Oh gosh I have to study, now let’s star… oh Happy and Charle would be so cute with that pose, no, I have t-

I couldn’t help myself…

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Oops I sent the massage by mistake lol. Btw can you do GD with 60 and 62, please? :D

“If you can’t sleep… we could have sex” & “Are you going to talk to me”

I feel like GD requests are a trap…You guys know he is my weakness. 

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Darkened Shadows (Part 2)

Gabe finds himself an unsuspecting father, in the most awkward of situations.

Part 1    Part 3

Based on the work by freedomconvicted

Gabriel was shocked awake by the brushing of fur against his nose and stomach. Groggily, he opened his eyes to bright sunlight, streaming in through the small gap in the curtains. Blinking, the sorcerer peered down at his chest and scowled at the sight of the small wolf child curled up on top of him. The brush like tail slapped him across the cheek, and Jesse’s small backside was pointed directly at his face. Gabriel huffed and placed a hand on top of Jesse’s ear, tugging at the top of it to get the werewolf to wake up. Jesse yawned and opened his eyes, his tail smacking Gabriel’s nose repeatedly as he stretched out his small arms and looked around the room, tiredly confused. Gabriel growled and reached out a hand, tugging on the tail sharply as he dragged it out of his face, swivelling Jesse around to face him on his chest.

Jesse squealed and dug dull tiny claws into Gabriel’s chest as he was forcefully spun around. The small werewolf huffed and pouted, sitting up, rubbing the bottom of his back as he sat up on Gabriel’s stomach. The sorcerer scowled and rolled his eyes as the boy scowled and muttered.

“That’s what you get for beating my face with your tail, pup.” Gabriel grabbed Jesse under his arms and sniffed before wrinkling his nose. “And you need a bath before you even think about running around on my carpets.” Gabriel sat up, still holding the stinking child before him as he stood up by the bed side. Jesse howled with distaste at the thought of a bath and wriggled furiously.

“I don’t need no bath! I ain’t a stinker!” He pressed his small feet against Gabriel’s chest and thumped at it uselessly, fruitlessly trying to escape from the sorcerer’s firm grip.

“If you don’t stop wriggling you can forget about having any meat for breakfast kid!” Gabriel grunted as a particularly hard kick thumped him in the neck, his eyes flaring to life with power, but smirked when Jesse looked up with wide, wet eyes, like a helpless puppy.

The werewolf pup hung limply after that, and allowed Gabriel to carry him to the bathroom. The Latino was quick to shut the door behind him and watched the wolf carefully as he placed him down and turned on the hot tap, waiting for it to warm up before placing the plug in and waiting for the water to fill the tub. Jesse placed his hands on the side of the tub and watched as the water rose against the white ceramic. Gabriel stood up and reached into the cabinet for soap and shampoo, placing them on the toilet seat. He quickly tested the water and turned off the hot tap, replacing it with the cold to make the water a more agreeable temperature and less like molten lava. Jesse watched as Gabriel turned off the taps and scowled when the sorcerer turned to him with a frown.

“Come on. Get in and I’ll help you. I doubt you’ve had a bath in weeks by the smell of you.” He tugged on Jesse’s large shirt and pulled it over the boys head with a small amount of resistance.

“We’ve been runnin’ for weeks, there wasn’t much time to bathe, ma’ said it was too dangerous.” Jesse eyed the water and placed his hands on the side again before heaving himself up and onto the side, sitting on it as he cautiously dipped his feet into the warm water. Gabriel felt his heart clench at the pain in the boy’s voice and smiled softly before poking Jesse.

“Get in, don’t worry, no ones gonna attack you here kid.” Gabriel took him under the arms again and heaved Jesse into the water, “See? Its not that bad, is it?” Jesse spluttered as the water splashed against his grimy face and smacked the water with a scowl.

Gabriel chuckled and reached for the shampoo, quickly squirting a small amount onto his palm before placing the bottle aside and looking at Jesse. Jesse scowled and squirmed in the water towards the other end of the tub. Sighing, Gabriel quickly placed his hand on top of Jesse’s hair and used his other to hold the wriggling werewolf in place as he lathered up the dirty mop of chestnut coloured hair.

“Hold still or you’ll get soap in your eyes.” Jesse held still as Gabriel released him and worked his other hand into the mess of brown hair, carefully massaging the sensitive ears on top of Jesse’s head with the shampoo as well. Jesse hummed at the gentle kneading, but was shocked when Gabriel poured a jug full of water on top of his head. Spluttering, he gasped, but clamped his mouth shut as another was dropped on his hair and ears, the taste of soapy water already in his mouth. Gabriel tapped Jesse on the nose, and the werewolf opened one eye with a grumble.

“Stand up, I need to wash your tail.” Jesse wiped his eyes and muttered, standing up and spinning around to allow Gabriel to lather up more shampoo into the fur of his tail. It didn’t take Gabriel long to scrub out all of the muck and, satisfied, he placed the conditioner in the fur and waited, combing through the fur and Jesse’s hair on top of his head, before washing it out. Finally, he took out a sponge and the soap and gave it to the boy in order for him to wash himself as Gabriel placed away the shampoo and conditioner. Jesse was quickly clean, and the water in the bath a murky brown colour. Gabriel placed the fluffy black towel around the werewolf and tugged the plug out, allowing the water to drain. He eyed Jesse and hummed to himself. It would be difficult to find something for the kid to wear, and he wasn’t sure exactly what he had.

Gabriel dried Jesse off in his bedroom and wrapped him up in his fleece dressing gown as he went searching in the attic for something for the kid to wear. He was sure he had some old kid clothes from his childhood up there, courtesy of his mother’s obsessive hoarding. He thanked her to heaven and back when he pulled out a pair of jeans, underwear and old t-shirt with a print of a wolf on the front. They were in the box marked ‘Gabi, Age 7-10’ so he hoped they would be a big enough fit for Jesse. As he climbed the ladder back down to the floor that doubled as his living space, Gabriel flinched as he heard the sharp hiss of a bird and a yell that had definitely come from Jesse. Gabriel opened the door to his study and scowled at Jesse who was looking up at the top left corner of the room.

A large black barn owl was perched up in the corner, the feathers of it’s chest, neck and wings fluffed up in anger.

“Hey! I only wanted to pet you! Get down here!” Jesse hollerred and waddled closer to the corner with a curious expression, his tongue stuck out from between his lips. The owl hissed furiously again and clacked its beak as Jesse’s fingers danced close to it’s feathers.

“Get down, Jesse.” Gabriel whistled softly and the owl calmed itself, its feathers lowering as it stopped hissing. Its white face turned to look at Gabriel, its eyes glowing bright red in the shadows of the room. Jesse’s ears drooped as Gabriel fixed him with a sharp look.

“And just who said you could go wandering off, young man?” Gabriel placed his hands on his hips and shook his head, “Never mind, but leave Kotori be. He likes to eat little kids fingers.” Jesse clutched his hands and backed away from the owl with a frightful look in his eyes. Gabriel chuckled and ushered the wolf out of the room, shutting the bird in.

He managed to wrestle Jesse into the clothes after a period of time spent trying to catch the naked rampaging child. Jesse complained briefly about the image of a wolf on his clothes, but soon stopped when Gabriel threatened to put him in his old band uniform.

“Here. Put this on to hide the ears, the tail will just have to go in the jeans for now.” Gabriel handed Jesse an old sheriff hat that he’d worn to dress up with as a kid. Jesse’s bright eyed gaze was mystifying as he placed the hat on and grinned brightly making finger guns at Gabriel as he did.

After dressing, and only after that, did Gabriel make breakfast for himself, and the werewolf child. Jesse demanded pancakes and bacon for breakfast, and drowned the entire plate in maple syrup before shovelling a whole fluffy pancake into his mouth. The sorcerer scowled and gave the wolf a sharp look from across the table, his own plate of bacon, beans, toast and other foods laid out before him. Jesse halted eating, the pancake dangling on his fork about an inch away from his mouth. Deliberately slow, he lowered the  pancake back down onto the plate and took his knife, cutting appropriately sized chunks out of the food to place into his mouth. Gabriel nodded his approval at the alteration and chewed his own food, clicking open his phone to look at his messages- of which there were none, but he pretended to read some anyway.

Jesse quickly finished his food, going to wipe the syrup away with his sleeve, but stopped himself, taking hold of a tissue to wipe it instead. Placing his fork and knife on top of the plate, Jesse smiled toothily and pushed his plate towards the centre of the table before humming and looking at Gabriel out of the side of his eye.

“So…Is Kotori your pet? ‘Cause I ain’t even seen anyone with a bird of prey as a pet!” Jesse leant up on his knees on his chair, his eyes wide with curiosity, his head tipped to the side, his ears flicking and rotating on top of his mop of brown hair.

“He’s not a pet, kid. He’s a familiar. All wizards are given one when you’re deemed magically stable enough. So don’t go annoying him, he bites…” He gave Jesse a pointed look, “Hard.” Jesse smiled at Gabriel’s cool expression and grinned a big toothy grin, patting his hands on the table in front of him.

“So are we going to get me some clothes pops? Or are you gonna hide me away all day?”  The cheeky smile Jesse gave almost made Gabriel want to smack the boy upside the head, but the use of the word 'pops’ made him stop and his heart soften.

Gabriel huffed and cleared the plates off of the table, “Sure kiddo. We’ll go get you some clothes.”

The Hummer revved to life easily when Gabriel teleported both himself and Jesse out to the graveyard in order to pick it up. Gabriel was just happy to have it in one piece, and he thanked the trees around him for hiding it from the view of the mob hunting the werewolves yesterday. Jesse looked at the big car uncertainly and shuffled away from the door when the car roared to life. The werewolf’s eyes were wide with fright and Gabriel got out of the drivers seat, opening the passenger door before picking Jesse up under his arms and placing him in the passenger seat, fastening the belt around him before shutting the door and getting back behind the wheel. Jesse gripped the belt in his hands tightly, looking over the bonnet of the car with worry.

“Never been in a car before, kid?” Gabriel raised his eyebrows as he fastened his own belt before moving the car into gear. Jesse shook his head, his shaggy hair sweeping around his head. “Well then, you’re in for a treat.” Gabriel grinned and floored the gas, laughing manically as Jesse squealed at the speed. He did however, slow down with the threat of cameras and the lurking police cars parked, itching to catch him.

They made it to the stores in one piece, though it was safe to say that Jesse was a little car sick from the journey. But, what Gabriel didn’t expect to find when he stepped through the first door to the clothes shop, was to see the blond haired, farm boy Sheriff strolling towards them, laughing at something the store owner had just said to him. Gabriel tensed and cursed, tugging on Jesse’s hand as he backed out of the store with a grimace.

“Where are we going? I thought this was the right store?” Jesse stood still in his tracks and pouted tugging on Gabriel’s hand as the sorcerer tried to back away. Gabriel opened his mouth but was cut off by Jack finally noticing the two of them.

“Gabe? What’re you doing here?…” His blue eyes widened at the sight of the small child clutching Gabriel’s hand, a cowboy hat on top of his head.

Gabriel cringed and turned to face the blond haired officer, “Hey, Jack. Just out…shopping?” He cursed in his head, as the statement sounded more like a question. Gabriel scratched at the back of his neck, flushed, and tutted at Jesse as he tugged his hand whining 'Lets go.’

Jack nodded and smiled down at Jesse waving at the shaggy haired, mess of a child, “Are you having fun out shopping with your…”

Jesse stared at Jack long and hard before grinning, “My pa’! Yeah Mister I am!”. Gabriel spluttered and choked on his own spit as he tried to come up with some sort of excuse.

“Hey kid I ain’t-”

“Gabe…since when did you have a kid?” Jack smiled and raised an eyebrow before bobbing down to Jesse’s height and offering a hi-five. “Hey little man, I’m Officer Morrison, but you can call me Jack if you want?” Jesse frowned at the offered hand and instead stuck his hand out to shake.

“Nice t’ meet ya’ mister. The names Jesse McCree.” Jesse tipped the ruddy hat on top of his head and smiled brightly. Jack burst into laughter and shook Jesse’s hand before standing back up.

Gabriel was still bright with embarrassment and tapped Jesse on the brim of his hat, “Just go and find a basket for me would you, kid?” Jesse nodded and ran off to find one, and Gabriel turned back to Jack. The blond looked at Jesse with a soft smile as he ran off and chuckled.

“So then, when were you going to tell me you had a kid. Does he just visit you or is this something I need to be seriously worried about?” The blond crossed his arms with a worried expression creasing his forehead.

“Look, Jack, its- its just…” Gabriel groaned and held his forehead for a moment, thinking on the best way to word it, “His mother, left him with me. I’ve just really learnt about him existing,” The lies tasted bitter on his tongue, but he rolled with it, it was too late to tell Jack that the kid was really a man eating werewolf, or at least too early, for now, “She rolled in yesterday, said something about moving away to Europe with this big shot and left him with me. I don’t really know too much about him, didn’t get to see him very often but-” He sighed, trying to play the part, and Jack nodded sympathetically, looking at the ground, his eyes flickering left to right as he mulled the information over.

“No, its fine, I mean,” Jack flushed bright pink and smiled crookedly, “Its not like we’re together or anything, I just thought since I’d known you so long, that maybe you would’ve told me. I guess we all have our secrets though.” He nodded to himself but switched the smile back on when Jesse came running back over, his small sneakers squeaking against the vinyl flooring.

“Did ya’ get it little buddy?” Jack smiled and placed a hand on his hip indicating to the basket.

Jesse held up the basket proudly, “Sure did Mister Jack!” He turned to Gabriel grabbing hold of his hand with his small warm one, “Come on pa’ lets go! I need some clothes.” Jesse grinned at the contents of the shop and Gabriel nodded, his heart breaking a little inside. As he walked away from Jack, basket in hand, he couldn’t help but feel sad, even though it had all been a lie, and wondered if he really did need to open up more.

Buying Jesse clothes was a fairly easy task, the kid was more than willing to show off in the new clothes to Gabriel at every opportunity. Gabriel had spent more than he normally would in a month of his own bills, food and supplies for magic in that small shopping trip, and he almost wept at the sight of his bank account once they finished. The kid had cost him far more than he was willing to spend, but those big puppy eyes got him each and every time. So, not only did Jesse end up with a wardrobe of clothes for all occasions, but he also ended up with a variety of toys too, his favourite being a toy revolver he named 'Peacekeeper’ and fired off in the car, laughing at the noise it made each and every time. Gabriel only gripped the steering wheel tighter and tighter, praying for them to get home so he could feed the monster and put him to sleep for the night. When he did though, and watched the werewolf pup sleep, the cowboy hat crookedly sat on top of his mess of hair and the toy gun and horse in his grasp, Gabriel felt his heart throb with a strange feeling of pride. Somehow, this kid had already found his way into his heart, and the sorcerer found that try as he might, he was more than okay with it.

A few months later, and Gabriel had settled into an easy routine. Jesse had started in school after a few months of Gabriel teaching him the basic concepts. He was thankful that the werewolf’s parents had done that hard parts of reading and writing, but mathematics was a concept Jesse struggled to comprehend. The help of magical potions hid the fact he was a werewolf from unaware eyes, allowing the werewolf to go to school, but that didn’t make his maths scores any better. The werewolf had come home more than a few times, a maths test in hand, his score a fail, sobbing, fat salty tears running down his face. Gabriel had chewed out just as many teachers, assistants and other members of staff in order to deal with the issue, and had spent countless hours doing homework and mock tests with Jesse. Gabriel had gotten so concerned, he’d even gotten a tutor for Jesse. Winston, a shifter who came to Gabriel for potions and concoctions to suppress his animal form, was a year or two away from graduation and easily helped out Jesse with all of his homework, science and mathematics, and even helped out with the other subject work Jesse got. It didn’t take him long to catch up and pass the year with flying colours. The report cards came in and Gabriel had never been more proud in his life, tears pouring down his cheeks, making proud noises when Jack came over for dinner to celebrate Jesse doing so well. The first year had been a success, and Gabriel was more than not prepared for the crucial moment in the werewolf’s life.

Jesse had just celebrated his eighth birthday when his first transformation took place. Gabriel had kept him at home for a couple of days, thinking Jesse was coming down with the flu. His temperature was through the roof and the migraines had maybe indicated as such. But, on the night of the full moon, Gabriel woke up at midnight, when the moon was high in the sky, to the sound of howling and thrashing noises from Jesse’s room. The sorcerer was upright instantly, summoning the red and black magic into the palms of his hands as he stepped out into the open area and towards Jesse’s room. Kotori hissed from his place up in the support beams and flapped his black wings as Gabriel inched open the door to Jesse’s room, praying the wolves hadn’t come back to claim the surviving member of their pack.

Pulsing with power, Gabriel edged into the room, eyes glowing red, rimmed with black, and held his breath, listening, opening his third eye to see and feel for magical power. In the corner. He snapped his head sidewards and fired a warning shot. The creature was sent scampering out of the room and into the open plan area of the living space. Gabriel followed, sending a small blast of energy out again. The creature whined and took shelter behind a few pumpkins which were laid out in preparation for Halloween. Gabriel stalked closer and tutted, raising a hand. He stopped when he caught sight of the shivering wolf pup behind the large pumpkins. More fluff than actual body it was no older than six months and no where near mature enough to call an actual wolf. An adolescent wolf maybe. Gabriel scowled and sighed looking at the hat flopping over its eyes. He hadn’t known that Jesse would shift this young.

Slowly, the pulsating magical power drained away and Gabriel switched on the light in the room, tapping his foot, waiting for Jesse to crawl out from behind the fruits. The wolf did, eventually, and shook lightly before bounding over and jumping at Gabriel, tongue lolling out of his maw, teeth already very sharp.

“Come on Jesse. Get down.” Jesse complied and barked loudly, his tail thumping against the carpet. Gabriel glanced back over at the pumpkins and scowled, noticing the wet patch on the ground behind the orange ovals. Gabriel felt his eye twitch and he took a deep breath, trying to suppress the anger boiling inside of himself. “Jesse…Did you pee on my carpet?” The werewolf’s ears dipped low and Jesse whimpered before bolting for his room.


It was safe to say that whenever the full moon was near, Gabriel stayed up all night, if only to prevent the wolf, which was not house trained, from peeing on his expensive carpets.

1. you see her car pull in your driveway. roll back your shoulders. tuck your hair behind your ear. take a deep breath. smile. prepare for war.
2. you go to the beach and she tries in vain to teach you how to skip rocks. you sit in the sand and talk for an hour about how great it would be to be mermaids. you imagine yourself in a house made of stone with her, tails brushing against the ocean floor. she tells you about how great it would be to lure men to their deaths, a wicked laugh on her tongue, and just for a moment, you hope. you wonder if anyone else could talk with her this way. you wonder if he could talk with her this way.
3. she tells you about him every day now. how he talks, the way he laughs, neck exposed, a long line of taut muscle you will never have. let her talk. nod in all the right places. she says she’s going to find you a boy for junior prom. tell her that’s really not going to be a problem. she laughs and rolls her eyes. you wish you could bottle that moment and keep it in a locked drawer where no boy or man could ever find it.
4. be glad you have time on the bus ride home to be by yourself. avoid her snapchats when you get home. turn the damn phone off. throw it across the room. you will go to hug your pillow but it smells like her shampoo. throw that too. hate every ounce of your life that is saturated with her.
5. she holds his hand every day now. it used to only be when they were at the movies, dark places where only the monsters could see. but he takes her out in the light now. their linked fingers look like a leash to you. swallow your vomit and turn down the wrong corridor to make sure you don’t look her in the eye. never tell her you did so.
6. she doesn’t come around as much anymore. the pillow on the left side of your bed has stopped smelling like her shampoo. you wonder which hurts more, being around her or being without her. you don’t have to lie as much this way. only to the mirror. only to your hands.
7. when she invites you to the mall with her, go. it’s the only time you’ve had with only her in weeks. when she invites you in the dressing room to see if a dress looks good on her, go. it will hurt. it will sting. seeing her beautiful body that you have no right to touch will set your hands on fire. do it anyway. get used to the feeling of not being able to get what you want. smother the flames with the dress she pools to the floor, not worried about being in her underwear around you. breathe. let your lungs fill up with smoke.
8. when you come home alone, knowing she’s with him, turn the lights off in your bedroom. the monsters will stare. stare back. they don’t need to say a word; you already say it all to yourself every time you think about her.
9. maybe it’s time to leave her, you think. maybe it’s time to stop all this dying I do.
10. maybe it is. but who will you be without her?
—  how to pretend to be straight for her, vol. 3, by windy sharpe