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@loveaoka requested one with an angel Kagami and devil Aomine! This had the potential to become insanely long and I really didn’t want to go into “multi chapter” alley (at least not right now), so this happened. XD

Also how good is Adam Lambert’s latest album?! Yeah I know it was out months ago but still!! I’m hooked~ hopefully one day I can hear him live~~ *swoons*

Dark grey eyes stared down at Kagami, arms folded over a silken white robe and feet brushing the marble floor lightly as twin silver wings held the figure upright. “Your friend is causing mischief down on Earth, Taiga. Fix it.”

Kagami grumbled. “Why do I have to-”

“Because he seems to only listen to you,” the archangel narrowed his eyes. Himuro Tatsuya did not take kindly to his dear angels mingling with the underworld filth. It would only lead to severe consequences, and their segregation was necessary. “You’ll go down there, and tell him to stop. And then you will say goodbye and never see him again.”

Kagami’s eyes widened. “But-”

“At least I’m giving you that much,” Himuro said softly, waving his hand, and the last thing Kagami saw before landing on Earth was Himuro’s tense expression.


Aomine whistled happily, peering down from the roof he was on while rolling up his sleeves. A bucket of water sat next to him and he picked it up slowly. “Three…two…one…huzzah!” he saw the girl walk out of the building and tilted the bucket to see the water slosh out and fall down spectacularly…only to stop in mid-air. To his shock, it flew straight back up and hit him right in the face. He spluttered, stumbling back and blinking his vision clear to see a silhouette floating above him, the sun its backlight.

Fiery red eyes glared down at him, forked eyebrows scrunched in displeasure. Tanned feet touched the ground as the large golden wings folded behind the figure. White silky material fell over his shoulders and clinched loosely at his waist by a golden rope. The dress brushing his knees and teasingly revealing small snippets of his skin as he moved towards Aomine. He threw out his hand and muttered something under his breath.

Aomine felt his human disguise shatter, as the clothes he was wearing morphed into tight black pants. Dark tattoos swirled on his neck, back and arms and a black tail flicked the water off in annoyance. His pointed ears twitched and his sharp canines peaked from his teeth in a sly grin.

“Hey there, Kagami. Doesn’t it get a little airy in that dress of yours?” he smirked, peering under Kagami’s clothing.

Kagami slapped his hand away, his cheeks red. “Aomine, you asshole!”

Aomine ran a hand through his hair. “Not like I haven’t seen it before.”

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White Light is one of Pollock’s last paintings and the only one he completed in 1954. He made it in part by squeezing paint directly from a tube onto the canvas evident in the sculptural white and black tendrils of paint that constitute the top layers. He also used a brush, creating subtle marbling effects by manipulating wet paint in certain areas. Though Pollock was tormented by an artistic block he would never overcome, White Light sparkles, and one reviewer described it as having “a blazing, acrid and dangerous glamor of a legendary kind.”

White Light + (detail), Jackson Pollock, 1954