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so guess who’s trying to take down notes for economics even though we aren’t doing that till next year!!! this idiot, that’s who. this week we’re starting to move into our new house (which is right behind our old one,,, what) and my mom got me a super cute hoodie and a huge roll of marble contact paper!!!

ft. ukelele bc i’m trying to learn an instrument for credit and ?!?!?!???!?!?! 8 hrs later and i can play all we know by chainsmokers so 

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Where can I find cute makeup storage? Like on the vanity? Something more unique/not ikea.

Hello, xo

You could get creative and use items that are normally for desk organization or bathroom organization! You could use marble toothbrush holders or small vases for brushes, marble or gold trays for display. 

Stores like Anthropologie have really classy and feminine home decor items for all your beauty stuff! Check out their gold and marble collection here.

Items like this Target Nate Berkus Letter Holder can be used for makeup palettes and the Nate Berkus Pencil Holder can be used for brushes or eyeliners/mascara. 

Also from Target, a white and gold desktop storage unit that could display products.

A cool idea could be makeup palettes stacked together/held together by cute book ends! These marble ones are from CB2.

You could display makeup on serving trays! The rose gold one below is from Target and you could find marble trays for cheap at places like HomeGoods or Target like this one here.

Innocence Lost // NSFW

Being an attendant of Freyja was a tiring job; She was demanding of entertainment, of luxuries. You weren’t complaining though, there were perks. Specifically the dark haired god that you sometimes glimpsed walking through the halls of the main palace.
Today, you had come face to face with him outside of Freyja’s quarters when he came to request a meeting with her. His green eyes had lit up when you stepped out, the smirk that spread across your face hit your core, you couldnt help the heat building in your cheeks. Those mischevious green eyes followed your blushing figure as you walked down the corridor.
That had been hours ago, now you were in the palace gardens, picking fresh flowers for Her Highness’s room. You reached for the peach colored flower with more petals than a peonie, but as you leaned over for it, a voice spoke behind you.
“(Y/N).” You spun around, clutching the flower to your chest. 

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could you do some Head canons of Near after Mello and Matt dying in the Kira case pretty pretty please?

- Near doesn’t do anything. He gets on with the case, what else is there to do? There’s no competition spurring him on any more, instead just a need to take Kira’s face, kick his teeth in and smear his face into the mud, Taint his name so badly no one will dare think of him in reverence again 

- Near never goes back to Wammy’s again. He asks Roger to arrange the funeral for the kids who knew both Matt and Mello back there, but does not attend himself. 

- He visits their graves a few days later early in the morning, fingers brushing the cool marble headstones. “You fucking idiots.” He says, more to himself than anyone else, not that there’s anyone around to hear him. Restor stayed in the car and the sun is barely up, the graveyard empty of people and yet Near keeps his voice quiet, snorting out a small laugh. “Thanks for the hard work.”

- Near hanging onto Mello’s rosary, keeping it around his neck, tucked away behind his white shirt. Matt’s goggles stay in his pocket for luck, Matt always managed to get out of so many sticky situations because of them it seemed fitting.