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i really thought today was gonna suck but this whole m*et thing just made it better


Droid #342

Droid Flyer - Minke Class.

Little whale inspired droid flyer today. Bought myself a few Letraset Promarkers yesterday so wanted to try them out - verdict: not a patch on Copics. Nowhere near as good saturation.

Once Ridley got back, down the hidden elevator into Bot City, he blew through the place. Down the tunnels and steps, brushing by the other bots looking near frantic.

Right to his room.

The motherboard was still in his pocket, it went into a bag he knocked over his stand pulling out. In went the smokes, and spare clothes, and his ‘special’ bar of soap. Last that went in was Spencer, the stuffed lamb.

Word spread quickly, or bots wanting in to the inner circle did. And Roy appeared in his door.

Ridley knew the patient 'worried’ smile he’d see before he turned, and he didn’t. As much as he tried he to sound normal, his face was red and wet, his movements frantic and hair whipped to a mess from running.

“Theres…Theres been a situation. It’s under control. It will effect Tylers..plans. He’ll need to know.” He’d told him of course, Tyler was planning a massive assault on the city. Something big, with bombs. Ridley would need to get all the information, and spur him on. It was better than 'i joined a soap making business’.

The state you’re in, Ridley. You should rest first.” Calming. Caring. Manipulative. “Whats happened?”

For the first time, Ridley felt a swell of anger towards his mentor. He wasn’t suppose to mention Joey. It was the only point of contention they’d ever had. Roy didn’t want him consorting with a human, one that worked for the company no less. Ridley knew nobody in Bot City was qualified to work on a Six. Roy had decided he’d need someone to fix him, if he would be able to keep sending him out on the dangerous missions for him.

He let Ridley think he’d won that one, but he wasn’t to mention Joey, and if he ran into trouble with him, when he inevitably betrayed him, he would have to deal with it on his own.

Ridley stuffed a shirt into his bag with force, and finally met his eyes.

Joey got taken. For helping us.” It was supposed to sound venomous, and while that was there, his voice still broke.

“I have to go.” He said quickly, his eyes back to the floor. His one moment of pure defiance had passed and he’d cut Roy off before he could say more and brushed by him with his bag.

He half flew to the desert exit. Terrified the whole time to look back and see Roy following. But he got there without issue, glaring a few times at UHAULs that looked like they might want to stop him.

The first Joy car he saw he flagged down, and threw in a pack of smokes to get a ride to Project Mayhem. He wasn’t sure his legs would take him the whole way. The Joys in the car rode in awkward silence.

He got out without a further word, slamming the door shut and gliding to the front of the building to bang on the door.

Angelface answered.

“Wheres Tyler.” He nearly spat.

And god help him, the face framed with freakish eyebrows took on a defiant look. Ridley couldn’t order him around. An outsider. Not without Tyler there.

Is he expecting you?” Ridley know the tone well. The fake bravado, the put-on air of importance.

Ridley grabbed his collar, and with every bit of Six strength he had, he punched him in the face. Several things broke, and Angelface went down in an unconscious bleeding heap.

Ridley stepped over him.

“I’ll find him myself.”

anonymous asked:

Request for Peference #156: Over-Protective for ASHTON!!! please thanks if you do:)

Keshika wrote Luke/4 for this :-)



There’s not much Ash needed to be protective about when it comes to your relationship, but he hated it when other guys he didn’t know were around you. You’d be talking to someone backstage at one of his shows, having a bit of a laugh whist Ash was in sound check, and as soon as he finished and saw you two together, he’d try to play it cool, but he’d be straight next to you with his arm wrapped around your waist, making it known you were his. You’d try and brush him off, bot being so into the conversation and trying to signal to Ashton to stop being so protective, but his grip would just get tighter and he’d try and engage in the conversation too, even though he had no idea what was going on. When you and Ash walked away, he’d be asking you questions about who he was and what you were talking about, trying to brush off any signs of him being jealous. You’d mimick him, and tell him that it’s cute he’s being all jealous, but he’d make a point of stating that he’s protecting what is his. You’d laugh, but Ashton had no signs of humour on your face, and oh my God he’d probably whisper something like “you’re going to realise who’s you are tonight” before walking away, leaving you to linger in what the fuck just happened.

- sarah x


Circuit Bender Workshop | Sunday, January 6, 12:00-2:00pm

Where: Children’s Creativity Museum 221 Fourth St. 
San Francisco, CA 94103 
(415) 820-3320

Interested in robotics? Join the DIY team for this Brushbots Workshop. Learn to convert old household items into your very own robot. These mini-robots are easy to build, customizable, and fun to race! All materials will be provided, and the workshop is free with paid general admission. See you there!