brush and ink on paper

When I was at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts for a class recently, these were floating around - of course I had to grab one! Initially I thought it was a photocopy (although the paper was awfully nice to be a photocopy), but when I was applying some Mijello Blue watercolor to it last night, I realized it was definitely letterpress printed. (No impression from the type on the back, but it was definitely printed with rubberized ink.)

I applied the watercolor with a mop brush and when the paper was wet, I started using a crumpled paper towel to both blot up excess water and leave some nice marks.

Of course I saved the paper towel. Of course it will be coming to an art journal page near you soonishly! :)

Vincent van Gogh
Giant Peacock Moth
Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, May 1889 )
chalk, pen and brush and ink, on paper, 16.3 cm x 24.2 cm
Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam (Vincent van Gogh Foundation)

Vincent van Gogh found this large emperor moth in the garden of the clinic at Saint-Rémy. He believed it to be a death’s head moth, ‘its coloration astonishingly distinguished: black, grey, white, shaded, and with glints of carmine or vaguely tending towards olive green; it’s very big’.

He drew the moth with black chalk, paying considerable attention to the details. He applied the tone of the wings by carefully rubbing the chalk away. Van Gogh used a fine pen and brown ink to fill in the legs and antennae, added a few little lines to the wings and drew an extra outline around them. He accentuated the dark parts of the moth by thickly applying brown ink. He used the same ink with a pen and brush to draw a frame around the image.

There was a particular reason Van Gogh drew the emperor moth rather than painting it, as he wrote to Theo: ‘To paint it I would have had to kill it, and that would have been a shame since the animal was so beautiful’. He did, however, paint another version later, basing himself on this drawing, which is how the splashes of oil paint got onto the paper.

I found myself thinking about red hair & painted a few favourite fictional red-haired heroines during breaks. Here’s Anne of Green Gables, because where better to start? <3

Inktober day 05// Raven&Magnolias
I wasn’t feeling too well today, I was about to give up and go to bed! I’m glad I didn’t because hatching and painting a ton of transparent ink layers was actually kind of therapeutic haha. I was going for a more graphic style this time, with the creepy eye and gold pendulum.
✨all inktober drawings will be for sale and also printed in a zine at the end of the month✨
materials: kuretake menso brush, speedball 512 nib, daler rowney lack ink, finetec gold watercolor, fabriano watercolor paper
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