brush and ink on paper


Super mad at myself for filming the wrong way but squatchagonnado? Here is a little dragon before bed. Ink with brush on paper. #missmonster #missmonstermel #dragon #ink

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Art challenge thursday- draw a witchsona based on a mushroom!! Mine was the Shaggy Ink Cap.

Here’s mine– the Ink Witch. 

Her broom is a giant brush that drips in the air after she flies. She uses her ink powers to draw magic circles in the air and carries around ink vials and various brushes/pens but rarely has any paper. I like her a lot and am probably going to make her into an RP character (??)

Check out the squad @caromellarts @0-chikao-0 @crimson-chains @sheilkuroi and @silent-songs for their versions! 

Leonardo at MoMA

Last week, an 8 ⅜ × 6 ¼ inch drawing quietly went up in our fifth floor galleries and made history—for the first time, a work by Leonardo da Vinci is on view at the Museum of Modern Art. Of course, there are questions: Why here? Why now? Is Leonardo da Vinci modern?

Artist David Hammons selected the brush and ink drapery study to be placed on display with just one #MoMACollection work of his choosing. What do you think he chose? If you were given the keys to our galleries, what work or artist would you pair with Leonardo da Vinci?

Image Credit: Leonardo da Vinci. “The drapery of a kneeling figure.” c. 1491–94. Brush and black ink with white heightening on pale blue prepared paper. The Royal Collection/HM Queen Elizabeth II. Photo: Royal Collection Trust/© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2017] #ArtistsChoice