The Ghost Prince Next Door

Summary: She never knew he was a ghost. She only knew that he’s some son of a leader of some kingdom far south having a vacation next door. But why is it that he’s somewhat… familiar?


What do you think about it being a BruPhil story? Hmmmm…..

[Philippirates] 30 Day OTP Challenge Day 4: On a Date

((This is set in like more than a hundred years later in the future because there would be a part 2 for this in the following days.))

“Indonesia please explain to us again about why we are doing this?” Malaysia asked Indonesia exasperatedly as she, Singapore, Indonesia and Timor sat at a cafe wearing trench coats, fedora hats and sunglasses.

“Ooh, we’re just spying on Brunei and Philippines’ little ‘date.’” Indonesia replied with a small giggle

“Aren’t they just going out for a friendly business lunch?” said Singapore “I thought that they’re only talking because of some agreements between their governments-ow!”

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BruPhil/PhilBru Tracklist by Eu

1. Huling Sayaw by Kamikazee*

2. You Found Me by The Fray

3. Breakeven by The Script

4. A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

5. Pangarap Lang Kita by Parokya ni Edgar**

6. I Dare You to Move by Switchfoot

7. Meteor Shower by Owl City

8. Prinsesa by 6Cyclemind***

Title Translation: 

* - Last Dance

** - You’re Just My Dream

*** - Princess

Eu regrets nothing despite possible bad taste of songs kthxbai

Okay so um them songs have been giving me them feelings and so this is the result.

P.S. I’ll try to make one for other ships too. |D

[Philippirates] 30 Day OTP Challenge Day 6: Wearing Each Other's Clothes

“That’s the wrong way to wear it, Brunei.” Philippines said, fixing the decorations of the fan before proceeding to adjust the sash

Brunei nodded reluctantly. He never felt so… embarrassed? Well, let’s just say that he never did something like this before. Damn you America. Making everyone switch national costumes. He pity the other male countries whose randomly chosen country to be switched are one of the female nations. And he’s one of those poor male countries.

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I've been thinking...

That shipping war thing ‘between USPH and BruPhil’ is starting to get to my nerves… hmm… I’ll just…. I’ll just pretend as if I never reacted to it or as if it never happened, yeah?

If I ever post something related to it, I’m just posting it because of the comments.

Oh and here’s my advice for you if you’re ever about to get involved in a shipping war:

Just some comparisons between Philippines and Brunei's culture..

Correct me if there are wrong stuff….this is just based from internet readings..

  • When Brunei offers you food, you’re supposed to take even just a little to be polite. When Philippines offers you food, you’re not supposed to take any, he’s just being polite.
  • Brunei points with her thumbs. Philippines with his lips.
  • Brunei considers it rude to sit with legs outstretched in front. In the Philippines, there are specific furniture designed to do just that.
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[Philippirates] 30 Day OTP Challenge Day 3: Gaming/Watching Movies

“I’ll never let go…”

At this rate, the Philippines is already crying because Jack is in the freezing cold water and he and Rose are having their last talks.

“No, you won’t die! You’re not going to die!” Philippines yelled at the TV. Brunei, who the Philippines forced to watch the movie with her as last resort, is just staring at the screen intently, his mouth twitching.

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[Philippirates] 30 Day OTP Challenge Day 14: Genderswapped

To Juan, simply seeing the lovely Noura, who is the daughter of the oil company that he’s been working in as an engineer, is enough for him to treasure those memories in his heart and mind. He doesn’t need anything for that. Not even photographs.

He loves her. He really does. However, it’s just that his modesty and job that keeps him from trying to be friends with her.

Oh and in the culture of her nationality, it isn’t appropriate to show your affections.

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