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whats wrong omg :(

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amina, my love whats wrong?

i dont feel like a bruno mars blog anymore, because i reblog everything else besides him and there is honestly nothing else to reblog of him. my dash is completely bieber and 1D but im not complaining about that but its just depressing and frustrating to me how there is just nothing of him. And it kinda bothers me how when there is Bruno on my  dash its either a repost [and i fucking hate reposts okay] or just some awful edit omg. And what also is actually starting to bother me is how i reblog the same thing more than 5 times tbh. Its just so fucking sad to me. Sorry =/

Happy 20th Birthday Melissa!! i love you so here ya go :)

i will always remember the countless times where you privatley tell me all your deepest secrets and i always told you mine.. we would be alone in TC together and we would always tell our stories of the day or of the past.. i would cry and be upset about literally hundreds of situations and each time i would always come to you and we would always talk to each other you are the BIGGEST friend ive ever made here on tumblr and i just love you soo much.

you always inspire me to keep going in life when i would get soo down about the most littlest or biggest things.. i always cry happy tears when im sad when you tell me “you can do it!” or “Jazz i believe in you! you can do this!” you always help me in those ways.. i always feel comfortable talking to you <3 keep telling me your stories and giving me hope and i will love you forever <333

Happy Birthday, Your Tumblr Best Friend, lockedoutofheaven (Jazzzyyyyyy <33) 

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omg Amina! lets please! I miss you and merp so much! We do, i rarely talk to you because you’re always talking to jamie or katie ): i don’t want to interrupt

haha omfg you’re never interrupting u can talk to me whenever u feel like it ok omg i know i always talk to them because i feel like they’re the only ones that actually wanna talk to me when everyone else has their own friends sigH JUST COME TO MY ASKBOX ALWAYS OK ILY

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wow wow! Stop it! You ARE good enough! You are great at what you do!


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don’t say that, love. you’re amazing and don’t you forget that.

guys thank you both so much but like.. it always just feels so hard to tell myself that when i’m constantly trying my best with things like editing in photoshop, or keeping my face clear from acne, or looking nice when i smile, or easily accepting compliments but not ever believing it and being suspicious, or even trying to have nice clothes but they always look so baggy and not girly enough on me but i can see that everyone else is better at all these things and more no matter how hard i’m trying to do things right.. and every time i get advice i always thank the person and all that but the truth is it doesn’t do shit for me.. but i just say thank you because the person actually tried to help me with my bullshit that i’ll never get over