Dio: [So now… come with me, my own flesh and blood!]
Giorno and Bruno: …
Giorno: I understood jack shit.
Fugo: [Teen genius] I clearly heard “I, Dio, am your father.” … blaphemous…
Trish: What does “flash and bone” mean?”
Abbacchio: [Graduated from highschool] No, that’s “flesh and blood”, you ignorant.
Trish: DUDE, chill, I’m only 2 years into high school.
Abbacchio: [angrily] Giorno, care to help us?! You’re the one this guy talked to for half an hour, try harder!
Giorno: Listen, what do you want from me?! I’ve been held back twice!
Trish: [in bad english] REPEAT, PLEASE
Fugo: Trish, no.

“Shower thoughts” comic.

noovamulticolors  asked:

I been thinking, how does Rain get along with Bruno and Reginald? And also with Gilly Have a nice day :)

Rain absolutely loves them, and she gets along with them pretty well! Her favorite things to do with them include going on adventures, drawing, and also having tea time. 

Now before she was born, it didn’t take long for Bruno, Reginald and Gilly to find out from Sophie. So they would often visit Sophie and help her out with little chores and tasks so she can rest easy. After Rain was born, that made them come over even more to visit or babysit if they need to (Sophie says that this annoys her but she’s actually very thankful for them visiting and helping out).

Rain loves her uncles (and grandparents) very dearly and she considers Gilly to be like an older sister to her. She also loves to hear Gilly’s amazing and terrifying adventures and hopes that one day the two of them could go out on an epic adventure as well. 

Of course when Bruno, Reginald and Gilly find out from Rain that she’s going to be a big sister soon, they all didn’t hesitate to visit Sophie and lend a hand… Again. xD

Also thank you for stopping by! And I hope you have a great day too!
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i got tagged by @redpumas to put my music on shuffle and post the top ten songs. note, this is from the last playlist i was listening to (which is the playlist i listen to when i’m sad gO FIGURE)

  1. a thousand years by christina perri
  2. happy by marina and the diamonds
  3. define me by jo lampert
  4. skinny love by birdy
  5. the crying game by nicki minaj feat jessie ware
  6. you and me by eliza doolittle
  7. 1901 by birdy (jesus christ fuck off birdy ya already got one spot)
  8. left behind from spring awakening
  9. fireflies by owl city (DEADASS I HAVE CRIED TO THIS SONG)
  10. it will rain by bruno mars

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  8. Yukihira Soma 
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  10. Avilio Bruno 

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