Swedish Furniture Designer: BRUNO MATHSSON

Video by Jackson Design GmbH

We also found this video when we were looking into what exhibitions we could see while in Berlin. Unfortunately, the BRUNO MATHSSON EXHIBITION was from
September 25th - February 5th, 2010, and is long gone. But the video is a great look at his impressive early designs, some of which was with the Danish designer Piet Hein.

BRUNO MATHSSON was born in Värnamo 1907 into the sixth generation of master cabinet makers. Bruno was a complete autodidact trained in his father’s, Karl Mathssons, traditional workshop, and by using books and periodicals from the Museum of arts and craft in Göteborg in the year 1929-1930 he found a passion for functional modern furniture using hemp webbing and weight bearing materials.
Always with nature in mind and with a total devotion to the perfect sitting curve - what he called the mechanics of sitting - he crafted  an international success career out of the work produced in the small town of Värnamo.
His first international debut at the Paris exhibition 1937 resulted in Edgar Kaufmann persuading the Museum of Modern Art to purchase his chairs.

The exhibition focuses on early bentwood designs created in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Famous classics such as the iconic Eva and Pernilla Chairs.