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what do you think keith's parents were like?

there are a lot of possibilities behind them and i’m open to any interpretation but as for my personal headcanon:

mother: stubborn, angry, arrogant, comes off as an asshole when you first meet her but is actually a very caring, passionate, encouraging person who’s always ready to reassure people even in the most dire of times, fiercely protective of loved ones, lives by the “fight or die” mentality most galra do. A fighter and leader (possible leader of the blade of marmora before kolivian?) Keith has a lot of her in him 

father: kind, helpful, calm, empathetic, a pacifist, also encouraging but in a more quiet soft way rather than the bombastic way keith’s mother is. Isn’t interested in fighting and just wants to lead a quiet happy life with his family (big family man). Probably thinks aliens are rlly dumb (but still loves one of them). Wanted to shelter keith from any of kind of alien war going on because keith’s his son before he’s a soldier of any kind. Under all the layers of brooding and anger, I like to think keith has some of his father in him too, it just takes a lot of nurturing and trust for him to show it

Before the veto comp, Jacket told Dem that he was Kevin’s target but she is going to vote out Ika regardless.

 After Dem won the veto, he told Kevin that Jacket told him he was Kevin’s target.

 Kevin, who wanted to work with Dem if Dem stayed but also thought Dem was a bigger threat to his game and wanted him out, confronted Jacket because she screwed him over.

Jacket lied, badly. She said Dem misunderstood and that she was just trying to motivate him. Jacket pushed for Karen to be the renom. Ika told Karen that Jacket is trying to get her otb and Karen is going to get Dillon to campaign for her.

Kevin wants to renom Jacket and is considering getting Dem/Will/Dre to be the three votes to keep Ika. He would want to work with Demika if they stay.


Bruno, Phil and Kam singing “Nothing on You” live in Dublin, Ireland This is so beautiful especially that high note! 😍😍😍😭😭😭.    Repost@brunomarspainfans

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The third drunk Robron fic in my little series - thanks for the love @fracturedhopeandfaith I think you’re pretty wonderful too!

The extremely bad pick-up lines in this fic are sadly not mine, I pinched them from here. I apologise for the ‘Australian Kiss’ but being an Aussie I felt I had to stick it in there for jokes ;)

We Have to Take Our Clothes Off

“Stop that!” Robert said the third time Aaron tried to undo his jeans in the middle of the village. “I should have left you at Vic and Adam’s place to sleep it off.”

“I wanted to come home,” Aaron said, pouting at Robert zipping his pants back up.

“How have I never seen you this drunk?” Robert asked with a laugh, trying to get Aaron moving in the direction of their house.

“I’m not drunk, I’m horny,” Aaron said, trying to grab onto Robert and get into his pants again.

“Bad Aaron!” Robert said, which wasn’t very effective because he was laughing as he said it.

Still pouting and sporting his best totally crushed look Aaron bartered, “Just one kiss?”

Robert didn’t trust him for a second, but truth be told he never wanted to be the guy who turned down a kiss from his husband, especially because his husband was Aaron. “One kiss,” he agreed, knowing he’d probably regret it.

What he wasn’t expecting was for Aaron to slap a chaste kiss on his cheek and saunter away. Laughter burst out of Robert, echoing down the country lane. The little minx was trying to get him to chase after and damn if he didn’t want to.

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