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How Bruno Magli Plans To Conquer Asia

Bruno Magli is planting flags in Asia. The Italian luxury firm has inked new partnerships with Sitoy Retailing Ltd. in China and with Bruno Magli Partners Co., Ltd. in Japan. The agreements will allow Bruno Magli to develop its business in China and Japan. In addition to wholesale distribution, Sitoy Retailing Ltd. will open the first Bruno Magli shop-in-shop in the SOGO department store at Causeway Bay in Hong Kong in August. Also, at least 15 mono-branded stores are scheduled to open throughout China. In September, Bruno Magli Partners Co., Ltd. will launch an e-store in Japan, historically a solid market for Bruno Magli. Brick-and-mortar stores are slated for 2017 and beyond. “This is an incredible time for Bruno Magli,” said Cory M. Baker, chief operating officer of Bruno Magli parent company Marquee Brand. “As we celebrate the brand’s 80th anniversary, our expansion into China and Japan with these strategic partners will help solidify our global growth with an already loyal customer base.” Andrew Yeung, executive director and head of retailing at Sitoy Group, underscored the brand’s “classic Italian heritage” and “reputation for unique design and quality craftsmanship.” The partnership, he said, will offer “style-conscious consumers an undeniable choice in quality.” “With 55 years in Japan, Bruno Magli has built a brand

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Bruno the IT guy asked me today if I was playing Pokémon Go and I found out that there’s a bunch of guys in the office playing. These are guys ranging from mid 30’s to 60’s, serious businessmen, and there’s a gym war raging between Red and Yellow. And I had no idea about it.
Now every old guy in a suit I see with his phone out, I’m assuming he’s playing.
I don’t even have Pokémon Go yet!

And in sad news, Bruno who’s the only person I’ve really related to at work, is leaving in 2 weeks :(